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    Man O' War Logger

    Have difficulty matching concurrent request event logs?

    logging example

    This module provides a live logger that indents each request's logs a uniform amount, connecting them all along a line. (or tendril on a Portugese Man O' War!)

    This helps visualize a few things:

    1. in what order async events occur sync (so this isn't applicable to true parallelism in, say, web workers)
    2. which requests generated which logs in concurrent-traffic scenarios, supplemented by a correlation_id for records
    3. how long requests take
    4. file line references generating logs
    5. also it is colorful

    This requires a few things to work:

    • that you use the provided cc() logger, which is a terse, icon-able, chalk-colorable, extendable way to log things
      • (this also provides cc.sql, a log format ideal to plug into dbq, should you use that)
    • that you include the requestLogger express middleware atop your router (or above all the routes you want logs for), which itself does a few things:
      • initiate the request's indentation, which is maintained until it replies or dies
      • log out some req info
      • kill requests that take longer than forceRequestKillAfter milliseconds (defaults to 10 seconds)
      • times requests for reference

    Usage & Options

    var {cc,requestLogger}=require("manowar")({
            ellipsize:true //cut off log lines once they exceed window width
            ,forceRequestKillAfter:10000//kill requests that take longer than this many milliseconds. Falsy = never.
            ,logEachReq:(req,res)=>false //a fxn for you to customize the incoming request log. Return false to defer to plugin default
            ,overrideIconsWith:"" //some displays don't correctly space icons & break the line display. Override them here
            ,logBody:true //whether to log request bodies
            ,fileNameSize:20 //max width to allow for file names on the left
            ,fileLineFilter:false //if you need a custom stacktrace filter to get the file name
            ,maxIdLength:11 //length of id col
            ,idMaker:require('shortid').generate //if you want to supply IDs your own way
            ,widthFudgeFactor:0//maybe process.stdout.columns lies on your box
            ,logSync:false//fs.writeSync vs console.log
            ,cc:{//any custom logging shortcuts you'd like.
                //coming soon
        //[then add your routes, use logging]
            cc(`logging a special message!`)

    Logging defaults

    cc('text') logging works, but extra colors & icons are available at cc.* (if you leave icons on):

    logging defaults


    • cc.chalk exists for you to stylize additional logs locally with chalk
    • cc.namespace will give you access to the current cls-hooked namespace manowar set up to manage indentation, should you like to use it or attach more info in a local scope.


    npm i manowar

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