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mankees - mankee see, mankee do

mankees is a simple terminal tool which allows you to execute custom scripts stashed at your ~/.mankees/ quickly. This makes it ideal for implementing quick utilities using Node.js.


Install the utility via NPM globally (ie. npm install mankees -g). mankees -s to see mankees available online. mankees -i somename to install one. After that you can simply invoke mankees somename or mankees -h somename to see help included.


mankees uses NPM as its plugin registry. Simply publish your plugin there. In order to make it discoverable, perform the following steps:

  1. Add mankees keyword to package.json keywords (ie. keywords: ["mankees"])
  2. Prefix the plugin with word mankees-. This is a convention that allows us avoid polluting NPM too much. The actual plugin name will be the remainder (ie. for mankees-init it is init).


mankees is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.