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$ npm install mango


Import the library and set your secret API key:

var mango = require('mango')({ 'api_key': 'your Mango secret API key'});

Create a charge

In order to create a Charge, you must call the create() method with the required arguments.

  'token': 'token_mwhushs06o62aruq9n3pmvu7f0ia696y',
  'amount': 2000,
  'email': ''
}, function(err, charge) {

Get single charge

When you have a charge uid, you can get a full detail using the get() method:

mango.Charges.get('charge_1234123141231', function(err, charge) {

You can also work with all the other resources authenticated with a secret API Key:


Install the module along with the dev dependencies.

$ git clone git://
$ cd mango-node
$ npm install

To run the tests you'll need Mango API keys (mode Sandbox):

export MANGO_SECRET_TEST_KEY='your secret test API key'
export MANGO_PUBLIC_TEST_KEY='your public test API Key'

Run the tests

$ npm test

Run code coverage

$ npm run coverage


Licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2014 Mango.