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MangaDex Full API

An unofficial MangaDex API built with the official JSON API.


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npm install mangadex-full-api


const MFA = require('mangadex-full-api');

MFA.login('username', 'password123', './bin/.md_cache').then(() => {{
        title: 'isekai',
        limit: Infinity // API Max is 100 per request, but this function accepts more
    }).then(results => {
        console.log(`There are ${results.length} manga with 'isekai' in the title:`);
        results.forEach((elem, i) => console.log(`[${i + 1}] ${elem.title}`));
const MFA = require('mangadex-full-api');

MFA.login('username', 'password123', './bin/.md_cache').then(async () => {
    // Get a manga:
    let manga = await MFA.Manga.getByQuery('Ancient Magus Bride');

    // Get the manga's chapters:
    let chapters = await manga.getFeed({ translatedLanguage: ['en'] }, true); 
    // True means that related objects are returned with the base request
    // See Release 5.2.0 for more info:
    let chapter = chapters[0];

    // Get the chapter's pages:
    let pages = await chapter.getReadablePages(); 
    // Please read the following page if you are creating a chapter-reading application:

    // Get who uploaded the chapter:
    let uploader = await chapter.uploader.resolve();

    // Get the names of the groups who scanlated the chapter:
    let resolvedGroups = await MFA.resolveArray(chapter.groups) // You can resolve Relationship arrays with this shortcut
    let groupNames = =>;

    console.log(`Manga "${manga.title}" has a chapter titled "${chapter.title}" that was uploaded by ${uploader.username} and scanlated by ${groupNames.join('and')}.`);
    console.log(`Here is the first page: ${pages[0]}`);
    Upload a chapter with node modules:
const MFA = require('mangadex-full-api');
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');

MFA.login('username', 'password123', './bin/.md_cache').then(async () => {
    let currentSession = await MFA.Manga.getCurrentUploadSession();
    if (currentSession) {
        await currentSession.close();
        console.log('Closed existing session.');

    let mangaId = 'f9c33607-9180-4ba6-b85c-e4b5faee7192'; // Official test manga
    let session = await MFA.Manga.createUploadSession(mangaId); 
    console.log('Created new upload session.');

    let chapterDir = './chapter'; // Directory to retrieve page images
    let files = fs.readdirSync(chapterDir)
    await session.uploadPages( => {
        return {
            data: fs.readFileSync(path.join(chapterDir, name)), // Buffer-like data
            name: name // The name of this image
    console.log('Uploaded pages.');

    let chapter = await session.commit({
        chapter: '0', // Change chapter number
        volume: null, // Change volume number
        title: 'New Chapter', // Change chapter name
        translatedLanguage: 'en'

    console.log(`Uploaded new chapter at:${}`);
// TypeScript Example:
import MFA from 'mangadex-full-api';
// You can also import directly like:
// import { Manga, login } from 'mangadex-full-api';

MFA.login('username', 'password123').then(async () => {
    const query = 'Ancient Magus Bride';
    const list = await{ title: query, limit: Infinity });
    console.log(list.length, 'results for', query);
    console.log('The first result was written by', (await list[0].authors[0].resolve()).name);


  • Requests will automatically be rate limited to about 5 requests/second.
  • The entire package is typed thanks to JSDoc and the included index.d.ts file, so TypeScript is supported.
  • The entire project is written as regular NodeJS with CommonJS imports/exports. As for browser support, see below:


Mangadex Full API works out of the box with Browserify and does not require additional configuration.

browserify yourproject.js > bundle.js

As for Webpack and similar applications, Mangadex Full API only requires https to be polyfilled; fs and path can be excluded.


npm i mangadex-full-api

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