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Mandala UI

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Mandala is a UI Component Library built with React and Tachyons, a tiny (30kb GZIP) Declarative CSS library


Check out our Interactive Docs before you decide if this package is right for you.

The only real dependencies to use Mandala are React, and

You can add the CDN version of tachyons to the head of your project to easily get started.

<link rel="stylesheet" href=""/>

If you have a CSS build pipeline in your React project, you can also

yarn install tachyons


If you like you can install the Mandala UI Components as a whole with:

yarn install mandala

And then import the relevant ones with

import { ProgressBar } from 'mandala'

Each of the Mandala components are published to NPM separately as scoped packages.

If you'd just like to use a single component (e.g. you are already using Tachyons) you can install the scoped packages.

yarn install @mandala-ui/progress-bar

then import the component

import ProgressBar from '@mandala-ui/progress-bar'

Either way you will need Tachyons installed


Mandala is set up to easily get you contributing new components.

It uses React Storybook as a development environment.

So to get started, run:

yarn run generate

And follow the prompts. This will scaffold a new component and generate the Jest test files, as well as a Storybook Story for interactive documentation.

Storybook stories use mostly these two addons for development.

yarn start

Go to http://localhost:6006/

and find your component which will render empty, now you can start composing CSS classes.

A PR of a new Component requires 3 things:

  • A README that completely documents the props and their usage
  • Interactive documentation in the form of a Storybook Story
  • 100% Jest Test Coverage.



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