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Make route path

🧁 Make your router paths type safe and sweet again!

With version 2.0.0 you no longer need to set the parameters manually. Thanks to the new version of the typescript it is enough to specify the path in the format /path/:param and all the required parameters will be prototyped

The makeRoutePath function can be used to generate URLs to the routes. The package is based on path-to-regexp library. Results of compiling paths into regular expressions are cached, so there is no overhead on generating multiple paths with the same pattern.

npm install make-route-path --save
yard add make-route-path


makeRoutePath arguments

makeRoutePath takes 2 arguments. The first one is a pattern provided as a path attribute to the route. The second one is an object stringify function, which allows you to make your own query string when query object is passed.

  • path: string: Required - pattern provided as a path attribute to the route
  • qs: (params: Record<string, any>) => string: object stringify function, useful for own query stringify implementation

Return function arguments

makeRoutePath returns a function with one argument. It returns a path where the parts are replaced with the values from the attributes object. This argument is an object with both key and value string parameters providing values to replace the pattern parts. It is also possible to call this function as fn.PATH to get path before the replacement. It might appear useful for example within react-router routes definition.

  • attributes: Record<string, string>: object of pattern attributes to replace.


Get path before execute

import makeRoutePath from 'make-route-path';


const productUrl = makeRoutePath(

productUrl.PATH; // /catalog/:productId/:fromSection/:productSection


Pattern attributes

import makeRoutePath from 'make-route-path';


const productUrl = makeRoutePath(

productUrl({ productId: '10', fromSection: 'a123', productSection: 'images' });
// /catalog/10/a123/images


Pattern attributes with query string

import makeRoutePath from 'make-route-path';


type ProductQuery = {
  someQueryParam: string;
  someAnotherQueryParam: string;

// Unfortunately, due to TS restrictions, it is necessary to copy the url as the first parameter in order to use a typed query string
const productUrl = makeRoutePath<

// Make url with query params
    productId: '10',
    fromSection: 'a123',
    productSection: 'images',
    someQueryParam: 'test',
    someAnotherQueryParam: 'test',
// /catalog/10/a123/images?someQueryParam=test&someAnotherQueryParam=test


Inspired by


  • Jan Šilhan @rajzik - version 2.0.0

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