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A RESTful service for sending templated e-mails upon request

Get Started

  1. Install with: npm i -g --no-optional mailgirl.
  2. Point MAILGIRL_CONF env var to a TOML config file.
  3. Drop your EJS templates in a folder.
  4. Write your SMTP settings in the config file from previous step.
  5. Run in the terminal with: mailgirl.

Get Started with Docker

The official image repository in Docker Hub is gcsboss/mailgirl.

Run like this: docker run -p 10080:80 -v /your/conf.toml:/usr/src/app/conf.toml -v /your/templates:/usr/src/app/templates gcsboss/mailgirl

Available Settings

templatesDir = './templates'
port = 80
level = 'info'
file = './maigirl.log'
host = ''
port = 587
secure = true
user = ''
pass = 'my-example-password'

API Usage

  • POST /preview/:template-path: Responds with the raw e-mail that would be sent.
  • POST /mail/:template-path: Actually sends the e-mail to the setup SMPT server.

The request body needs to be a JSON whose keys will be available for the given template to work with.

Templates Definition

The EJS e-mail templates must consist of the following parts:

  • First line: Subject
  • Second line: From (allow quoted naming)
  • Third line: To (allow comma separated lists)
  • Rest of the lines: The atcual e-mail body

Reporting Bugs

If you have found any problems with this module, please:

  1. Open an issue.
  2. Describe what happened and how.
  3. Also in the issue text, reference the label ~bug.

We will make sure to take a look when time allows us.

Proposing Features

If you wish to get that awesome feature or have some advice for us, please:

  1. Open an issue.
  2. Describe your ideas.
  3. Also in the issue text, reference the label ~proposal.


If you have spotted any enhancements to be made and is willing to get your hands dirty about it, fork us and submit your merge request so we can collaborate effectively.

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