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    Mail Sender

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    :rocket: Tecnologies   |    💻 Project   |    🤔 How to Contribute   |    🔖 How to Execute   

    🚀 Tecnologies

    This project was developed with the following tecnologies:

    💻 Project

    This project allows you to send emails very fast through gmail platform with a simple interface.

    🤔 How to contribute?

    • Make a fork of this repository;
    • Create a branch with your feature: git checkout -b my-feature;
    • Commit your changes: git commit -m 'feat: my new feature';
    • Push to your branch: git push origin my-feature.

    🔖 How to execute?

    Clone the project

    git clone
    cd mail-sender

    Download the zip of the project

    In the upper right of this project, under the 'releases' field, there's a green button that reads 'Clone or Download', the same place you get the cloning link. Hit that to download this project.

    Some last steps

    Additionally, you'll have to go to src/credentials and create a file called credentials.json, also put the following content inside of it:

      "originEmail": "your email...",
      "originName": "the name that will apear in the 'from' field of your email",
      "password": "your email password..."

    The last step is to allow 'Low Secure Apps' in your Google account, otherwise it'll not be possible to send any email.

    Licensed under MIT license

    See more details in the LICENSE file.

    by carlos-jean-gawronski 👋


    npm i mail-sender-helper

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