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    The chai testing framework works hand in hand with mocha. It is configured by default with following plugins:

    mai-chai also includes configuration files which will be written into the ./test folder of the including project:

    • mocha.opts → registers Babel as the compiler and requires the ./test/test-helper.js file in every test.
    • test-helper.js → configures the global document, window and navigator objects.

    And for Wallaby.js users, mai-chai comes with a default configuration file.


    mai-chai follows these conventions:

    • ./src → source code under test.
    • ./src.test → source code for the tests.
    • ./test → mocha configuration files.

    Installing mai-chai

    First install mai-chai:

    npm install mai-chai --save-dev

    This will also install mocha, chai, chai-as-promised, chai-asserttype, chai-equal-jsx, chai-spies, chai-string and dirty-chai.

    Using mai-chai

    Import expect from mai-chai, as you would from chai:

    import {expect} from 'mai-chai';

    and then write your BDD assertions with methods rather than properties, such as:

    expect (true) (); ();

    or use the various assertions added by chai-string and spy on methods with chai-spies.

    Configuring Wallaby.js

    mai-chai provides a default Wallaby.js configuration file. If you stick to the conventions of mai-chai no other setup or configuration is required. Just point Wallaby.js to wallaby.conf.js.

    Included plugins

    See also Algolia's react-element-to-jsx-string which is used by chai-equal-jsx and provides the logic needed to convert a ReactElement to the corresponding JSX string.

    Utility functions

    • clock() → perf, starts a high resolution timer which can be used to measure performance; it returns an opaque object.
    • clock(perf) → ms, returns the number of milliseconds elapsed.




    npm i mai-chai

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