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    Magnific Popup Repository

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    Fast, light and responsive lightbox plugin, for jQuery and Zepto.js.

    Optionally, install via Bower bower install magnific-popup or npm: npm install magnific-popup. Ruby gem: gem install magnific-popup-rails.


    If you created an extension for some CMS, email me and I'll add it to this list.

    Location of stuff

    • Generated popup JS and CSS files are in folder dist/. (Online build tool is on documentation page).
    • Source files are in folder src/. They include Sass CSS file and js parts (edit them if you wish to submit commit).
    • Website (examples & documentation) is in folder website/.
    • Documentation page itself is in website/ (contributions to it are very welcome).

    Using Magnific Popup?

    If you used Magnific Popup in some interesting way, or on site of popular brand, I'd be very grateful if you <a href=""Site that uses Magnific Popup"">shoot me a link to it.


    To compile Magnific Popup by yourself, first of make sure that you have Node.js, Grunt.js, Ruby and Jekyll installed, then:

    1. Copy repository

      git clone

    2. Go inside Magnific Popup folder that you fetched and install Node dependencies

      cd Magnific-Popup && npm install

    3. Now simply run grunt to generate JS and CSS in folder dist and site in folder _site/.



    • Run grunt watch to automatically rebuild script when you change files in src/ or in website/.
    • If you don't have and don't want to install Jekyll, run grunt nosite to just build JS and CSS files related to popup in dist/.



    Script is MIT licensed and free and will always be kept this way. But has a small restriction from me - please do not create public WordPress plugin based on it(or at least contact me before creating it), because I will make it and it'll be open source too (want to get notified?).

    Created by @dimsemenov & contributors.

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    Bugs & contributing

    Please report bugs via GitHub and ask general questions through StackOverflow. Feel free to submit commit pull-request, even the tiniest contributions to the script or to the documentation are very welcome.


    npm i magnific-popup

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