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magic-wormhole is a project to let you send files easily and securely between computers.

This is an npm package which provides easy access to magic-wormhole, using binaries from the Go implementation (wormhole-william).

This project is UNOFFICIAL: it is not associated with either the main magic-wormhole project or with wormhole-william.


Running npx magic-wormhole send will prepare to be sent, and will print a "wormhole code" like 7-crossover-clockwork.

Running npx magic-wormhole recv 7-crossover-clockwork (using the code printed out by the previous command) on a different computer will then download that file. No coordination beyond the code is necessary.

This requires a recent version (≥ 7) of npm to be installed. If you don't already have npm installed, you will probably find it easier to download a binary from wormhole-william directly.

This project can interoperate with magic-wormhole and wormhole-william, so if one computer already has one of those set up, you don't need to use this package on that machine.


Each supported platform has a seperate npm package which specifies os/cpu it supports in its package.json. All such packages are listed as optional dependencies of this package. Assuming you're using a recent version of npm, it should download only the dependency which matches your platform, and the shim will execute it.

This approach was copied from esbuild, though esbuild goes to considerably greater lengths to support unusual situations.

Building this project

You'll need to have node and go installed, and you will need wormhole-william cloned to a sibling of this directory (or modify the WILLIAM_DIR variable in build.js.

Then run node build.js to build everything. That will create package.json and platforms.json in this directory, and a build/ subdirectory containing all the various per-platform packages.




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