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Magic Images Minify CLI ūüĆą

Screencapture magicImagesMinifyCLI ### What is this? This is a light magical tool/script, just by injecting the script file in any folder it will automagically search for images and minify it in a build folder with the same hierarchy. ### Why I made this? For the glory of satan of course. ūüėą ### How it works? It's made with the holy node.js ‚̧ԳŹ, uses imagemin, glob and fs for finding/managing/minifying images files. ### How can I use it? I thought you'd never ask. #### Npm Global

npm install -g magic-images-minify


yarn add global magic-images-minify

Then just by running mic in command line.


  • First by cloning the repesitory and copying the files in the same directory it contains images.
git clone
cp magicImagesMinifyCLI/minify.js magicImagesMinifyCLI/package.json /path/to/directory
  • Second by installing the dependencies using npm or yarn
npm install
yarn # OR
  • Finally by running the script
npm start

Have a good and progressive day!