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    Madmiral is a node.js library for sending email and SMS through multiple SDK clients with templates support.


    npm i madmiral

    Configuration & Supported Clients

    Supported clients are

    1. AWS-SES (Email),
    2. Google Gmail (Email)
    3. Messagebird (SMS)
    4. Verimor (SMS)
    5. Write one more and make a pull request?

    Create a configuration with the clients you would like to use:

    const config = {
      awsses: {
        * Set AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables
        * with appropriate values.
        // The region of the AWS-SES service. 'eu-west-1' for example.
        region: 'REGION_NAME',
        // Sender address authorized inside in AWS-SES.
        sender: 'EMAIL_ADDRESS'
      gmail: {
        * Set GCLOUD_PROJECT and GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environment variables
        * with appropriate values.
        // The sender. The email address which actually exist in your domain.
        sender: 'EMAIL_ADDRESS'
      messagebird: {
        accessKey: 'ACCESS_KEY' // or set env var MESSAGEBIRD_ACCESS_KEY
        // Get the origin that you are authorized to use from messagebird.
        origin: 'SMS_SENDER_NAME'
      verimor: {
        username: "",
        password: "",
        origin: "SMS_SENDER_NAME"


    Send a simple email and sms. Multiple services may be configured. Madmiral will try the other one if one fails.

    const madmiral = require('madmiral')
    // lets create an email message
    const msg = madmiral.createEmailMessage({
      recipients: credentials.sampleEmailRecipients,
      subject: 'Test',
      message: 'Hi, this is a test email.'
    // and create one sms message
    const smsmsg = madmiral.createSMSMessage({
      recipients: credentials.sampleSMSRecipients,
      message: 'Hi. This is a test sms.'
    // send the email message
    madmiral.send(msg).then(function(result) {
      // result.success === true
    // send the sms
    madmiral.send(smsmsg).then(function(result) {
      // result.success === true

    Creating Messages

    Multiple attachments and recipients are supported in email messages thanks to mimetext library.

    const personA = ''
    const personB = {name: 'Fullname', addr: ''}
    const personList = [personA, personB]
    const subject = 'Hello 🖐'
    const messageA = 'Sample plain text message.'
    const messageB = 'Sample <b>HTML</b> message.'
    const attachmentA = {
      type: 'image/jpeg',
      base64Data: fs.readFileSync('./somelogo.jpg').toString('base64'),
      filename: 'somelogo.jpg'
    const attachmentList = [attachmentA]

    Email message parameters reference:

    Parameter Description Possible Values
    sender Sender of the email. personA or personB
    recipients Recipients of the email. personA or personB or personList
    subject Subject of the email. subject
    message Content of the email. messageA or messageB
    attachments Files will be attached to email. attachmentA or attachmentList

    SMS message parameters reference:

    Parameter Description Possible Values
    message Sender of the email. Hey!
    recipients Recipients of the sms. +901234567890 or Array of +901234567890.


    Tests are written in tests folder and can be run with npm test. You need to create your own credentials file in credentials/credentials.json

    Thanks for watching 🐬



    npm i madmiral

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