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A client for the mad mimi api

A simple client wrapper to be able to send mails using the mad mimi api Developer api help

added addNewList method

Add urlencode to listnames

  • Bug fixes - add locals/options to jade
  • Support for Jade (see examples)
  • Get list of promotions as json
  • Add user to list
  • Send Email
  • Get status of transaction email

Using the library is quite straight forward, for a full example see the examples folder.

npm install madmimi-node
var describe('madmimi');
var madmimi = new Madmimi("useremail","api-key");
var email_options = {
  promotion_name:"Test Promotion",
  recipient:"Jimi Hendrix <>",
  subject:"Test Promotion",
  raw_html:"<html><head><title>Great promotion!</title></head><body>Cool guitar stuff[[tracking_beacon]]</body></html>"

madmimi.sendMail(email_options, function (transaction_id) {
  console.log("Email transaction is: " + transaction_id)
madmimi.mailStatus("email_id", function (msg) {
  console.log("status: " + msg);
  • Add send to list
  • match ruby gem usage

Copyright © 2014 Garren Smith. See LICENSE for details.