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Made in Spain

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A list of neat projects made in Spain



🌟 Name Description 🌍
6726 @erikras/react-redux-universa… A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform
3610 @wout/svg.js A lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG ↗️
3047 @erikras/redux-form A Higher Order Component using react-redux to keep form state in a Redux store ↗️
2201 @jacoborus/nanobar Very lightweight progress bars. No jQuery ↗️
713 @hyperandroid/CAAT Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit ↗️
533 @alexfernandez/loadtest Runs a load test on the selected URL. Easy to extend minimally for your own ends.
391 @dciccale/grunt-processhtml Process html files at build time to modify them depending on the release environment
334 @Atinux/schema-inspector Schema-Inspector is an JSON API sanitisation and validation module. ↗️
297 @carlosazaustre/universal-js-boilerp… A boilerplate to start universal (isomorphic) web applications
250 @wout/raphael-svg-import Import raw SVG data into Raphael ↗️
206 @christkv/node-git A node.js git implementation modeled on ruby-git
193 @erikras/multireducer A utility to wrap many copies of a single Redux reducer into a single key-based reducer.
178 @alexfernandez/package-quality Measurements of quality for packages, especially for npm
174 @dciccale/ki.js 🍋 ki.js is a super-tiny jQuery-like API JavaScript library
140 @erikras/lru-memoize A utility to provide LRU memoization for any js function
131 @dciccale/placeholder-enhanced Placeholder Enhanced enhance the use of HTML5 placeholder attribute providing cross-browser support & styling ↗️
126 @wout/svg.filter.js A plugin for svg.js adding svg filters
102 @dciccale/kimbo.js 🍸 An ECMAScript 5 only-compatible JavaScript library. ↗️
100 @javivelasco/react-css-themr Easy theming and composition for CSS Modules.
85 @alexfernandez/prototypes Some common prototypes for node.js.
84 @wout/svg.import.js A plugin for importing raw SVG into the svg.js library
82 @dciccale/css2stylus.js JavaScript utility to convert CSS into Stylus ↗️
81 @dciccale/jslibraryboilerplate JavaScript Library Boilerplate helps you roll your own dom js library with a tiny and robust core base. ↗️
75 @jaraen/TitanTricks Code samples and components for Titanium mobile
69 @bpedro/node-fs Extended node fs library, implementing new features like recursive directory creation
66 @jacoborus/deep-json Load a tree of splitted JSON files and folders ↗️
63 @christkv/mongodb-core MongoDB core driver functionality aims to make the "smallest" viable driver api
62 @gonzaloruizdevilla/debuggingmemory Debugging memory leaks in JavaScript with Chrome DevTools (spainjs)
62 @carlosazaustre/node-api-rest-exampl… An example how to use Node to make a REST API
61 @wout/svg.draggable.js An extension for the svg.js library to make elements draggable
60 @javaguirre/twitter-streaming-ap… Example with Twitter streaming API, Node.js and React
59 @wout/svg.clock.js A clock built with the svg.js library, inspired by the swiss railway clock
56 @erikras/react-native-listene… A utility component to allow easy access to browser native events
52 @erikras/redux-form-material-… A set of wrapper components to facilitate using Material UI with Redux Form ↗️
51 @Atinux/node-ftps FTP, FTPS and SFTP client for node.js, mainly a lftp wrapper.
50 @carlosazaustre/passportjs-example An example of use PassportJS to login with Twitter & Facebook in Node.js
49 @rborn/TiSwipeToReveal Twitter like swipe to reveal implemented in Titanium
48 @jacoborus/wiretree Dependency injection framework for Node.js ↗️
47 @hyperandroid/Sumon CAAT based game. ↗️
46 @christkv/node-express-oauth-p… A plugin to allow you to easily add oauth Authentication to your express based application
44 @rborn/TitaniumYoutubePlaye… Play youtube directly in your app
41 @Atinux/api-as-a-service [Unmaintained] Don't waste your time writing backend for your web application.
39 @vieron/stylelint-webpack-pl… A webpack plugin to lint your CSS/Sass code using stylelint
39 @carlosazaustre/angularapp-gulp-boil… A boilerplate to start a webapp with Gulp automated tasks
35 @wout/chronology.js A micro javascript library for managing an undo/redo history
34 @Kikobeats/nodengine NodeJS switcher based on package.json.
33 @gimenete/devtoolbelt Handy micro-tools for developers ↗️
33 @dciccale/nativeColorPicker A Native Color Picker Polyfill for the HTML5's "color" input type on Internet Explorer ↗️
32 @dciccale/angular-docker-boile… A simple angular js app dockerized
31 @rborn/Advanced-Titanium-Tu… Bonjour networking on multiple devices with Titanium Appcelerator ↗️
30 @dciccale/node-htmlprocessor Process html files using special comments
29 @rborn/SugarTi Sugar for the Titanium CLI syntax
28 @christkv/mongoman A node/mongodb powered game demo
26 @erikras/map-props A higher order React component and allows mapping prop values passed in to other prop values expected by the wrapped component
25 @Atinux/backbone-books Google Books API + Backbone.js ↗️
25 @carlosazaustre/mean-boilerplate Starter skeleton for MEAN applications with Redis and Stylus
24 @wout/svg.easing.js Easing equations for the fx module in the svg.js library
24 @christkv/mongodb-presentation Mongo Hamburg Presentation
23 @Kikobeats/json-future Unbelievable and Modern JSON interface. Prollyfills propositions for ECMAScript 7.
23 @Kikobeats/whoops It makes simple create qualified errors.
22 @erikras/redux-spy A higher order component decorator to read from a Redux store without subscribing to all its changes
22 @Kikobeats/osom An Awesome [/osom/] Object Schema Modeling (Database Agnostic). ↗️
22 @nucliweb/postcss-magic-animat… PostCSS plugin that adds @keyframes from Magic Animations
22 @gimenete/dbdiff Compares two postgresql or mysql databases and prints SQL commands to modify the first one in order to match the second one
21 @Atinux/liveBalls A mutliclient chat with balls for each client, you can move with your mouse and chat with other persons in realtime. ↗️
21 @erikras/react-pdfjs A React component to wrap PDF.js
21 @wout/svg.export.js A plugin for the svg.js library to export raw svg
21 @erikras/react-lazy-cache A utility to lazily calculate and cache values in a react component based on props
20 @dciccale/comment.js Simple API Documentation Generator
20 @hyperandroid/Sprite-Packer A sprite packer for CSS or CAAT project made with HTML5 d'n'd, Filesystem API and some javascript magic.
19 @gonzaloruizdevilla/alicates Small library for functional programming with ES2015+
19 @dciccale/xxspubsub Extra Extra Small publish/subscribe micro-framework in 182 bytes of JavaScript ↗️
17 @jacoborus/curlymail Lightweight email sending with mustache templates support for messages ↗️
17 @carlosazaustre/angular-todo An example of a Todo App based in MEAN stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node)
17 @Kikobeats/sails-hook-newrelic Integrates newrelic with your Sails application
16 @dciccale/Custom-radio-checkbo… jQuery plugin to customize native radios and checkboxes with your own design ↗️
16 @rborn/nativescript-i18n This is a plugin for Nativescript that implements native i18n in an easy manner.
16 @dciccale/requirejs-underscore… RequireJS plugin to load and precompile underscore templates.
16 @ajsb85/alexsalas.brackets-j… An extension to build Github-Pages easy
16 @carlosazaustre/angular-routing An example of a Web App using Angular, Routing and Templates
15 @hhariri/EasyMVC EasyMVC ↗️
15 @jacoborus/arbitrary-emitter Event emitter with ES6 Map sugar for browsers and node.js ↗️
15 @Kikobeats/tweet-selection Tweet selected text. Like Medium but out of the box. ↗️
14 @Kikobeats/voll A boolean expressions evaluator. It saved the day!
14 @alexfernandez/deployment Continuous Deployment System for the masses
14 @gimenete/sequelize-sync-diff Uses Sequelize.sync() but generates ALTER statements instead of DROP+CREATE
12 @jaraen/AppTemplate An empty, basic, structured app template for Titanium Mobile.
12 @carlosazaustre/angularcamp-workshop Workshop for AngularCamp: Angular 1.5 + ES6
12 @jorgecasar/building-realtime-we… Repository to show how to build a realtime webapp using Sails.js ↗️
12 @vieron/svg-resizer Basic cli utility to batch resize svg files
12 @jaraen/TiHighlightLabel A titanium alloy widget that consists in a label that highlights the occurrences searched inside its text. It uses the new AttributedString API for iOS introduced in Titanium 3.2
11 @wout/svg.parser.js A helper library for svg.js providing parser functions to adopt and import existing svg's
11 @gonzaloruizdevilla/directivas Fuentes del curso de directivas del grupo AngularJS Madrid
11 @alexfernandez/inits Init system for Node.js
11 @christkv/node-blogs A simple aggregator for blogs
11 @wout/svg.shapes.js A shapes plugin for the svg.js library
10 @dciccale/node-api-mongo-docke… node.js api with hapijs, mongoose and docker
10 @wout/svg.topath.js A plugin for the svg.js library to convert any other shape to a path
10 @christkv/mongodb-proxy MongoDB proxy prototype in node.js
10 @carlosazaustre/browserify-example Trying Browserify
9 @christkv/bson-ext The C++ bson parser for the node.js mongodb driver.
9 @christkv/node-pure-crypto A basic package of crypto that is compatible across node.js and the browser
9 @carlosazaustre/react-fetch Example of use React in a webapp with ES6 features
9 @nucliweb/MDNSearchDoc Sublime Text MDN Search Doc
9 @jacoborus/nuts New unified template system
9 @dciccale/docker-angular-tutum Tutorial…
9 @nucliweb/flexbox Ejemplos de las propiedades de Flexbox ↗️
9 @wout/svg.absorb.js A plugin for the svg.js library adding the ability to absorb an existing svg into the dynamic svg.js structure
9 @miquelcamps/websockets_lab
9 @javaguirre/gramophone Gramophone is a simple music server built with Python, Flask, Backbonejs and jPlayer ↗️
9 @carlosazaustre/iojs-api-example Example of API RESTful written in IO.js with ECMAScript 6
9 @rborn/TaffyDb4Ti TaffyDb for titanium
8 @christkv/learn-node-mongo-the… Node mongodb learn it the hard way book
8 @Kikobeats/sails-hook-winston Integrates winston logging system with your Sails application
8 @hhariri/Blog Blog Posts Code Samples and Projects ↗️
8 @hyperandroid/Untangle An asynchronous utility library.
7 @Kikobeats/emojis-keywords Complete list of an emojis shortcuts. Based on
7 @ajsb85/xulapp-boilerplate XULRunner Boilerplate
7 @dciccale/hayFlash jQuery Utility, also in pure JavaScript to know if Flash Player is installed in your browser and its version ↗️
7 @wout/svg.topoly.js A plugin for SVG.js to convert paths to polygons at a given sample rate
7 @javaguirre/comment Atom package for inserting block comments via keyboard shortcut
7 @jacoborus/safename Get safe file name from a given string
7 @dciccale/docker-compose-angul…
7 @bpedro/jassid JavaScript filesystem database
7 @Atinux/LiveDraw A real time drawing application with Node JS and ↗️
7 @vieron/css-docs CSS Styleguide Generator focused on CSS Modular Architectures ↗️
6 @hyperandroid/KeyNote My OnGameStart presentation.;Use enter or ctrl enter to navigate throughout the slides.
6 @dciccale/click-n-tweet Tweet in one click within Chrome
6 @christkv/realtime a realtime data collection application
6 @christkv/node-mongo-vacationp… Vacation planner application written in node.js + express.js + mongo
6 @hyperandroid/CSS3Tiler A CSS3 3D based image slideshow.
6 @Kikobeats/fetch-timeline-cli Fetch Twitter user's timeline from your terminal ⚡️.
6 @christkv/mongodb-es6 MongoDB ES6 Prototype Shim
6 @jaraen/TabGroupTemplate Basic app template with tabGroup for titanium mobile
6 @alexfernandez/testing Simple testing library for NodeJS
5 @ajsb85/thinky-blog Thinky - RethinkDB - Angular - Express - Material Design ↗️
5 @jacoborus/estilo Generate vim color schemes from simple templates
5 @jacoborus/submitter Automatically submitting forms with AJAX
5 @bpedro/node-expectation Expectations let you run code whenever something happens
5 @gimenete/helical Helical is a general purpose code generator. It takes a data model definition and a set of templates (called generators) and generates an output.
5 @jorgecasar/simple-NodeJS-server A NodeJS server very simple to serve statics. Customized port, path and HTML5 Push State
5 @christkv/tic-tac-toe-steps Tic-Tac-Toe in steps, synced to exercises/tutorials
5 @christkv/robocode-js A very simple port of robocode for node + browser
5 @Kikobeats/emojis-list Complete list of standard emojis.
4 @javivelasco/betabeers-backbone Application for building real-time collaborative movie listings using Node.js,Express, Jade, Stylus, Backbone.js, and MongoDB for the Betabeers meeting at Cordoba ↗️
4 @jacoborus/updox Get markdown documentation from your javascript comments
4 @Kikobeats/generator-git Create the configurable scaffolding to start with a git-like project.
4 @Kikobeats/exists-file Check if a file exists. A fs.exists implementation that is not deprecated.
4 @Kikobeats/emojis-unicode Complete list of standard Unicode codes that represent emojis.
4 @gimenete/txain A simple module for async control flow
4 @nucliweb/Brackets.mdn-search-… Brackets Extension for consult the documentation in the Mozilla Developer Network
4 @alexfernandez/performance A short and slick node.js performance measurement
4 @erikras/expect-predicate An extension for expect that lets you test values against arbitrary predicates
4 @dciccale/chain.js Make native DOM API chainable.
4 @vieron/jquery.circleMenu A jQuery plugin for create customizable circular menus
4 @gimenete/fraggle A command line utility to deploy different versions of nodejs applications
4 @ajsb85/WebUSB Implementation of Web API using the JSM (c-type and hid api)
4 @gimenete/emmental Template engine for Nodejs
4 @vieron/jquery.fullsizedCaro… FullWindow image carousel ↗️
4 @hhariri/corvus A NodeJS package for accessing RavenDB using HTTP API
4 @vieron/ui-docs Styleguide Generator for UI Components.
4 @christkv/node-stocks-app simple stock application in ndoe
4 @midesweb/aprende-jquery 4 Sesiones de jQuery
3 @Atinux/pjs Pajamas (PJS) - An easy way to write node.js apps.
3 @vieron/react-docgen-readme Extracts info from your React Components, then is transformed into markdown and added to the README.
3 @jacoborus/jetkit Dynamic website generator 🚀. Work in progress
3 @jacoborus/dotmail Send emails with templates.
3 @jacoborus/node-filesaver Stores files in folders easily with node.js
3 @vieron/grunt-ui-docs Styleguide Generator for UI Components.
3 @christkv/okr A simple web application for managing an organizations OKRs
3 @christkv/mongodb-topology-man… Localhost MongoDB Topology Management API
3 @carlosazaustre/curso-desarrollo-web Repositorio del curso de Desarrollo Web de Platzi.
3 @carlosazaustre/ES2015-boilerplate Plantilla para iniciar desarrollos web con ECMAScript 6 (ES2015) utilizando Babel, Browserify y Gulp
3 @carlosazaustre/nodeschool-promises Solutions of Nodeschool workshop elective "Promise it won't hurt" -
3 @hyperandroid/MoMa a Javascript Module and Class Manager.
3 @carlosazaustre/angular-hack2progres… Ejemplo de AngularJS visto en Hack2Progress
3 @ajsb85/firefox-addon-btcven Add-on to see the average price of Bitcoin in VEF. ↗️
3 @carlosazaustre/angularJS-example An example of use AngularJS MVW Framework. It is a phone list web in HTML5 / JSON
3 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… Assists to setup a chat account for HipChat. ↗️
3 @christkv/mongodb-promisified MongoDB 2.0 driver promisified
3 @javaguirre/slides-git-github Presentación para los cursos del GUL sobre Git y Github ↗️
3 @christkv/mongodb-schema-simul… Learn MongoDB The Hardway code and other related content
3 @jaraen/TitanTricksMobileWeb Titanium mobile web version of TitanTricks project
3 @Atinux/Twoder A Twitter like in Node JS, Express JS, Mongoose, BootStrap, BackBone JS
3 @javivelasco/trainhero A concept app built with TDD and driven by the domain
3 @Atinux/LiveChat LiveChat is a real-time application to chat with his friends. ↗️
3 @bpedro/DecentralizedAddress… Google Chrome extension that resolves @ addresses into links to users profiles.
3 @gimenete/tot Experimental language, superset of JavaScript, for writing async code like sync code
3 @dciccale/Andamio.js A mini framework to ease the development of your Backbone.js apps. (Beta)
3 @gimenete/tallernodejs Código de los ejercicios del taller de nodejs de Cachirulo Valley. Julio 2011
3 @dciccale/node-docker-workflow
3 @gimenete/pync Utilities for promises pync ~= promise + async
3 @christkv/node-mongodb-monitor Simple tool collecting statistics from the mongodb servers using the rest api
3 @dciccale/ironhack-backbonejs Backbone.js course at IronHack
2 @gimenete/phlow Get to work as quick as possible
2 @christkv/node-simplify A lib to help avoid banana code when doing nodejs
2 @christkv/mql
2 @christkv/tic-tac-toe A node.js multiplayer tic-tac-toe tutorial game
2 @gimenete/seaquel The best of an ORM with the flexibility of writing your own SQL
2 @jacoborus/miniruler Manage roles in contexts
2 @jacoborus/boxes Mutable state containers with time travelling for JavaScript apps
2 @jacoborus/hardwire Structured and scalable node.js app container. Work in progress
2 @javaguirre/openboe Retrieve information about spanish boe in a better human readable way
2 @javaguirre/crafty-slides-videog… Building videogames with Crafty for GULUC3M courses on March 2012 ↗️
2 @gimenete/identicons Generate SVG identicons in node and the browser
2 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… Assists to setup a chat account for Telegram. ↗️
2 @gimenete/pgprom Easiest and safest way to use postgres abusing template strings
2 @nucliweb/Brackets.SnapSVG-Doc
2 @carlosazaustre/angular2-devfest-cor… Workshop para el #DevFest 2015 de GDG Cordoba
2 @gonzaloruizdevilla/angularjs-formvalida… Validaciones de formularios con AngularJS. Meetup AngularJS Madrid
2 @carlosazaustre/api-helpers Helpers functions to REST API developments
2 @jorgecasar/leap-motion An element providing a wrapper for Leap Motion. ↗️
2 @vieron/jquery.slidingTabs A jQuery plugin for create animated tabs style carousel that load dynamic content via ajax
2 @jorgecasar/llevalosalaescuela-w… Demo de la campaña hecha con NodeJS y WebSockets ↗️
2 @vieron/tuik Themable User Interface Kit ↗️
2 @jorgecasar/deckjs-Theme-Codemot… It's a DeskJS theme to use in Codemotion presentations
2 @vieron/curso-js Presentacion para el curso de JS ↗️
2 @jorgecasar/karmacracy-javascrip… A Javascript wrapper for Karmacracy API. ↗️
2 @erikras/postmessage-client-s… A simple promise-based client and server to communicate between pages and iframes with postmessage.
2 @jaraen/AlloyGalleryLessons Lessons for my Titanium alloy course, divided by days
2 @carlosazaustre/generator-mean-redis A Yeoman generator based in MEAN Stack, plus Redis and Stylus
2 @ajsb85/snic-desktop Smart Near-Infrared Control (Control Cercano Infrarrojo Inteligente) App Desktop
2 @carlosazaustre/grunt-node-sandbox A sandbox for testing node apps with Grunt
2 @hhariri/MetaBlogAPI Doh! Another Blog Engine
2 @ajsb85/ofisafas Web Site ↗️
2 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… Assists to setup a chat account for IT Next Consultant, LLC ↗️
2 @Atinux/machinepack-cloudina… SDK for working with Cloudinary platform.
2 @ajsb85/whatsapp-helper For easy input text on WhatsApp with ADB. ↗️
2 @Atinux/node-project A boilerplate for any node.js application (MongoDB + Redis + Socket.IO)
2 @miquelcamps/jQuery.Sharebox
2 @Atinux/pjs-template Pajamas.js (PJS) Template engine
2 @miquelcamps/html2charts.js
2 @Atinux/MultiBalls Canvas + Socket.IO + Node.js => MultiBalls ! ↗️
2 @ajsb85/iceweasel-addon-xana… Xanadu Firefox Modifications ↗️
2 @wout/trustfeed.js A library-agnostic micro API wrapper for Trustpilot.
2 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… ↗️
2 @carlosazaustre/angular-course Material curso básico de AngularJS
2 @ajsb85/jetpack-module-pac A browser supporting PAC provides access to a list of functions as defined in the original Netscape Specification.
2 @christkv/browser-mongodb Use MongoDB from the browser
2 @dciccale/grunt-git-committers Get the committers from a git repository with some sorting and formatting options
2 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… Assists to setup a chat account for manoderecha ↗️
2 @dciccale/media-viewer HTML5 BlackBerry 10 app to browse and access all your phone media, pictures, videos, etc, from the device and SDCard
2 @ajsb85/snic-firefox-addon Smart Near-Infrared Control (Control Cercano Infrarrojo Inteligente) Firefox Add-On ↗️
2 @dciccale/
2 @ajsb85/instantbird-protocol… Assists to setup a chat account for ZTE Data Cards with P18X Web UI. ↗️
2 @ajsb85/mozilla-addon-suscer… SUSCERTE Root Certificate Importer ↗️
2 @dciccale/noflash NoFlash Chrome Extension blocks flash from the page until activated manually, or add urls to the white list to exclude sites from blocked.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2789 @antoniolg/androidmvp MVP Android Example
2723 @ManuelPeinado/FadingActionBar Android library implementing a fading effect for the action bar, similar to the one found in the Play Music app
1371 @dexafree/MaterialList An Android library aimed to get the beautiful CardViews that Google shows at its official design specifications
1251 @antoniolg/MaterialEverywhere Showcase of the new AppCompat 21, which includes new Material Theme, working in pre-21 devices.
1176 @ManuelPeinado/GlassActionBar Android - a library that adds a glass-like effect to the action bar.
919 @antoniolg/MaterializeYourApp Example of a Material App for Android
909 @txusballesteros/bubbles-for-android Bubbles for Android is an Android library to provide chat heads capabilities on your apps. With a fast way to integrate with your development.
872 @glomadrian/RoadRunner Road Runner is a library for android which allow you to make your own loading animation using a SVG image
871 @txusballesteros/welcome-coordinator Welcome Coordinator for Android
868 @glomadrian/material-animated-sw… A material Switch with icon animations and color transitions
840 @ManuelPeinado/MultiChoiceAdapter Android - A ListView adapter with support for multiple choice modal selection
820 @jlmd/AnimatedCircleLoadin… An animated circle loading view
802 @glomadrian/loading-balls A highly configurable library to do loading progress with animated balls
749 @alorma/TimelineView Cute timeline view for android
737 @glomadrian/MvpCleanArchitecture A sample project using Clean architecture and MVP in Android
711 @VictorAlbertos/RxCache Reactive caching library for Android and Java
702 @Sefford/CircularProgressDraw… A drawable with capabilities to indicate progress.
701 @txusballesteros/sliding-deck SlidingDeck View for Android
674 @ManuelPeinado/RefreshActionItem Android - An action bar item which acts both as a refresh button and as a progress indicator
592 @javiersantos/MaterialStyledDialog… A library that shows a beautiful and customizable Material-based dialog with header. API 11+ required.
591 @JMPergar/AwesomeText A tool that facilitates working with Spans on TextViews or any extension of them (EditTexts, Buttons...).
547 @javiersantos/PiracyChecker An Android library that prevents your app from being pirated / cracked using Google Play Licensing (LVL), APK signature protection and more. API 8+ required.
540 @glomadrian/velocimeter-view A velocimeter View for Android
535 @glomadrian/material-code-input A material style input for codes
518 @jlmd/UpcomingMoviesMVP Sample project of MVP and Material Design using as repository a list of upcoming movies
497 @txusballesteros/fit-chart Fit Chart is an Android view similar to Google Fit wheel chart.
463 @glomadrian/dashed-circular-prog… A Circular progress animated where you can put any view inside
462 @javiersantos/AppUpdater A library that checks for your apps' updates on Google Play, GitHub, Amazon, F-Droid or your own server. API 8+ required.
417 @antoniolg/RecyclerViewExtensio… A library focused on making the use of RecyclerView for Android easier
377 @ManuelPeinado/ImageLayout Android - A layout that arranges its children in relation to a background image
370 @ManuelPeinado/QuickReturnHeader A ListView/ScrollView header that hides when scrolling down and reappears immediately when scrolling up, regardless of how far down the list we've gone. Like the one from the Google Keep app.
317 @txusballesteros/AutosizeEditText AutosizeEditText for Android is an extension of native EditText that offer a smooth auto scale text size.
317 @javiersantos/BottomDialogs An Android library that shows a customizable Material-based bottom sheet. API 11+ required.
299 @txusballesteros/Android-Clean-Testin… Android Testing Sample Project
282 @antoniolg/DaggerExample Android project using Dagger library
255 @javiersantos/MLManager A modern, easy and customizable app manager for Android with Material Design ↗️
247 @ManuelPeinado/NumericPageIndicator Android - A ViewPager page indicator that displays the current page number and (optionally) the page count
239 @txusballesteros/snake Snake View is a simple and animated linear chart for Android.
211 @glomadrian/Android-Material-cir… Animated Material circular button
209 @txusballesteros/android-transformer An Android library to manage your data transformations between your POJO objects.
200 @VictorAlbertos/RxSocialConnect-Andr… OAuth RxJava extension for Android.
196 @VictorAlbertos/RxActivityResult A reactive-tiny-badass-vindictive library to break with the OnActivityResult implementation as it breaks the observables chain.
144 @javiersantos/WhatsAppBetaUpdater An app to update WhatsApp to the latest beta version available on Android. Based on Material Design.
95 @VictorAlbertos/RxGcm [DEPRECATED] RxJava extension for Android Google Cloud Messaging (aka gcm).
92 @trishagee/sense Demo app that subscribes to Twitter and publishes it via websockets
82 @antoniolg/LimeApp Open source Application based on the tutorials written in The best way to quickly test tutorial result.
74 @alorma/GithubContributorsLi… A library to easily show open source (Github) project contributors
73 @ManuelPeinado/FadingActionBar-Nati… Android - A version of FadingActionBar that works with the native action bar.
62 @VictorAlbertos/Mockery Android and Java library for mocking and testing networking layers with built-in support for Retrofit.
61 @Sefford/kor A clean architecture implementation
60 @ManuelPeinado/RefreshActionItem-Na… Android - A version of RefreshActionItem that works with the native action bar
58 @txusballesteros/mara Mara is a library to provide traits or composition capabilities to your Android or Java projects.
53 @javiersantos/Moticons Moticons is a simple, easy and modern app to manage and use Japanese Emoticons with Material Design ↗️
51 @txusballesteros/android-bind This library helps you on the data binds between your model entities and your application UI.
47 @carlossg/glacier-cli Amazon AWS Glacier command line interface
46 @javiersantos/AdBlockerAdvise Android Library that checks if there is an Ad Blocker enabled and shows a customizable dialog. API 8+ required.
44 @Sloy/gallego Lightweight Optionals for Java 7
44 @antoniolg/BrandedLaunchScreen An example on how to implement a Branded Launch Screen in Android
37 @Sefford/BeAuthentic Authentication Demo repository
36 @VictorAlbertos/RestAPIParseAuthClea… An android implementation of an authentication system based on the Parse Api using the design patters suggested by Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) on his “clean architecture”.
30 @Sloy/okresponsefaker OkHttp response faker. Provide "fire and forget" fake responses to OkHttp through interceptors.
27 @jperedadnr/Game2048FX Game 2048FX v1.0.4 released for Desktop, Android and iOS
26 @alorma/capsulecorp CapsuleCorp library provides easy way to display images text and colors in a square view
22 @VictorAlbertos/RxFcm RxJava extension for Android Firebase Cloud Messaging (aka fcm).
22 @txusballesteros/PasswordEditText Reveal Password EditText for Android
22 @dexafree/SeriesCountdown SeriesCountdown is an Open Source Android application that allows you to check when will the next episode of your favorite series be available.
21 @VictorAlbertos/Jolyglot Agnostic Json abstraction to perform data binding operations for Android and Java.
20 @VictorAlbertos/RxCacheSamples How to use RxCache for both Android and Java projects
18 @jlmd/SimpleNeuralNetwork Simple neural network implementation in Java
17 @txusballesteros/crazy-image-view CrazyImageView for Android
17 @nhpatt/RxInPractice Repository for a workshop about RxJava and RxAndroid
16 @Sefford/brender Implementation of a Renderer pattern for Android
15 @antoniolg/NavigationDrawerComp…
15 @ManuelPeinado/GoogleDirectionsClie… An Android client for the Google Directions API
14 @antoniolg/tutorials Code for tutorials on
14 @glomadrian/transmutation A simple, easy and usable java model mapper
13 @Sefford/material-in-30-minut… Sample app for Material in 30 minutes talk
13 @trishagee/mongodb-getting-star… Some examples of how to use the MongoDB Java driver, via unit tests.
10 @Sloy/SeviBus-2-Old
10 @glomadrian/wallapop-code-test Wallapop code test for Android Developer
9 @LuisJoseSanchez/aprende-java-con-eje…
9 @Sloy/Jelly-Bean-Notificat… Application with examples of the new kinds of notifications introduced in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
9 @antoniolg/Voice-Search-Example An quick example on how to integrate our App with Google Now by using Voice Search
9 @carlossg/jenkins-kubernetes-p… MOVED TO jenkinsci ↗️
9 @alorma/expenses App to manage your daily expenses
8 @Sloy/SeviBus Source of the current version of SeviBus for Android
8 @ManuelPeinado/TwelveRules Android - a library that makes it easier and safe to work with SQLite databases
8 @Sefford/fraggle A wrapper for Fragment Manager that streamlines some common operations over Fragments
8 @ManuelPeinado/LocationService Android library that simplifies working with the new fused location provider
7 @ManuelPeinado/AddressFragment
7 @alorma/SharingAccounts Example of how android share accounts
7 @ManuelPeinado/GeocodingTask Classes to perform direct and reverse geocoding tasks in the background
6 @Sloy/redbooth-android-dem… This is a simple project demonstrating the use of Redbooth's API
6 @VictorAlbertos/RestAPIParseAuthAndr… JSON Web Token Authentication for Android using Parse's API Rest
6 @VictorAlbertos/EventBus-Samples A simple demonstration about how to use EventBus with Activities, Fragments and Services on Android.
6 @iblancasa/ComedoresUGR Aplicación Android para los comedores de la UGR
6 @alorma/GitDiffTextView With this android library you are able to display DIFF in a TextView.
6 @ManuelPeinado/EasyFacebookConnect Easy integration with Facebook for User authenticate purpose, in Android
6 @glomadrian/Multiple-data-source…
6 @jperedadnr/Leap3DFX 3D modelling with JavaFX (JDK8) and Leap Motion controller
5 @jperedadnr/SMSTracker JavaFX for Android project to send, read and receive SMS using JavaFXPorts
5 @carlossg/appfuse-selenium Selenium test environment for Appfuse
5 @glomadrian/cover_finder Search covers in various services
5 @Sefford/Kor-Sample Examples for Kor Arch
5 @jperedadnr/Game2048HOL
4 @jperedadnr/HelloCharm HelloWorld sample to introduce Gluon Charm capabilities
4 @txusballesteros/IoC From OldSchool to IoC
4 @jperedadnr/RubikFX A JavaFX based application for playing with a 3D model of the Rubik's Cube
4 @JMPergar/HexagonalEverywhere A simple example of implementation of Hexagonal Architecture on Android App.
4 @jonan/BugsControl
4 @ManuelPeinado/MinionAndroidHttp An Asynchronous OkHttp Library for Android
3 @trishagee/mongodb-java-tutoria… Tutorial materials for the new Java API for the MongoDB Java driver
3 @jperedadnr/LiteRubikFX A simple- JavaFX based application for playing with a 3D model of the Rubik's Cube by rotating layers or the whole cube
3 @Sloy/SeviBus-Experiments SeviBus - version 4 (under development) - Now with Open Source! :D
3 @glomadrian/adrMusic Select over more than 30 music streaming channels of rock, search cover on services and show in notifications
3 @carlossg/jroller-export Simple code to export JRoller blog entries, for instance to migrate to Wordpress ↗️
2 @Sefford/fraggle-sample A demonstration of Fraggle capabilities
2 @Sefford/AndroidInMotion
2 @jperedadnr/NXTBeeFX JavaFX based application for Raspberry Pi, to control remotely a Lego Mindstorm NXT via XBee
2 @alorma/RxExample
2 @nhpatt/hibernate Curso de Hibernate realizado en Luce desde 2013-06-13
2 @Sloy/PhotoWidget Widget de fotos para Android
2 @nhpatt/ScreensApplication This example Android app uses Liferay Screens and uses several screenlets.
2 @nhpatt/Checkout Lean Code Challenge by @chrismdp
2 @nhpatt/refactoring
2 @trishagee/simple-twitter-conne… The most simple Java code I could write to connect to the Twitter sample API.
2 @jperedadnr/LeapV2 JavaFX 3D POC application with skeletal tracking model from Leap Motion v2
2 @Sloy/TicTacDroide-Source Source of TicTacDroide, the Android game
2 @danielfernandez/ncomplo Pet project for keeping a league based on guessing match results in a sports championship.
2 @nhpatt/Curso-de-Android Ejercicios realizados para un Curso de Android impartido la semana del 26/09 - 30/09. ↗️
2 @twinone/rubik-robot Rubik's Cube solver robot
2 @javiersantos/GoogleIOCountdown Countdown app for the next Google I/O event.
2 @javiersantos/FP1415 Trabajo Práctico de la asignatura "Fundamentos de Programación" - ETSII
2 @alorma/RadioButtons_Example


🌟 Name Description 🌍
153 @pruiz/WkHtmlToXSharp C# wrapper wrapper (using P/Invoke) for the excelent Html to PDF conversion library wkhtmltopdf library.
139 @mgp25/Chat-API-NET The .NET WhatsApp library
126 @mgp25/WART WhatsApp Registration Tool
74 @SuperJMN/OmniXAML The freakin' awesome Cross-platform XAML Framework
67 @soywiz/cspspemu C# PSP Emulator (.NET 4.5) ↗️
41 @cmendible/netDumbster netDumbster is a .Net Fake SMTP Server clone of the popular Dumbster (
33 @pleonex/tinke Viewer and editor for files of NDS games
26 @pruiz/LumiSoft.Net LumiSoft.Net clone repo with mainly mono (and other minor issues) bug fixes. (Original project's url:
23 @pruiz/Topshelf.Linux Topshelf extensions allowing compatibility with mono/linux.
17 @gjulianm/Ocell A Twitter Client for Windows Phone. ↗️
16 @soywiz/ilcc C compiler that generates .NET IL made in C#
15 @cmendible/Hexa.Core Hexa.Core is HexaSystems implementation of the Domain Driven Design Architecture. Also providing a set of helper classes for ASP.Net and WCF development.
11 @slluis/cydin Add-in repository for Mono.Addins based applications
11 @rolfbjarne/iOSRefUpdater
11 @SuperJMN/VisualDesigner Visual Designer
10 @mcliment/miniprofiler-glimpse… A Glimpse Plugin to integrate MiniProfiler results
10 @pruiz/AberrantSMPP An SMPP client library for Mono/.Net (Based originally on RoamingSMPP, which is not maintained anymore)
10 @SuperJMN/ReactiveUI-BingSearc… Using ReactiveUI and Reactive Extensions to serach with Bing
9 @soywiz/csharputils A big set of useful C# 4.0 utilities and extensions in a single DLL.
9 @mgp25/WA-password-extracto… Extract WhatsApp password and identity from your device [iPhone only]
7 @pruiz/EPPlus EPPlus fork fixing mono problems.
7 @pleonex/NitroDebugger Remote debugger for Nintendo DS games
7 @davidjrh/dnn.rediscachingprov… This caching provider allows to use a Redis cache server or cluster within DNN
6 @davidjrh/dnn.azureadprovider The DNN Azure Active Directory Provider is an Authentication provider for DNN Platform that uses Azure Active Directory OAuth2 authentication to authenticate users.
6 @sgolivernet/nrtftree .NET class library for RTF processing
6 @soywiz/NodeNetAsync A .NET 4.5 project similar to Node.JS
5 @soywiz/SafeILGenerator Safe ILGenerator
5 @rolfbjarne/embedded-frameworks
5 @cmendible/nFacturae nFacturae is a .Net library wich provides a set of helper classes to work with Facturae (Spains's electronic invoice format)
4 @pleonex/xdelta-sharp XDELTA3 port to C#
4 @cmendible/AzureBus Inspired by the simple EasyNetQ API, this library helps you get started with Microsoft Azure Service Bus or Service Bus 1.1 for Windows Server pub/sub and queues!
4 @davidjrh/dnn.appinsights A module to use Visual Studio Application Insights with the DNN Platform CMS
4 @soywiz/llvm-to-msil Converts LLVM Bytecode to MSIL
4 @FranLsz/RepositoryPatternGen… Visual Studio extension to generate repository pattern code from an EF6 data model. ↗️
3 @SuperJMN/DynamicDataToyApps Set of basic samples to start with Dynamic Data by Rolad Pheasant
3 @rolfbjarne/ObjCInterop-sample
3 @mcliment/neo4jclient-glimpse-… A simple Glimpse plugin for Neo4jClient
3 @slluis/ShowInGithub Add-in for MonoDevelop which can be used to jump to a source code line in Github
3 @pleonex/libgame Library to easy open, extract and import videogame file formats
3 @pleonex/Arduimmer ICSP Arduino Programmer
3 @soywiz/smrr-server Simple Massive Realtime Ranking Server made in C# (originally D) ↗️
2 @SuperJMN/Glass Glass Library that covers mostly all my findings during my career that solve common problems and deserve to be shared.
2 @SuperJMN/XAMLPagingControl A control for WPF (and other XAML-based frameworks) to provide paging and sorting for your data!
2 @pruiz/BasicAuthDotNet A simple HTTP Basic authentication module (IHttpModule) for ASP.NET/Mono.
2 @cmendible/Hexa.xText Hexa.xText is a .Net command line tool to extract text from source files for later translation, just like the GNU xgettext does.
2 @rolfbjarne/Mono.Unit
2 @davidjrh/dnntodolist A simple TodoList sample module for DNN Platform
2 @mgp25/classesMD5-64 Extract classes.dex from apk and returns base64 MD5 raw encoded
2 @gjulianm/BufferAPI C# API for Buffer.
2 @cerberillo/AdSwitcher AdSwitcher for Windows Phone 7 (Silverlight or XNA)
2 @mrmans0n/PerrySub Subtitle editor in Spanish
2 @soywiz/nvorbis Port of the Jorbis library to decode OGG files on .NET without any dependency (compatible with silverlight, xna, xbox 360 and windows phone)
2 @pablovargan/winforms-ooh4ria Desktop application using Model-Driven-Development ↗️
2 @nesteruk/Navigator Fast pop-up folder/directory navigation for Windows
2 @soywiz/opentk A git fork of the project in order to be able to import it as a Git submodule. ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
13 @marcoscv-work/experimental-liferay… Free Liferay themes
7 @marcoscv-work/Liferay-6.2-with-Boo…
3 @marcoscv-work/atomic-design-theme
2 @aluzardo/ My porfolio and cv online ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
134 @slp/Telegram-FOSS Unofficial, FOSS friendly fork of the original Telegram client for Android
61 @gallir/concurrencia Códigos fuente del libro "Principios y algoritmos de concurrencia" ↗️
49 @waninkoko/wad-manager WAD installer/uninstaller. ↗️
28 @Piker-Alpha/AppleIntelInfo Replacement for AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext
22 @gallir/SpokenPic This is the Android source code of the SpokenPic project ( Author: Ricardo Galli. Source code is under GPL3 (see LICENSE) Graphics are under CC-SA (see res/LICENSE)
17 @waninkoko/sd-usb-loader SD/USB Backup Loader for Wii. ↗️
16 @Piker-Alpha/LZVN C-Style conversion of lzvn_decode
14 @waninkoko/menu-patcher Menu Patcher for System Menu. ↗️
14 @Piker-Alpha/csrstat Command line tool for El Capitan to get the active SIP status
12 @waninkoko/firmware-downgrader Wii Firmware Downgrader. ↗️
10 @jpenalbae/hackrf_tcp I/Q spectrum server for hackrf
9 @waninkoko/nand-loader Custom NAND Loader for Wii Channels. ↗️
8 @waninkoko/savegame-manager Savegame Manager. ↗️
8 @waninkoko/multigame-loader Multigame disc loader for Wii. ↗️
7 @waninkoko/duplicated-channel-r… Wii Duplicated Channel Remover. ↗️
7 @waninkoko/ps3mlib PS3 Library for easy application development ↗️
7 @waninkoko/dip-plugin DIP plugin for Custom IOS
6 @waninkoko/sdhc-module SD/SDHC module for IOS ↗️
6 @slp/mkunity OSFmk, MkLinux and The Hurd
5 @waninkoko/fat-module FAT module for IOS ↗️
5 @waninkoko/ffs-plugin FFS plugin for Custom IOS
5 @Piker-Alpha/stripSignature Tool to strip CodeSignature's from MachO binaries
4 @waninkoko/ehci-module EHCI module for IOS (based on kwiirk's module) ↗️
4 @waninkoko/usb-module USB module for IOS
4 @Eskuero/android_device_samsu… Device configuration for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
4 @Al3XKOoL/WR2-Kernel Wiko Rainbow/MMX A120 Custom Kernel (3.4.107) ↗️
3 @Al3XKOoL/android_kernel_wiko_… Wiko Rainbow Custom kernel for CM11 - WR2-Kernel based
3 @rochoa/obdgpslogger OBD GPS Logger
3 @waninkoko/mload-module MLOAD module for IOS ↗️
2 @Eskuero/android_kernel_samsu… Kernel source code for Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini
2 @Piker-Alpha/findSymbol Command line tool to get symbol offset/address/data
2 @waninkoko/es-plugin ES plugin for Custom IOS ↗️
2 @Kra1o5/android_kernel_huawe… Huawei MSM8x25 common kernel tree.
2 @Jesus89/picorv32-c-examples C examples for picorv32 CPU
2 @waninkoko/hero-kernel-2.6.35 Linux kernel for the HTC Wildfire


🌟 Name Description 🌍
378 @raulmur/ORB_SLAM2 Real-Time SLAM for Monocular, Stereo and RGB-D Cameras, with Loop Detection and Relocalization Capabilities
334 @iryoku/smaa SMAA is a very efficient GPU-based MLAA implementation (DX9, DX10, DX11 and OpenGL), capable of handling subpixel features seamlessly, and featuring an improved and advanced pattern detection & handling mechanism. ↗️
329 @raulmur/ORB_SLAM A Versatile and Accurate Monocular SLAM ↗️
214 @iryoku/separable-sss Separable Subsurface Scattering is a technique that allows to efficiently perform subsurface scattering calculations in screen space in just two passes. ↗️
196 @jlblancoc/nanoflann nanoflann: a C++ header-only library for Nearest Neighbor (NN) search wih KD-trees
93 @jesusgollonet/ofpennereasing a port of penner's easing equations to c++, with an openframeworks usage example
83 @jesusgollonet/ofxGifEncoder openframeworks addon to export animated gifs
21 @pauek/norvig-sudoku Norvig's Sudoku solver in C++
20 @fincs/picasso Homebrew PICA200 shader assembler
20 @jesusgollonet/ofxGifDecoder openframeworks addon to import animated gifs
13 @skyrpex/RichText Rich text class for SFML2. Allows the user to draw lines of text with different styles and colors.
11 @raulmur/BagFromImages Create a rosbag from a collection of images
11 @pauek/MiniWin Mini-conjunto de funciones GUI
10 @jesusgollonet/ofxHalftoner Dithering patterns for openframeworks
10 @wagerlabs/seaforth24 Mac OSX driver for the IntellaSys FORTHdrive device (SeaForth24 ) implementing SCSI pass-through ↗️
9 @drhelius/Geardrive Sega Mega Drive / Genesis emulator for iOS, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Windows and Linux ↗️
7 @NCordon/C-indentator A simple C/C++ code indentator. UGR, Granada
7 @demiurgosoft/dont-crush-my-castle Next-gen open-source tower defense ↗️
6 @drodri/MRCore Mobile Robotics development toolkit, in C++
6 @skyrpex/psimpl Generic n-dimensional polyline simplification ↗️
6 @alexandernst/memory-dumper A tool for dumping files from processes memory
5 @pauek/ccjs A C++ mini-compiler in Javascript
4 @albertnez/SFML-template Simple template for a SFML game.
4 @fincs/NitroTracker-FeOS FeOS port of NitroTracker, a FastTracker II style tracker for the Nintendo DS
4 @davidgasquez/opengl-test 🍵 Learning OpenGL
4 @pauek/minicc MiniC++, intérprete de C++ pedagógico
4 @NCordon/ion-algorithm Real coding metaheuristic modification for the subject Metaheuristicas, UGR, Granada
3 @skyrpex/QxTimeLineEditor Simple generic timeline editor for Qt
3 @alexandernst/headless_browser Headless browser based on WebKit
3 @edulix/text2screen Shows a text file in fullscreen and with automatic scrolling, ideal for giving a speech
3 @luisivan/QtOctave A front-end for Octave
3 @Dirbaio/Durum-Lare Our game for Ludum Dare...
3 @davidgasquez/steganography 🔎 A simple tool for text codification on PGM/PPM images
3 @davidgasquez/loto 🎲 Yet another Tower Defense game.
3 @davidgasquez/qap 💼 Approach to the Quadratic Assignment Problem in C++ using memetic algorithms and tabu search.
3 @drhelius/bstone-ios Blake Stone: Planet Strike source port for iOS ↗️
3 @fincs/midi2sseq MIDI to SSEQ converter
3 @softwarejimenez/practicas-Sistemas-c… Conjunto de programas de las practicas de Sistemas concurrentes y distribuidos de la universidad de granada
2 @davidgasquez/patrol-bot 🚓 Small bot with the ability to patrol around a fixed map.
2 @felixcarmona/deephp php extension that allows the php abstraction of low-level instructions (direct control with memory...)
2 @jesusgollonet/ofxCvWatershed proof of concept addon for using opencv's watershed segmentation inside openframeworks
2 @drhelius/NVMeshMender The nVidia NVMeshMender library is designed to prepare meshes for per-pixel lighting, by generating normals, tangents and binormals.
2 @fincs/b0rkshell Official FeOS GUI
2 @felixcarmona/Winsock-Hook-Prevent…
2 @Dirbaio/FireAttack A weird shooter game full of particles!
2 @pauek/nets Implementation of various complex network statistics on graphs
2 @pauek/edoo Apunts EDOO ↗️
2 @pauek/mecano-lisp A toy language
2 @divan/qechoprint Qt-based music identify app powered by EchoNest
2 @edulix/gsoc The repository in which I'll do my GSoC tests. I use this mainly to sync my two laptops
2 @drodri/opencv-getting-start… Two simple examples, for a quick start in any system (Win, Linux, Mac) using biicode C/C++ deps manager
2 @demiurgosoft/open-hanafuda Game based on classic japanese deck hanafuda to play Koi-Koi. Programmed using C++,Allegro 5 and decksim
2 @David-Estevez/gecko Gesture Control via webcam
2 @drodri/opencv-biicode Biicode hooks for opencv, both 2.4 and 3.0 beta. Simple getting started for opencv in C/C++


🌟 Name Description 🌍
15 @moebiuz/Starling-Extension-P… Starling custom Sprite to create Parallax Scrolling layers
6 @ManfredKarrer/ is an ActionScript / Flex Library containing a scheduler micro-framework for easily configuring tasks to be executed in sequence, parallel or based on their data dependencies. ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
75 @jmgimeno/okasaki-clojure Clojure implementation of some data structures described in Okasaki's book
4 @jmgimeno/clojure-pong The game of Pong in Clojure
3 @jmgimeno/om-snake The game of Snake using om.
2 @jmgimeno/y-combinator Code of the presentation "Y-Not? Adventures in Functional Programming" by Jim Weirich


🌟 Name Description 🌍
12 @alvaro-cuesta/nerdobot IRC bot for #mv.nerd built with CoffeeScript + NodeJS
5 @fmartingr/pjaxify Use pjax on your links using only data tags


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2 @zgiber/gears Context aware, chainable, composable minimal http middleware.
2 @ernestoalejo/cb Client Builder
2 @ernestoalejo/nff 404 Not Found finder (NFF)
2 @ernestoalejo/validations Go validations ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
17 @samplecount/shake-language-c Cross-compilation framework based on the Shake Haskell library. ↗️
17 @pepeiborra/control-monad-except… Explicitly Typed exceptions as a library ↗️
7 @pepeiborra/monadloc A class for monads which can keep a stack trace ↗️
6 @zhensydow/ptrader Personal Trader Toolbox
5 @meteogrid/sigym4-geometry-pers… Interoperatibility with postgis geometry columns for persistent-postgresql
5 @samplecount/shake-cabal-build Script for running Shake build systems using the Cabal infrastructure (deprecated)
5 @pepeiborra/control-monad-free Free monads and monad transformers
4 @pepeiborra/term Term Rewriting Systems
4 @pepeiborra/control-monad-failur… A class of monads which can fail with an error ↗️
4 @pepeiborra/prolog Prolog parser, pretty printer and evaluator in Haskell
3 @zhensydow/zdcpu16 Zhen DCPU-16 emulator
3 @pepeiborra/safe-failure Fork of Neil Mitchell's Safe library, modified to fail in a MonadFailure monad ↗️
3 @pepeiborra/trs A library for working with Term Rewriting Systems ↗️
3 @pepeiborra/narradar An automatic prover of termination of logic programs and narrowing ↗️
3 @pepeiborra/prolog-tools Some small tools, including a simple sharing analysis ↗️
3 @pepeiborra/trsparser A parser for the TPDB format for describing TRSs ↗️
2 @pepeiborra/yices fork of Ki Yung Ahn's yices Haskell package
2 @pepeiborra/muterm-framework A kernel for a Dependency Pairs termination tool
2 @pepeiborra/monadloc-pp A preprocessor for the monadloc package
2 @pepeiborra/alacarte An implementation of Wouter Swierstra "Data Types a la Carte" open types, with some custom instances for the injection type class ↗️
2 @Capelare/ejercicios-haskell Ejercicios en Haskell para la asignatura Programación Declarativa.
2 @pepeiborra/fetchrules Utilities for automatic parsing and conversion of TRSs in several formats ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
702 @kikito/middleclass Object-orientation for Lua ↗️
305 @kikito/inspect.lua Human-readable representation of Lua tables ↗️
233 @kikito/bump.lua A collision detection library for Lua
205 @kikito/tween.lua Tweening/Easing/Interpolating functions for lua. Inspired on jQuery's animate method.
200 @kikito/lua_missions Lua Koans, minus the Zen stuff ↗️
162 @kikito/love-tile-tutorial A tutorial for making tile-based games with LÖVE ↗️
161 @kikito/anim8 An animation library for LÖVE
87 @kikito/stateful.lua Stateful classes for Lua
76 @kikito/md5.lua MD5 sum in pure Lua, with no C and no external dependencies
73 @kikito/cron.lua Time-related functions for Lua, inspired in javascript's setTimeout and setInterval
69 @kikito/gamera A camera system for LÖVE
63 @kikito/love-loader Threaded resource loading for LÖVE ↗️
60 @Josepdal/DBTeam An administration and multi-language bot based on yagop/telegram-bot --> ↗️
59 @javieryanez/nodemcu-modules Modules for nodeMcu (LUA intepreter for ESP8266)
51 @kikito/i18n.lua A very complete i18n lib for Lua
40 @kikito/beholder.lua Minimal observer pattern for Lua, with a couple twists
37 @kikito/sha1.lua SHA-1 secure hash computation, and HMAC-SHA1 signature computation in Lua (5.1)
30 @kikito/passion An object-oriented LÖVE game engine
29 @kikito/memoize.lua memoized functions in lua ↗️
27 @kikito/middleclass-extras A set of middleclass add-ons that make it easier to use in some cases
23 @kikito/semver.lua Semantic versioning for Lua ↗️
17 @kikito/bresenham.lua
13 @kikito/battle-cry
12 @kikito/pulsar.lua A-star algorithm implementation in Lua
8 @kikito/middleclass-commons Interface between middleclass and Class-Commons
5 @kikito/pew-pew-boom Explosions in 2D space. Ussing PÄSSION and LÖVE
5 @kikito/ekrixion simple game in LÖVE
4 @kikito/fay A small game for LÖVE, made for Ludum Dare #25
4 @kikito/middleclass-specs Specs for testing middleclass
3 @kikito/passion-demos several demos of the PÄSSION game engine
3 @kikito/ld-30 LD 30 - Earth, Hell & Space ↗️
3 @eipporko/ShootEmAll Prototype for löve 2d 0.10.0 ↗️
2 @Diarandor/repository
2 @kikito/modis.lua Lua implementation of MongoDB query language over redis.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
5 @spatUV/SART3Dmaster Master repository for 3D Spatial Audio Reproduction Toolbox
5 @4rtur1t0/ARTE ARTE (A Robotics Toolbox for Education) ↗️
4 @IPL-UV/altoolbox MATLAB Active Learning Toolbox for Remote Sensing
2 @lucbpz/DUET-MATLAB DUET Algorithm on MATLAB. Blind Source Separation.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
755 @AlvaroFranco/AFSoundManager iOS audio playing (both local and streaming) and recording made easy
666 @AlvaroFranco/AFDropdownNotificati… Dropdown notification view for iOS
548 @jberlana/JBParallaxCell This project provides a parallax effect on a UIImageView on a UITAbleViewCell when the table scrolls.
504 @jberlana/JBKenBurns Ken Burns effect for iOS. The feature enables a widely used technique of embedding still photographs in motion pictures, displayed with slow zooming and panning effects, and fading transitions between frames.
426 @AlvaroFranco/AFBlurSegue Custom UIStoryboardSegue implementation for blurring the background of a modal view controller
410 @gonzalezreal/Groot From JSON to Core Data and back.
350 @tapsandswipes/InterAppCommunicatio… x-callback-url made easy
346 @gonzalezreal/Vertigo Simple full screen image viewer with image zoom custom view controller transition
333 @jberlana/JBCroppableView JBCroppableView is a subclass of UIView built with UIKit and CoreGraphics that adds n points on an UIImageView allowing to modify them by drag & drop to trim the extra space of an image.
323 @ajerez/AJNotificationView Notice component for iOS
274 @alexruperez/UIUserNotificationSe… Helper methods that will make you much easier to handle #Interactive #Notifications.
247 @alexruperez/ARAutocompleteTextVi… ARAutocompleteTextView is a subclass of UITextView that automatically displays text suggestions in real-time. This is perfect for automatically suggesting the domain as a user types an email address, #hashtag or @alexruperez. ↗️
242 @tapsandswipes/iphone-pie-menu A pie menu implementation specially designed for iPhone and iPod touch ↗️
208 @AlvaroFranco/AFPopupView A simple to use and functional popup view for iOS
193 @AlvaroFranco/AFSQLManager SQL and SQLite manager for iOS
188 @izqui/SHSidebarController Sidebar with folding effect for iOS
185 @luisrecuenco/LRScrollingSidebarCo… A scrolling based sidebar controller
146 @gblancogarcia/GBInfiniteScrollView GBInfiniteScrollView class provides an endlessly scroll view organized in pages. It is a subclass of UIScrollView, which allows users to scroll infinitely in the horizontal direction. GBInfiniteScrollView also provides automatic scrolling feature.
145 @alexruperez/UILabel-AutomaticWri… UILabel category with automatic writing (type out) animation.
143 @luisrecuenco/LRImageManager Objective-C simple image manager with memory and disk cache support
133 @tapsandswipes/ACVRangeSelector
103 @jberlana/JBWhatsAppActivity JBWhatsAppActivity is a UIActivity subclass that provides an “Share in WhatsApp" action to a UIActivityViewController.
101 @endSly/Log4Cocoa Log4Cocoa is a Log4j port for iOS and Mac OS X ↗️
90 @AlvaroFranco/AFWeather Getting the weather forecast never has been so easy
88 @endSly/GSIndeterminateProgr… iOS control that acts like indeterminate progress bar
88 @gonzalezreal/ReadingList An example on using the Mantle Modeling Framework with Overcoat AFNetworking extension.
82 @AlvaroFranco/AFFeedsReader Simple feed reader and parser example project for iOS
80 @alexruperez/ARHomeScreenShortcut… Installs home screen shortcuts to features of your app.
80 @manucorporat/AWTextureFilter Apply a gaussian blur filter to your textures in cocos2D ↗️
71 @DigitalLeaves/ParallaxBackground Parallax Background in SpriteKit made simple.
66 @jcesarmobile/PhonegapOCRPlugin ocr plugin for phonegap using tesseract
65 @luisrecuenco/LRNotificationObserv… A smarter, simpler and better way to use NSNotificationCenter with RAII
64 @patoroco/UIViewController-Blo… Category which allows to use a block to prepare segue instead of ugly -prepareForSegue method
59 @manucorporat/CCNotifications Notifications system in OpenGl for cocos2d ↗️
57 @alexruperez/ARSafariActivity A UIActivity subclass that opens URLs in Safari ↗️
56 @djromero/PopoverMenulet Mac test app with status bar menulet and an attached popover using NSPopOver class.
55 @tapsandswipes/iphone-accelerometer… Add support for device gestures to any application ↗️
51 @j4n0/callout MKAnnotation callout with a custom XIB
50 @alexruperez/NSDate-Extension Use NSDate-Extension to handle NSDate objects easily. Syntactic sugar. #DSL Style ↗️
49 @alexruperez/FSNetworkingSearchCo… Search controller with suggest completion using Foursquare API following Instagram design.
48 @alexruperez/ARDetector CIDetector, AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureMetadataOutput categories. With face, rectangle, QR Code and TEXT CIDetector and blocks for AVCaptureOutput handling.
47 @lupidan/UIKeyboardCoView A UIView to appear along the iOS default keyboard
47 @ajerez/AJProgressPanel Animated progress panel
40 @alexruperez/ARWebServerActivity A UIActivity subclass that share files via GCDWebServer with Twitter Bootstrap UI. ↗️
37 @AlvaroFranco/AFWunderlist A Wunderlist API wrapper for Objective-C
34 @luisrecuenco/LRRepositoryPattern An iOS example app based on the repository pattern and Typhoon DI framework
34 @alexruperez/ARObjectCollectionVi… UIViewController that can present a JSON NSString, JSON NSData, JSON URL, XML NSData, XML URL, RSS NSData, RSS URL, NSDictionary, NSArray, NSSet, UIImage EXIF Metadata... ↗️
33 @jberlana/JBCountdownLabel A simple UILabel subclass that displays a countdown.
31 @alexruperez/PFLinkedInUtils The #PFLinkedInUtils class provides utility functions for working with #LinkedIn in a #Parse application.
30 @alexruperez/ARSpeechActivity ARSpeechActivity is a UIActivity subclass that uses AVSpeechUtterance to read aloud the shared NSString ↗️
28 @drodriguez/globradio iPhone MP3/Shoutcast radio client code
26 @alexruperez/ARAutocompleteSearch… ARAutocompleteSearchBar is a subclass of UISearchBar that automatically displays text suggestions in real-time.
26 @patoroco/UIView-JMFrame UIView category to help the handling of view frames.
26 @j4n0/AR trivial augmented reality (GPS based)
24 @luisrecuenco/LRVariadicPerformSel… Simple NSObject category to perform selectors with variadic arguments
23 @luisrecuenco/LRTVDBAPIClient Objective-C wrapper for TheTVDB
22 @DigitalLeaves/SocialLoginForiOS A Social Login Framework for iOS with frontend and backend (in Slim) to integrate Social Login OAuth authentication in your own RESTful API.
22 @alexruperez/ARAlertController UIAlertController compatible iOS >= 5.0
21 @drodriguez/reversegeocoding Offline reverse geocoding library and scripts for the iPhone.
19 @gonzalezreal/Gig A great Twitter API client for Objective-C
18 @endSly/NullObjects A library for building Null Objects in Objective-C. (Inspired in avdi's naught)
18 @gonzalezreal/TGRDataSource Convenience UITableView and UICollectionView data sources
17 @jcesarmobile/IDFVPlugin Identifier For Vendor Plugin
16 @patoroco/Modaly Configure size of modal panels from storyboard with a custom segue
15 @j4n0/jobsket Jobsket Mobile is a Jobsket client for your iPhone. ↗️
15 @gblancogarcia/GBGradientView GBGradientView class provides an animated gradient view.
15 @patoroco/Loctite Connect different storyboards without write code, all from Interface Builder
12 @jcesarmobile/FilePicker-Phonegap-… This plugin makes possible to pick files from iCloud or other document providers
12 @AlvaroFranco/AFScrollView A lightweight UIScrollView block-driven subclass for easily create multiple pages with embeeded UIViews in Objective-C
12 @gblancogarcia/GBBlurView The GBBlurView class takes advantage of the new iOS 7 snapshot API to create a blur view. It is based on Apple sample code from “Implementing Engaging UI on iOS” WWDC 2013 session.
11 @jcesarmobile/GameCenterOnlinePlug… Phonegap iOS plugin for online gaming using Game Center
11 @AlvaroFranco/AFSpritz A complete, lightweight Spritz SDK for iOS
11 @gradha/ELHASO-iOS-snippets Electric Hands Software iOS code snippets ↗️
11 @alexruperez/iOS-Coding-Best-Prac… iOS Coding Best Practices ↗️
10 @jcesarmobile/my-phonegap-plugins here I will upload all the phonegap plugins I develop
10 @izqui/ADNPebbleApp A small client for the Pebble
10 @alexruperez/ARFacebookShareKitAc… Launch FBSDKShareKit from UIActivityViewController instead of the default Facebook share sheet.
10 @luisrecuenco/LROptional A simple NSObject category to simplify sending optional messages to objects
9 @jcesarmobile/faceDetect phonegap plugin to detect faces on pictures
8 @djromero/iDiff Minimal image difference command line tool using "Google Toolbox for Mac". For Mac OSX.
8 @alexruperez/NSDictionary-Verifie… NSDictionary+Verified checks NSNull (aka kCFNull) objects and it changes to nil
8 @drodriguez/DRTPFObjectDynamicPr… Easy Parse PFObject subclassing with automagic property implementations.
7 @koke/inoise Audio generation experiments for iPhone and iPad ↗️
7 @manucorporat/obme-ios
7 @izqui/iPadSfera-iOS-Tutori……
7 @izqui/TheList-iOS iOS Client for The List (
6 @j4n0/trie-suggest Ternary Search Trie + 125,000 english words.
6 @j4n0/mapkit-clusters Clustering for MKAnnotationView.
5 @patoroco/Codemotion-2014-Mult… Examples from my presentation at Codemotion 2014 about Multipeer Connectivity ↗️
5 @gonzalezreal/ComicSearch iOS Superpowers Training Source Code
5 @j4n0/xcode4 My templates and color scheme for XCode 4.
5 @j4n0/table-pull2refresh Table with pull to refresh and folding.
5 @j4n0/table-stretchedRotat… Stretched Rotation technique from WWDC 2012 Session 240 - Polishing Your Interface Rotations
4 @patoroco/react-native-worksho… Demos to start to play with React Native
4 @izqui/MagicRemoteHelper Mac companion app for MagicRemote ↗️
4 @koke/NSURL-Guess Autocorrect common typos in urls
4 @alexruperez/ARButtonBlock UIButton subclass with touchUpInside as block helper. ↗️
4 @AlvaroFranco/NSDoge NSDoge turns a simply and tasteless array into a doge-ready array
4 @endSly/NavigationTabBar UINavigationBar clone that shows scrolling tabs
4 @izqui/ArduinoiOSIntegratio… Controlling a LED intensity from an iOS app
4 @josealobato/FoldingTabs Folding Tabs
3 @drodriguez/CodingDojoJun2011 Coding Dojo done by the members of NSCoderNight Madrid on June 2011
3 @tapsandswipes/SmartPageControl UIPageControl with smart functionality
3 @fillito/SystemSoundsDemo This is just a demo of how to use iOS AudioServices API to play a system sound
3 @gblancogarcia/GBMetadataFetcher GBMetadataFetcher library provides an API to retrieve TV Series metadata from Internet sources.
3 @DigitalLeaves/SocialManagersForMac Social Managers for Mac is an attempt to build a collection of Social Managers for Mac including iOS7 like post dialogs. For those who want more control over the sharing funcionality of Mac than the one provided by the NSSharingServicePicker class, including iOS7 like dialogs for sharing for a more modern look in your apps.
3 @DigitalLeaves/NearbyFlickrPhotos iOS App that retrieve Flickr photos near the user, showing them on a map and allowing the user to navigate through the map
3 @endSly/TenzingCore Some utilities for iOS.
3 @alexruperez/ImageFromWebView Captures an image of a UIWebView, makes an UIImage, shows on an UIImageView and saves it into the gallery. ↗️
2 @gonzalezreal/TwitterTimeline Source code for my article 'Implementando una timeline de Twitter con Core Data'
2 @koke/wp3mock
2 @lupidan/UILazyImageView A simple override of the normal UIImageView to load and image asynchronously with a progress bar
2 @gradha/EHReachability Apple's reachability class
2 @djromero/recall Don't loose your line of thought while sleeping.
2 @DigitalLeaves/NSURLEquality Useful categories to deal with NSURL comparison, equality and equivalency between files and web resources
2 @carltongibson/CouchDBX-Redux Work in progress repo for resurrection of CouchDBX — A Mac OS X wrapper for CouchDBX
2 @j4n0/sketch Stupid sketch app for Quora answer…
2 @alexruperez/Fyber-Mobile-SDK Fyber's Mobile SDK. Fyber (formerly SponsorPay) is a leading advertising technology company that empowers app developers to execute smart ad monetization strategies across all connected devices through a unified mobile supply side platform. ↗️
2 @koke/appstatus-iphone iPhone app status report controller ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
127 @JJ/hoborg A dieselpunk novel with Spanish-created robot hobos in a balcanized America at the beginning of the XX century
34 @diegok/resque-perl Perl port of the original Ruby library. It's intended to work using the same backend to share tasks and be able to manage the system using ruby's resque-server webapp. Resque is a Redis-backed library for creating background jobs, placing them on multiple queues, and processing them later.
20 @salva/p5-Net-OpenSSH Perl SSH client built on top of OpenSSH
12 @clintongormley/Elastic-Model Use ElasticSearch as a NoSQL database in Perl
10 @diegok/Gardel Gardel is a very simple perl web framework that also has a hat. ( Inspired on sinatra.rb )
9 @clintongormley/ElasticSearch-Search… A compact Perlish way to build queries and filters for ElasticSearch
8 @salva/p5-AnyEvent-Pg Asynchronous access to PostgreSQL databases with AnyEvent
8 @clintongormley/ElasticSearchX-Autoc… ElasticSearchX::Autocomplete is a Perl module which gives you frequency (and optionally geolocation)-sensitive autocomplete suggestions based on your data
7 @salva/p5-Net-SFTP-Foreign Perl SFTP client
6 @clintongormley/ConfigMerge Load a configuration directory tree containing YAML, JSON, XML, Perl, INI or Config::General files
6 @ebox/ebox eBox platform - just testing git, visit… for actual repository ↗️
5 @diegok/Postfix-Admin A drop in replacement for Postfix Admin (php) build on Catalyst.
5 @clintongormley/ElasticSearchX-Autoc… Geolocation autocomplete using GeoNames data hosted in ElasticSearch
5 @salva/p5-Net-OpenSSH-Gatew… open SSH connections through gateways and proxies
5 @diegok/Twitirc IRC/twitter bot that can speak both ways
5 @oslugr/datos-ugr Datos publicados en
4 @salva/p5-Math-Vector-Real manipulate real vectors of any dimension in Perl
4 @JJ/Test-Text A module for testing and doing metrics on normal text. As in books or novels.
4 @JJ/wiki2fb2 Translation of wikis to FictionBook
4 @JJ/perl-moderno Una introducción corta a Perl moderno
4 @oslugr/yapc-eu Proposal fof YAPC-EU 2015 ↗️
3 @salva/p5-Class-StateMachin… Build Perl state machine classes declaratively
3 @salva/p5-Math-Vector-Real-… Find nearest neighbours for a set of vectors
3 @salva/p5-Net-SSH-Any Compatibility layer for common Perl SSH client modules
3 @salva/p5-Math-Vector-Real-… Generate random real vectors
3 @ebox/anste Advanced Network Service Testing Environment (git mirror) ↗️
2 @salva/p5-Net-OpenSSH-Compa… Compatibility modules for Net::OpenSSH
2 @JJ/Algorithm-Evolutiona… Algorithm::Evolutionary, Perl module for evolutionary algorithms
2 @JJ/euro-2008 Passes Network in Euro 2008
2 @JJ/la-venganza-de-don-m… Módulo Perl para esta parodia de tragedia
2 @salva/p5-Math-Vector-Real-… Find the two farthest vectors in a set
2 @diegok/… Example catalyst app for ↗️
2 @diegok/WWW--Twitpic A perl interface to public API.
2 @diegok/…
2 @diegok/Business-Invoice Perl module for invoicing
2 @clintongormley/AnyEvent-DateTime-Cr…
2 @salva/p5-Convex-Hull Calculate convex hull of a set of points
2 @clintongormley/Plack-Middleware-Cer… Plack::Middleware to add App::Cerberus metadata to all requests
2 @salva/ps-perl-y-geometria Perl, vectores, geometría, problemas, algoritmos y arte
2 @clintongormley/I18N-String Delayed I18N translation of strings
2 @salva/p5-Net-OpenSSH-Stati… Static builds of OpenSSH binaries for common platforms
2 @clintongormley/App-Cerberus-Client A client to speak to an App::Cerberus server
2 @salva/p5-Config-Properties Release history of Config-Properties ↗️
2 @clintongormley/App-Cerberus A pluggable Perl web service to preprocess web requests. Plugins can add geo, timezone and browser metadata, and throttle request rate
2 @salva/p5-Math-Vector-Real-… kd-Trees in Perl


🌟 Name Description 🌍
1114 @javiereguiluz/EasyAdminBundle The new (and simple) admin generator for Symfony applications.
378 @raulfraile/ladybug PHP 5.3+ Extensible Dumper
334 @raulfraile/LadybugBundle Symfony2 bundle for Ladybug library, the Simple and Extensible PHP Dumper
310 @javiereguiluz/Cupon Aplicación de prueba para aprender a programar con Symfony2
261 @kbsali/php-redmine-api A simple PHP Redmine API client, Object Oriented
201 @raulfraile/distill Smart compressed files extractor for PHP
141 @ronnylt/redlock-php Redis distributed locks in PHP
132 @tonydspaniard/Yii-extensions My small contribution to the Yii framework community
100 @Maks3w/FR3DLdapBundle This bundle integrates LDAP Authentication with any user manager (Ex: FOSUserBundle)
86 @desarrolla2/Cache A simple cache library. Implements different adapters that you can use and change easily by a manager or similar. ↗️
67 @carlosbuenosvinos/opcache-dashboard Set up properly and monitor your Zend OPcache with this dashboard that will help you checking memory, hits and status, configuring for optimal performance (warning you when cache full, validation, etc.) and reseting one or all scripts with one click.
67 @tonydspaniard/yiinitializr-advance… Yii Framework project structure boilerplate for advanced application requirements
58 @josereyero/telegram PHP Wrapper and Drupal module using Telegram CLI
53 @jameswatts/cake-toolkit The Cake Toolkit (CTK) is a CakePHP plugin which allows you to define your View as a class, providing a powerful object-oriented factory interface to dynamically build your application's UI with configurable objects.
46 @Maks3w/SwaggerAssertions Test your API requests and responses matches with your swagger definition
45 @josereyero/i18n Drupal Internationalization package (Not up to date, Active development is on ↗️
38 @desarrolla2/RSSClient Service for provide RSS client in your website
36 @javiereguiluz/EasySlugger A fast and easy to use slugger with full UTF-8 support
36 @itrascastro/Symfony-3-Base-Proje… Symfony 3 base project with already installed common bundles and other stuff
35 @javiereguiluz/easy-admin-demo A demo application to showcase EasyAdmin features
35 @carlosbuenosvinos/php-geckoboard-api A PHP library for pushing data into Geckoboard custom widgets ↗️
35 @carlosbuenosvinos/php-kata PHP skeleton for doing coding katas (PHPUnit, mockery, phpspec and prophecy) ↗️
34 @AD7six/cakephp-shadow-trans… A 3.x+ CakePHP plugin for efficiently managing data translations
33 @Maks3w/xmldsig PHP Implementation of XML Digital Signature recomendation
32 @tobiassjosten/ResponsibleServicePr…
30 @tobiassjosten/FacebookServiceProvi… Extension for injecting the Facebook SDK into a Silex application
27 @AD7six/php-cli-progress-bar A PHP class for generating cli progress bars
26 @carlosbuenosvinos/compify Compify is a tool to save disk usage and bandwith in your composer vendor folder. Maybe you haven't noticed, but if you take a look to your vendor folder after doing a "php composer.phar install" there are so much useless information like tests, ".travis.yml" like files that you just don't need in production.
26 @tobiassjosten/boris-loader Loads project specific contexts into d11wtq/boris
26 @jameswatts/cake-jsonrpc The Jsonrpc plugin for CakePHP provides both server and client implementations of JSON-RPC as components.
25 @phproberto/plg_sys_mootable Joomla Plugin to Enable/Disable Mootools per menu item
25 @jleyva/moodle-local_ltiprov… This is a local plugin for making Moodle a LTI provider tool
23 @tonydspaniard/yiinitializr-interme… Yii Framework project structure boilerplate for basic to intermediate application requirements
23 @carlosbuenosvinos/php-jenkins-api CarlosIO\Jenkins is a Jenkins API written in PHP for PHP 5.3+. It has been born for Dashboard and extreme feedback purposes.
23 @desarrolla2/BlogBundle This is the most complete bundle you can find to start creating your blog, actualy this blogBundle is running on Symfony2.3 ↗️
19 @Maks3w/Psr7Assertions Test your library conformance with PSR-7
16 @uno-de-piera/angularjs-phalcon Combinar angularjs y phalconphp
15 @tonydspaniard/YiiBootstrap This is a clone of… from Chris. More information at…
15 @uno-de-piera/phalcon_cart A shopping cart that allows multiple instances to work with PHP Phalcon
14 @mcuadros/php-cayley PHP wrapper of the Google's Cayley graph database REST interface
14 @phproberto/lib_sample Sample Joomla! Library to use as reference
13 @tobiassjosten/silex-example ↗️
13 @itrascastro/TrascastroACL Easy ACL. Avoid handwriting ACL permissions in Zend Framework
13 @uno-de-piera/bootstrap-calendar Implementación de bootstrap calendar con php/codeigniter
13 @jameswatts/cake-dependency The Dependency plugin for CakePHP provides a dependency injection container and service registry/locator.
12 @jameswatts/cake-markup-language The Cake Markup Language (CakeML) is a CakePHP plugin which provides further abstraction of the View layer by replacing the procedural PHP code with an XML based markup.
12 @AD7six/cakephp-completion Got tab?
11 @javiereguiluz/easybook-examples Showcase of the books and documents that you can create with easybook ↗️
11 @carlosbuenosvinos/elige-tu-propia-aven… My DDD Lab: Choose your own adventure online game
10 @mcuadros/currency-detector Class to detect the currency from any string
10 @kbsali/sf2-icu Set of compiled icu files for Symfony2.* framework
10 @desarrolla2/RSSClientBundle Service for provide RSS client in your website.
9 @uno-de-piera/jwt-angularjs-codeig…
9 @jameswatts/cake-factory Cake is a factory for the Cake Toolkit (CTK), which provides configurable objects for the core helpers in CakePHP.
9 @emilio/php-router Simple PHP router
8 @mcuadros/silex-hateoas A RESTful example based on Hateoas and Silex
8 @desarrolla2/PollBundle poll Bundle for symfony 2
8 @AD7six/php-dsn A utility for parsing and generating service DSNs
8 @raulfraile/cryptosymfony Simple cryptovirus for Symfony2 apps
7 @phproberto/plg_content_showtags Joomla Content Plugin to show tag list before / after articles
7 @desarrolla2/talks talks
7 @josereyero/oauth_google OAuth client for Google Data API
7 @josereyero/messaging_sendgrid Drupal Messaging wrapper for Sendgrid ↗️
7 @itrascastro/Bookmarks Advanced Tutorial ZF2 Application
7 @javiereguiluz/desymfony-twig Ejemplos utilizados en la ponencia sobre Twig de la conferencia deSymfony 2012
6 @raulfraile/steganography_talk Demos and examples for the talk about Steganography with PHP
6 @tobiassjosten/sfdaycgn2011
6 @jleyva/moodle-local_dsubscr… Local plugin for allowing email subscription to discussions (threads) and not the whole forum.
6 @uno-de-piera/simplecart
6 @jleyva/moodle-block_jmail Internal mail tool for Moodle 2
6 @josereyero/gdata Google Data API
6 @ronnylt/LtRedisBundle
6 @emilio/php-cache Caché simple basada en archivos para PHP Simple PHP file cache
6 @carlosbuenosvinos/php-pingdom-api CarlosIO\Pingdom is a Pingdom API Client written in PHP with multiaccount support ↗️
5 @penyaskito/drush_release Drush release.
5 @tobiassjosten/TobiassjostenTheTVDB…
5 @uno-de-piera/mvc-php MVC Example with PHP
5 @kbsali/php-gsm-api A simple PHP5 Object Oriented wrapper for GlobalSportsMedia (GSM) XML API
5 @carlosbuenosvinos/phparchitect-hexagon… Hexagonal Architecture with PHP ↗️
4 @phproberto/mod_phproberto_ghcar… Github card module for Joomla websites
4 @uno-de-piera/shop-phalcon Full example phalcon cart
4 @jleyva/moodle-local_anonymo… Local plugin for allowing anonymous posting in Moodle forums. ↗️
4 @raulfraile/internals-desymfony2… Demo project for Symfony2 internals talk
4 @raulfraile/distill-cli Command line tool to extract files from compressed archives
4 @mcuadros/pimple-hack A Pimple version in Hack/HHVM, just for fun!
4 @josereyero/variable Drupal Variable module ↗️
4 @uno-de-piera/angular-2-laravel-5 Starter project with Angular 2 and Laravel 5
4 @germaaan/PRACTICA_01 Practica 1 de Infraestructura Virtual 2013/2014
4 @emilio/php-easy-image-manag… Simple image manager for PHP: Create, resize, save and output your images easily
3 @raulfraile/ladybug-installer Unified installer for ladybug addons
3 @kbsali/mpRealityAdminPlugin The mpRealityAdminPlugin provides a new admin generator theme with some additions. ↗️
3 @mcuadros/ansi-slides Slide with ANSI style!
3 @raulfraile/idatha Data structures library for PHP
3 @conejoninja/antitroll-plugin Anti troll plugin for Osclass
3 @raulfraile/apijokes Demo project for deSymfony 2013
3 @jleyva/moodle-report_config… Configurable reports plugin for Moodle 2.3 and onwards ↗️
3 @tobiassjosten/sfFlattrPlugin
3 @penyaskito/Ubercart-Cart-Login-… Ubercart default cart behavior is merging the anonymous cart and the existing user cart once the user logs in. This can be confusing for the user because his cart could have some products added long ago, and when he logs in the existing cart and the new anonymous cart are merged. This module provides another workflow: If the user logs in a block at the checkout page, or when the destination is set to the checkout page, the existing cart for the user is discarded, and the cart that has been created while being an anonymous user is the cart that will be checked out. In other case, we discard the anonymous card and recover the existing cart associated with this user. ↗️
3 @uno-de-piera/multi_cart_ci Library for multiple cart instances in codeigniter
3 @desarrolla2/Gmap
3 @uno-de-piera/consultas_eloquent El ORM eloquent en laravel 4
3 @uno-de-piera/angular-2-codeignite… Combining Angular 2 and Codeigniter 3
3 @desarrolla2/MailExceptionBundle Email you when Symfony2 Exceptions occurs with some information.
3 @tonydspaniard/Yii-ENexmo Yii Framework Library to interact with Nexmo Mobile Message Provider's Restful API
3 @desarrolla2/PlanetBundle
3 @itrascastro/Symfony-Classroom Symfony Course
3 @damiles/ACMS Another Content Management System
2 @josereyero/google_hybrid Implements Google Hybrid authentication (OpenID + OAuth)
2 @desarrolla2/Timer This script works as simple timer control to your app
2 @desarrolla2/File Provide simple api to read and write files
2 @uno-de-piera/crud_phalcon Simple crud with phalcon, bootstrap and jQuery
2 @desarrolla2/Logger
2 @uno-de-piera/ajax_laravel Ajax en laravel 4
2 @tobiassjosten/reactions Drupal module to harvest reactions (blog posts, comments, tweets, etc) to content on your site ↗️
2 @jleyva/moodle-mftpd FTP server that exposes the Moodle file system
2 @penyaskito/customslider THIS MODULE IS NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION (and there is no way you want to use it). It's just an example about how to make your own entities, fields and config translatable in Drupal 8. This is done step by step, so check the history of the repo for best comprehension.
2 @phproberto/plg_system_codeprett… Code highlighting for Joomla! based on Google Code Prettify library
2 @desarrolla2/Booky
2 @aesedepece/sohopos HTML5 Point of Sale
2 @desarrolla2/TwitterClient
2 @carlosbuenosvinos/php-ports-and-adapte… PHP package for making easy to use Hexagonal Architecture (Ports and Adapters)
2 @uno-de-piera/hmvcci3 Hmvc project with codeigniter 3.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2442 @maraujop/django-crispy-forms The best way to have DRY Django forms. The app provides a tag and filter that lets you quickly render forms in a div format while providing an enormous amount of capability to configure and control the rendered HTML. ↗️
622 @niwinz/django-redis Full featured redis cache backend for Django. ↗️
221 @niwinz/django-jinja Simple and nonobstructive jinja2 integration with Django. ↗️
208 @niwinz/django-sse HTML5 Server-Sent Events integration for Django
196 @maraujop/requests-oauth Python's Requests OAuth (Open Authentication) plugin
188 @MarioVilas/google Google search from Python.
160 @jaimegildesagredo/booby Data modeling and validation Python library ↗️
147 @maraujop/django-rules Flexible and scalable Django authorization backend for unified per object permission management ↗️
126 @niwinz/djorm-pgarray PostgreSQL array field for Django. ↗️
108 @jaimegildesagredo/finch Asynchronous RESTful API consumer for Python
89 @maraujop/requests-oauth2 Python's Requests OAuth2 (Open Authentication) plugin
68 @fjavieralba/basic_sentiment_anal… Code of the blog post:…
66 @anler/progressbar An utility module to represent progress in the form of a progress bar.
63 @MarioVilas/winappdbg WinAppDbg Debugger
55 @niwinz/djorm-ext-expression… Expressions module of django orm extensions package (collection of third party plugins build in one unified package) ↗️
52 @niwinz/sse Server Sent Events protocol implemetation on python2/3
51 @jaimegildesagredo/expects Expects is an expressive and extensible TDD/BDD assertion library for Python. ↗️
46 @niwinz/djangorestframework-… A simple way to define complex permissions for django-rest-framework
46 @superalex/py-wetransfer Python script for downloading wetransfer files ( in command line mode
33 @leplatrem/django-leaflet-geojs…
28 @niwinz/djorm-ext-core Core module of django orm extensions package. (Collection of third party plugins build in one unified package)
27 @niwinz/cobrascript Python syntax translator to Javascript.
27 @joedicastro/lftp-mirror It's a python script that allow us to synchronize a directory on a remote server with a local directory via FTP in both directions.
24 @jespino/django-lot Django Login over Token
24 @niwinz/django-greenqueue Asynchronous task task/job queue based on distributed message passing.
22 @joedicastro/python-recipes A set of various classes, modules, templates... like a bunch of recipes or ingredients to cook bigger python apps.
22 @laughedelic/LoadFileToRepl Provides a convenient command to load current source file into SublimeREPL ↗️
19 @niwinz/tornado-webtools Microframework for python 3 based on tornado, jinja2 and sqlalchemy.
19 @joedicastro/img4web This Script optimizes .jpg and .png images for the web. This follows the "Yahoo Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site" about optimize images.…
18 @fjavieralba/scraper Configurable Python Web Scraper
15 @niwinz/django-sites Alternative implementation of django "sites" framework based on settings instead of models. ↗️
15 @joedicastro/ted-talks-download A pair of scripts to download videos and subtitles for the TED Talks (
15 @niwinz/djorm-ext-pgjson PostgreSQL native json field support for Django.
14 @jespino/restsh A client for test and access to REST services
13 @MarioVilas/vuln_tools Tools to work with vulnerability standards.
12 @leplatrem/django-sizefield A model field to store a file size, whose edition and display shows units (KB, MB, ...)
12 @anler/django-dev-commands Useful commands for developing Django applications. ↗️
12 @anler/working-with-unix-pr… Examples and source code from the book Working with Unix processes ↗️
12 @niwinz/djorm-ext-pgbytea Django extension for postgresql bytea field and other usefull toos for dealing with binary data.
12 @Obijuan/simplez-fpga Verilog implementation of the educational "Simplez" processor
12 @javierhonduco/pghero pghero python port
12 @anler/django-test-client-e… Extensions to Django's built-in test client.
11 @niwinz/pgbouncer-ng Simple connection pool for postgresql, written in python.
11 @joedicastro/code_eval This is my attempt to solve some problems of this project,, using the python language. The target is to solve as many as I can, and keep the time consumed by each script below 10 seconds.
11 @leplatrem/florun An editor for flow based programming !
10 @vmayoral/basic_reinforcement_… An introduction series to Reinforcement Learning (RL) with comprehensive step-by-step tutorials.
10 @anler/django-blackhole Django application that let's you work in your templates apart from having or not the corresponding views created
10 @jespino/anillo Ring/compojure like nanoframework build on top of werkzoug
10 @leplatrem/folder-theater Generates a fancy Web page from a folder with movies files.
9 @Obijuan/friki Freecad, RobotIcs and KInematics Library
9 @jespino/django-tint Django Transparent Image Neat Transformer (Based on mirumee/django-images)
9 @Obijuan/pyooml Python Object Oriented Mechanics library (OOML). Use python as a mechanical description language
9 @laughedelic/sublime-idris Sublime Text plugin for Idris language. MOVED TO @idris-hackers ↗️
9 @yagop/AGClient UC3M Moodle (AulaGlobal) from console
8 @jespino/django-sr Django settings resolver
8 @maraujop/TracMercurialChanges… Trac plugin that inserts Mercurial repository information into Trac's database, thus integrating Mercurial and Trac to a fuller extend than the default Trac support. It enables ticket search, ticket changelogs, etc. Compatible with TracMercurial plugin ↗️
8 @niwinz/pyssh-ctypes Is a python, object oriented wrapper for libssh build with ctypes. ↗️
8 @niwinz/niwi-web Source code of ↗️
8 @jespino/cpython-very-bad-thi… A set of python script to do very bad things to the cpython interpreter.
7 @jespino/django-rest-framewor… API documentation system for django-rest-framework
7 @javierhonduco/tvvenn Set operations – on twitter.
7 @niwinz/django-ws
7 @niwinz/djorm-ext-pguuid PostgreSQL native uuid field support for Django.
7 @niwinz/django-rawinclude Small module for django that gives the ease of loading templates in raw. This really is useful for embedding javascript templates with sintaxys similar to django.
7 @MarioVilas/cve_wordpress A tool to enumerate CVEs to check based on the WordPress version.
7 @jaimegildesagredo/cormoran A fast and lightweight persistence framework
7 @anler/Rockefeller Library for dealing with money and currency conversion in Python ↗️
6 @fjavieralba/ruleparser Python Rule Parser. Allows to apply rules to tagged text. Results are NLTK Trees
6 @jaimegildesagredo/doublex-expects Doublex-expects is an Expects matchers library for Doublex test doubles assertions. ↗️
6 @jespino/vim-rebtags Vim plugin for rebuild tags files with ctags
5 @jaimegildesagredo/server-expects Serverspec-like Expects matchers library
5 @mayhem/coverart_redirect URL redirect service for the ↗️
5 @piranna/AntiORM SQL-to-function mapping
5 @niwinz/djorm-ext-pggeom PostgreSQL native geometric types and fields extension for Django.
5 @jespino/cdbookmarks Bookmars for Linux Shell
5 @anler/App-Engine-runserver… Safe defaults for working with google's app engine script.
5 @maraujop/django-MultiWidgetLa… An enhanced class based on MultiWidget that lets you easily control the rendering using a layout
4 @MarioVilas/url_shortener_utils Having fun with URL shorteners
4 @MarioVilas/rtsp-fuzzer An RTSP proxy I wrote in 2007, to be used in fuzzers.
4 @vmayoral/bb_altimeter ROS package for the BeagleBone that publishes the altimeter MPL3115A2 values to a Topic
4 @leplatrem/nose-mocha-reporter Nose plugin to mimic default Mocha tests reporter
4 @borillo/unittest-env-skel
4 @niwinz/needlestack Experiment for make more low-level and python3 compatible modular search for Django (like haystack but with other philosophy)
4 @anler/automaton Generator of state machines that accept the same language of a given regular expression using derivatives method.
4 @MarioVilas/network_tools Collection of miscellaneous utilities and libraries written in Python, mostly centered around scripting Web services from Python.
4 @niwinz/django-dbconf Simple helper for store some configuration to database and efficient access to this settings.
3 @fjavieralba/rst_gist rst directive to embed github gist snippets
3 @anler/HTML-Ipsum-Alfred-pl… Dummy text generator plugin for Alfred app.
3 @joedicastro/i8kfans Adjust the fans speed in various Dell laptops (with a nvidia graphics card) to maintain the right temperatures. This affect both fans, the cpu and the gpu fan.
3 @MarioVilas/forensic_tools "Forensic" in this case is just a fancy word for "file parsers". Sounds a hell of a lot better, you know.
3 @MarioVilas/vtrace-mirror Automatically exported from
3 @MarioVilas/shellgen ShellGen - Backed up from
3 @mvader/PyFiMPP Transpiler to python for the pony programming language FiM++. More info:…
3 @jaimegildesagredo/cormoran-rest Example project to show how to build a REST API with Tornado and Cormoran
3 @jaimegildesagredo/tornado-expects Expects matchers for Tornado request and response objects
3 @leplatrem/kinto-telegram-wall Publish on a wall from a Telegram bot ↗️
3 @Obijuan/tutorial-openscad Ejemplos usados en los tutoriales de openscad
3 @javierhonduco/emoji-ml emoji + machine learning = awesomeness
3 @niwinz/django-jsgettext Improvement for a javascript gettext support in Django
3 @javierhonduco/sptfy-tools spotify hacks
3 @niwinz/django-logstream Multiprocess log collector for python/django-logging ↗️
3 @jespino/python-master-key The python master key to open classes
3 @anler/simple-wsgi-applicat…
3 @niwinz/djcities A full database of contry/state/city/timezone for django.
2 @piranna/PirannaFS Modular and extensible general purpose filesystem using a SQLite database to manage metadata. ↗️
2 @anler/mdblog Super simple static-blog generator
2 @abdonrd/appengine-flask-temp… A template for use Flask (a Python microframework) on Google App Engine.
2 @anler/Django-mysql-utils Some tweaks to improve speed in MySQL databases.
2 @joedicastro/Project-Euler This is my attempt to solve some problems of this project,, using the python language. The target is to solve as many as I can, and keep the time consumed by each script below 30 second at a minimum and preferably below 10s.
2 @vmayoral/bb_sharp_ir BeagleBone Shark IR sensors ROS Package
2 @anler/Fancy-Unittest Extension of python's built-in unittest module to colorize test output
2 @leplatrem/django-geojson-field Django GeoJSON fields with Leaflet
2 @Obijuan/RoboDraw Printable small scara robot for drawing
2 @jespino/inkscape-export-laye…
2 @jespino/photoplexor Photo procesing distributed system
2 @mvader/follow_list Follow all users in a twitter list.
2 @jespino/pydstorages Python generic filesystem storage abstraction (Extracted from django)
2 @mvader/tumblrpic Retrieve all the pictures of a tumblr directly from your command line!
2 @jespino/jonathan Simple video server for local networks using web browser as clients
2 @jespino/camtones
2 @jespino/GalaxduS Space Conquest Strategy Game
2 @joedicastro/my-rawdog-planet It is a customized rawdog to create a bilingual planet (Spanish & English) with news feeds in their respective languages. Both languages are updated at the same time.
2 @niwinz/py-s3put Scp like, amazon s3 backup tool. ↗️
2 @jespino/sampledata Sample Data generator for Python ↗️
2 @niwinz/py-geventserver Script for launch any wsgi or django application over gevent wsgi server. ↗️
2 @mayhem/statler-waldorf Grumpy meeting announcer for MusicBrainz.
2 @maraujop/django-registration My personal fork of django-registration 0.8 alpha by James Bennett. Some hacks I've done to it. Read commits if you are curious.
2 @niwinz/bytehold Simple backup tool written in python3, which helps not to repeat scripts.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
84 @oscarperpinan/spacetime-vis Methods to display time series, spatial and space-time data using R ↗️
65 @manlius/muxViz Analysis and Visualization of Interconnected Multilayer Networks ↗️
36 @masalmon/monkeylearn 🐒 R package for text analysis with Monkeylearn 🐒
22 @oscarperpinan/rastervis The raster package defines classes and methods for spatial raster data access and manipulation. The rasterVis package complements raster providing a set of methods for enhanced visualization and interaction. ↗️
18 @oscarperpinan/meteoForecast A package to access outputs from Numerical Weather Prediction models both in raster format and as a time series for a location
15 @rdiaz02/Adios_Mendeley Moving from Mendeley to Zotero
14 @fcharte/ExploraVisualizaconR Análisis exploratorio y visualización de datos con R
11 @pedroj/bipartite_plots R code for plotting bipartite networks.
8 @oscarperpinan/solar Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Systems with R ↗️
8 @Pakillo/template A template for research projects structured as R packages
7 @fcharte/mldr R package for analyzing and manipulating multilabel datasets
6 @BrunoVilela/letsR Package letsR
5 @fcharte/CursoCienciaDatosR Material de las sesiones de R del curso Ciencia de datos del Centro Mediterráneo (UGR)
4 @rdiaz02/varSelRF
4 @rdiaz02/Zotero-to-Referey Convert Zotero db to use Referey
2 @maritrinez/fuertehack
2 @pedroj/FRUBASE This is the page for the FRUBASE database, a huge dataset of fleshy fruit traits compiled from bibliographic references and my own work. Data are provided for more than 1000 plant species from all around the world.
2 @masalmon/usaqmindia Data from the U.S. Embassy and Consulate air quality monitors in India
2 @sestelo/shiny_npregfast A shiny app for the npregfast package


🌟 Name Description 🌍
1730 @scambra/devise_invitable An invitation strategy for devise
652 @jaimeiniesta/metainspector Ruby gem for web scraping purposes. It scrapes a given URL, and returns you its title, meta description, meta keywords, an array with all the links, all the images in it, etc. ↗️
122 @brianstorti/ruby-graph-algorithm… Ruby implementation of some famous graph algorithms
110 @ixti/redmine_tags Redmine plugin, that adds issues tagging support
101 @bigardone/rails_and_react Sample application using Rails 4.2.0 beta and React.js ↗️
56 @jaimeiniesta/rubymotion-nerd Examples from iOS Programming Big Nerd Ranch 3rd ed., implemented in RubyMotion
54 @bomberstudios/sinatra_wiki An ultralight, ultraminimal wiki thing with Markdown
38 @bomberstudios/bliki A small blog + wiki engine built on Sinatra + Stone
37 @jsierles/js_named_routes Rails named routes in javascript
37 @rubiojr/knife-esx @maintux's FORK IS NOW OFFICIAL: ↗️
34 @xuanxu/nimbus Nimbus is a Ruby gem to implement Random Forest algorithms in a genomic selection context ↗️
31 @flype/stats_for_all easy to use, scalable and elegant tracking stats plugin for your rails models
29 @bomberstudios/nanoc_extensions Testing ground for nanoc filters, plugins and commands
26 @jaimeiniesta/planetoid A lightweight planet, without steroids
25 @juanje/cookbook-redmine Chef's Cookbook for installing Redmine
25 @rubiojr/esx @maintux's FORK IS NOW OFFICIAL ↗️
24 @ixti/ Private scratchpad with public access ↗️
22 @flype/LetsDecideUS The new way of voting in mailing lists. ↗️
22 @bomberstudios/coding-designer My stack to design in code, explained ↗️
22 @jsierles/peepcode-chef-recipe… Chef recipes for Chef Peepcode
17 @rubiojr/knife-kvm NO LONGER MAINTAINED - See
16 @dLobatog/Amazon-cloudstock-ha… Implementation of Amazon DynamoDB and S3 push and retrieval of data using Ruby and Rails and the AWS SDK for Ruby. Quite seamless if you know ActiveRecord!
14 @rubiojr/howlingmine-server (NO LONGER MAINTAINED) Redmine plugin providing an HTTP interface to the Redmine issues
14 @jaimeiniesta/rubymotion-todo A simple to-do list for the iPhone built with RubyMotion
13 @ixti/bootstrap.scss SASS port of Twitter's Bootstrap CSS toolkit.
13 @rubiojr/chef-knives Chef addons to become a cooking master! ↗️
13 @rubiojr/pangea (NO LONGER MAINTAINED, use fog/xenserver provider) Xen API Ruby Implementation ↗️
13 @brianstorti/rubygems_plugin_gene… A RubyGems plugin to generate RubyGems plugins
12 @rubiojr/boxgrinder-ubuntu-pl…
12 @pantulis/devise-omniauth-only… Example project - authenticates only with Twitter via Omniauth on Devise
12 @rubiojr/airvideo-server-ui AirVideo Server for Linux User Interface ↗️
11 @pantulis/whoisbigger A concoction mixing Sinatra with Yahoo Finance API ↗️
10 @bomberstudios/psd-extract-font-inf… A quick Ruby script to extract font information from PSD files
10 @pantulis/tacoma Simple wrapper for AWS credential key management
10 @saimonmoore/dm-counter-cache DataMapper::CounterCacheable allows you to transparently maintain counts on a collection association for a DataMapper::Resource object. ↗️
9 @xuanxu/telegraph Ruby gem to read and write Morse code
9 @rgo/foreign_key_migratio… Plugin that automatically generates foreign keys when creating tables
8 @rubiojr/Everton Thin wrapper around Evernote Ruby API (
8 @rubiojr/cifrado OpenStack Swift client CLI with encryption support ↗️
8 @brianstorti/vagalume Read song's lyrics without leaving your beloved terminal
8 @saimonmoore/backgroundjob Backgroundjob fork ↗️
8 @rubiojr/homebrew-linux-formu… Hombrew Linux Formulas
7 @josepjaume/dexter Dexter is a command line file organizer for your TV series
7 @scambra/dependent_protect Adds dependent protect option to rails associations
7 @rubiojr/elfari Abiquo IRC Bot
7 @antonio/docnmock Document and mock your APIs
6 @albertoperdomo/webchat Documentation and samples on webchat platforms
6 @rgo/dtc Desenchufa tu casa
6 @bomberstudios/rack-footnotes Rack middleware to insert text comments into pages. First created to be used with jlong's serve, but should work with pretty much every rack app
6 @rafadc/rhythmic A command line interactive rhythm machine for Ruby
6 @rubiojr/git-annex-watcher Git Annex Status Icon/AppIndicator
6 @apardo/sahara Aplicación para el envio de mensajes a europarlamentarios ↗️
6 @fuzzyalej/thinking-sphinx-rspe… Shoulda matchers for Thinking Sphinx
5 @juanje/chef-testing Example of how to write Chef recipes by testing first. My personal examples and notes of the process.
5 @albertoperdomo/amqp_examples Examples in Ruby/Rails using AMQP/Bunny/Warren + some documentation
5 @bomberstudios/serve-livereload A barebones @jlong/serve project including support for LiveReload (via rack-liverload and guard-livereload, so no browser extensions needed!)
5 @saimonmoore/merb-sample-app-on-p… Just a very simple merb app with everything bundled running on passenger
5 @pantulis/planet-chumbo A small, no frills RSS feed aggregator for ↗️
5 @rubiojr/ohai-plugins Custom ohai plugins
5 @rgo/capistrano-generic-t…
4 @rubiojr/chef-rpms-builder Chef RPMS build script
4 @bomberstudios/fluby A simple command to create an empty ActionScript project for MTASC + SWFMILL + Rake
4 @juanje/mortero Place for testing LWRP for Chef
4 @juanje/cookbook-buildbot Install a master and slave Buildbot with the default configuration with Chef
4 @rubiojr/knife-playground Playground for various Opscode Chef Knife plugins
4 @ixti/gnucash-invoice Easy to use invoice printer for GnuCash.
4 @ixti/blog Private scratchpad with public access
4 @scambra/active_scaffold_depe… ActiveScaffold Bridge for dependent protect. Forbid destroy action when an association with dependent protect is not empty
4 @rubiojr/bottles Turn Your Web Apps into Real Linux Apps :)
4 @rubiojr/boxgrinder-esx-deliv…
4 @rubiojr/filefm Dead simple file uploads and downloads, with progressbar!
4 @rubiojr/knife-brightbox Opscode Chef knife plug-in for Brightbox Cloud
4 @xuanxu/random_sources Ruby gem to generate random numbers from web providers of real randomness sources like radioactive decay or atmospheric noise. ↗️
4 @bomberstudios/rack-smusher Rack middleware to smush images
4 @rubiojr/yumrepo Library to work with YUM repositories
4 @flype/merb_markaby the merb_markaby fork
4 @saimonmoore/skynet Fork of skynet ↗️
3 @rubiojr/swift-solo Chef Cookbooks to install an OpenStack Swift cluster using knife-solo
3 @rubiojr/webee Abiquo API ruby client ↗️
3 @rubiojr/iorb CLI interface ↗️
3 @rubiojr/knocked Satec Gestion DNS command line interface
3 @rubiojr/veewee-profiles Unofficial Veewee Profiles
3 @bomberstudios/poster An anonymous image hosting service, with a companion Fireworks plugin to upload images.
3 @rubiojr/howlingmine-client (NO LONGER MAINTAINED) Howling Mine client library (See…
3 @coromoto/PruebasUnitarias Pruebas Unitarias
3 @juanje/rcalc A simple command line calculator
3 @Foxandxss/ Foxandxss' home page
3 @jsierles/kayak Kayak, a sample Rails app for testing Chef recipes
3 @rubiojr/multidisk-boxgrinder…
3 @flype/football-table football table score keeper
3 @brianstorti/gem-readme Your gems' README, right in your terminal, because life is too short to be wasted in a browser.
3 @flype/chef_solo_railsrumbl… Setup an Ubuntu VPS for RailsRumble ↗️
3 @rubiojr/prowlme Prowl Sinatra App ↗️
3 @rafadc/empty_ruby A sample empty project file for Ruby
2 @flype/la-coctelera-paginat… Optimal pagination with WillPaginate ↗️
2 @dLobatog/RRPDF PDF Renderer for Ruby on Rails 3+
2 @dLobatog/FFMail Ever wanted to send email directly from a form in Rails? Now you can, with validations, etc..
2 @oriolgual/ruby-metaprogramming Exercises for the Ruby Metaprogramming course ↗️
2 @oriolgual/ Silvia Bruja's web ↗️
2 @dLobatog/Depot A quick example on how to build a RoR online shop
2 @scambra/tuenti A non-official Ruby API for Tuenti
2 @scambra/wiki_engine Unobtrusive wiki that can be easily integrated into existing application
2 @micho/devsurfing Host developers, travel to other people's offices
2 @pantulis/rubytut Tutorial de Ruby
2 @ixti/slocstar SLOC stats generator. ↗️
2 @demimismo/maloshumos Visualizing air quality for fun ↗️
2 @ixti/viberator ViberPC chat logs dumper
2 @saimonmoore/webby-website test
2 @pantulis/presentator
2 @dLobatog/SQLTemplater Store your templates in a SQL database and get them automatically cached
2 @albertoperdomo/formtastic_addons_te… This is just a sample Rails 3 app to try out the different formtastic addons out there to see how they they work (and if they workproperly) ↗️
2 @rgo/juggernaut-sample Little rails application to demostrate how works juggernaut as irc server
2 @jaimeiniesta/ website ↗️
2 @apardo/smspatio SMS para movimientos sociales
2 @saimonmoore/caleidoscope A small shoes application for my daughter ↗️
2 @jsierles/asterisk-cookbook A Chef cookbook for creating an Asterisk server
2 @rubiojr/diskid
2 @micho/json-pusher Bridge from JS to Pusherapp, to broadcast JSON payloads to and from JS


🌟 Name Description 🌍
9 @algd/oauth2.0-scala OAuth 2.0 authorization provider implementation for Akka-http
6 @JSantosP/lolcode-dsl Activator template for Lolcode DSL. This activator aims to use Scala as a powerfull tool for embedding domain specific languages.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
40 @aplatanado/yakuake-session A script to create new yakuake sessions from command-line or '.desktop' files. It allows yakuake to be a better replacement of konsole.
11 @jorgemoralespou/docker-jboss-eap Docker images for JBoss EAP
9 @jorgemoralespou/jboss-virtual-enviro… Vagrant machines for working with JBoss products
6 @padajuan/ansible-demo Ansible/Ansible-Tower Demostration with HAproxy as LB and Jboss AS7
6 @fermayo/ssh-tunnel-daemon Forwards ports to remote hosts using SSH tunnels
5 @aplatanado/FuseISOMenu FuseISOMenu is a simple front-end menu to "fuseiso", which must also be installed. It allows regular non-root users to easily mount and unmount CD/DVD ISO images of various formats. Currently supports plain ISO9660 Level 1 and 2, Rock Ridge, Joliet, zisofs. Supported image types: ISO, BIN (single track only), NRG, MDF, IMG (CCD). This is my own version of the script uploaded to… by Jason Farrell
4 @sjmudd/postfix-rpm Postfix RPMs for RedHat and Fedora distributions ↗️
4 @jorgemoralespou/nexus-ose OSS Sonatype Nexus 2 running on OSE3
4 @jorgemoralespou/docker-slides Various presentations around Docker
4 @psicobyte/rankingfaker Script para ascender maliciosamente en el ranking de github
3 @sjmudd/webscalesql-rpm RPM build script for WebScaleSQL
2 @imobilis/swadInstall Setup scripts for e-Learning platform OpenSWAD ↗️
2 @marioblas/dotfiles 💻 My macOS dotfiles
2 @jorgemoralespou/docker-jboss-modclus… Dcoker image for JBoss modcluster


🌟 Name Description 🌍
19 @robertofrontado/RxSocialConnect-iOS OAuth RxSwift extension for iOS.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
2 @oxcar103/Benchmark-103 Práctica sobre Benchmark de Ingeniería de Servidores(IS)

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