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    A list of neat projects made in Netherlands



    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    6969 @ejci/favico.js Make use of your favicon with badges, images or videos ↗️
    2599 @PixelsCommander/HTML-GL Get as many FPS as you need and amazing effects by rendering HTML/CSS in WebGL
    2423 @PaulUithol/Backbone-relational Get and set relations (one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one) for Backbone models ↗️
    1470 @mikedeboer/node-github node library to access the GitHub API ↗️
    1222 @IonDen/ion.rangeSlider jQuery only range slider ↗️
    1047 @dyve/django-bootstrap-too… Bootstrap support for Django projects
    864 @watilde/beeplay Write A Song In JavaScript ↗️
    861 @3rd-Eden/memcached A fully featured Memcached client build on top of Node.js. Build with scaling in mind so it will support Memcached clusters and consistent hashing.
    841 @caiogondim/bullet-train-oh-my-z… 🚄 An oh-my-zsh shell theme based on the Powerline Vim plugin
    703 @Gaya/queryloader2 Version of the QueryLoader by Gaya Kessler. Preload images with ease. ↗️
    679 @NielsLeenheer/html5test How well does your browser support HTML5? ↗️
    674 @caiogondim/logdown.js 📓 Debug utility with markdown support that runs on browser and server ↗️
    569 @EddyVerbruggen/Custom-URL-scheme 🔗 Launch your Cordova/PhoneGap app by a Custom URL scheme like mycoolapp://
    568 @mikedeboer/jsDAV jsDAV allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a NodeJS application. jsDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API. ↗️
    532 @IonDen/ion.sound JavaScript plugin for playing sounds and music in browsers ↗️
    507 @PaulUithol/backbone-tastypie A small compatibility layer to make backbone.js and django-tastypie work together happily.
    495 @josdirksen/learning-threejs Code repository for the examples from the Packt book "Learning Threejs"
    489 @bard/mozrepl Remotely control Firefox and other Mozilla apps with JavaScript. [Orphaned. Looking for maintainers!] ↗️
    480 @PixelsCommander/ReactiveElements Allows to use React.js component as HTML element (web component)
    455 @3rd-Eden/useragent Useragent parser for Node.js, ported from
    434 @caiogondim/fast-memoize.js 🐰 Fastest possible memoization library
    430 @IjzerenHein/autolayout.js Apple's Auto Layout and Visual Format Language for javascript (using cassowary constraints)
    419 @hay/stapes the Javascript MVC microframework that does just enough ↗️
    416 @dyve/jquery-autocomplete The original jQuery autocompleter. Does not need any other plugins. Supports local and remote data sets, plain text and JSON data, various options and callback hooks.
    317 @ktmud/doubanj 豆瓣个人收藏数据可视化 ↗️
    271 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex Animatable layouts, FlexScrollView & widgets for
    259 @Rob--W/cors-anywhere CORS Anywhere is a NodeJS reverse proxy which adds CORS headers to the proxied request.
    238 @caiogondim/blooming-menu.js 🌸 AwesomeMenu made with CSS ↗️
    235 @Kilian/fromscratch Autosaving Scratchpad. A simple but smart note-taking app ↗️
    219 @FokkeZB/UTiL Collection of utility scripts for Titanium (Alloy).
    212 @3rd-Eden/node-hashring hashring is a consistent hashing algorithm for Node.js that is compatible with libketama and python's hash_ring package
    205 @3rd-Eden/versions Versions, A small module for creating a flexible CDN application
    198 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.pullToRef… Widget to implement a table pull-to-refresh header in Titanium Alloy
    188 @PixelsCommander/Propeller JavaScript library to rotate elements with mouse or touch gestures. Supports inertia and stepwise rotation. Optimized for better performance. ↗️
    169 @PixelsCommander/FlashJS JavaScript graphics and games engine with API familiar to Flash one. Just look to examples sources. ↗️
    140 @EddyVerbruggen/cordova-plugin-actio… 📋 ActionSheet plugin for Cordova iOS and Android apps
    135 @bitbonsai/facyBox A jQuery-based, Facebook/Fancybox-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages. Based on and ↗️
    129 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.infiniteS… Alloy widget for infinitive scrolling TableViews and ListViews
    126 @Overv/WebCraft Minecraft clone written in Javascript.
    124 @arian/CoverJS Instrument JavaScript to determine the testing coverage
    114 @EddyVerbruggen/Insomnia-PhoneGap-Pl… 😪 Prevent the screen of the mobile device from falling asleep
    113 @Rob--W/crxviewer Chromium extension to view the source code of other Chrome / Opera 15 extensions.
    108 @josdirksen/smartjava Examples for various projects on smartjava
    100 @IjzerenHein/famous-map Map integration for (Google Maps, Leaflet, Open Layers 3 & Mapbox GL)
    95 @PixelsCommander/Download-File-JS Intelligent JavaScript solution for file downloading. ↗️
    94 @EddyVerbruggen/SSLCertificateChecke… 🛂 Prevent Man in the Middle attacks with this Cordova plugin
    94 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.loading The widget provides a simple loading mask that can be easily styled and configured.
    92 @jtangelder/grunt-stripmq Generate a fallback from your mobile-first stylesheet
    84 @arian/partition-bundle A browserify plugin to partition your modules in different bundles
    83 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.drawer An Alloy widget wrapping the NappDrawer module for Facebook-like sliding side menus.
    83 @josdirksen/threejs-cookbook Examples for the Three.js Cookbook book published by packt ↗️
    79 @3rd-Eden/licensing Discover the license footprint of your application
    70 @IonDen/ion.tabs jQuery tabs plugin ↗️
    69 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.button Replacement for Ti.UI.Button with better support for styling and icons
    69 @bitbonsai/cssi CSS Selector Scene Investigation. Analyses a git codebase for unused CSS selectors in a file, dir or url
    68 @IonDen/ion.calendar Calendar and Datepicker jQuery plugin ↗️
    67 @FokkeZB/J2M Convert from JIRA text formatting to GitHub Flavored MarkDown and back again
    65 @FokkeZB/TiCons-CLI Command-Line version of TiCons for generating icons and splash screens for Titanium & Alloy projects.
    64 @3rd-Eden/jackpot Jackpot, tcp connection pooling for Node.js
    61 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-plugin-… 🔥 NativeScript plugin for Firebase, the leading realtime JSON ☁️ app platform
    61 @ejci/Google-Auth-for-Tita… Google Auth for Titanium
    60 @watilde/chest The easy metafile manager ↗️
    58 @IonDen/ion.checkRadio jQuery plugin for styling checkboxes and radio-buttons
    57 @FokkeZB/ti-html2as HTML 2 AttributedString converter for Titanium
    55 @bard/sameplace Mozilla-based instant messaging client ↗️
    54 @josdirksen/essential-threejs
    54 @ejci/nepi-jano Nepi Jano! Google Chrome, Firefox & Safari extension
    53 @ejci/Chrome-Audio-EQ Audio EQ for Chrome
    52 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.cachedIma… Alloy version of the best practice to cache remote images locally.
    51 @arian/pngjs Pure JavaScript PNG decoder
    51 @FokkeZB/Tracker Tracker 4 Compassion ↗️
    50 @Overv/JSGL A software implementation of OpenGL 1.1 for Javascript.
    49 @FokkeZB/tn Appcelerator & Titanium CLI wrapper to save you keystrokes. ↗️
    48 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-chat Chat-demo for using true-size chat bubbles, snap to bottom, sticky headers & pull-to-refresh
    48 @arian/mootools-form-upload Upload your multiple files with HTML5 Drag and Drop, XMLHttpRequest with graceful degradation
    47 @jtangelder/react-flux-backbone React with the Flux architecture, combined with the power of Backbones collections and models.
    47 @IjzerenHein/famous-autolayout Apple's Auto Layout and Visual Format language for
    47 @Rob--W/Chrome-Extension-Rel… Adds a button which reloads a selected Google Chrome extension on click. ↗️
    46 @mikedeboer/trie My take on an efficient implementation of a Trie in Javascript ↗️
    45 @PixelsCommander/OnlineJS Reliable, fast and easy to use library to check your internet connection status ↗️
    45 @watilde/emoji-cli Emoji searcher ↗️
    45 @3rd-Eden/npmjs An alternative npm registry client that I like.
    43 @Rob--W/chrome-api Polyfills, libraries and patches to aid Chrome extension developers.
    42 @watilde/qrep 🔎 grep meets querySelectorAll ↗️
    41 @caiogondim/js-konami-code-event Konami code event for your HTML5 web app/page ↗️
    41 @arian/CSSMatrix CSSMatrix polyfill ↗️
    39 @FokkeZB/Tutorial Titanium Alloy Tutorial
    39 @arian/cubic-bezier A small cubic bézier timing function
    36 @ktmud/huggle hugo + gulp ↗️
    36 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.form Alloy TableView Form Widget
    35 @3rd-Eden/FlashPolicyFileServe… A simple Flash Policy File Server for node ↗️
    33 @watilde/npmbrew :shipit: a npm version manager ↗️
    32 @ejci/OCRMeter Digits parsing mobile solution for getting numbers from gas, electricity (...) meters based on Titanium Appcelerator, node.js, tesseract-ocr and imagemagick.
    32 @ktmud/kwiki_tpl kwiki_tpl ↗️
    31 @IjzerenHein/visualformat-editor Editor & previewer for Apple's Visual Format Language (built with autolayout.js)
    30 @arian/Array.Math Add all kind of mathematical methods to the Array Native ↗️
    30 @mikedeboer/mariokart Multiplayer version of Mario Kart!
    29 @watilde/jsss-compiler A altCSS: JavaScript-Based Style Sheets Preprocessor ↗️
    29 @PixelsCommander/CanvasImage Converts image to canvas with same look. Useful for memory optimization in case of responsive image usage. Also is good for solving PhoneGap Android anti aliasing issue.
    28 @IonDen/ion.zoom Image zoom lightbox jQuery plugin ↗️
    27 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-datepick… Date/time picker demo for
    27 @ktmud/owa-chrome An extension for access OWA in Chrome. ↗️
    26 @IjzerenHein/famous-animatedIcon Material design'ish button-animation using
    26 @arian/MooDialog MooDialog is a MooTools plugin to replace the native alert(), confirm() and promt() javascript functions by more stylish ones. You can use it also for other DOM elements, create an IFrame dialog or even create an Ajax Dialog. ↗️
    26 @Rob--W/stackexchange-notifi… Realtime desktop notifications for Stack Exchange sites.
    26 @IjzerenHein/famous-boxlayout Layout-view for quickly setting margins or creating flexible layouts
    25 @arian/amd-packager-php An CommonJS AMD Packager in PHP
    25 @3rd-Eden/cluster.exception Exception handler for cluster ↗️
    23 @PixelsCommander/ViralJS Express.JS middleware to enable P2P distribution for your app. Your decentralized CDN made easy.
    23 @hay/wiki-tools Code for my Wikimedia Labs Tools account ↗️
    23 @arian/Complex Calculations with Complex Numbers in JavaScript
    23 @3rd-Eden/load Load JavaScript files that do not use the bloat module patterns
    23 @mikedeboer/mariokart-bare Multiplayer MarioKart to fork and extend
    22 @ktmud/wechat-api Nodejs Wechat Official Account advanced API sdk
    22 @bard/xmpp4moz ↗️
    22 @Rob--W/browser-action-jplib Jetpack module to add a Browser action badge to the toolbar, using the chrome.browserAction syntax from Chromium
    21 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-tabbar TabBar widget demo for
    21 @IjzerenHein/famous-sizeconstrain… SizeConstraint makes it possible to set the scale, padding, max-size, min-size and aspect-ratio for renderables
    20 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-tabbarco… TabBarController widget demo for
    20 @IjzerenHein/famous-lagometer Lagometer for showing the FPS, animation-frames times and script times
    20 @FokkeZB/gittio Search & Install all Titanium Modules and Alloy Widgets on GitHub ↗️
    20 @jtangelder/frame-events Run event handlers in the animation frame, to prevent flooding and better performance.
    19 @Overv/TheWitnessSolver Solver for The Witness puzzles
    19 @mikedeboer/soundcloud-player Control Soundcloud from your toolbar, with ease.
    19 @Gaya/jQuery--Keep-the-Rhy… Keep a nice vertical rhythm with elements that don't have one.
    19 @IjzerenHein/famous-bkimagesurfac… Drop-in replacement for ImageSurface supporting AspectFit & AspectFill
    18 @ktmud/koa-spa pushState friendly static file server, with koa
    18 @Kilian/gridBuilder.js a jQuery plugin that draws a grid as a background ↗️
    18 @IjzerenHein/famous-listview famous-listview extends ScrollContainer with insert/remove animations, selection (single/multiple) and support for a placeholder.
    17 @PixelsCommander/requestIdleCallback-… Polyfill for request idle callback. Determines is user interacting with document and fires when it is not or after interaction is finished.
    17 @IjzerenHein/famous-white-tile-fi… Popular white tile (piano tiles) game implemention using and firebase
    17 @watilde/tvm TypeScript Version Manager ↗️
    17 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.tweetsVie… Alloy widget for a in-app twitter-like experience
    17 @3rd-Eden/canihaz canihaz, lazy installing node.js modules
    17 @Rob--W/toolbarwidget-jplib Jetpack module to place widgets from the Firefox Add-on SDK on any toolbar
    17 @3rd-Eden/fs.notify File change notification that doesn't suck hairy monkey balls and just works.
    17 @rdougan/barebones-phonegap A Sencha Touch 2 example application which is wrapped in a PhoneGap Xcode project. ↗️
    17 @IjzerenHein/famous-kenburnsconta… view for performing ken-burns style zooming and panning
    16 @3rd-Eden/licenses Retrieve accurate license information for a given npm package.
    16 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-mapbox 🌐 🗽 🗼 🗻 Native OpenGL powered Maps, by Mapbox
    16 @bard/seethrough_js E4X-based template engine
    16 @josdirksen/next-build-consul
    16 @mikedeboer/node-ssh Pure Javascript implementation of SSH1, SSH2 and SFTP in Node.js ↗️
    15 @IjzerenHein/famous-refresh-loade… Spinning pull to refresh loader for
    15 @bard/mozunit
    15 @3rd-Eden/kuler Color your terminal using CSS/hex color codes
    15 @3rd-Eden/expirable Expirable cache for node.js, FUCKING AWESOME YO!
    15 @ktmud/autostatic Automatically manage static file versions for Express/ NodeJS
    14 @ktmud/grunt-hashmap hash mapping for static files.
    14 @Rob--W/https-by-default Use HTTPS by default for navigations from the location bar in Chrome / Firefox.
    14 @IjzerenHein/famous-autosizetexta… Auto-sizing TextareaSurface for
    14 @FokkeZB/ti-64 Check all Appcelerator Titanium project and/or global modules for 64-bit iOS support. ↗️
    14 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.toast Another toast message widget for Titanium Alloy
    14 @3rd-Eden/mana Mana allows api-oriented clients greater stability and high availability in demanding distributed battles and boss fights.
    13 @FokkeZB/ti-i18n CLI to manage internationalizing your Titanium app
    13 @Kilian/gedit-jshint a JSHint plugin for gedit
    13 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-admob NativeScript plugin to earn some precious 💰💰 with ads by Google AdMob
    13 @ktmud/koa-wechat Wechat API middlewares for koajs
    13 @arian/LISP.js Parse and run LISP code in JavaScript
    13 @3rd-Eden/nodejsconfit-2011 Demo's from nodejsconf 2011 ↗️
    13 @arian/classy Brings the MooTools 1.x Class sugar to Prime
    13 @jtangelder/backbone-vdom Virtual-dom Backbone Views
    13 @jtangelder/faketouches.js Library to send fake touchevents. Used for testing Hammer.js
    12 @bard/mozlab ↗️
    12 @jtangelder/template-html-loader Parse templates to html loader for webpack
    12 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-bluetoo… 💙 NativeScript Bluetooth LE plugin
    12 @PixelsCommander/Mobile-Transitions High performance JavaScript library to emulate native mobile transitions. Designed to be as easy to use as possible. Just look to example.
    12 @FokkeZB/cTSS-ARCHIVED Convert CSS to Titanium TSS
    12 @FokkeZB/tickets Retrieves the state of JIRA tickets refered to in your code.
    11 @Kilian/gedit-jslint JSLint plugin for Gedit, runs the JSLint javascript verifier
    11 @rdougan/cocktails-app A simple cocktails application written with Sencha Touch 2 ↗️
    11 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-touchid 💅 Forget passwords, use a fingerprint scanner!
    11 @jtangelder/remote.js Use your touchdevice as input for your desktop browser. ↗️
    11 @ktmud/loudlaw 大声看法网站源码 ↗️
    11 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.browserVi… Alloy widget for a browserview
    10 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-demo Demo for showcasing famous-flex layout technology
    10 @mikedeboer/chromeless2 Build desktop applications with web technologies, redux.
    10 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.viewpager An Alloy widget wrapping the ViewPager module for Google Play like scrolling tabs.
    10 @arian/prime-util Utilities for MooTools Prime
    10 @arian/iFrameFormRequest iFrameFormRequest is a MooTools plug-in that can upload files the Ajax way
    9 @PixelsCommander/React-GL Render React components in WebGL for 60 FPS animations
    9 @Rob--W/display-anchors Display #Anchors offers an easy way to see all (invisible) anchors in a page, to make it easier to link to a specific part of a webpage.
    9 @ktmud/istatic Inline compressed javascript and css for Express on node.js.
    9 @3rd-Eden/renderme Render README files that people use on Github
    9 @FokkeZB/ti-stealth Remove console logging from your Titanium apps.
    9 @FokkeZB/appc-npm Package components for Appcelerator Titanium, Alloy and Arrow projects for distribution via NPM. ↗️
    8 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-ocr 📰 Tesseract-powered OCR plugin for NativeScript
    8 @3rd-Eden/shrinkwrap npm shrinkwrap parsing, generation and comparison
    8 @hay/fronteers HTML5 presentation of the 2010 fronteers conference
    8 @EddyVerbruggen/NativePageTransition… Demo App for Ionic framwork apps with the Native Page Transitions plugin
    8 @watilde/css-filter.js A js wrapper of CSS Filter. ↗️
    8 @watilde/fly-less Fly plugin for Less ↗️
    8 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-clipboa… 📋 NativeScript plugin to copy stuff to the device clipboard, and read from it again
    8 @ejci/HTML5-Photo-Finish HTML5 proof of concept of "Photo finish" web cam.
    8 @3rd-Eden/fingerprinting Produce a unique string for any given resource, commonly used in cache busting practices.
    7 @Gaya/gaya-ninja-blog Public repository of Gaya Ninja Blog ↗️
    7 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-animatio… Animating from one view to another in awesome ways
    7 @IjzerenHein/famous-flex-tablelay… iOS inspired table-layout for
    7 @PixelsCommander/polymer-native Develop completely native mobile apps with Web Components
    7 @Rob--W/grab-to-pan.js A slim library to pan scrollable containers on grab with the mouse.
    7 @Rob--W/canvas-interceptor A tool to automatically create test cases to aid debugging
    7 @ejci/Ulam-spiral Javascript implementation of "Ulam spiral".
    7 @NielsLeenheer/MediatankController Control your NMT from your iPhone or computer ↗️
    7 @dyve/bootmap Generate static, dynamic and editable maps from semantic HTML. Supports editable overlays (WKT and geoJSON) from textarea and input elements. ↗️
    6 @3rd-Eden/node-bisection Bisection algorithm for node.js ↗️
    6 @arian/elements-util Utilities for elements
    6 @arian/MooDropMenu MooDropMenu provides a simple Drop Down menu with infinit levels for MooTools ↗️
    6 @FokkeZB/css-layout-ti Facebook's CSS-layout for Titanium
    6 @ejci/Chrome-DOM-Observer DOM Observer - Chrome developer tools extension
    6 @rdougan/extjs-scrabble Scrabble built in ExtJS
    6 @zigolis/Backbone4Dummies
    6 @watilde/abeck ABC music notation wrapper ↗️
    6 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-appvers… 🔢 NativeScript plugin to retrieve the current version of the app
    6 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-calenda… 📅 NativeScript plugin to Create, Delete and Find Events in the native Calendar
    6 @IjzerenHein/famous-white-tile Popular white tile (piano tiles) game implemention using
    6 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-plugin-… Demo app for the NativeScript Firebase plugin
    6 @arian/mootools-ui-runner A Testrunner for MooTools More in PHP
    6 @IjzerenHein/famous-autofontsizes… Surface that automatically scales the font-size based on the content.
    5 @mikedeboer/ForceRTL Force a LTR locale to behave as if it was a RTL locale.
    5 @pjvds/Later A Read It Later extension for Chrome
    5 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-bluetoo…
    5 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-appavai… 🔎 NativeScript plugin to check whether or not another app is installed on the device
    5 @3rd-Eden/node-algorithms A series of algorithms ported to JavaScript to be used on Node.js
    5 @zigolis/backbone-tic-tac-toe A Tic-Tac-Toe game developed with JavaScript and BackboneJS
    5 @3rd-Eden/senpai Notice me senpai! A graceful degrading notification system for browsers.
    5 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.label The widget provides a replacement for to support text shadows on Android & BlackBerry.
    5 @FokkeZB/Alloy-Theming-Widget… Workaround for theming widgets
    5 @FokkeZB/DMC13-Alloy Alloy example for Dutch Mobile Conference 2013
    5 @caiogondim/quickreturn.js :squirrel: QuickReturn Android pattern to the web
    5 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-email ✉️ NativeScript Email plugin, for composing and sending drafts
    5 @3rd-Eden/memcached-stream High performance streaming memcached protocol parser for Node.js. Code name: flaming-octo-bear
    5 @pjvds/Pomodo HTML5 experiment ↗️
    5 @watilde/cerium a cli for chrome extension
    5 @ejci/iZettle-for-Titanium iZettle for Titanium
    5 @IjzerenHein/rtfToHtml Parse RTF and write output as an HTML file
    5 @3rd-Eden/failover cluster-fuck management
    5 @IjzerenHein/famous-Starterkit Starterkit for (app + web) containing examples, instructions & best practises
    5 @3rd-Eden/ansidown Convert a subset of markdown do a somewhat ANSI compatible output
    5 @bard/xmppdev
    5 @EddyVerbruggen/X-Services-PhoneGap-… A demo repo for all of our PhoneGap Build plugins
    5 @FokkeZB/nl.fokkezb.html2as.w… Widget wrapping the HTML 2 Attributed String module, providing cross-platform HTML attribute for labels.
    4 @IjzerenHein/famous-resizableImag… Resizable image for
    4 @3rd-Eden/woohoo WooHoo is Celebration as a Service.
    4 @3rd-Eden/Spry-Configurator Spry files configurator and combinator. Version 2.0 is currently running on
    4 @3rd-Eden/commenting Wrap content in a comment that is valid for a given file type.
    4 @arian/MilkyTester Simultaneous browser tester with Node.js, and Jasmine
    4 @PixelsCommander/Telekinesis-JS JavaScript multiplayer game engine. Using Node.JS for server and any graphic library for client-side.
    4 @3rd-Eden/uni uni[versal] command line
    4 @caiogondim/resilient.js Resilient JS loader
    4 @caiogondim/js-debounce-throttle… A visual explanation about the Throttle and Debounce design patterns ↗️
    4 @ktmud/yaml-i18n-brunch Use yaml to edit i18n translations for you brunch project.
    4 @watilde/beeplayer Share your JavaScript songs
    4 @zigolis/backbone-hello-mundo… Talks and presentations about Hello REST world with BackboneJS
    4 @watilde/good-bug-report 💌 Better way for large projects to report issue on GitHub ↗️
    4 @pjvds/Movr Devnology Node.js hackington
    4 @ktmud/david A simple CMS using flask, SQLAlchemy, stylus..
    4 @arian/Element.Delegation This is a simple MooTools Plugin for Event Delegation, now I would suggest the MooTools More 1.3 Delegation though
    4 @hay/mandelbrot Mandelbrot set using HTML5 tech ↗️
    3 @watilde/node-ymzkmct A npm for ymzkmct
    3 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-local-n… Demo app for the NativeScript local notifications plugin
    3 @HansPinckaers/mb.js Multiple Backgrounds drawn via the canvas-element ↗️
    3 @arian/Fx.Dynamic
    3 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-insomni… 😪 NativeScript plugin to keep the device awake (not dim the screen, lock, etc)
    3 @arian/Supersonic A small and supersonic flow-controll library for Node.js
    3 @rdougan/Enable-AutoComplete-… Enables autocomplete on all forms so Safari will save passwords for all websites. ↗️
    3 @ktmud/cacheable python decorator like cache management in nodejs
    3 @ktmud/koa-passport-fw Passport Authenticator framework for koajs.
    3 @Rob--W/unpackjs Reverse browserify: unpackjs is a tool to split a single file in multiple files
    3 @caiogondim/ken-burns-slideshow 🎇 A slideshow in JS with the Ken Burns effect. ↗️
    3 @Rob--W/testing-chrome.webst… Sample code for testing chrome.webstore.install without dialogs.
    3 @rdougan/CleanerFacebook A Safari extension which allows you to easily hide parts of the Facebook website for a more pleasant and simplified experience.
    3 @Kilian/greenergy UXD assignment for CMD - datavisualisation prototyping
    3 @ejci/favico.js-server Favico.js fallback server
    3 @mikedeboer/node-mediascan Audio and video file scanner that lists their metadata to be used by other software ↗️
    3 @Gaya/… Integrate's radio functionality into Spotify.
    3 @Gaya/svg-inliner Creates inline HTML from an external SVG (sprite) in an tag
    3 @watilde/gistjs npm ❤️ gist ↗️
    3 @zigolis/hello-phaser-io Code of Hello, developing games with javascript
    3 @watilde/rpull Recursive git pull with node
    3 @hay/backuptweets Back up your Twitter tweets with Node.js without oAuth
    3 @watilde/karma-power-assert A Karma plugin. Adapter for power-assert assertion library. ↗️
    3 @hay/catalytics Chrome extension that replaces people on the Google Analytics homepage with surly looking cats.
    3 @watilde/parse-error Parse error object in Node
    3 @hay/hay Hay's tools and tests ↗️
    3 @watilde/grunt-require-config Keep Gruntfile simple, stupid. ↗️
    3 @watilde/grunt-tvm-tsc Compile TypeScript files to JavaScript with tvm ↗️
    3 @arian/elements-ui ui components for elements.
    3 @IjzerenHein/famous-sizemodifier Deprecated - Use famous-sizeconstraint instead
    2 @zigolis/backbone-require A simple example using Backbone and RequireJS
    2 @watilde/first-starred-reposi… Everybody has to start somewhere. Find and share any #FirstStarredRepository. ↗️
    2 @caiogondim/webpix Um experimento HTML5 com câmera, canvas e download sem back-end ↗️
    2 @caiogondim/jquery-first-event 🏆 Execute your event listener callback before others
    2 @watilde/gulp-tvm-tsc Compile TypeScript files to JavaScript with TypeScript Version Manager. ↗️
    2 @watilde/i18npm npm friendly translation module ↗️
    2 @watilde/happy-birthday to you! ↗️
    2 @watilde/gulp-curl
    2 @arian/MooResize MooResize is a MooTools plugin to resize images and other elements in an easy way ↗️
    2 @rdougan/SABnzbd-ExtJS-templa…
    2 @ejci/iStitch-App Picture to cross stitch converter (
    2 @rdougan/ Website for our Norway trip ↗️
    2 @bitbonsai/waitill a jQuery plugin to execute code before the DOM is ready...
    2 @rdougan/ My personal website ↗️
    2 @watilde/jsoo-bin Binary wrapper for js_of_ocaml ↗️
    2 @Kilian/jQuery.textshadow jQuery textshadow plugin for internet explorer ↗️
    2 @HansPinckaers/ucheck-node A scraping service above the (terrible) PeopleSoft implementation of Leiden University. ↗️
    2 @Kilian/Graduation Kilian's graduation documentation
    2 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-admob-d… Demo app for the NativeScript AdMob plugin
    2 @Kilian/postcss-dutch-styles… PostCSS plugin for writing Dutch Style Sheets…
    2 @EddyVerbruggen/nativescript-calenda… Demo app for the NativeScript Calendar plugin
    2 @arian/grunt-wrapup Grunt Plugin for MooTools Wrapup - Convert your node modules into web modules.
    2 @PixelsCommander/GetterSetterJS Сross-browser way to getters and setters
    2 @Gaya/jQuery-helper-functi… A collection of functions not included in the default jQuery package, but oh so handy! ↗️
    2 @PixelsCommander/PerFix Rendering smoothness benchmark for scientific - blended performance optimization, written in JavaScript
    2 @Gaya/testing-javascript Testing JavaScript using BrowserSync, Mocha and PhantomJS
    2 @Rob--W/dont-track-me-google Firefox and Chrome extensions to prevent Google from making links ugly.
    2 @Gaya/mini-js-starter Very minimal starter to kickstart JavaScript projects. No frameworks, plain npm tasks.
    2 @dyve/jquery-nicebox Multi-purpose modal box based on jQuery.
    2 @arian/node-sass-cli Better CLI for node-sass
    2 @mikedeboer/ AmsterdamJS Home on the Web ↗️
    2 @arian/selenium-wrapper A selenium server wrapper, including installation and chrome webdriver
    2 @arian/Klass Yet Another Class
    2 @jtangelder/reduce-args Remove or strip arguments from function calls in and with JavaScript
    2 @zigolis/JSOnDemand Examples using RequireJS to load Javascript on demand
    2 @arian/animateImage AnimateImage is an MooTools plugin to create an animated image ↗️
    2 @caiogondim/gulp-filename-hint Gulp plugin for linting filenames
    2 @arian/Element.Style.Transf… An abstracted API for CSS3 transforms
    2 @arian/MooCss With MooCss (MooTools plugin) you can write Css as Javascript objects (just like Element.Style) to a style tag in the document head ↗️
    2 @IjzerenHein/famous-lib-tester Project for testing whether my libraries and can be build successfully using webpack, browserify, etc...
    2 @hay/photocommons WordPress plugin to include photos from Wikimedia Commons on your blog ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    5138 @nhaarman/ListViewAnimations An Android library which allows developers to easily add animations to ListView items
    2859 @rzwitserloot/lombok Very spicy additions to the Java programming language. ↗️
    1505 @elevenetc/TextSurface A little animation framework which could help you to show message in a nice looking way
    1363 @M66B/XPrivacy XPrivacy - The ultimate, yet easy to use, privacy manager ↗️
    1194 @konmik/nucleus Nucleus is a simple Android library, which utilizes the Model-View-Presenter pattern to properly connect background tasks with visual parts of an application.
    974 @LarsWerkman/HoloColorPicker An Android Holo themed colorpicker designed by Marie Schweiz
    763 @nhaarman/supertooltips SuperToolTips
    738 @LarsWerkman/QuickReturnListView A implementation of Roman Nurik's and Nick Butcher's Quick Return UI patern for a listview.
    636 @M66B/NetGuard A simple way to block access to the internet per application ↗️
    531 @LarsWerkman/Lobsterpicker A great material designed colorpicker by Marie Schweiz
    459 @elevenetc/DraggableView Draggable views with rotation and skew/scale effects
    357 @NightWhistler/PageTurner Android e-book reader with cloud synchronization ↗️
    333 @elevenetc/InteractiveCanvas Library for distribution canvas animation over set of devices
    286 @elevenetc/BadgeView Badge view with animated effect which shows a bitmap or a text
    258 @NightWhistler/HtmlSpanner Android HTML rendering library with CSS support ↗️
    230 @konmik/solid Lightweight data streams and immutable collections for Android
    163 @pmlopes/yoke Yoke is a middleware framework for Vert.x ↗️
    119 @jreijn/spring-comparing-tem… Demo project to show different Java templating engines in combination with Spring MVC
    107 @OskarVeerhoek/YouTube-tutorials The source code for my LWJGL tutorials on YouTube. ↗️
    95 @dashorst/dashboard Dashboard for the coffee corner based on HTML5/CSS3
    91 @LarsWerkman/LicenseView A simple library to show licenses in your android application.
    85 @MineMaarten/PneumaticCraft PneumaticCraft source
    70 @konmik/Dagger2Example This example is for "Snorkeling with Dagger 2" article ↗️
    62 @nhaarman/Triad Custom view based screen navigation in Android
    61 @nhaarman/SQLiteBuilder A SQLite statement builder for Java
    59 @konmik/Phlux Phlux is an Android library which helps to architect applications in a functional way.
    51 @konmik/satellite Satellite is an Android library which allows to properly connect background tasks with visual parts of an application.
    48 @egonw/cdk-old The Chemistry Development Kit ↗️
    38 @M66B/element53 DNS tunnel
    36 @mdeinum/pro-spring-mvc-code Source code for the sample application in Pro Spring MVC.
    36 @rzwitserloot/lombok.ast Robust parser + AST for the java language. ↗️
    29 @konmik/StackLayout Building a user interface with plain old views only.
    29 @biemond/soa11g_examples Oracle SOA Suite 11g Examples
    26 @GeertjanWielenga/TypeScript
    25 @MineMaarten/AdvancedMod A repository that holds the Advanced Mod. This is a tutorial mod which progresses further than the basic modding tutorials out there. You can follow the series here:…
    25 @konmik/MicroBus The smallest solution for organizing event bus in Java (and Android) application.
    23 @mdeinum/spring-utils
    22 @M66B/BackPackTrackII BackPackTrack II
    21 @pmlopes/vertx-bson-codec BSON EventBus for Vert.x
    19 @jreijn/spring-mongo-demo This is a small demo project Using MongoDB and Spring Data
    19 @dashorst/wicket-stuff-markup-… Wicket response filter that validates XHTML markup ↗️
    19 @biemond/jdev11g_examples Oracle JDeveloper 11g Examples
    18 @fabianm/brainfuck-java Interpreter for the original Brainfuck language and its derivatives written in Java.
    18 @konmik/dint A Java library for handling dates in a human-readable integer format.
    17 @paulbakker/ducttape Devoxx duct tape demo applications
    16 @konmik/testable-activity-ex… This is an example of how to create an activity class that can be unit-tested without Instrumentation and PowerMock
    16 @vy/fiber-test Performance comparison of a multitude of thread/fiber implementations for JVM.
    16 @mauricioaniche/metricminer2 a tool to support researchers on mining software repositories studies ↗️
    15 @pmlopes/mod-stomp-io Vert.x STOMP Protocol Module
    15 @konmik/animated-color
    15 @LarsWerkman/Boxer Annotation based serialization for Java and Android
    14 @rzwitserloot/lombok.patcher A framework for easily patching JVM programs. Part of Project Lombok. ↗️
    12 @konmik/RxQuery An Android library for database access with RxJava
    12 @paulbakker/migrating-spring-to-…
    12 @konmik/proxypref ProxyPref is a simple Android library, which allows to easily access SharedPreferences.
    12 @nhaarman/trinity A database library for Android based on code generation.
    12 @nhaarman/Ergo A library for easily executing asynchronous tasks using IntentServices ↗️
    12 @egonw/gtd Git-based ToDo tool.
    11 @MineMaarten/IGW-mod ModJam 3 mod, In-Game Wiki Mod
    11 @mauricioaniche/change-metrics calculates change metrics in a Git repository
    10 @biemond/osb11g_examples Oracle OSB 11g Examples
    10 @egonw/cheminfbenchmark Cheminformatics Benchmark Toolkit
    10 @iwein/Spring-Integration-S… quick samples around Spring Integration ↗️
    10 @konmik/MVPExamples
    9 @egonw/jqudt Java library for working with the QUDT ontology and data using it.
    9 @mdeinum/spring-batch-excel Spring Batch extension which contains ItemReader implementations for Excel. Support for both JExcel and Apache POI is available.
    9 @M66B/BackPackTrack Track your journey ↗️
    9 @dashorst/cucumber-wicket Cucumber support for Apache Wicket ↗️
    9 @jettro/SpringOAuthLinkedinI… Creating a sample application using Spring OAuth to connect to linkedin
    8 @OskarVeerhoek/LWJGL3-Tutorials
    8 @M66B/XPrivacyInstaller XPrivacy - The ultimate, yet easy to use, privacy manager ↗️
    8 @GeertjanWielenga/CheatSheets New windows are provided for viewing code templates and keybindings while coding in the NetBeans editor.
    8 @mauricioaniche/rEvolution a simple mining software repository tool
    8 @GeertjanWielenga/YoNetBeans NetBeans tools for Yeoman.
    7 @M66B/FineGeotag Fine Geotag
    7 @paulbakker/petclinic Sprint to Java EE migration example
    7 @egonw/bioclipse.ons Open Notebook Science Solubility Project
    7 @mauricioaniche/mtd2014-tool
    7 @dashorst/heroku-wicket-quicks… Wicket Quickstart that runs on a single Heroku dyno. ↗️
    7 @MineMaarten/Signals Minecraft mod that adds OpenTTD style signaling and more!
    6 @konmik/viewstack
    6 @GeertjanWielenga/React.js React support for NetBeans IDE
    6 @GeertjanWielenga/Gulp Support for Gulp in NetBeans IDE
    6 @egonw/org.openscience.cdk Repository with Eclipse bundle exports of the CDK modules and matching required third party libraries.
    6 @rzwitserloot/com.zwitserloot.cmdr… Easy Command Line option reading in java. (scroll down for help / examples)
    5 @iwein/NoESB Exploring the use Spring Integration as a replacement for an ESB
    5 @biemond/OEPE_examples Oracle Enterprise for Eclipse
    5 @vy/lubang-menggali Multi-player Lubang Menggali (Mancala) game written using Play Framework and WebSockets.
    5 @vy/quasar-maven-plugin Maven plugin for the ahead-of-time Quasar instrumentation.
    5 @egonw/CDKitty The Chemistry Development Kit Google Wave Robot
    5 @mdeinum/legacy-app Code for the Improve your legacy app with Spring talks.
    5 @egonw/ojdcheck OpenJavaDocCheck
    4 @biemond/JDeveloper12c_12.1.2 JDeveloper 12.1.2 test projects
    4 @vy/play-chat Chat Application with Play Framework and KnockoutJS ↗️
    4 @mauricioaniche/springlint
    4 @paulbakker/osgi-websockets-exam…
    4 @jettro/JavaNosApi Java wrapper for the NOS api ↗️
    4 @M66B/XPrivacyTester XPrivacy test application
    4 @biemond/jdev11gR2_examples
    4 @iwein/spring-integration personal hacking space for spring integration
    4 @dashorst/heroku-wicket-exampl… Apache Wicket examples running on heroku ↗️
    4 @jettro/CompanyHr A project using google app engine to handle human resource management
    4 @GeertjanWielenga/MavenHierarchicalVie…
    4 @GeertjanWielenga/HTML-WYSIWYG
    4 @rzwitserloot/ivyplusplus Adds a few useful features to ivy, such as creating an eclipse project from your deps. ↗️
    4 @rzwitserloot/totp-example A self-contained, runnable example that shows exactly how to (securely!) do TOTP in java.
    4 @paulbakker/javafx-osgi-example
    4 @fabianm/jsamp Library for the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Multiplayer query mechanism written in Java.
    3 @dashorst/wicketstuff-security Wicketstuff security temporary location until we migrate it to wicketstuff core. Depend on this at your own risk
    3 @egonw/rednael IRC bot that propagates Git commit messages.
    3 @paulbakker/osgi-vertx-demo
    3 @GeertjanWielenga/NetCassandraBeans
    3 @ShinDarth/HTML-to-BBCode-conve… University Project for "Engineering Software" subject. ↗️
    3 @egonw/xws-taverna XWS Plugin for Taverna
    3 @egonw/RobotDF Google Wave robot for RDF functionality
    3 @egonw/odk Orbital Development Kit
    3 @jettro/GridshoreSamples Small samples that do not deserve to be a project
    3 @MineMaarten/MineChess src of the MineChess Minecraft mod.
    3 @ShinDarth/Esercizi-Tecniche-di… Exercises about Socket, RMI, Thread, Servlet, Webservice, ... ↗️
    3 @GeertjanWielenga/TiledNetBeansEditors Tiling feature for editor components from ESA Sentinel Toolbox
    3 @biemond/webcenter11g_example… WebCenter 11g R1 ↗️
    3 @GeertjanWielenga/SpringBootTools4NetB…
    3 @iwein/throttle-samples Experiments with throttling
    3 @jreijn/insight-plugin-hst Spring Insight plugin for Hippo CMS7 based webapplications
    3 @pmlopes/v-odm Vert.x ODM
    3 @GeertjanWielenga/HTML5Palette Code snippets for video and other HTML5 snippets for the Component Palette in NetBeans
    3 @vy/play-facebook Ready to go Play Framework application with Facebook Login integration. ↗️
    3 @martijn00/MusicPlayerCodenameO… Example of a streaming audio app in CodenameOne
    3 @GeertjanWielenga/NetBeansKeyPromoter Status line shows key press of UI element such as menu item.
    2 @vy/null-check Validates @Nonnull method arguments at runtime using Spring AOP.
    2 @biemond/activiti Activiti workflow , bpmn
    2 @rzwitserloot/com.zwitserloot.json Fluent JSON library for java
    2 @martijn00/Zipato Zipato app made with CodenameOne
    2 @nhaarman/PebbleNotifier An Android application which sends notifications to a Pebble smartwatch. ↗️
    2 @mdeinum/samples Java/Spring code samples.
    2 @ShinDarth/Exit-Poll-Generator University Project for "Mathematical and Statistical Methods" subject.
    2 @paulbakker/forge-osgi
    2 @paulbakker/osgi-demo
    2 @egonw/lavoisier Oxygen is to breathing and lungs what lavoisier is to molecules and databases.
    2 @jreijn/spring-session-docke… This project uses Spring Boot, Spring Session, Redis, HAProxy and Docker to run HA environment with Docker Compose
    2 @egonw/knime-chemspider Source code for a ChemSpider query API plugin for KNIME. ↗️
    2 @elevenetc/Brush
    2 @jreijn/hippo-addon-restful-… This project provides webservices against the Hippo CMS content repository ↗️
    2 @mauricioaniche/palestra-lambda3-jun…
    2 @jreijn/gogreen-android This project is a native Android application for the mobile Hippo CMS GoGreen demo.
    2 @paulbakker/arquillian-as7-demo
    2 @jreijn/cocoon3-demo A small Cocoon3 demo project that parses an RSS feed.
    2 @GeertjanWielenga/DukeScriptSamples Samples for DukeScript users
    2 @GeertjanWielenga/YoOracleJET
    2 @biemond/JavaEE7 Java EE 7


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1549 @FransBouma/Massive A small, happy, dynamic MicroORM for .NET that will love you forever.
    334 @damianh/LibLog LibLog is a single file for you to either copy/paste or install via nuget, into your library/framework/application to provide a logging abstraction.
    215 @martijnboland/MvcPaging ASP.NET MVC Paging HTML helper ↗️
    140 @marklagendijk/WinLess An awesome Windows GUI for less.js ↗️
    136 @pvginkel/PdfiumViewer PDF viewer based on Google's PDFium.
    83 @FransBouma/DocNet Your friendly static documentation generator, using markdown files to build the content. ↗️
    79 @Impyy/Toxy Tox client for Windows.
    60 @damianh/SqlStreamStore .NET Stream Store library targeting SQL based implementations.
    57 @martijnboland/RavenDBMembership RavenDB ASP.NET membership provider with sample app
    51 @Pixelstudio/Skydome Skydome shader based on Rayleigh/Mie for Unity3D ↗️
    51 @damianh/LimitsMiddleware OWIN middleware to apply limits to an OWIN pipeline.
    51 @Impyy/SharpTox Wrapper library for Tox core, av and dns functions
    46 @FransBouma/RawDataAccessBencher Bench code which tests entity materialization speed of various .NET data access / ORM implementations
    42 @pvginkel/NHttp Simple asynchronous .NET HTTP server
    38 @Mpdreamz/shellprogressbar ShellProgressBar - display progress in your console application
    37 @leonvanbokhorst/RepositoryPatternEnt… The Repository pattern adds a separation layer between the data and domain layers of an application. It also makes the data access parts of an application better testable. ↗️
    33 @pvginkel/NHibernate.OData OData parser for NHibernate.
    32 @devatwork/NRaft A .NET implementation of the RAFT consensus algoritm
    32 @ikkentim/SampSharp A framework for writing game modes for SA-MP in C#. SA-MP is a free Massively Multiplayer Online game mod for the PC version of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. ↗️
    30 @damianh/Obsolete-Cedar
    29 @dotnetjunkie/solidservices Reference architecture application for .NET that demonstrates how to build highly maintainable web services.
    26 @martijnboland/MvcNotification Sample ASP.NET MVC project that shows multiple ways for doing notifications, including AJAX scenario's. ↗️
    26 @pvginkel/Expressions Expression parser for C#, Flee and Visual Basic
    26 @Pixelstudio/Octree Unity3D Octree implementation
    26 @TarasOsiris/unity3d-prefab-pool Simple Prefab Pool for Unity3D
    25 @uhaciogullari/SimpleMvcSitemap A simple library for creating sitemap files inside ASP.NET MVC applications
    24 @damianh/OwinHttpMessageHandl… An implementation of System.Net.Http.HttpMessageHandler that translates an HttpRequestMessage into an OWIN compatible environment dictionary
    24 @FransBouma/LinqToSQL2 Official Linq to SQL fork. A complete ORM which is backwards compatible with Linq to SQL but with new features.
    23 @damianh/Cedar.CommandHandlin… Middleware to handling commands over HTTP; typically used in CQRS applications.
    22 @Pixelstudio/TerrainPaint a addon for Unity3d for texture painting a custom mesh and painting objects ↗️
    22 @diamondo25/MapleShark MapleShark is a MapleStory sniffer that works with SharpPcap. Sniff dem packetzz!
    21 @TarasOsiris/unity-game-programmi… Game Programming Pattern Examples in Unity3D
    18 @pvginkel/PdfViewer .NET PDF viewer based on Chrome pdf.dll and xPDF
    17 @leonvanbokhorst/RepositoryPatternLin… The Repository pattern adds a separation layer between the data and domain layers of an application. It also makes the data access parts of an application better testable. ↗️
    16 @thefringeninja/derp.inventory
    16 @ikkentim/SanMap Tools for using Google Maps with the map of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The project contains a projection for the San Andreas map and a tool to generate map tiles. ↗️
    14 @Marlamin/WoWFormatTest Messing around with WoW file formats
    14 @Felienne/Quarto This repo contains code that generates minsat input to detect if the board game Quarto can end in a tie
    12 @pvginkel/SystemEx Collection of utilities for working with .NET and WinForms.
    11 @damianh/LibOwin Types that help work with an owin environment.
    11 @devatwork/LinkedINSharp C# SDK for LinkedIN ↗️
    11 @devatwork/Premotion-AspNet-App… Provides seamless integration with AppHarbor by undoing some of the AppHarbor specific behavior.
    10 @uhaciogullari/NLog.Interface Defines an abstraction for NLog.Logger public interface
    10 @pvginkel/ProgressEncode Implementation of the Progress OpenEdge ENCODE algorithm
    9 @angelog/OpenSMO 👯 Open Stepmania Online Server
    9 @pvginkel/CSharpSyntax C# code generator based on the Roslyn API
    9 @uhaciogullari/MemoryCacheT A thread-safe dictionary with eviction options
    8 @danelkhen/desktopbrowser Web based file explorer, runs locally on your browser, designed for media desktops.
    8 @nlhans/SimTelemetry Telemetry and dashboard utility for rFactor with trackmap, Formula 1-style timing and onboard telemetry utilities.
    7 @Pixelstudio/PixelRenderer A photonrender and path tracer in Unity3D
    7 @FransBouma/InspectCodeResultVie… Viewer for Jetbrains' InspectCode result files
    7 @Pixelstudio/StateMachine A simple to use State Machine for unity3D
    7 @damianh/FakeReverseProxyHost OWIN middleware that simulates reverse proxy behaviour by changing request URL and adding headers
    7 @pvginkel/ChromePdfViewer .NET PDF viewer based on Chrome pdf.dll
    7 @leonvanbokhorst/FactoryPattern A Simple Factory Pattern example in c# ↗️
    7 @angelog/ClipUpload ⬆️ This innovating application adds a new icon to your system tray. Upon right-clicking it, you will get a menu to upload whatever is in your clipboard to where you chose it to be. For example, you can quickly upload a screenshot of something to an FTP server, Dropbox public folder, Imgur or Pastebin, and immediately put the link to it in your clipboard, so you can paste the link in an IM or IRC window! ↗️
    6 @damianh/SiteMappingMiddlewar… Owin middleware that provides IIS Site Bindings like functionality
    6 @damianh/KatanaProject
    6 @damianh/RavenDB.Client.Conte… A RavenDB client extension that passing of contextual information into client listeners.
    6 @damianh/Nancy.SimpleRpc A simple message based RPC over HTTP library
    6 @Impyy/ToxTool Displays helpful information about a Tox profile
    6 @eteeselink/YieldMachine Inline state machines in C#
    5 @damianh/RavenDB.Bundles.Revi…
    5 @TarasOsiris/Better-Defines An easy and elegant way to manage your preprocessor directives in Unity3D
    5 @damianh/Nancy.Authentication… Sample OWIN middleware that deciphers a Nancy forms auth cookie and puts a ClaimsPrincipal in the OWIN environment.
    5 @aistrate/TypingPractice Program for practicing typing skills such as speed, and typing code (programming language source code).
    5 @eteeselink/fakethat Fake That, ridiculously simple mocking for .Net
    5 @damianh/CapturingLogOutputWi… Example way to capture log output when using parallel testing.
    5 @pvginkel/CustomChrome Library to ease adding custom chrome to a form with an implementation for the Visual Studio 2012 chrome
    5 @thefringeninja/RestaurantExample
    4 @devatwork/Premotion-Mansion Developement project for the Premotion Mansion Framework
    4 @damianh/WebSocketsMiddleware Middleware that provides wraps OWIN's websocket functionality in an easy to use context
    4 @danelkhen/corex A set of power APIs and extensions to the core .NET framework for better productivity
    4 @aistrate/RegexParser Regular Expression parser (loosely mimicking .NET Framework's System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace).
    4 @FransBouma/CSRotoZoomer Old RotoZoomer Demoscene effect in C#
    3 @leonvanbokhorst/ChainOfResponsibilit… The Chain of Responsibility pattern takes a request and flows through a chain of handlers. Each handler checks if it can handle the request according to some business rules. If the handler can’t handle the request it gets passed to the next handler in the chain. The client doesn’t know which handler eventually handles the request. ↗️
    3 @damianh/EventStorePerf
    3 @ikkentim/GBEmmy A failed attempt at creating a gameboy emulator in C#. (unlisted)
    3 @ikkentim/LogiFrame A framework for monochrome Logitech gaming keyboard LCDs. ↗️
    3 @lieuwex/GEPRO_OSIsharp C# Library voor Gepro-OSI roosters.
    3 @ikkentim/Spotify A spotify "currently playing" API for the windows version of Spotify. ↗️
    3 @Impyy/SharpTox.Av.Filter An extension for SharpTox, containing bindings for the filter_audio library
    3 @pvginkel/CrashReporter.NET CrashCollector .NET library
    3 @pvginkel/VisualGit Visual Studio source control extensions for Git
    3 @pvginkel/ApplicationHost WinForms control for hosting .NET applications inside another .NET application
    3 @damianh/SignalR.Backplane.Ne… A NetMQ (ZeroMQ) brokerless backplane for SignalR
    3 @nlhans/SimShift Driver utilities for various open roaming simulators, like ETS2.
    3 @uhaciogullari/WcfClientBase A simple base class that encapsulates WCF service calls
    3 @thefringeninja/Nancy.Extras.Cassett…
    3 @damianh/NancyAAD Nancy self host API and active client secured with Azure Active Directoy
    3 @Marlamin/VROverlayTest Messing around with OpenVR overlay stuff
    3 @nlhans/MAS2Extract Extract unencrypted .MAS files of rFactor2
    3 @thefringeninja/NEventStore.Persiste… GetEventStore Persistence Engine for NEventStore
    3 @diamondo25/STREDIT
    2 @waldekmastykarz/lab-officegraph-tren… Lab illustrating how to leverage the Office Graph in SharePoint Add-ins
    2 @thefringeninja/alarmclock
    2 @thefringeninja/Simple.Aras Super simple adapter for Aras Innovator inspired by Simple.Data
    2 @thefringeninja/rhino-esb-topshelf Host rhino esb inside topshelf and ease the configuration burden!
    2 @leonvanbokhorst/IocContainer
    2 @angelog/Coral 🎲 Coral Engine
    2 @martijnboland/AuthenticatedOwinInt… Example Visual Studio 2015 solution for Owin Web API authenticated integration tests without authorization server
    2 @aistrate/ForthInterpreter Forth interpreter written in .NET (C#).
    2 @aistrate/B4F
    2 @TarasOsiris/unity-editor-gui-ele… Reference project for Unity Editor UI Elements
    2 @leonvanbokhorst/EightPuzzleProblem The 8-Puzzle Problem is a thing they throw at you when you study Artificial Intelligence. It’s a great little problem for learning to understand search trees and shortest path algorithms with heuristics. Traveling via Breadth-First Search, via Depth First Search we mostly end up with the A* Algorithm using a Manhattan Distance Heuristic for effectively solving this problem. This article shows a way how to do this in C#. ↗️
    2 @Mpdreamz/tabalt Sticky Alt+Tab replacement for Windows that allows to be filtered
    2 @leonvanbokhorst/SortAlgoBot SortAlgoBot performs a classic Quicksort sorting algorithm on an array of twelve colored Lego balls. It detects all colors in the first round. Then the sorting starts and all 'swaps' the algorithm makes are executed. Programmed in C# with VisualStudio 2010 and the excellent Mindsqualls Lego Mindstroms Nxt library. It fires of commands to Motorcontrol, a great third party application for better controlling motor movements on the Nxt brick. ↗️
    2 @damianh/Harley Create custom desktop applications using Chromium embedded framework.
    2 @danelkhen/fsync File watcher and synchronizer between local windows file system and remote ssh linux path
    2 @damianh/TestingWebApiWithOwi… Simple example of doing in-memory acceptance testing of WebAPI controllers with Owin.Testing
    2 @pvginkel/ProtoVariant VARIANT implementation in protobuf-net
    2 @damianh/HtmlMinifyMiddleware
    2 @ikkentim/SampSharp-streamer A wrapper of the popular SA-MP streamer plugin for SampSharp.
    2 @damianh/Cedar.Domain
    2 @thefringeninja/CopyAndPasteMe


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    17 @RoelN/Compyx Multicolor OpenType font "Compyx"
    12 @jeroenoomsNL/initialize-css Initialize your base CSS styling with cross browser best practices. Available in CSS and configurable SASS (SCSS) format. ↗️
    6 @tmnlsthrn/Lotus An iOS 7-ish look and feel for your Cydia repository or website. ↗️
    2 @code0wl/flexy-grid A flex-box grid that is simple to extend and maintain. Simplicity is the key.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    283 @inliniac/suricata Mirror of the official OISF Suricata git repository ↗️
    70 @orlp/ed25519 Portable C implementation of Ed25519, a high-speed high-security public-key signature system.
    55 @matthijskooijman/arduino-lmic LoraWAN-in-C library, adapted to run under the Arduino environment
    44 @Unia/gcolor3 A simple color chooser written in GTK3 (like gcolor2) ↗️
    42 @Ithamar/awutils Tools for handling Allwinner images
    32 @svanderburg/disnix Disnix: A Nix-based distributed service deployment tool
    30 @ErikZalm/Marlin-non-gen6 Marlin for non gen6 boards.
    30 @bnoordhuis/phode we put the async in php
    28 @inliniac/vuurmuur Vuurmuur Firewall ↗️
    25 @Unia/dwm-patches OBSOLETE -- A collection of patches for dwm
    22 @squadette/vlc vlc fixes courtesy of ↗️
    20 @bnoordhuis/ngx_http_auth_cas_mo… CAS client for nginx ↗️
    18 @bnoordhuis/strace
    17 @BlackLight/Snort_AIPreproc A preprocessor module for Snort using AI algorithms for pruning and clustering attack alarms, find out alert correlations in multi-step attacks, providing a web interface for exploring alerts and correlations, and much more ↗️
    17 @Armada651/g-key This plugin allows you to use the macro G-Keys on any Logitech keyboard to directly control TeamSpeak 3. ↗️
    14 @bnoordhuis/uriparser2 Your one-stop C and C++ library for URI parsing.
    13 @orlp/pyglfw Python bindings for GLFW
    12 @bnoordhuis/bspc Quake 3 BSP-to-AAS compiler ↗️
    12 @orlp/pygrafix pygrafix is a Python/Cython hardware-accelerated 2D graphics library.
    12 @Unia/dwmst OBSOLETE -- A hardcoded statusbar for DWM
    11 @bnoordhuis/mongrel2 mongrel2 + dependencies = your one-stop mongrel2 build ↗️
    11 @daanvanhasselt/lensflare OF project, experimenting with shaders to create a lens flare and a light-scattering effect.
    11 @bnoordhuis/punycode Punycode encoder/decoder ↗️
    10 @svanderburg/libiff Portable, extensible parser for the Interchange File Format (IFF)
    10 @cataphract/php-discount PHP extension that wraps the discount Markdown library; PECL markdown package. ↗️
    8 @svanderburg/libilbm Parser library for the ILBM: IFF Interleaved BitMap format
    8 @bnoordhuis/lua-uv lua + libuv = sweet async goodness
    8 @daanvanhasselt/ofShowreel2011Credit… Application to generate the credits for the 2011 openFrameworks showreel
    7 @BlackLight/fkmeans A tiny library in C for managing kmeans clusterization algorithm over arbitrary data sets, both by manually specifying the number k of clusters and computing it automatically using Schwarz criterion
    7 @bnoordhuis/marnix MARNIX, a UNIX clone
    7 @svanderburg/libamivideo Conversion library for Amiga planar graphics data and EHB, HAM screen modes
    7 @TripNRaVeR/android_device_htc_e… device tree for the htc endeavoru
    6 @BlackLight/ASMash A tiny library for runtime disassembling/assembling binary/Assembly code ↗️
    6 @BlackLight/fsom A tiny C library for managing SOM (Self-Organizing Maps) neural networks
    6 @Unia/mpd-notify Sends a notification whenever MPD's state (play/pause/stop) or current song changes
    5 @bnoordhuis/epoll-bench
    5 @Unia/gvolicon A simple and lightweight volume icon that sits in your system tray, written in GTK3
    5 @Unia/arek-wm A modern tiling window manager, based on libmutter
    5 @matthijskooijman/udiald 3G modem dialing daemon
    5 @BlackLight/tcpsmash Free, complete & cool packet sniffer for Unix-like systems ↗️
    5 @orlp/ReducePing ReducePing is a small utility to tune the "TcpAckFrequency" setting of Windows to get better latency in TCP networked games.
    5 @Armada651/hqx-shader Cg shader version of HQx filter
    5 @svanderburg/dydisnix Dynamic Disnix: A toolset enabling self-adaptive redeployment on top of Disnix
    5 @BlackLight/Voxifera A little GNU/Linux software for vocal recognition and execution of arbitrary vocal commands ↗️
    4 @svanderburg/lib8svx Parser library for 8SVX: digitally sampled audio voices consisting of 8-bit samples
    4 @bnoordhuis/httpd-accfilt kernel-mode http accept filter benchmark
    4 @bnoordhuis/mod_git serve content straight from your git repositories
    4 @j1nx/Amlogic-reff16-uboot
    4 @bnoordhuis/libiconv ↗️
    4 @orlp/secudht A secure design and implementation of the Kademlia DHT.
    3 @squadette/pppd Fixes for pppd, gathered from various distributions ↗️
    3 @svanderburg/SDL_ILBM A library and viewer for handling ILBM images in SDL applications
    3 @Unia/phosphorus A simple wallpaper browser and setter (GTK3 clone of Nitrogen)
    3 @ErikZalm/fnet FNET port for chibios
    3 @Ithamar/iusutils Tools for handling InfoTMIC .ius files
    3 @matthijskooijman/arduino-platform-sam Temporary testing repository for…
    3 @daanvanhasselt/kinect_mesh
    3 @bnoordhuis/axis2-c Apache Axis2/C is a Web services engine implemented in the C programming language. ↗️
    3 @Unia/dwm OBSOLETE -- Personal dwm fork
    3 @borisbstyle/wiiesc-oneshot125 Dynamic scaling to oneshot125 ↗️
    2 @orlp/commonc Various common C algorithms and things
    2 @daanvanhasselt/sea_grid
    2 @j1nx/Openlinux.Amlogic.M3 arm-src-kernel from Openlinux.Amlogic for Meson3
    2 @squadette/checkpassword-pam Git mirror of checkpassword-pam CVS repository from ↗️
    2 @TripNRaVeR/tripndroid-endeavoru… tripndroid 3.1.10 kernel based on htc sources
    2 @svanderburg/SDL_8SVX A library and player for handling 8SVX instruments in SDL applications
    2 @o-jasper/Various various stuff
    2 @bnoordhuis/gyp-bug showcase gyp bug
    2 @bnoordhuis/libsm A fast string matcher library.
    2 @bnoordhuis/entityplus just another quake 3 mod ↗️
    2 @bnoordhuis/mod_modlet Hassle-free module authoring for Apache 2
    2 @TripNRaVeR/tripndroid-m7-unleas…


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    553 @tomlooman/EpicSurvivalGameSeri… Third person survival game (tutorial) series for Unreal Engine 4.
    464 @RobTillaart/Arduino libs and code
    359 @rcaelers/workrave Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit. ↗️
    151 @repaper/gratis EPD Source codes and Documentation
    140 @tomlooman/ue4-tutorials Collection of Unreal 4 Tutorials & Experiments by Tom Looman
    139 @martinmoene/lest A modern, C++11-native, single-file header-only, tiny framework for unit-tests, TDD and BDD
    85 @martinmoene/gsl-lite A single-file header-only version of ISO C++ Guidelines Support Library (GSL) for C++98, C++03 and later
    73 @tomlooman/VRTemplates VR Templates for Unreal Engine 4.11 and above
    37 @zhmu/openrom Runes of Magic protocol analysis tools
    34 @ruuda/luculentus Proof of concept spectral path tracer
    24 @paulhoux/Cinder-FFmpeg Cinder block for rendering digital video on Windows using the libavcodec library.
    22 @ahupowerdns/metronome
    21 @martinmoene/clue A tiny single-file header-only C++ logging framework
    20 @mrexodia/akt Armadillo Key Tool
    19 @paulhoux/Cinder-Warping A Cinder block that enables you to easily create editable bi-linear and perspective warps, or a combination of the two.
    18 @martinmoene/martin-moene.blogspo… Code from my Blog
    17 @martinmoene/optional-lite Optional (nullable) objects for C++98 and later
    14 @SodaqMoja/SodaqOne-UniversalTr…
    13 @companje/ofxExtras openFrameworks addon adding some usefull functions to OF
    11 @mrexodia/ArmaG3ddon ArmaG3ddon by CondZero/ARTeam
    11 @SodaqMoja/Sodaq_RN2483
    11 @JoSchaap/GoT_Wasteland_V2.Str… WARNING! This repo is no longer updated, find the updated version on the A3Wasteland git! - ↗️
    11 @martinmoene/PhysUnits-CT-Cpp11 A small C++11, C++14 header-only library for compile-time dimensional analysis and unit/quantity manipulation and conversion
    10 @companje/ofxBlurShader openFrameworks addon to blur stuff using a shader
    9 @companje/ofxSpriteManager openFrameworks addon for working with animated sprites / image sequences and loading each file only once by making use of ofxAssets ↗️
    9 @fuzzie/unity Final Unity engine for scummvm (not working!)
    8 @m-ou-se/picp A PIC16F145x based PIC16F145x USB programmer.
    8 @fieldOfView/uv-mapper A suite of tools for uv-mapping video content, applied to projection mapping and lens correction and other purposes. ↗️
    7 @canboat/BR24radar_pi OpenCPN radar plugin for Navico Broadband Radars (BR24, 3G, 4G models)
    7 @iglesias/coding-challenges
    7 @companje/ofxGCode openFrameworks addon for creating GCode files (early stage)
    6 @fieldOfView/CinderDirectShow Video playback for libCinder using DirectShow ↗️
    6 @companje/ofxFontExtruder openFrameworks addon to extrude an ofTrueType font into 3D with the ability to export to STL and GCODE
    6 @m-ou-se/moggle A sexy C++11 OpenGL library.
    6 @companje/ofxArcText openFrameworks addon for displaying an ofTrueType font on a circular path
    5 @martinmoene/PhysUnits-CT A C++ header-only library for compile-time dimensional analysis and unit/quantity manipulation and conversion
    5 @Ignotus/kdots A prototype of the game of dots. It's a mirror of
    5 @companje/ofxFTGL openFrameworks addon for text rendering using FTGL
    5 @companje/ofxLightning openFrameworks addon adding for creating lightning bolds ↗️
    4 @ruuda/deadlock Fast search-based password manager
    4 @oschaaf/ats
    4 @ruuda/fibint Compute Fibonacci numbers efficiently using finite fields
    4 @SodaqMoja/Sodaq_DS3231 Arduino library for DS3231
    4 @Borf/playallthegames A collection of minigames ↗️
    4 @companje/ofxAssets openFrameworks addon for loading and caching videofiles
    4 @mrexodia/LivecodingTwitch Bot to synchronize Livecoding and Twitch chats.
    4 @martinmoene/observer-ptr A single-file header-only C++98, C++03, C++11, C++14 version of ISO C++17 std::observer_ptr
    4 @ahupowerdns/cplusplus2011-tour Small tour of some notable C++2011 features
    3 @ahupowerdns/secfilter
    3 @companje/ofxMesh openFrameworks addon adding some extra functions to ofMesh
    3 @martinmoene/WholeValue Whole value idiom made easy in C++
    3 @companje/ofxArcBall openFrameworks addon creating an ArcBall camera, similar to ofEasyCam
    3 @companje/ofxIniSettings openFrameworks addon for reading and writing .ini / .conf files
    3 @companje/ofProjects Some of my openFrameworks
    3 @m-ou-se/units Compile time unit checking with C++11 template magic. ↗️
    3 @ahupowerdns/ahutils attempt to create a library of code snippets I use a lot
    3 @rdb/bpb Experimental prototype of Blender-Panda3D Bridge
    3 @m-ou-se/tek Truly Ergonomic Keyoard Firmware Upgrade Tool
    3 @companje/ofxGeometry openFrameworks addon for converting between coordinate systems: lat/lon, axis/angle, quaternion, cartesian (may have errors)
    3 @SodaqMoja/RTCTimer An Arduino library to schedule tasks using RTC as the clock
    2 @SodaqMoja/Sodaq_TPH A library for the TPH board
    2 @iglesias/lmnn-gsoc2013-review GSoC 2013 code for the LMNN -- metric learning -- project in Shogun
    2 @iglesias/aichallenge-ants
    2 @zhmu/musixbox Music player library and frontends
    2 @iglesias/cgr_localization My CGR Localization fork from…
    2 @mrexodia/Utf8Ini Small C++ INI Parser.
    2 @companje/ofxOrthoCam openFrameworks addon for using a orthographic camera
    2 @companje/STL-export Doodle3D experiment for tracing contours and exporting to STL using openFrameworks, OpenCV and ofxSTL
    2 @companje/ofxDateTime openFrameworks addon doing calculations with dates and times (needs some polishing)
    2 @companje/ofxKeyMap openFrameworks addon for keeping track of pressed keys
    2 @zhmu/tortilla C++ BitTorrent library and client


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    37 @jankeesvw/LogMeister LogMeister, one Flash logger to rule them all
    29 @ringodotnl/jiglibflash-core-fp1… 3D physics engine open source actionscript (MIT) ↗️
    17 @ringodotnl/jiglibflash-examples… Examples 3D physics engine open source actionscript (MIT) ↗️
    15 @tversteeg/Nexus Actionscript 3, GPU accelerated 2D game engine using Stage3D
    9 @michahell/pinbored-AS3 pinbored is a batch/mass Pinboard bookmark editor for easily reducing one's insane amount of bookmarks.
    4 @jankeesvw/Plow Project scaffolding from the future
    2 @dotKokott/Project5000
    2 @speedok/jiglibflash ↗️
    2 @jvanbaarsen/ld23 My Ludumdare 23 entry


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    91 @fmw/vix Website-management software (CMS) written in Clojure. ↗️
    67 @ams-clj/clansi ANSI color and style codes for Clojure.
    35 @fmw/alida Crawling, scraping and indexing application written in Clojure.
    31 @astoeckley/Eat-Static Easy run-time type-checking and validation of Clojure maps and functions
    23 @pepijndevos/Begame A Clojure 2D game engine
    16 @fmw/clojure-lucene-demo Lucene demo written in Clojure
    14 @pepijndevos/clojure-quiz A quiz about Clojure in Clojure for Clojurians ↗️
    14 @skuro/lambdalf Alfresco module that exposes a Clojure API to access the repository.
    13 @pepijndevos/utterson A static site generator written in Clojure in the style of Jekyll & Hyde. ↗️
    10 @neotyk/status-codes Keyword status codes for ring and compojure.
    10 @pepijndevos/ArmageDOM The epic battle on the final day of XML. A Clojure DSL similar to Hiccup to generate XML. ↗️
    9 @ams-clj/async-philosophers A Dining Philosphers solver to learn core.async
    8 @pepijndevos/Baard Ring router based on core.match, similar to Moustache.
    7 @michelvollebregt/clojuremvc Spring MVC wrapper for Clojure ↗️
    6 @pepijndevos/logos Logic Programming for Clojure
    6 @skuro/lein-misaki A leiningen plugin for Misaki, a Jekyll inspired static site generator for Clojure
    6 @pepijndevos/beauforth A Forth compiler for the NXT
    5 @pepijndevos/fastcgi-ring Ring middleware for JFastCGI ↗️
    4 @pepijndevos/irc-deploy Pallet deploy scripts for
    3 @skuro/lambdalf-samples Sample usages and applications on top of lambdalf -- a Clojure adapter for Alfresco
    3 @happyhacking-nl/cljsbuild-template Leiningen ClojureScript template, based on lein-cljsbuild
    3 @ams-clj/reddit-gae Reddit Clojure clone on Google App Engine ↗️
    3 @pepijndevos/couch-atom An atom interface to CouchDB using Clutch ↗️
    3 @fmw/clojure-blog-search Example search implementation based on Alida
    3 @pepijndevos/Clojure-Micro-Wiki A small wiki written in Clojure in a gitorial style ↗️
    3 @vijaykiran/couch-shouter The shouter application with CouchDB as Backend
    2 @skuro/akismet Clojure library to query Akismet
    2 @fmw/clj-fo PDF generation for Clojure with XSL-FO and Apache FOP
    2 @neotyk/hac-live http.async.client live
    2 @meggermo/matomic My project to explore Datomic
    2 @pepijndevos/Wemail social email
    2 @pepijndevos/Clomian Clojure port of Mian(Minecraft Analysis)


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    47 @myrne/performance-now Implements (based on process.hrtime).
    12 @myrne/mongo-utils Utilities for managing MongoDB databases
    4 @myrne/parse-appcache-manif… Parses HTML5 application cache manifest
    3 @rharel/node-avl-tree AVL-tree for Node.js and the browser.
    3 @myrne/faithful Like Async, but employing promises.
    2 @stewartrule/Backbone-Inquiry Add-on to easily query your Backbone collections
    2 @myrne/osi-licenses id-name pairs of OSI-approved licenses
    2 @myrne/explorer Explore directories in various ways.
    2 @myrne/f-throttle Limit concurrency of a function returning a promise.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    131 @tpjg/goriakpbc A golang riak client inspired by the Ruby riak-client from Basho and riakpbc from mrb
    123 @dgryski/trifles A playground for things that aren't interesting enough to have their own repo.
    118 @dgryski/dgoogauth Google Authenticator for Go
    96 @dgryski/dkeyczar Port of Google's Keyczar cryptography library to Go
    92 @dgryski/go-tsz Time series compression algorithm from Facebook's Gorilla paper
    90 @dgryski/dmrgo Go library for writing standalone Map/Reduce jobs or for use with Hadoop's streaming protocol
    76 @dgryski/go-jump go-jump: Jump consistent hashing
    60 @dgryski/hokusai hokusai -- sketching streams in real-time
    59 @dgryski/go-simstore simhash storage and searching
    58 @dgryski/carbonapi API server for
    44 @dgryski/carbonzipper proxy to transparently merge graphite carbon backends
    43 @dgryski/go-failure Phi Accrual Failure Detection
    42 @dgryski/dgohash A collection of well-known string hash functions, implemented in Go
    39 @dgryski/go-identicon Create simple visual hashes of data, similar to github's identicons.
    35 @dgryski/gttp gttp: http for gophers
    34 @dgryski/go-farm go-farm: a pure-Go farmhash implementation
    32 @dgryski/go-tinylfu TinyLFU cache admission policy
    31 @dgryski/go-topk Streaming TopK estimates
    29 @dgryski/go-change Online Change Detection Algorithm
    27 @dgryski/go-gk gk: streaming quantiles
    27 @dgryski/go-fastquantiles approximate streaming quantiles
    26 @dgryski/rgip rgip: restful geoip service
    26 @dgryski/go-onlinestats One-pass running statistics
    24 @dgryski/go-maglev Go implementation of maglev hashing
    20 @dgryski/go-ketama Ketama implementation compatible with Algorithm::ConsistentHash::Ketama
    19 @dgryski/go-arc adaptive replacement cache
    19 @dgryski/go-cuckoof Go implemetation of cuckoo filters
    18 @dgryski/go-highway Go implementation of Google's HighwayHash
    17 @dgryski/carbonmem in-memory carbon-like store
    16 @dgryski/go-yubiauth Yubikey Authorization Server
    16 @dgryski/go-duoweb Duo Security two-factor authentication for Go web applications
    8 @medvednikov/vitess-mysql-proxy
    6 @serge-hulne/go-maps Go maps generalized to interfaces which implement Int() or String methods
    4 @krpors/wasp Web based 'remote control' for Mplayer.
    4 @medvednikov/gomvc A tiny MVC web framework for Go
    3 @krpors/hmon Simplistic HTTP monitoring using content assertions.
    2 @Luit/dogebot Slack bot placing :doge: reactions
    2 @Luit/resp resp is a package to read and interpret Redis Serialization Protocol data.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    217 @sebastiaanvisser/clay A CSS preprocessor as embedded Haskell.
    62 @sebastiaanvisser/fclabels First class composable record labels for Haskell.
    49 @tomlokhorst/AwesomePrelude Yet another alternative Haskell Prelude, but this one is awesome! ↗️
    48 @serras/lambdaconf-2015-web Projects for LambdaConf 2015 Haskell web workshop
    34 @basvandijk/monad-control Lift control operations, like exception catching, through monad transformers
    21 @roelvandijk/base-unicode-symbols Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators ↗️
    21 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia Salvia - Modular Haskell HTTP server.
    21 @edsko/ghc-dump-tree Dump GHC's abstract syntax trees
    19 @sebastiaanvisser/frp-js Functional Reactive DSL in Haskell that compiles to JavaScript.
    19 @basvandijk/scientific Arbitrary-precision floating-point numbers represented using scientific notation
    18 @roelvandijk/numerals Convert numbers to number words
    18 @basvandijk/threads Fork threads and wait for their result
    17 @norm2782/snaplet-hdbc
    17 @basvandijk/regions Provides the region monad for safely opening and working with scarce resources
    17 @basvandijk/usb Communicate with USB devices
    17 @tomlokhorst/language-cil Manipulating Common Intermediate Language AST in Haskell
    16 @christiaanb/clash my branch of clash ↗️
    14 @basvandijk/case-insensitive Case insensitive string comparison
    13 @norm2782/uhc-jscript
    13 @basvandijk/lifted-base IO operations from the base library lifted to any instance of MonadBase or MonadBaseControl
    12 @basvandijk/concurrent-extra Extra concurrency primitives
    10 @sebastiaanvisser/ghc-goals Collect type information about Agda like goals in Haskell code.
    9 @twanvl/simple-reflect Simple reflection of expressions
    9 @basvandijk/rss A library for generating RSS 2.0 feeds.
    8 @hesselink/kqueue Haskell bindings to kqueue
    8 @basvandijk/levmar An implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm
    8 @hesselink/flock Haskell bindings to flock
    8 @spockz/Haskell-Code-Complet… A simple Haskell program to provide tags for Haskell code completion in TextMate
    8 @PaulVisschers/relational-algebra A library that exposes a type-safe relational algebra.
    7 @christiaanb/SoOSiM Abstract full system simulator ↗️
    7 @norm2782/NanoProlog ↗️
    7 @roberth/haskell-data-mining Data mining and machine learning framework for Haskell
    6 @edsko/tracetree Visualization of Haskell data structures
    6 @sebastiaanvisser/subtitles Simple program to cut, select prefix/suffix of, reindex and shift SRT subtitle files.
    6 @basvandijk/vector-bytestring ByteStrings as type synonyms of Vectors
    6 @tomlokhorst/bool-extras A fold function for Bool in Haskell ↗️
    6 @serras/reactive-js
    6 @sebastiaanvisser/haha A simple library for creating animated ascii art on ANSI terminals.
    6 @typLAB/regular-xmlpickler Generic generation of HXT XmlPickler instances using Regular. ↗️
    5 @norm2782/HaskBan Simple Sokoban clone implemented in Haskell as a Utrecht Summerschool project
    5 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia-demo Demo website for the Salvia webserver.
    5 @roelvandijk/ls-usb A small utility that lists USB devices connected to your system
    5 @twanvl/multiset multiset haskell package
    5 @basvandijk/regional-pointers Regional memory pointers
    5 @tomlokhorst/FunVM A Functional intermediate language
    5 @roelvandijk/containers-unicode-s… Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators ↗️
    5 @sebastiaanvisser/msc-thesis MSc Thesis project Utrecht University + wgp10 paper.
    4 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia-websocket Websockets for the Salvia webserver.
    4 @sebastiaanvisser/islay A generic approach to datatype persistency in Haskell.
    4 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia-protocol Protocol suite for the Salvia webserver, including functionality for URI, HTTP, Cookie and MIME.
    4 @ruudkoot/functional-programmi… Assignments for the Functional Programming course at Utrecht University ↗️
    4 @roelvandijk/numerals-base Convert numbers to number words
    4 @sebastiaanvisser/xml-arrow Haksell list arrows for XML manipulation.
    4 @christiaanb/vhdl VHDL AST and Pretty Printer
    4 @hesselink/type-equality Haskell definition of type equality, coercion/cast and other operations.
    4 @sebastiaanvisser/sebastiaanvisser.git… Website
    4 @roelvandijk/terminal-progress-ba…
    4 @basvandijk/bindings-libusb Low level bindings to libusb
    4 @roelvandijk/roman-numerals Parsing and pretty printing of Roman numerals
    4 @christiaanb/DE1-Cyclone-II-FPGA-… ↗️
    3 @norm2782/gp2k10-uhc-profiling UHC profiling project for GP 2010 at Utrecht University
    3 @basvandijk/unbounded-delays Unbounded thread delays and timeouts
    3 @basvandijk/explicit-iomodes File handles with explicit IOModes
    3 @basvandijk/usb-example Example how to use the usb library
    3 @basvandijk/safer-file-handles-e… Examples for the safer-file-handles package
    3 @tomlokhorst/feed2twitter Send posts from a feed to Twitter
    3 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia-extras Some additional more advanced handlers for the Salvia HTTP server.
    3 @hesselink/thesis My master thesis
    3 @sebastiaanvisser/tonic Simple XML toolkit for Haskell
    3 @tomlokhorst/wol A program and library to a send WoL Magic Packet, to remotely start a computer.
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/salvia-sessions Session support for the Salvia webserver.
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/garbitrary Generic Arbitrary instances for QuickCheck
    2 @norm2782/DGG
    2 @christiaanb/haskell12 Experiance Report on SoOSiM
    2 @serras/t-regex Matchers and grammars using tree regular expressions
    2 @spockz/lhs2texhl ↗️
    2 @roberth/hinduce-associations… Implementation of the Apriori algorithm for association rule mining
    2 @ruudkoot/phd Stuff related to my Ph.D. research
    2 @christiaanb/clash-bin ghc(i) binary loaded with clash library ↗️
    2 @roelvandijk/length-list Lists paired with their length
    2 @serras/scion-ghc-7-requisit… Changed prerrequisites for making Scion work on GHC 7
    2 @roelvandijk/ftdi A thin layer over USB to communicate with FTDI chips
    2 @serras/cobalt COnstraint-BAsed Little Typechecker
    2 @roelvandijk/positional-numerals Utilities for working with positional numeral systems
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/jail Jailed IO monad. Run file based IO computations in restricted parts of the filesystem.
    2 @roelvandijk/usb-id-database A database of USB identifiers
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/data-reify-cse Common Sub-Expression Elimination for graphs generated by the Data.Reify package.
    2 @roelvandijk/complexity Empirical algorithmic complexity
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/diskheap Block based storage heap saved on disk.
    2 @basvandijk/safer-file-handles Type-safe file handling
    2 @sebastiaanvisser/generic-binary Generic Data.Binary derivation using GHC generics.
    2 @basvandijk/repr Render overloaded expressions to their textual representation.
    2 @edsko/ChinesePodAPI Haskell bindings against the ChinesePod API
    2 @tomlokhorst/dutchhug-nl source code of website ↗️
    2 @basvandijk/usb-safe Type-safe communication with USB devices
    2 @basvandijk/string-combinators Polymorphic functions to build and combine stringlike values
    2 @timjs/spl-compiler A compiler for SPL in Haskell
    2 @basvandijk/usb-safe-examples Examples that demonstrate how to use the usb-safe library
    2 @roelvandijk/transfinite A data type for transfinite numbers


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    73 @Tieske/date Date & Time module for Lua 5.x ↗️
    72 @Dysoch/DyTech DyTech, A mod for Factorio. Making the game much more complex! ↗️
    51 @Tieske/uuid A pure Lua uuid generator (modified from a Rackspace module) ↗️
    17 @DraconisBoL/BoL Collection of scripts for BoL by Draconis.
    16 @Tieske/pe-parser Lua module to parse a Portable Executable (.exe , .dll, etc.) file and extract metadata
    11 @Tieske/binaryheap.lua Binary heap implementation in Lua ↗️
    8 @Tieske/CopasTimer An addon facility for the Copas scheduler that adds timers, backgroundworkers, and (optional) event capabilities to Copas. ↗️
    8 @Tieske/corowatch Lua module to watch coroutine usage and kill a coroutine if it fails to yield in a timely manner.
    5 @Tieske/LuaxPL xPL framework for Lua. xPL is an open protocol intended to permit the control and monitoring of home automation devices. The protocol includes complete discovery and auto-configuration capabilities which support a fully “plug-n-play” architecture. ↗️
    5 @bas080/vines Vines mod for minetest. Also adds ropes. ↗️
    4 @bas080/civilization Minetest game which focuses on highly collaborative gameplay ↗️
    4 @bas080/simple A collection of minetest mods and mods of mods. Focus on gamplay and immertion
    4 @bas080/inbox Minetest mod that adds mailboxes to minetest ↗️
    3 @bas080/bees Adds bees and hives to minetest ↗️
    3 @Tieske/netcheck Simple functions to detect changes in network connection status (using luasocket)
    3 @Tieske/LuaUPnP A pupnp library binding for Lua
    2 @Tieske/girder-xpl-component A Girder component to connect Girder to the xPL homeautomation network ↗️
    2 @Tieske/registry Pure Lua library to fiddle with the Windows registry
    2 @nreijmersdal/gidTest simplistic test framework for Gideros Mobile
    2 @bas080/chess Chess mod for minetest ↗️
    2 @bas080/chemistry Chemistry mod for minetest ↗️
    2 @bas080/smooth Minetest mod which adds smooth transitioning nodes. WIP
    2 @InputUsername/Euler Project Euler solutions in as many languages as possible
    2 @Deltanic/ModLoader Loads any mod without coding anything.
    2 @bas080/pathogen An infectious minetest mod ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    7 @robertoostenveld/cifti-matlab MATLAB code for reading and writing CIFTI connectivity files
    4 @germangh/eeglab_plugin_aar AAR plug-in for EEGLAB ↗️
    3 @pjbarendrecht/BsplineLab An interactive MATLAB tool for B-spline curves
    2 @heimel/InVivoTools InVivoTools a set of neurophysiology tools, forked from VanHooserTools, containing tools for visual stimulation and analysis of calcium imaging and extracellular electrophysiology data


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2020 @ioscreator/ioscreator Tutorials from ↗️
    719 @kluivers/qc-mobile A Quartz Composer implementation for iOS. ↗️
    521 @hollance/MHTabBarController A custom tab bar controller for iOS 5
    357 @angelolloqui/AGi18n Utility to easily localize your iOS apps by automatically extracting texts from code and XIB files into a Localizable strings
    201 @angelolloqui/AGImageChecker
    194 @hollance/MHRotaryKnob UIControl for iOS that acts like a rotary knob
    169 @hollance/MHLazyTableImages This project is now deprecated.
    152 @kluivers/jbw-builders Builder categories for some foundation classes
    147 @hollance/MHPagingScrollView A UIScrollView subclass that shows previews of the pages on the left and right.
    129 @hollance/SoundBankPlayer Sample-based audio player for iOS that uses OpenAL.
    118 @misato/SQLiteManager4iOS SQLite Manager for iOS: an Obj-C wrapper for SQLite3
    90 @hollance/MHNibTableViewCell This code is now deprecated.
    85 @angelolloqui/AGBlurTransition Custom transition delegate for presenting modal views with a blur background
    81 @raspu/RPRadarChart Simple Radar Chart (or Spider Web) Generator for iOS
    77 @hollance/AudioBufferPlayer Class for doing simple iOS sound synthesis using Audio Queues.
    52 @terwanerik/Retini A super simple retina (2x, 3x) image converter. ↗️
    50 @nodemaker/Additions Useful objective C categories and a cpl useful classes.
    49 @hollance/TransparentJPEG Allows you to combine a JPEG with a second image to give it transparency. ↗️
    32 @hollance/MHSemiModal Category on UIViewController that makes it easy to present modal view controllers that only partially cover the screen. ↗️
    28 @kluivers/storyboard-constants Example project that demonstrates how to generate NSString constants for Storyboard identifiers.
    23 @leonardvandriel/Tosti An Objective-C interpreter without C support.
    22 @hollance/MHPopoverManager A simple class for managing the lifecycle of your UIPopoverControllers ↗️
    16 @hollance/AVBufferPlayer Shows how to use AVAudioPlayer to play a buffer of waveform data that you give it.
    14 @raspu/RPTileScroller SpriteKit Infinite Tile Scroller
    14 @hollance/MHTintHelper Tool that quickly lets you pick tint colors for navigation bars etc.
    11 @hollance/ShrinkPng Simple tool for shrinking images 50% by averaging the color (and alpha) of each 2x2 pixel block. ↗️
    11 @hollance/MHDatabase A simple Objective-C wrapper around the sqlite3 functions.
    10 @Thomvis/icloud-indicator A UI element that enables users to resume or remove games from the iCloud
    10 @marlonandrade/malazykit Collection of extensions for easier object instantiation
    9 @raspu/RPCGSandbox Some tests I made while teaching myself core graphics.
    7 @hollance/MHOverride Category on NSObject that lets you override methods on existing objects using blocks, without having to make a subclass.
    7 @tscheepers/Starry-v1 Astronomy iOS app. The universe is a big place, and we’ve brought it to your fingertips. Discover and explore the night sky with your iPhone in hand. The app is clutter free, feature rich, and is everything you could wish for in a stargazing app. Starry v2 has ben released, a complete rewrite, faster with new features. ↗️
    6 @kluivers/stills2life Create a movie from a sequence of image stills
    5 @marlonandrade/MASimplestSemiModalV… The simplest Semi Modal implementation possible
    5 @xnyhps/NickColor Plugin for Adium which colors nicknames used in group chats with their sender's color.
    5 @kluivers/progress-example An example on how to use NSProgress functionality
    5 @hollance/MHOverlayWindow A simple example of how to make a UIWindow that appears on top of everything else, including the status bar.
    4 @sanekgusev/SGVBackgroundRunloop A gcd-like API for dispatching blocks onto a full-fledged runloop running on a background thread.
    3 @sanekgusev/SGVReachability Simple reachability wrapper for iOS.
    3 @sanekgusev/SGProxyingURLProtoco… An NSURLProtocol subclass for easy creation of pass-through URL protocols.
    3 @AvdLee/ImageCollectionViewe… Get FB Albums and show them in a gallery
    3 @leonardvandriel/Spati A caching layer for Objective-C.
    2 @tscheepers/Bubblesweeper Minesweeper game for iOS that uses the bubblewrap pattern.
    2 @sanekgusev/SGVAppearanceProxy An UIAppearance proxy wrapper to work around UIAppearance performance issues on iOS7.
    2 @AvdLee/UIControl-Blocks Use blocks with UIControls
    2 @0xPr0xy/iBeacon-Demo iBeacon Demo application
    2 @mac-cain13/ios-kenteken-formatt… Nederlandse kentekens formatten en valideren in je iOS project.
    2 @hollance/MHMetaColors Category that allows you to write, for example, [UIColor xFF3399] to make a new UIColor object with values #FF3399.
    2 @misato/DCIntrospectARC The DCIntrospect ARC & iOS6 compatible


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    899 @creaktive/rainbarf CPU/RAM/battery stats chart bar for tmux (and GNU screen) ↗️
    529 @gugod/App-perlbrew Manage perl installations in your $HOME ↗️
    230 @fglock/Perlito Perl 5 and Perl 6 compilers ↗️
    45 @yko/mojo.vim Vim syntax for mojo epl templates in Mojo projects ↗️
    37 @xsawyerx/perl-android-scripts Collection of Perl scripts (examples, programs) that run on Android using ASE
    29 @avar/irssi-bitlbee-facebo… A irssi script to rename nicks in bitlbee from e.g. "u1359078110" to "AEvarArnfjord" ↗️
    29 @gugod/bin Basically my ~/bin folder. [↗️](file:///Users/gugod/bin)
    25 @gugod/Hijk Specialized HTTP Client
    22 @xsawyerx/module-starter Module::Starter, a tool to help create solid Perl modules from scratch
    22 @gugod/Test-Continuous (Perl) Run your tests suite continusouly when developing. ↗️
    18 @gugod/git-authors Display authors in of the repository / files. ↗️
    17 @gugod/Seacan
    16 @xsawyerx/gitflux A Perl port of gitflow. Really? Yes, really!
    16 @gugod/perlrocks
    15 @xsawyerx/metacpan-api A comprehensive, DWIM-featured API to MetaCPAN ↗️
    14 @mbarbon/language-p An experimental Perl 5 parser/compiler written in Perl 5 ↗️
    14 @gugod/railsish A perl webapp framework with rails-like convention-based coding style.
    13 @gugod/Test-Cukes A BBD test tool inspired by Cucumber
    12 @rvosa/bio-phylo Bio::Phylo - Phyloinformatic analysis using Perl ↗️
    12 @gugod/markapl (Perl) Markup as Perl ↗️
    12 @avar/sendmail-pmilter Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol ↗️
    12 @Htbaa/WebService-Rackspace… Perl Interface to Rackspace Cloud Files service ↗️
    11 @avar/linode-etc The /etc configuration for ↗️
    11 @damog/www-tumblr Perl interface for the Tumblr API ↗️
    11 @gugod/jabbot The multipurpose bot.
    10 @ikruglov/HADaemon-Control Create init scripts for Perl high-available (HA) daemons
    9 @gugod/Doorman
    9 @gugod/acme-cpanauthors-tai… (Perl) We are Taiwanese CPAN Authors! ↗️
    9 @xsawyerx/task-dancer Dancer in a box
    8 @sitetechie/Avatar A simple yet nifty Avatar generator application ↗️
    8 @ikruglov/YAHC YAHC - Yet another HTTP client
    8 @gugod/rubyish-perl For writting perl code with some ruby feeling.
    7 @gugod/sssfs S3 file system
    7 @creaktive/LWP-Protocol-Net-Cur… the power of libcurl in the palm of your hands! ↗️
    7 @mickep76/distill Template engine using hierarchical substitution for Puppet through the ENC interface
    6 @xsawyerx/juno Asynchronous event-driven checking mechanism
    6 @gugod/ActiveResource The Perl implementation of ActiveResource ↗️
    6 @yko/mojolicious-plugin-n… Plugin to automake navigation tracking
    6 @yko/mojolicious-command-… Mojolicious application generator. Fat version
    6 @avar/bot-twatterhose Consume the Twitter firehose and babble to Twitter with Hailo ↗️
    6 @mbeijen/App-OTRS-CreateTicke… Create tickets in OTRS via the Ticket Connector from the command line (CLI).
    6 @nperez/psm POEx::Role::SessionInstantiation
    6 @sitetechie/BPM-Engine Business process execution engine ↗️
    5 @xsawyerx/acme-rafl-everywhere rafl is so everywhere, he has his own Acme module!
    5 @mbarbon/app-build Extend Module::Build to build/install/configure entire applications ↗️
    5 @creaktive/HTML-Untemplate web scraping assistant ↗️
    5 @xsawyerx/www-xkcd Synchronous and asynchronous interfaces to xkcd comics
    5 @gugod/patchperl-packing
    5 @gugod/net-redmine interact with remote redmine instance
    5 @nperez/reflexive-zmq A 0MQ socket suitable for consumption in a Reflexive app
    5 @gugod/self (Perl) Automatically have $self in your OO program ↗️
    5 @xsawyerx/ldtp Perl interface to LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project)
    5 @xsawyerx/data-collector Collect information from multiple sources - like Puppet's Facter
    5 @gugod/perl6ish (Perl) Some Perl6 programming in Perl5 code. ↗️
    4 @deepakg/Printer-HP-Display Change the ready message on HP laser printer ↗️
    4 @avar/dist-zilla-plugin-ve… The Dist::Zilla::Plugin::VersionFromPrev CPAN distribution
    4 @creaktive/Text-Fingerprint
    4 @xsawyerx/pakket
    4 @avar/template-javascript A JavaScript templating engine
    4 @xsawyerx/data-survey A survey system
    4 @xsawyerx/gup (G)it Back(up) - a Git-based backup utility
    4 @xsawyerx/app-genpass Quickly create secure passwords
    4 @gugod/graph-writer-graphvi… (Perl) Use GraphViz to render Graph. ↗️
    4 @xsawyerx/podcast-downloaders Scripts for downloading various podcasts
    4 @avar/dist-zilla-plugin-ma… Like Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker but can be subclassed
    4 @xsawyerx/cpang Gtk2-based GUI frontend to cpanm
    4 @nperez/pfsh POE::Filter::SimpleHTTP - A simple HTTP filter suitable for client or server implementations
    4 @xsawyerx/web-scraping Web scraping scripts
    4 @nperez/poex-role-psgiserver Encapsulated PSGI server behaviors for POE
    4 @yko/mojolicious-plugin-n… Plugin that helps Mojolicious run behind nginx
    4 @gugod/text-greeking-zh_tw (Perl) A module for generating meaningless Chinese text that creates the illusion of the finished document. ↗️
    4 @gugod/PerlX-MethodCallWith… A Perl extension to allow a bare block after method calls
    4 @gugod/dbix-cssquery A Perl DBI extension module to let you fetch data with CSS query syntax. ↗️
    4 @gugod/Javascript-Writer (Perl) JavaScript code generation from Perl. ↗️
    3 @damog/vitacilina feeds exporter
    3 @mbarbon/perl-remote-debuggin… Some custom modifications to the remote debugging client for Komodo IDE
    3 @mbarbon/alien-protobuf Alien module to find the library for Google ProtoBuf implementation
    3 @nperez/pxwp POEx::WorkerPool
    3 @mbarbon/audio-play-mplayer Frontend to play audio file using an external MPlayer process ↗️
    3 @xsawyerx/sys-hostip Sys::HostIP - Try extra hard to get ip address related info
    3 @xsawyerx/dancer-logger-spinne… Show a spinner in the console on Dancer log messages!
    3 @xsawyerx/regtag Tag MP3s using regular expression awesomesaucehoodness
    3 @xsawyerx/test-ping A Perl module for testing pings to hosts ↗️
    3 @xsawyerx/p5p-summaries Summary emails of p5p (Perl 5 Porters)
    3 @gugod/finance-bank-scsb-tw (Perl) Check Taiawn SCSB bank info ↗️
    3 @xsawyerx/data-document Unified document API
    3 @gugod/tgircbot telegram ↔ irc robot
    3 @nperez/metacpan-api-tiny A tiny version of MetaCPAN::API
    3 @gugod/p5iq Perl 5 code index / query /search ↗️
    3 @nperez/poke a daemon for monitoring things
    3 @gugod/youtube-download-boo…
    3 @nperez/cloudpan Never install (pure) Perl modules again
    3 @yko/mojox-cpan-uploader Mojo way uploading files to cpan
    3 @Htbaa/DateTime-Format-HTTP Date conversion routines for Perl 5 ↗️
    3 @damog/apache2-embedflv Apache2::EmbedFLV – Embed FLV videos into a templated web interface using Flowplayer. ↗️
    3 @nperez/pxt POEx::Types - MooseX::Types for a modern POE
    3 @yko/klog irc logger
    3 @nperez/data-morph Morph data from one source to another source
    3 @yko/monitis-api Perl interface to API
    3 @avar/bot-training Plain text training material for bots like Hailo and AI::MegaHAL
    3 @gugod/markapl-fromhtml Convert HTML to Markapl Perl code ↗️
    3 @avar/mediawiki-userinfo Parse MediaWiki's USERINFO directory ↗️
    3 @damog/Dancer-Template-Haml Dancer::Template::Haml
    3 @avar/osm-iceland-mkgmap
    3 @xsawyerx/poe-component-openss… Nonblocking SSH Component for POE using Net::OpenSSH
    3 @avar/app-inotify-hookable The App::Inotify::Hookable CPAN module
    3 @yko/mojolicious-example-… I've been asked few times about ajax example
    3 @jwrdegoede/sunxi-kernel-config Fedora's kernel .config files with a10 config added
    2 @xsawyerx/dancer-session-kioku… KiokuDB Dancer session backend
    2 @damog/data-format-html Format Perl data structures into simple HTML ↗️
    2 @damog/File-MimeInfo-Simple Simple implementation to determine file type ↗️
    2 @damog/Net-Domain-ES-ccTLD Lookup for country names given the TLD code (¡en Español!)
    2 @yko/util-yko yko's util
    2 @damog/apache2-embedmp3 Apache2::EmbedMP3 – Embed MP3 audio files into a templated web interface using WP Audio Player ↗️
    2 @yko/module-starter-pbp Create a module as recommended in "Perl Best Practices"
    2 @creaktive/CrawlerBadPractices Como fazer um crawler ineficiente
    2 @creaktive/AnyEvent-Net-Curl-Qu… Any::Moose wrapper for queued downloads via Net::Curl & AnyEvent ↗️
    2 @deepakg/bitbar-pomodoro A simple Pomodoro timer plugin for BitBar.
    2 @mbeijen/GD-Barcode Release history of GD-Barcode ↗️
    2 @damog/apache2-archive Port of Apache::Archive into mod_perl 2
    2 @mbeijen/File-MimeInfo Determine file types with various mechanisms ↗️
    2 @mbarbon/mac-quickbundle Simple Mac OS X bundle creation
    2 @b10m/p5-Business-PostNL (Perl) Calculate Dutch (TNT Post) shipping costs ↗️
    2 @mbarbon/wx-perl-listctrl A sensible API for Wx::ListCtrl ↗️
    2 @b10m/p5-Acme-Terror-NL (Perl) Fetch the current NL terror alert level ↗️
    2 @mbarbon/statistics-centralmo… One-pass computation of central moments
    2 @rvosa/img-classify Proof of concept demonstrating identification of specimens using an artificial neural network
    2 @mbarbon/devel-statprofiler-c… Continuously aggregate and regenerate Devel::StatProfiler profiles
    2 @tonk/markdown A patched version of John Gruber's Markdown language
    2 @mbarbon/dbgp-client Simple Perl client for the DBGp protocol (
    2 @avar/app-quotecc Compile a quotes file (currently YAML or Fortune) to a standalone C program
    2 @mbarbon/wx-spice A GUI application framework for pluggable/modular applications
    2 @avar/dist-zilla-pluginbun… The Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::AVAR CPAN distribution
    2 @nperez/mongodbx-autoderef Automagically dereference DBRefs upon access
    2 @avar/App-OpenStreetMapIs-… The website ↗️
    2 @nperez/cpan-common-index A common index API for CPAN
    2 @avar/gps My GPX tracks ↗️
    2 @nperez/ DFW Perl Mongers site generator
    2 @avar/net-fcp-tiny Tiny interface to the Freenode Client Protocol version 2
    2 @nperez/document-transform Fetch and transform documents from a NoSQL source.
    2 @avar/osm2sqlite Fork of Jochen Plumeyer's from ↗️
    2 @nperez/Glob Git Library of Backpan
    2 @avar/taint-util Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval()
    2 @nperez/pfxrpc POE::Filter::XML::RPC - A XMLRPC protocal abstraction filter for POE
    2 @avar/linux-smaps-tiny A tiny and fast alternative to Linux::Smaps that does what booking needs
    2 @nperez/pfx POE::Filter::XML - A POE Filter for parsing XML
    2 @avar/misc-scripts miscellaneous unloved scripts I use
    2 @nperez/pcps POEx::PubSub - A second generation publish/subscribe module for POE::Sessions to use to communicate events.
    2 @avar/www-scraper-wolframa… A scraper for WolframAlpha
    2 @xsawyerx/template-plugin-xkcd A Template::Toolkit xkcd plugin using WWW::xkcd
    2 @avar/flickr-upload
    2 @xsawyerx/perlbal-plugin-sessi… Sane session affinity (sticky sessions) for Perlbal
    2 @avar/re-engine-pcre The re::engine::PCRE wrapper for using PCRE in Perl
    2 @xsawyerx/dancer-template-tiny Template::Tiny backend to Dancer
    2 @avar/data-localize-railsy The Data::Localize::Railsy CPAN distribution
    2 @xsawyerx/net-wot Access Web of Trust (WOT) API in Perl
    2 @avar/hailo-ui-web Catalyst and jQuery powered web interface for Hailo ↗️
    2 @xsawyerx/authorize-rule Rule-based authorization mechanism
    2 @avar/pre-receive-reject-b… A configurable stand-alone Git hook to reject pushes of binary data
    2 @yko/mojolicious-plugin-l… Plugin to manage css and js


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3584 @barryvdh/laravel-debugbar Laravel Debugbar (Integrates PHP Debug Bar)
    3441 @barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper Laravel IDE Helper
    1569 @gabordemooij/redbean ORM layer that creates models, config and database on the fly ↗️
    922 @barryvdh/laravel-dompdf A DOMPDF Wrapper for Laravel
    794 @barryvdh/laravel-cors Adds CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) headers support in your Laravel application
    553 @dannyvankooten/AltoRouter PHP5.3+ Routing Class. Lightweight yet extremely flexible. Supports REST, dynamic and reversed routing. ↗️
    473 @barryvdh/laravel-translation-… Manage Laravel translation files
    368 @dannyvankooten/PHP-Router Simple PHP Router class (supports REST and reverse routing)
    364 @barryvdh/laravel-snappy Laravel Snappy PDF
    237 @barryvdh/laravel-elfinder elFinder bundle for Laravel 4
    226 @danslo/ApiImport Boilerplate between the Magento API and ImportExport, so that you can do fast Array/XMLRPC/SOAP based product imports.
    212 @barryvdh/laravel-httpcache Laravel HTTP Cache
    198 @barryvdh/laravel-migration-ge… Generate migrations based on existing tables
    152 @matthiasnoback/symfony-console-form Use Symfony forms for Console command input
    141 @barryvdh/laravel-vendor-clean… L4 Vendor Cleanup Command
    137 @kvz/system_daemon Discontinued. All the boilerplate required to daemonize php ↗️
    123 @ShawnMcCool/database-backup A database backup package.
    107 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-form-base-mo… A base model for forms.
    104 @barryvdh/laravel-async-queue Laravel Async Queue Driver
    90 @matthiasnoback/SymfonyDependencyInj… Library for testing user classes related to the Symfony Dependency Injection Component
    82 @frankdejonge/Monga MongoDB Abstaction UNMAINTAINED, go here -> ↗️
    81 @ceeram/clear_cache clear cakephp caches with shell or within your app, also includes debugkit panel to clean caches
    73 @matthiasnoback/SymfonyConfigTest
    71 @danslo/Danslo_Aop Bringing aspect oriented programming to Magento.
    70 @matthiasnoback/symfony-service-defi… A set of tools for validating Symfony service definitions.
    69 @rosstuck/TuckConverterBundle Adds the Symfony2 command container:convert which converts service config files to other formats
    69 @rdohms/dms-filter Library that offers Input Filtering based on Annotations for use with Objects. Check out for 2.0 pre-release. ↗️
    56 @dannyvankooten/wp-plugin-profiler Basic profiler for WordPress plugins. Measures response times with and without a given plugin activated.
    54 @matthiasnoback/symfony-bundle-plugi… Allow Symfony bundles to have plugins
    53 @rosstuck/tactician [Moved to thephpleague\tactician] A small, pluggable command bus. ↗️
    53 @barryvdh/laravel-twigbridge Laravel TwigBridge
    50 @matthiasnoback/random-disaster-bund… ProjectBundle a.k.a. RandomDisasterBundle
    50 @dannyvankooten/edd-helpscout Easy Digital Downloads integration for HelpScout. A WordPress Plugin.
    49 @rdohms/dms-filter-bundle Provides a FilterService for Symfony to allow users to implement input filtering in entities using Annotations
    49 @joostvanveen/php-oop-fundamentals This repository accompanies the Tuts+ course PHP OOP Fundamentals
    48 @markoheijnen/wp-db-driver
    47 @WanWizard/sparks-datamapper CodeIgniter Sparks Package for Datamapper ORM ↗️
    44 @barryvdh/laravel-omnipay Omnipay ServiceProvider for Laravel
    44 @rdohms/meetup-api-client Guzzle powered API Client
    43 @kvz/cakephp-elasticsearc… Discontinued. CakePHP plugin for Elasticsearch: the Open Source, Distributed, RESTful, Search Engine ↗️
    43 @gabordemooij/stamp Stamp is a template system for clean HTML only templates, no foreign syntax required. ↗️
    43 @frankdejonge/Poser Composer Class Aliassing
    42 @frankdejonge/Cabinet Cabinet DBAL. [NO LONGER MAINTAINED]
    41 @frankdejonge/locked-console-comma… Command locking from Symfony/Laravel Console commands.
    39 @matthiasnoback/badges Package which will receive many nice badges
    39 @joostvanveen/build-a-cms-with-cod… Source code for the Tutsplus course 'Build a CMS with Codeigniter'
    38 @MichMich/laravel-mandrill A LaravelPHP package for working w/ Mandrill.
    38 @matthiasnoback/convenient-immutabil… Make objects initially inconsistent, yet eventually immutable
    38 @barryvdh/composer-cleanup-plu… Composer plugin for cleaning up unused files from packages.
    37 @rdohms/DMS Component library ↗️
    36 @barryvdh/laravel-security Laravel Security
    35 @markoheijnen/tabify-edit-screen Enable tabs in the edit screen and manage them from the back-end.
    34 @danslo/Magento-HHVM-Module-… Magento installation with a bunch of modules that I test on HHVM.
    34 @Mark-H/VersionX2 Resource & Element Versioning Extra for MODX Revolution (supports 2.2 and up). Extends the core in a future-proof manner to keep copies of every change to resources, templates, template variables, chunks, snippets and plugins. ↗️
    31 @ceeram/GoogleAuthenticate
    30 @joostvanveen/Getting-started-with… This is the source code to accompany the Tuts+ course Getting started with Laravel 4
    28 @WanWizard/Datamapper DataMapper is an Object Relational Mapper for PHP.
    27 @ceeram/blame Abandoned: Use muffin/footprint instead ↗️
    27 @coenjacobs/wordpress-composer-i…
    27 @wouterj/fred A simple PHP task runner based on Iterators
    26 @barryvdh/laravel-assetic Assetic ServiceProvider for Laravel
    26 @joostvanveen/codeigniter-best-pra… Source code for the Tutsplus course 'Codeigniter best practises'
    25 @dannyvankooten/plugin-endpoints Register URL endpoints for which only certain WordPress plugins are enabled.
    25 @matthiasnoback/high-quality-bundles… The "Symfony Standard Edition" adapted for my High Quality Bundles workshop
    23 @joostvanveen/php-security-pitfall… Code repository for Tutsplus course PHP Security Pitfalls
    22 @renan/CakePHP-XHProf Plugin that quickly enables XHProf profiling for your CakePHP application. ↗️
    21 @danslo/HiphopIndexer Magento module that ensures only specific modules are loaded when requests are made through HHVM and when they match a specific request path.
    21 @matthiasnoback/broadway-serializati… Serialization helpers for Broadway
    21 @WanWizard/fuel-nestedsets Do not use! Fuel's ORM now has built-in support for nested sets!
    20 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-closure-comp… Closure-compiler bundle for Laravel.
    20 @matthiasnoback/simple-bus Warning: this project has been moved to its own organization and the package has been split. Please take a look at its new location: ↗️
    20 @matthiasnoback/microsoft-translator PHP library for making calls to the Microsoft Translator V2 API
    20 @barryvdh/laravel-stack-middle… Stack Middleware for Laravel 5
    20 @matthiasnoback/LazyServicesBundle
    20 @matthiasnoback/doctrine-orm-value-o… A library for using value objects inside Doctrine entities
    18 @kvz/eventcache Discontinued. PHP caching & invalidation for the lazy coder
    18 @Mark-H/importX Addon for MODX Revolution which will take your CSV Formatted files (or raw paste) and transforms it into resources. Funded by Working Party (digital agency based in Sydney, @workingparty) ↗️
    18 @danslo/LibraryRewrite Allows you to rewrite Magento libraries without copying them entirely.
    18 @ceeram/wsdl Soap made simple again, build a classmap off the wsdl and connect with the Wsdl datasource and CakePHP
    18 @Mark-H/ClientConfig ClientConfig is a MODX Revolution Extra to allow clients to maintain settings in a user friendly way. ↗️
    17 @markoheijnen/WP_Image
    17 @Mark-H/EvoGallery MODX Evolution gallery addon
    17 @markoheijnen/wp-no-taxonomy-base This is a WordPress plugin that will remove the base slug of certain custom taxonomies.
    17 @wouterj/WouterJEloquentBundl… Integrates the Eloquent ORM in the Symfony framework
    16 @barryvdh/elfinder-flysystem-d… elFinder driver for Flysystem
    16 @low/low.nospam.ee_addon Spam prevention add-on for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    16 @ceeram/EmailLogger Email engine for CakeLog, CakePHP 2.x
    15 @ShawnMcCool/tdd-kata This repository is a PHP-based starter-kit for TDD Kata.
    15 @fahad19/cakephp-bower 🐤 CakePHP Plugin for Twitter Bower ↗️
    14 @danslo/MigrationHelper Migration Helper is a Magento module that helps you by automatically generating database migrations for backend configuration changes.
    14 @low/low_freeform_field ExpressionEngine Custom Fieldtype to select a Freeform Field
    14 @fahad19/clear_cache CakePHP plugin/shell for deleting cache files ↗️
    14 @dannyvankooten/wp-cdn-loader Loads WordPress assets from a CDN instead of of local server.
    13 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-vanilla-inte… A Vanilla Forums Integration Bundle for Laravel Applications
    13 @markoheijnen/Improved-image-edito… All cool goodies WordPress core maybe should have
    13 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-eloquent-bas… An Eloquent base model for Laravel.
    13 @coenjacobs/wc-bundle-style-coup… WordPress plugin: Make WooCommerce coupons require a set of products to be in the cart before being applied. ↗️
    13 @Mark-H/SubscribeMe SubscribeMe is a subscriptions extra for MODX Revolution, integrated with PayPal and the MODX Security stuff. ↗️
    12 @matthiasnoback/phpunit-asynchronici… Library for asserting things that happen asynchronously with PHPUnit
    12 @matthiasnoback/code-sniffer-sniff-d… DSL for writing sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer
    12 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-presentable Presenter classes for Laravel
    12 @low/low_options An ExpressionEngine add-on to display channel field list items or options
    12 @low/low_replace Low Replace for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    12 @dannyvankooten/laravel-vat EU VAT library for Laravel
    11 @fahad19/social_bookmarks Croogo plugin for showing graphical social bookmark links ↗️
    11 @Mark-H/MenuExtended MenuExtended is a simple menu builder for MODX Revolution.. with some extended functionality which explains the name. :)
    11 @renan/CakePHP-Bootstrap
    11 @Mark-H/Tweetalyzer Tweetalyzer uses the public Twitter Search API to fetch tweet with your search, analyzes them with a customied version of James Hennessey's phpInsight Sentiment Analysis class and displays the tweet with a funny emoticon.
    10 @wouterj/shift-php A very simple, Event Driven, MOVE oriented PHP Framework
    10 @rdohms/dms-twig-extension-b… DMS Twig Extension Bundle, leverages Fabien Potencier's extra twig extensions for your website.
    10 @low/low_list Low List for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    10 @rosstuck/sort Syntatic sugar for sorting in PHP
    10 @markoheijnen/wp-mysqli Database layer for mysqli
    10 @low/low_widont Low Widon't for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    10 @frankdejonge/doctrine-query-speci… Specification based querying for Doctrine2
    9 @barryvdh/laravel-form-bridge Laravel Bridge for the Symfony Form Component
    9 @sahildua2305/duckduckgo-ia-search 💬 Slash command for searching Instant Answers right from the chat window on Slack
    9 @ShawnMcCool/using-doctrine Simple Doctrine Examples
    9 @danslo/WebsiteLimit Restrict Magento admin users to a specific website.
    9 @matthiasnoback/ConsoleCommandGenera… Bundle for generating Symfony2 commands
    9 @fahad19/themes Themes for Croogo CMS ↗️
    9 @coenjacobs/rickroll-admin-login WordPress plugin: Redirects the user trying to log in with 'admin' as username, to the world famous Rickroll video on YouTube.
    9 @low/low_title Low Title for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    9 @low/low_seg2cat Low Seg2Cat for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    9 @mvriel/p1ng Enterprise Issue tracker in PHP
    9 @Mark-H/VersionX A complete rewrite of VersionX is available from a different repository! ↗️
    9 @low/low_nospam ExpressionEngine 2.x add-on to fight site spam with Akismet ↗️
    9 @ceeram/user CakePHP User plugin, with row based auth/acl checks
    8 @Mark-H/StatusPage A simple, standalone, PHP status page.
    8 @Mark-H/getRelated getRelated is a Snippet for MODX Revolution that will automatically find related pages based on fields you specify. ↗️
    8 @danslo/Rubic_Cache_Backend_… Aerospike Cache Backend for Magento.
    8 @sahildua2305/tweetogram Twitter API Demonstration
    8 @matthiasnoback/leanpub-api-client
    8 @markoheijnen/wordpress-mu-domain-… Map any blog/site on a WordPressMU or WordPress 3.X network to an external domain.
    8 @rdohms/ManoWars Sample code for teaching about Unit Tests and TDD
    8 @fahad19/markdown Markdown plugin for Croogo ↗️
    8 @dannyvankooten/smtp-mailer A WordPress plugin that configures wp_mail to use SMTP.
    8 @markoheijnen/WP-Translate-Theme The theme behind WP Translate. It's uses the power of Bootstrap. ↗️
    7 @rosstuck/DoctrineEventStore
    7 @WanWizard/Datamapper-ci DataMapper third party package for CodeIgniter
    7 @low/low_reorder_vt Low Reorder variable type for Low Variables - ExpressionEngine Add-ons
    7 @low/low_regex Twig preg_replace filter for Craft CMS
    7 @mvriel/phpCodeControl Commit / SCM inspection tool aimed at PHP Projects
    7 @matthiasnoback/leanpub-sampler A simple script for generating samples for Leanpub books
    7 @fahad19/li3_css Lithium library for introducing new CSS features ↗️
    7 @low/low_likes
    7 @matthiasnoback/symfony-controller-a… Helper library for creating event listeners that influence a Symfony application flow based on annotations
    6 @markoheijnen/WordPress-Karuta The best card game in the WORLD
    6 @matthiasnoback/domstreamwrapper A PHP stream wrapper for modifying DOM node values using traditional file manipulation functions
    6 @low/low.cp.ee_addon ExpressionEngine Control Panel tweaks ↗️
    6 @markoheijnen/Improved-Heartbeat
    6 @low/low_random Low Random for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    6 @Mark-H/MODX-CMP-Defaults This is an ongoing effort into setting up a blank slate to develop a CMP of. If it helps you, cool! Feel free to suggest or discuss other tactics. And yes, I know modExtra exists - but that's too much for me. :)
    6 @MichMich/laravel-webcap A Laravel bundle: Provides a very simple way to capture website screenshots.
    6 @dannyvankooten/wp-mail-in-backgroun… Process emails sent by wp_mail in a "background queue".
    6 @sahildua2305/A-B-testing-PHP A light-weight and modular framework written in PHP that automates A/B testing
    6 @low/low_search_tag Low Search and Solspace Tag compatibility
    6 @dannyvankooten/shortnr Shortnr: a simple file-based url shortener in PHP, managed on the command line.
    6 @rosstuck/dsqueue A proof-of-concept queue lib that abstracts the difference in queue backends
    6 @matthiasnoback/workshop-unit-testin… Accompanying project for my PHPUnit workshop
    6 @mvriel/… Experimental shell on top of API v2 ↗️
    6 @markoheijnen/wp-i18n-team-crawler ↗️
    5 @barryvdh/OAuth PSR2 compliant OAuth 1.0 library based on Andy Smith's OAuth library here:…
    5 @gabordemooij/RB4Plugins Plugins for RedBeanPHP4
    5 @Mark-H/FirstChildRedirect FirstChildRedirect updated for MODX 2.1 and beyond.
    5 @danslo/pear2modman Converts PEAR modules from Magento Connect to a modman module.
    5 @low/lowblocks
    5 @low/low_nice_date Low Nice Date for ExpressionEngine 2.x ↗️
    5 @matthiasnoback/MicrosoftTranslatorB… Symfony2 bundle for the microsoft-translator PHP library
    5 @WanWizard/fuel-simplepie FuelPHP package which implements the SimplePie RSS classes
    5 @jariz/ChannelBot A reddit bot that posts the newest uploaded videos to subreddits.
    5 @sahildua2305/browser-tail-log A php application for serving tail -F output to the browser.
    5 @coenjacobs/symfony-vardumper Brings the Symfony VarDumper component to your WordPress installation. ↗️
    5 @Mark-H/EventManager There's better components for Events in MODX now - leaving up the source just in case, but I strongly suggest using EventsX or mxCalendar instead. EventManager is not going to be supported in favour of other components. ↗️
    5 @defries/genesis-translations WordPress plugin to translate the Genesis Framework
    4 @low/low_author ExpressionEngine add-on to add the entry's author's screen name as a searchable channel field.
    4 @renan/email_reply_parser Small library to parse plain text email content and identify fragments of quoted texts, signature or original body content.
    4 @wouterj/PHPbench A small libary that tests your code.
    4 @wouterj/docbot A linter tool for documentations using the Symfony Doc Standards
    4 @dannyvankooten/wordpress-recent-fac… Recent Facebook Posts for WordPress
    4 @rdohms/Tweester A Wordpress plugin to display lists of users who have tweeted a define phrase, useful to display a list of supporters on your site.
    4 @jariz/2stepauth MyBB plugin that provides 2 step authentication trough Google Authenticator.
    4 @frankdejonge/Calculator Calculator
    4 @fahad19/cakephp-stitch Stitch your JavaScript files as CommonJS for the browser ↗️
    4 @markoheijnen/post-format-ui
    4 @markoheijnen/Minit-Pro
    4 @rdohms/chainlink Drop-in implementation of the Chain of Responsibility pattern
    4 @rosstuck/doctrine-playground A handy, dandy sandbox for playing with Doctrine 2.5
    4 @jariz/RedditOAuth A really basic Reddit OAuth library. Still space for expansion.
    4 @kvz/cakephp-ipv6-plugin Discontinued. Plugin-wrapped CakePHP behavior to work with IPv6 addresses with efficient MySQL storage
    3 @defries/Genesis-Admin-Bar-Ad… Making use of the new WordPress 3.1 admin bar this plugin adds an extra menu to your Admin Bar. The links are resources related to the Genesis Framework. The menus are translatable and the output of the menu is now filterable. Via this filter any plugin or child theme for the Genesis Framework can add it's own menu to the Genesis Admin Bar menu. ↗️
    3 @sahildua2305/village-connect Making internet available to people with no internet connection ↗️
    3 @Mark-H/ContextRouter ContextRouter is a simple plug-and-play plugin allowing you to use different contexts, and, based on the http_host context settings you need to set anyway, it routes your front-end requests as required.
    3 @Mark-H/RapidNewProject Very early dev. See readme for more information on what this is.
    3 @Mark-H/SocialSuite [unsupported] SocialSuite is a collection of snippets and other useful tools to integrate social media with your MODX Revolution website.
    3 @dannyvankooten/edd-alexa-site-ranki… Builds a database of Alexa site rankings from sites activated through Easy Digital Downloads - Software Licensing.
    3 @skoop/Stefan-Koopmanschap-… A toolbox of tools and scripts used by Stefan Koopmanschap
    3 @WanWizard/fuel-ideal FuelPHP package for Dutch iDEAL bank payments
    3 @markoheijnen/WordPress-contributi…
    3 @rdohms/superfeedr-api-clien… API Client for the Superfeedr Service, based on Guzzle.
    3 @mvriel/ngem Nothing to see here yet; move along :)
    3 @fahad19/wiki Croogo's wiki
    3 @ceeram/validati18n Internationalised Validation Behavior, validate behavior for CakePHP 1.2
    2 @markoheijnen/multimedia-box
    2 @mvriel/docblock-lexer Temporary repository for constructing a new PSR-5 compatible Lexer to read PHPDoc Blocks
    2 @mvriel/joindin-api-client
    2 @markoheijnen/WP-CLI-Language
    2 @mvriel/TextToLatex
    2 @skoop/Gesichtbuch Code of the symfony workshop I've done at Symfony Day Cologne 2010
    2 @skoop/MediTerra An application to manage your Windows Azure Storage ↗️
    2 @Mark-H/TaggingAtoZ TaggingAtoZ is a MODX Revo snippet that lists tags from a number of TVs into an alphabetical, grouped list.
    2 @coenjacobs/woocommerce-debug-ba… WordPress plugin: Adds a WooCommerce debug panel to the Debug Bar plugin.
    2 @coenjacobs/p2-channels
    2 @Mark-H/Domaineer Domaineer is a MODX Revolution plugin that you can use to set domain-specific settings and/or placeholders. See the Readme for more information. ↗️
    2 @ShawnMcCool/old-lio the old nextversion used to learn about some patterns (eventually dumped)
    2 @sahildua2305/Local-tweet-map Local Tweet Map : Visualize the most recent tweets within 1-mile radius of your current location
    2 @jariz/MentionBot Reddit bot that monitors all posts and checks if a user gets mentioned, then PMs mentioned user
    2 @markoheijnen/wp-polls Adds an AJAX poll system to your WordPress blog. You can also easily add a poll into your WordPress's blog post/page.
    2 @ShawnMcCool/laravel-slugs An automated slug system for Laravel 4.
    2 @markoheijnen/YouTube-DJ Be a DJ with the YouTube DJ Gear. ↗️
    2 @ShawnMcCool/equipment-rental an exercise in modeling
    2 @markoheijnen/gmagick-editor
    2 @wouterj/Bundleless
    2 @markoheijnen/CloudVPS-Object-Stor…
    2 @sahildua2305/resume-host Application for hosting resume online and access with one simple and memorable link
    2 @markoheijnen/OpenSesh
    2 @dannyvankooten/wp-campaign-monitor Campaign Monitor for WordPress.
    2 @Mark-H/CamperManagement A custom development addon for managing camper inventory. ↗️
    2 @renan/php-bacula-config
    2 @ceeram/FormTitles AutoFill html attribute 'title' for input and input labels
    2 @rosstuck/BIG-Register A few classes for connecting to the Dutch BIG-Register (health care professionals)
    2 @Mark-H/Notify404 Notify404 is a utitlity plugin that notifies you per email when a page not found is served on your MODX Revolution powered website.
    2 @rdohms/ugDirectory Application meant to manage a list of User Groups and their information ↗️
    2 @markoheijnen/Polyglots Allows to connect your site to and other GlotPress installation
    2 @defries/404-redirected
    2 @rdohms/PHPSP-Promos Site irmão do Blog do PHPSP com sistemas relacionados a diferentes ações do grupo, por exemplo: Sou PHPSP e Contribuo. ↗️
    2 @low/low.safe_encode.ee2_… Low Safe Encode for ExpressionEngine 2.x
    2 @defries/WooThemes-Admin-Bar-… Admin Bar Addition with WooThemes Resources links ↗️
    2 @matthiasnoback/symfony-dependency-i… Sandbox project for a Symfony Dependency Injection workshop
    2 @low/low_search_safeguard An ExpressionEngine add-on to add basic anti-spam measures to Low Search.
    2 @matthiasnoback/amqp-integration-pat… For now: a playground
    2 @low/low_yearly_archives Low Yearly Archives for ExpressionEngine ↗️
    2 @matthiasnoback/MicrosoftTranslatorS… Silex service provider for using the Microsoft Translator V2 API
    2 @low/low_link Wiki-style links for ExpressionEngine 2 ↗️
    2 @matthiasnoback/php-coding-dojo Empty project which can be used in a PHP and PHPUnit-oriented coding dojo
    2 @markoheijnen/BuddyPress-Meetup


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    8838 @faif/python-patterns A collection of design patterns/idioms in Python
    3115 @nvie/rq Simple job queues for Python ↗️
    2474 @pennersr/django-allauth Integrated set of Django applications addressing authentication, registration, account management as well as 3rd party (social) account authentication. ↗️
    1674 @nvie/pip-tools A set of tools to keep your pinned Python dependencies fresh.
    398 @nvie/times Times and time zones in Python with a focus on best practices. ↗️
    313 @dokterbob/django-newsletter An email newsletter application for the Django web application framework, including an extended admin interface, web (un)subscription, dynamic e-mail templates, an archive and HTML email support.
    306 @FSX/momoko Wraps (asynchronous) Psycopg2 for Tornado. ↗️
    192 @proycon/pynlpl PyNLPl, pronounced as 'pineapple', is a Python library for Natural Language Processing. It contains various modules useful for common, and less common, NLP tasks. PyNLPl can be used for basic tasks such as the extraction of n-grams and frequency lists, and to build simple language model. There are also more complex data types and algorithms. Moreover, there are parsers for file formats common in NLP (e.g. FoLiA/Giza/Moses/ARPA/Timbl/CQL). There are also clients to interface with various NLP specific servers. PyNLPl most notably features a very extensive library for working with FoLiA XML (Format for Linguistic Annotation). ↗️
    154 @joepie91/python-whois A python module for retrieving and parsing WHOIS data
    142 @bcambel/pythonhackers
    124 @alonsovidales/facebook-programming… This is a compilation of possible questions to be solved in order to be hired by Facebook
    121 @ralphm/wokkel Wokkel is collection of enhancements on top of the Twisted networking framework, written in Python. It mostly provides a testing ground for enhancements to the Jabber/XMPP protocol implementation as found in Twisted Words, that are meant to eventually move there. ↗️
    114 @dokterbob/django-agenda An event agenda application for Django 1.0+.
    101 @nvie/vim-rst-tables Easily create and reformat your RST (reStructuredText) tables as you change cell content.
    86 @pennersr/django-jhouston Houston, we have a Javascript problem
    78 @nvie/cookiecutter-python-…
    56 @ttsiodras/utils Short shell/perl/python utils I wrote that I use every day.
    53 @dokterbob/django-popularity A generic view- and popularity tracking pluggable for Django.
    51 @nvie/vim-pyunit Plugin enabling advanced unit test support inside your favorite editor.
    48 @faassen/bowerstatic Serve Bower-managed static resources using WSGI
    46 @bow/volt Versatile static website generator ↗️
    45 @laanwj/decuda Decuda and cudasm, the CUDA binary utilities package ↗️
    45 @nvie/SimpleAES AES-256 encryption and decryption in Python for mere mortals.
    43 @nvie/django-gravatar Fork of (2010/10/22)
    43 @nvie/python-fu Python command line tools, for increased fu. ↗️
    40 @pennersr/django-pagemore KISS approach to a "Load more" style AJAX paginator
    36 @dokterbob/django-multilingual-… Django Simple Multilingual Support for Models.
    33 @proycon/clam Quickly turn command-line applications into RESTful webservices with a web-application front-end. You provide a specification of your command line application, its input, output and parameters, and CLAM wraps around your application to form a fully fledged RESTful webservice. ↗️
    32 @gr33ndata/irlib Information Retrieval Library (in Python) ↗️
    32 @pennersr/django-trackstats Keep track of your statistics
    32 @pennersr/netwell Checker to determine if all is well
    30 @specialunderwear/django-easymode Quickly build backends for flash/flex websites with Django.
    27 @jimmykane/SiriServerCorePlugin… SiriServerCore - Plugins Contributed by community ↗️
    26 @faassen/graphql-wsgi Python WSGI based GraphQL server
    24 @brocaar/flask-views Class-based views for Flask ↗️
    24 @proycon/folia FoLiA: Format for Linguistic Annotation - FoLiA is a rich XML-based annotation format for the representation of language resources (including corpora) with linguistic annotations. A wide variety of linguistic annotations are support, making FoLiA a useful format for NLP tasks and data interchange. Note that the actual Python library for processing FoLiA is implemented as part of PyNLPl, this contains higher-level tools that use the library as well as the full documentation, validation schemas, and set definitions ↗️
    20 @bow/abifpy Module for reading ABI Sanger sequencing trace files
    19 @dokterbob/django-portfolio An artist's portfolio as a pluggable Django app.
    18 @dokterbob/satchmo Satchmo is an ecommerce framework built on the Django framework. (BitBucket mirror) ↗️
    18 @fbkarsdorp/diachronic-text-anal… Diachronic text analysis in Python
    18 @nvie/vim_bridge A Python-to-Vim bridge decorator that allows transparent calls to Python functions in native Vim scripts.
    17 @jimmykane/gae-voting-ajax-exam… An example on how to use AJAX with Google App Engine
    16 @nvie/pluck General-purpose function to pluck fields from an iterable's values. ↗️
    14 @dokterbob/django-project-base A project base template for personal use. Features include djangologging and a smart file.
    14 @nvie/dictmerge Merge dicts without mutating them.
    14 @brocaar/django-i18nurls Translate URL patterns and prefix URLs with language-code. ↗️
    14 @Habbie/ip6-arpa-scan scanner
    13 @Mechazawa/Nimdok A fully featured modular IRC bot
    12 @nvie/new_workers
    12 @nvie/git-it Git issue tracker
    12 @FSX/akane An(other) asynchronous Redis client for Tornado.
    12 @ralphm/idavoll Idavoll is an implementation of a generic publish-subscribe service component for Jabber servers, as described in XEP-0060, written in Python using the Twisted networking framework. ↗️
    12 @nvie/python-drainers Event-based draining of process output ↗️
    12 @dokterbob/django-simplesite A simple pseudo-static site app with menu, submenu and pages.
    11 @bow/crimson Bioinformatics tool outputs converter to JSON or YAML
    11 @proycon/python-ucto This is a Python binding to the tokenizer Ucto. Tokenisation is one of the first step in almost any Natural Language Processing task, yet it is not always as trivial a task as it appears to be. This binding makes the power of the ucto tokeniser available to Python. Ucto itself is regular-expression based, extensible, and advanced tokeniser written in C++ (
    10 @dokterbob/django-guestbook A simple guestbook application for Django, based largely on the contributed comments application ↗️
    10 @specialunderwear/django-finegrained-p… Permissions per field instead of per model for django
    10 @gr33ndata/NLP_GDGCairo2013 Code used in my presentation in GDG Cairo about Natural Language Processing in Python
    10 @dokterbob/django-shopkit A toolkit for building customized webshop applications, for 'perfectionists with deadlines'. ↗️
    10 @pennersr/django-cooki18n Django's builtin i18n support stores the selected language in the session, cooki18n uses cookies instead.
    9 @laanwj/urbit-tools Various urbit tools and libraries
    9 @pennersr/pulsus A Push Notification Service, written in Python, handling Apple APNS, and Google GCM.
    8 @goossaert/prince Extra-light API for using Hadoop with Python
    8 @ttsiodras/Youtube-Video-Annota… Youtube Video Annotations Player ↗️
    8 @bow/pytest-pipeline Pytest plugin for functional testing of data analysis pipelines
    8 @proycon/python-frog Python bindings to the dutch NLP tool Frog (pos tagger, lemmatiser, NER tagger, morphological analysis, shallow parser, dependency parser)
    8 @nl5887/python-haproxy
    7 @jimmykane/Roque-Dns-Server A python Roque Dns server with DNS resolving on running host
    7 @laanwj/bitcoin-submittx Stand-alone Bitcoin transaction submission tool
    7 @sander1/YifySubtitles.bundle
    7 @sander1/EyeTV.bundle ↗️
    6 @Mechazawa/whatbetter-crawler A fork of whatbetter that can run autonomously
    6 @laanwj/hw2view Viewer for Relic Entertainment Homeworld 2 backgrounds
    6 @nvie/BKrypt Thin wrapper around the bcrypt library.
    6 @joepie91/image-disc A small utility to batch-create archived images of CDs/DVDs on Linux.
    6 @FSX/animelist (not maintained) AnimeList is an desktop application for written in Python (and PyGTK). It includes (anime) list management and a search function.
    6 @sander1/Dreambox.bundle
    6 @proycon/pbmbmt Phrase-based Memory-based Machine Translation ↗️
    6 @laanwj/gecko-zenoss Zenoss Events Geckoboard Widget
    6 @fbkarsdorp/mbmp Memory-based Morphological Parsing
    5 @goossaert/algorithms Various algorithms and code samples
    5 @joepie91/pytahoe Python module for working with the Tahoe-LAFS filesystem.
    5 @dokterbob/django-accesscontrol Generic IP, host and rate-based access control midware for Django.
    5 @Mechazawa/Illuminati-detector ↗️
    5 @compleatang/Legal-Snippets-Subli… Snippets for Creating Legal Documents within Sublime Text Editor.
    5 @joepie91/emailparser Parser and HTML renderer for .eml files.
    5 @proycon/python-timbl python-timbl, originally developed by Sander Canisius, is a Python extension module wrapping the full TiMBL C++ programming interface. With this module, all functionality exposed through the C++ interface is also available to Python scripts. Being able to access the API from Python greatly facilitates prototyping TiMBL-based applications.
    5 @dokterbob/django-metadata Generic model metadata for the Django web framework.
    5 @dokterbob/django-metaphore Omniscient publication in Django.
    5 @specialunderwear/pm.recipe.debianize Buildout recipe to create debian packages from python packages.
    5 @proycon/gecco Generic Environment for Context-Aware Correction of Orthography
    5 @brocaar/wtfmongoengine WTForms for Mongoengine documents ↗️
    4 @nvie/even-more-itertools Even more itertools than the stdlib and the more-itertools project provide.
    4 @faassen/more.jsonld JSON-LD support for Morepath.
    4 @sander1/YouTube-Agent.bundle
    4 @fbkarsdorp/alignment Simple Python library for doing (multiple) sequence alignment
    4 @compleatang/sublimetext-pastepdf Paste PDF text block to Sublime after stripping new lines.
    4 @faassen/crom Components
    4 @specialunderwear/django-polymorphic-e… Infinite power with django_polymorphic and django-easymode
    3 @joepie91/lighttpdparse A simple script for getting the top statistics from one or more lighttpd access log files.
    3 @vdboor/django-any-htmlfield (a proposal) a A WYSIWYG HTML editor field for Django, allowing to select between WYSIWYG editors easily (for example CKEditor or TinyMCE).
    3 @joepie91/tahoe-tools Assorted tools for Tahoe-LAFS.
    3 @fbkarsdorp/storypy A collection of scripts in Python to deal with stories (mainly folktales)
    3 @faassen/grokker Defining grokkers using venusian.
    3 @dokterbob/hansenpaul Hans en Paul 120 jaar Django YouTube front-end
    3 @dokterbob/python-oembed A Python library that implements an OEmbed consumer to use with OEmbed providers.
    Fork of Google Code project at:
    3 @Mechazawa/Pushover-client-prot… The missing PushOver client api documentation
    3 @jimmykane/dns-spoofer
    3 @alonsovidales/interview_questions Just a bunch of answers to common interview questions
    3 @laanwj/ast_pickler Proof of concept serialization library that generates the Python code to construct objects.
    3 @jimmykane/facebook-id-finder Finds the numerical ID by providing a Facebook page url or name
    3 @specialunderwear/django-sortedsetting… Sort the django settings module's entries alphabetically
    3 @joepie91/catarc Commandline tool for extracting various types of archive to stdout, for example to grep through them.
    3 @fbkarsdorp/pdfbrowser Simple Flask webservice to search through your PDF collection using Whoosh
    2 @joepie91/nzbspider A simple tool to automatically download NZBs for given releases
    2 @gvx/platformplanet A small platform game, based on the concept and code of SpaceFlight2D
    2 @gvx/lith A minimal data description language ↗️
    2 @gvx/adv-menu A more advanced in-game menu for PyGame
    2 @gvx/altworld A semi-Wiki system.
    2 @gvx/openlife An extensible people simulation game. This project isn't dead, but this name is. ↗️
    2 @gvx/loveify Changes .zip or .tar.gz files as downloaded from GitHub to .love files
    2 @gvx/base116676 Cram data in a small number of code points
    2 @sander1/Syfy.bundle
    2 @sander1/OFDB.bundle OFDB metadata agent for Plex (German movie plots), based on "someone"'s script ↗️
    2 @gvx/suzy A three-dimensional esoteric programming language
    2 @FSX/mitto (dead) Thrift client for Tornado. Work in progress.
    2 @gvx/sanity Pre- and postcondition checker for Python 3
    2 @FSX/elyse A simple static website generator.
    2 @sander1/Metacritic.bundle
    2 @FSX/nene A simple IRC-bot made in Python. Just for fun. ↗️
    2 @laanwj/dwarf_to_c Tool to recover C headers (types, function signatures) from DWARF debug data
    2 @ttsiodras/PrimeSpirals Playing with the Ulam spiral in python
    2 @laanwj/qfilesizer PyQ4 treeview/model example
    2 @ttsiodras/binomialProbabilitie… A fixup for "Why you only need to test with five users"
    2 @ralphm/mimir Mimír news aggregator and bot services
    2 @alonsovidales/Spotify-Puzzles Solutions for the "Best Before", "Ticket Lottery" and "Bilateral" puzzles
    2 @specialunderwear/python-rfc5424-loggi… A Logging Formatter for Python's logging module to properly handle Syslog RFC5424 messages
    2 @Habbie/pkgindexer
    2 @proycon/foliadocserve FoLiA Document Server - HTTP webservice backend for serving and annotating FoLiA documents using the FoLiA Query Language (FQL). Used by FLAT.
    2 @goossaert/doge Python docstring generator
    2 @proycon/nlpsandbox Natural Language Processing Sandbox - An experimental playground for all kinds of NLP tasks
    2 @goossaert/tomatwo The Mean Twitting Machine
    2 @fbkarsdorp/pevo Implementations of various models of Cultural Evolution in Python.
    2 @goossaert/npy Neural network library in Python
    2 @fbkarsdorp/PLM Parsimonious Language Models in Python
    2 @gr33ndata/pyuptodate Check all installed Python modules and update them
    2 @fbkarsdorp/roodkapje Annotation web app in Flask for project about Little Red Riding Hood ↗️
    2 @Mechazawa/whatmanager-autosnat… An dead-simple autosnatcher for whatmanager
    2 @fbkarsdorp/animacy-detection Some experiments with animacy detection in Dutch Folktales ↗️
    2 @Mechazawa/Pushjet-Gnome-Ghetto A ghetto client that forwards notifications to Gnome 3
    2 @fbkarsdorp/python-for-lunch Brief tutorial on Python for the Humanities
    2 @dokterbob/satchmo-slash2-store… Satchmo synchronisation module for StoreContrl.
    2 @jimmykane/PyGitUpAll Git-Up all your projects
    2 @dokterbob/django-representatio… A set of template tags that helps in displaying models various ways, fork from the original version by Eric Moritz.
    2 @jimmykane/gae-image-upload-exa… A Boilerplate app for image form demo
    2 @dokterbob/satchmo-payment-ogon… Satchmo payment module for Ogone.
    2 @joepie91/4chandownloader [unmaintained] Simple tool to download a 4chan thread.
    2 @dokterbob/django-adyen Python/Django interface to the Adyen payment gateway.
    2 @joepie91/scantools An assortment of tools for scanning books.
    2 @dokterbob/basic-webshop An 'example' webshop project using django-shopkit.
    2 @joepie91/circd [unmaintained] Simple IRCd in Python.
    2 @dokterbob/filesorter Simple command-line script for sorting all files in a directory structure as //<mine_type>/<orig_subdir>/.
    2 @joepie91/filething A thin light-weight wrapper library, to make filesystem operations in Python suck less.
    2 @dokterbob/woningnet Django scraper for Woningnet
    2 @joepie91/multiloggy A fork of Sean B. Palmer's public IRC logging bot 'loggy', implementing multi-channel support.
    2 @dokterbob/django-ga-tracking TIny Django template tag library for generating Google Analytics tracking URL's
    2 @gvx/tutorialsource Several Python tutorials, pretending to be source code. ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    269 @jeroenooms/opencpu OpenCPU system for embedded scientific computation and reproducible research ↗️
    42 @jeroenooms/opencpu-legacy This version is no longer maintained. Switch to "opencpu" repository.
    27 @MicheleNuijten/statcheck
    25 @jeroenooms/RAppArmor R interfaces to Linux and AppArmor security methods ↗️
    23 @dutri001/bfastSpatial Set of utilities and wrappers to perform change detection on satellite image time-series (Landsat and MODIS). Includes pre-processing steps and functions for spatial implementation of bfastmonitor change detection and post processing of the results.
    21 @mjkallen/rlogging An R package for simple logging
    20 @MarcoDVisser/aprof Amdahl's profiler, directed optimization.
    14 @jeroenooms/js Tools for Working with JavaScript in R
    13 @jeroenooms/opencpu.demo-legacy opencpu.demo ↗️
    11 @jeroenooms/webutils Utility functions for web applications ↗️
    11 @wviechtb/metafor A Meta-Analysis Package for R ↗️
    10 @RMHogervorst/badgecreatr Quickly place relevant badges at the top of your readme
    7 @jeroenooms/opencpu.encode opencpu R object encoder ↗️
    6 @dutri001/paperProject My project structure and management when working on scientific papers. To spend my time more efficiently.
    6 @MarcoDVisser/SpeedUpR Tutorial Code from PLOS Computation Biology Educational Piece on Efficiency in R
    5 @MarcoDVisser/MarkdownMS A skeleton academic manuscript in markdown
    5 @jeroenooms/ some tools for the opencpu project ↗️
    5 @jeroenooms/Ohmage Ohmage R package
    5 @MarcoDVisser/choosecolor A quick and easy way to choose colors in R
    5 @jeroenooms/jose Javascript Object Signing and Encryption for R
    4 @MarcoDVisser/AskR Ask R all those important life decisions
    4 @rwehrens/kohonen Supervised and unsupervised self-organising maps
    4 @dutri001/VCF Utilities for working with the Landsat based tree cover data
    3 @jeroenooms/rjade R Bindings to the Jade Templating Engine
    3 @jeroenooms/webp R bindings for libwebp
    3 @jeroenooms/markdownit Bindings to markdown-it JavaScript library
    2 @rwehrens/ptw Parametric Time Warping
    2 @rwehrens/BatchCorrMetabolomic… Supplementary material for the paper "Improved batch correction in untargeted MS-based metabolomics" by R. Wehrens, et al. To appear in Metabolomics, 2016.
    2 @rwehrens/metaMS data processing for MS-based metabolomics
    2 @thomaskelder/ModelCraft Code repository for Team ModelCraft in the Sage / DREAM Breast Cancer Prognosis Challenge
    2 @jeroenooms/ipyr Debian package for ipyr
    2 @jeroenooms/Mobilize Mobilize R package
    2 @jeroenooms/base64
    2 @thomaskelder/myRScripts Collection of R functions I often use for biological network analysis
    2 @jeroenooms/lmergm lmergm R package
    2 @dutri001/segmentInterpreter 🔎 🌳 R shiny application to aid visual interpretation of partitioned time-series
    2 @dutri001/bfastApp Interactive tool to investigate effects of changing bfast parameters on the temporal segmentation of single time-series inputs
    2 @jeroenooms/travis Travis CI Client for R
    2 @jeroenooms/minimist R binding to minimist JavaScript library
    2 @MicheleNuijten/BayesMed Default Bayesian hypothesis tests for correlation, partial correlation, and mediation


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    996 @YorickPeterse/oga Oga is an XML/HTML parser written in Ruby. ↗️
    693 @YorickPeterse/ruby-lint Static code analysis for Ruby. ↗️
    534 @iain/http_accept_language Ruby on Rails plugin. Fishes out the Accept-Language header into an array. ↗️
    514 @alloy/kicker A lean, agnostic, flexible file-change watcher, using OS X FSEvents. ↗️
    344 @mrrooijen/mongoid-paperclip Mongoid::Paperclip enables you to use Paperclip with the Mongoid ODM for MongoDB.
    270 @ariejan/imdb Easy automated access to IMDB ↗️
    233 @archan937/ruby-mass Introspect the Ruby Heap by indexing, counting, locating references to and detaching (in order to release) objects - optionally narrowing by namespace ↗️
    223 @jeffkreeftmeijer/navvy Simple Ruby background job processor inspired by delayed_job, but aiming for database agnosticism. ↗️
    216 @iain/roundsman
    184 @gousiosg/github-mirror Scripts to mirror Github in a cloudy fashion
    181 @banister/plymouth Start Pry in the context of a failed test
    179 @banister/method_source return the sourcecode for a method
    161 @iain/fake_sqs Provides a fake SQS server that you can run locally to test against
    130 @banister/funkify Haskell-style partial application and composition for Ruby methods
    130 @iain/metrical Run MetricFu without making it part of your projects depencies.
    129 @mrrooijen/gitpusshuten A Git-based application deployment tool that allows you to define your environment by utilizing modules and provision your server with basic deployment needs.
    128 @mvz/gir_ffi Auto-generate bindings for GObject based libraries at run time using FFI ↗️
    111 @avdgaag/rpub an ePub generation library in Ruby ↗️
    106 @alloy/lowdown A Ruby client for the HTTP/2 version of the Apple Push Notification Service.
    104 @archan937/motion-bundler Use Ruby gems and mock require statements within RubyMotion applications ↗️
    94 @jeffkreeftmeijer/tumblr the Tumblr API Rails gem
    84 @archan937/stack_tracy Investigate and detect slow methods within the stack trace of your Ruby (optionally Sinatra) application ↗️
    82 @iain/elo The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess and Go. ↗️
    80 @avdgaag/nanoc-template A simple template project for websites built with Nanoc ↗️
    64 @DouweM/pebblewatch A Ruby library for communicating with your Pebble smartwatch.
    63 @banister/devil ruby bindings for devil cross platform image loading library ↗️
    60 @alloy/dietrb IRB on a diet, for MacRuby / Ruby 1.9 ↗️
    58 @iain/i18n_label Adds translated form labels to Rails 2.2 ↗️
    53 @alloy/git-svn-mirror A command-line tool that automates the task of creating a GIT mirror for a SVN repo, and keeping it up-to-date. ↗️
    51 @iain/translatable_columns Provides proxies for localized columns, depending on the locale set by I18n ↗️
    49 @YorickPeterse/ffi-aspell FFI binding for Aspell ↗️
    48 @YorickPeterse/gem-mirror Gem for easily creating your own RubyGems mirror.
    46 @avdgaag/typogruby Improves web typography like Django's Typogrify ↗️
    43 @archan937/rich_cms Enrichments (e9s) module for a pluggable CMS frontend ↗️
    41 @archan937/e9s Enrichments (e9s) for a pluggable CMS, internationalization (i18n) and localized pluralization ↗️
    39 @archan937/jazz_libs A small gem for rolling out JS libraries (includes repository, demo page and version release rake task) ↗️
    36 @iain/status_cats Rack middleware replacing status codes with relevant pictures of cats.
    36 @alloy/rucola A Framework for rapidly building RubyCocoa applications ↗️
    35 @berkes/smartcropper Content aware cropping for Ruby and Carrierwave ↗️
    34 @mrrooijen/nanoc-heroku A skeleton nanoc application that supports rendering haml, compass, coffeescript, markdown and builder right out of the box, and deploys the website to Heroku for free with ease in a matter of seconds. ↗️
    34 @YorickPeterse/ruby-ll An LL(1) parser generator for Ruby. ↗️
    34 @mrrooijen/git_go Git Go is a small command-line utility distributed as a RubyGem that allows you to easily create/destroy/rename/list/clip all your private-hosted git repositories on your own server.
    34 @Sjors/devise-token-api-dem… Demonstrates how to use token authentication with a JSON API.
    31 @iain/simple-backend-examp… The source code for the article I wrote on Backends in Rails 3.1 ↗️
    31 @mrrooijen/parelation Translates HTTP parameters to ActiveRecord queries. ↗️
    28 @banister/remix Ruby modules re-mixed and remastered
    27 @alloy/ruby-nzb A simple Ruby NZB download/post-process library, with a very naive command line client. When done, a separate OSX GUI client will use this library.
    26 @archan937/lock-o-motion Require and mock Ruby gems (including their dependencies) within RubyMotion applications ↗️
    25 @avdgaag/rspec-caching-test-p… Simplifies testing your Rails app’s caching with Rspec ↗️
    25 @jeffkreeftmeijer/swinger Capybara Driver swapping in RSpec ↗️
    24 @mvz/memory_test_fix The memory_test_fix rails plugin, as a gem
    24 @jurre/rspec-volkswagen RSpec, volkswagen style
    24 @YorickPeterse/zen-cms This project is no longer maintained.
    23 @jurre/hashtel get consistent pretty colors from your strings
    23 @mrrooijen/deployer An easy-to-use set of Capistrano tasks/recipes for provisioning and deploying Ruby/JRuby applications to your servers. ↗️
    22 @iain/capistrano_chef_solo Combining the awesome powers of Capistrano and chef-solo
    22 @DouweM/mengpaneel Mengpaneel makes Mixpanel a breeze to use in Rails apps.
    21 @marceldegraaf/sisow Implementation of the Sisow payment provider API
    20 @jdennes/contribution-checker Check whether GitHub commits qualify as contributions.
    19 @banister/include_complete Fixing the limitations in traditional Module#include
    18 @alloy/interactive-macruby A MacRuby Cocoa REPL
    18 @mrrooijen/hirefireapp HireFire - The Heroku Dyno Manager - Save money and scale at the same time! ↗️
    17 @mrrooijen/store_schema Enhances ActiveRecord::Base.store_accessor with data conversion capabilities. ↗️
    17 @archan937/slot_machine Ruby gem for matching available slots (time slots are also supported)
    17 @avdgaag/nanoc-cachebuster Adds cache-busting capabilities to Nanoc ↗️
    17 @markijbema/turbo_dev_assets A gem to speed up asset serving in development in Rails.
    15 @alloy/mocha-on-bacon Because it's yummy! ↗️
    14 @mrrooijen/msngr A light-weight Ruby library for multi-threaded Ruby applications that allows threads to share a single service connection for more efficient messaging. ↗️
    14 @banister/selene ruby spaceship game
    14 @archan937/dirty_hashy Dirty tracking within hashes (with or without indifferent access) or objects as it is expected to be! ↗️
    14 @alloy/webapp-app A SSB OSX application, which at some point will be able to create a new application which wraps a specific web application, (Think Campfire, Twitter etc) and allows the user to use Ruby to create event handlers to be able support things like Growl or whatever you would like.
    13 @alloy/flight-seeker Find flights and calculate level/award mileage.
    13 @banister/pry-stack_explorer MOVED TO… ↗️
    12 @iain/adventures-with-ruby My own blog ↗️
    12 @alloy/time_zone_scheduler A Ruby library that assists in scheduling events whilst taking time zones into account.
    11 @YorickPeterse/shebang Shebang is a nice wrapper around OptionParser that makes it easier to write commandline executables.
    11 @banister/pry-doc Provide MRI Core documentation and source code for the Pry REPL ↗️
    11 @iain/formalize-rails Use Formalize with the asset pipeline
    11 @iain/rack-token_auth Rack middleware for using the Authorization header with token authentication
    11 @jeffkreeftmeijer/guestlist Simple user authentication using Github credentials ↗️
    11 @avdgaag/stationed Rails application generator and scaffold templates ↗️
    11 @banister/tremolo Worms-like game for Ruby
    11 @mvz/gir_ffi-gtk GirFFI-based bindings for Gtk+. Supports both Gtk+ 2 and Gtk+ 3
    10 @banister/method_reload fine grained code reloading ↗️
    10 @mvz/ripper_ruby_parser Drop-in replacement for RubyParser using Ripper
    10 @berkes/spree_flat_in_range Spree Calculator to compute a flat rate within a range
    10 @avdgaag/bol A simple Ruby wrapper around the developer API ↗️
    10 @ariejan/battlestation Get your battle station up and running fast! ↗️
    10 @alloy/mr-experimental This is my private git mirror of the experimental branch (0.5), it might not always be up-to-date so keep that in mind.
    10 @jeffkreeftmeijer/wakoopa the Ruby Wakoopa API Wrapper
    9 @banister/object2module Convert Classes and Objects to Modules so they can be extended/included.
    9 @banister/state-ology Clean and fast Object state transitions in Ruby using the Mixology C extension
    9 @archan937/rich_pluralization Enrichments (e9s) module for localized pluralization ↗️
    9 @banister/mixology19 A version of the Mixology C extension that is 1.9.1 and 1.8.6 compatible
    9 @mrrooijen/paperclip-cloudfiles A Paperclip Cloudfiles Repository. I recommend you do not use this as I might remove it later.
    9 @jana4u/cute_admin Advanced administration generator, much better than scaffold. (Ruby on Rails plug-in)
    9 @alloy/microgem Toying with a clean room implementation of the rubygems ‘install’ command. Focus is on naivety for portability, MacRuby for instance.
    7 @YorickPeterse/Beehive Beehive is a super lightweight queue system that uses Redis as its storage engine.
    7 @fteem/forecastr Ruby gem used to fetch data from's API
    7 @archan937/monetdb A pure Ruby database driver for MonetDB (monetdb5-sql) ↗️
    7 @banister/pry-exception_explor… MOVED TO… ↗️
    7 @ariejan/probability Write code that might be executed... or not. ↗️
    7 @mrrooijen/heroku-buildpack-mid… Heroku Buildpack for deploying Middleman websites.
    7 @fteem/RxRubyKoans RxRuby Koans
    7 @archan937/bugs_bunny A Unicorn served Sinatra demo app which uses Bunny to broadcast AMQP messages to every worker
    7 @archan937/rich_i18n Enrichments (e9s) module for i18n ↗️
    6 @raviolicode/multilanguage_middle… Base code for creating a multi-language blog site with Middleman
    6 @mrrooijen/rails-templates A repository for my Rails Templates.
    6 @avdgaag/acts_as_publishable Rails plugin for working with model publication dates ↗️
    6 @iain/spec_coverage ↗️
    6 @Sjors/ted-marathon-faceboo… Facebook application where people can select their favorite TED talks; results in a playlist and corresponding download script. ↗️
    6 @theofpa/chef-aem
    6 @iain/no_value_helper A simpel helper to display a nice message when there is no value ↗️
    6 @berkes/croptoelie Nothing to see here, move along ➛➙➔ smartcropper ↗️
    5 @alloy/anthology Where stories are chronicled.
    5 @mrrooijen/backup-s3sync-ruby19 A dependency for the Backup gem to sync files to Amazon S3 with Ruby 1.9.
    5 @YorickPeterse/ Source code for my personal wobsite. ↗️
    5 @archan937/unextendable A small gem making unextending extended module methods within object instances possible ↗️
    5 @ariejan/postcodeapi Ruby wrapper for to lookup Dutch zipcodes
    5 @ariejan/firefly-heroku Get your own URL shortener up and running in 5 minutes ↗️
    5 @avdgaag/rocks This is a tiny library of mixins and styles for developing large-ish stylesheets with Sass ↗️
    5 @iain/basic_named_scopes Basic named scopes for ActiveRecord makes all find-parameters a named scope
    5 @iain/not Syntactic sugar for negating any results: @foo.not.nil? ↗️
    5 @iain/view Displaying objects automatically ↗️
    5 @iain/coffee-machine Some scripts I use for developing with CoffeeScript ↗️
    5 @jurre/crashlytics-asana Small app, easy to deploy on Heroku, that listens to Crashlytics webhooks and posts a task to Asana
    5 @berkes/spree_piwik Adds Piwik tracking with e-commerce tracking to Spree
    5 @alloy/undercover Undercover: CIA Ruby agent for GitHub
    4 @jurre/onionsquare It's like uber for farmers - 20 hr hackathon style
    4 @jurre/Alcatraz-Notifier A notifier for Alcatraz, the Xcode Package Manager.
    4 @avdgaag/has_comments A Ruby on Rails plugin that provides commenting on ActiveRecord models. ↗️
    4 @iain/scripted A framework for organizing scripts
    4 @banister/pry-note Ease refactoring and exploration by attaching notes to methods and classes in Pry"
    4 @iain/stots
    4 @iain/model_based_html Rails plugin for binding html to models ↗️
    4 @archan937/cached_record Cache (and optionally memoize) ActiveRecord or DataMapper records in Redis or Memcached ↗️
    4 @alloy/MacOnRack A sample MacRuby application demonstrating how to connect Rack to a WebView.
    4 @jdennes/streaker Streaks of some sort. ↗️
    4 @alloy/rubycocoa-prefs A ruby abstraction for read/write access to the NSUserDefaults of a Cocoa application.
    4 @mrrooijen/paperclip-extended_v… A very small library containing a validation method for paperclip that enables validations on file extension rather than content type.
    4 @mrrooijen/ruby-vps under development ↗️
    4 @ariejan/firefly-client A client for the FireFly URL shortener server
    4 @alloy/ios-sim-test
    4 @marceldegraaf/rer09 Public repo for the Rails Rumble at RubyEnRails 2009, Amsterdam ↗️
    4 @iain/fill Fill your database, using rake db:seed
    4 @banister/tweak enhance classes with temporary functionality
    4 @YorickPeterse/ses SES is a very simple and easy to use Gem for sending Emails using the Amazon SES API.
    4 @iain/root_table Easy manageable root tables for Rails ↗️
    3 @ariejan/mimer Mimer tries to find a file’s mime-type by using unix’ file command. File extensions are never used to identify a file. ↗️
    3 @alloy/rubyenrails09
    3 @alloy/ssalleyware SSL (cert verification for Ruby) Anywhere!
    3 @alloy/cocoa_gist A simple lib which uses RubyCocoa to create a Gist. This is made for LimeChat, but is fairly general.
    3 @banister/dup_eval A souped up version of instance_eval in the vein of mix_eval
    3 @jurre/Recipes A social network for sharing recipes
    3 @mongrelion/activelogger Access to your Rails application logs through the web
    3 @raviolicode/harvesting_houses web scraping of housing listings
    3 @banister/strange_evals a hodgepodge of alternatives to instance_eval
    3 @banister/local_eval instance_eval without changing self
    3 @mrrooijen/is_positionable Handles positioning (ordering) your ActiveRecord Objects. ↗️
    3 @marceldegraaf/pizza.rb
    3 @mrrooijen/gitpusshuten-website The Git Pusshuten project website ↗️
    3 @marceldegraaf/ns Ruby implementation of the NS (Dutch Railways) API
    3 @mrrooijen/backup-s3sync-ruby18 A dependency for the Backup gem to sync files to Amazon S3 with Ruby 1.8.
    3 @avdgaag/laze A simple static site generator ↗️
    3 @YorickPeterse/speedpwn Generates possible passwords for SpeedTouch/Thomson routers.
    3 @avdgaag/agw-toolbox Tools, patterns and settings I frequently use in Rails projects packed into one plugin.
    3 @alloy/railsgirls-polymorph…
    3 @prototype/MacRuby Ruby 1.9 ported to run directly on top of Mac OS X core technologies. My personal trunk mirror. ↗️
    3 @Sjors/pale-blue-dot Making it easier to adopt a star ↗️
    3 @iain/i18n-airbrake
    3 @Sjors/jobtorrent Federated micro job agency platform ↗️
    3 @iain/capistrano-blaze
    3 @alloy/eloyendionnetrouwen.…
    3 @mvz/vb6-to-x Converts VB6 projects to a more future-proof platform, such as Ruby
    3 @jeffkreeftmeijer/tickspot The Tickspot Ruby API wrapper.
    3 @mvz/alexandria-book-coll… Fork of the Alexandria Book Collection Manager
    3 @jeffkreeftmeijer/carrierwave_fixtures
    3 @berkes/autodrop Gallery frontend that shows images in your dropbox on a website. ↗️
    3 @Gonzih/game-of-life-ruby
    3 @ariejan/narf A Ruby Micro Test Framework ↗️
    3 @markijbema/strict_struct Extremely basic value objects
    3 @DouweM/mongoid-ordering Easy ordering of your Mongoid documents.
    3 @Juice10/bogus-sass-checker Checks your rails projects Sass files for #ids and .classes and checks if you are using them in the rest of your rails project. Depends on ack ↗️
    2 @archan937/rich_support A small gem making your own gem Rails 2 and 3 compliant and providing the String class a few goodies ↗️
    2 @marceldegraaf/opensocial-api An attempt at creating a Ruby library that implements the server side OpenSocial REST API
    2 @alloy/
    2 @alloy/repo_page_san_test TODO
    2 @marceldegraaf/moonshine_solr A Moonshine plugin to install the Solr search engine as a servlet in the Jetty server. ↗️
    2 @alloy/mrdate
    2 @alloy/rails-ticket-sample-… A Rails application used to try out examples given in Rails tickets.
    2 @alloy/limechat-plugin Some random collected thoughts on a LimeChat plugin API
    2 @alloy/pasternakredux
    2 @mvz/mubdub Reads iTunes backup manifests
    2 @marceldegraaf/mustacci Mustacci is a simple, biased continuous integration server for Rails applications
    2 @mvz/iba Introspective Block Assertions ↗️
    2 @YorickPeterse/ruby-benchmarks A collection of various benchmarks for Ruby code.
    2 @mvz/litl Lisp-inspired template language
    2 @Sjors/bitcoin-passbook Monitor your bitcoin address balance in Passbook on your iPhone
    2 @berkes/ jekyll bootstrap ↗️
    2 @Sjors/StartupKaart Overzicht van Startups in Nederland met landkaart en hot-or-not functionaliteit ↗️
    2 @berkes/spree_omnikassa_paym… Omnikassa Payment method for Spree
    2 @Sjors/ducks-on-rails Visualisation of duck migration data. ↗️
    2 @ariejan/cards Create PDF story cards from Agilefant XLS Sprint exports
    2 @jeffkreeftmeijer/srcfolio src{folio}
    2 @ariejan/trendytopic
    2 @jeffkreeftmeijer/gust Syntax highlighting and Markdown/Textile parsing ↗️
    2 @ariejan/failkaart Sinatra App for tracking what's going wrong with the Dutch OV Chipkaart ↗️
    2 @mrrooijen/sprinkle-packages My package collection for Sprinkle.
    2 @ariejan/apocalypse-client Client software for the Apocalypse Server ↗️
    2 @mrrooijen/The-Legend-of-Ruby A sandbox "Gosu" project to learn more about how the "Gosu" game library works.
    2 @jdennes/campfire-standup-rem… Ruby script which uses the Campfire API to remind us when our daily standup begins
    2 @iain/pillory work in progress
    2 @jdennes/photoaday 📷 one photo every day ↗️
    2 @iain/heliosphere Sunspot extras
    2 @Gonzih/feeds2imap.rb Pull rss/atom feeds to your imap foldes with ruby.
    2 @iain/rspec-smart-formatte… Chooses a formatter for best displaying purpose
    2 @Gonzih/tbh-scaffolds Scaffolds templates based on Twitter Bootstrap framework ↗️
    2 @avdgaag/storyteller A web app for collaboratively writing user stories, and then exporting them to Pivotal Tracker or Cucumber feature files. A work-in-progress.
    2 @Gonzih/sin_cmd Sinatra app that runs shell commands using web ui.
    2 @avdgaag/lotus-demo Example blog application with Lotus ↗️
    2 @mongrelion/rafflerjs Rails 3 + Backbone.js example application. ↗️
    2 @avdgaag/tagger Hacky sinatra app to tag URLs with Google Analytics variables (WiP)
    2 @mongrelion/alballery Manage your album covers. ↗️
    2 @avdgaag/observatory A simple implementation of the observer pattern for Ruby programs. ↗️
    2 @mongrelion/ My personal website's source code.
    2 @avdgaag/shortener A tiny, personal URL shortener, powered by Sinatra and a JSON file as storage.
    2 @mongrelion/mongrallery Rails 3 application to store and share your images using AmazonS3. ↗️
    2 @archan937/google-apis A thin layer on top of Google::APIClient for a more intuitive way of working (e.g. with BigQuery or Cloud Storage) ↗️
    2 @jana4u/cute_admin_example Sample Rails app using cute_admin ↗️
    2 @archan937/directiveadmin A layer on top of ActiveAdmin for adding more power and flexibility (opinionated customizations)
    2 @jana4u/fixtures_generator
    2 @archan937/directiverecord A layer on top of ActiveRecord for using paths within queries without thinking about association includes
    2 @banister/change_class2 change class of an object
    2 @alloy/piccsy-fetcher Fetches low-res versions of the images you’ve ‘picked’ on ↗️
    2 @banister/custom_boolean a hack to have if/else_if/else conditions with user-defined truthiness
    2 @mrrooijen/simple_generators A couple of generators that supply you with some common templates to speed up the development process. ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    296 @RayRoestenburg/akka-in-action Accompanying source code for akka in action
    87 @agemooij/riak-scala-client An easy to use, non-blocking, fast Scala client library for interacting with Riak. ↗️
    73 @RayRoestenburg/scala-io-exercise-1
    53 @agemooij/sbt-prompt An SBT plugin for making your SBT prompt more awesome
    50 @eamelink/swaggerkit A Scala Swagger toolkit with no JaxRS dependency and no magic.
    49 @sandermak/akka-eventsourcing Code that goes along with my presentation 'Event-sourced architectures with Akka'
    46 @wspringer/monkeyman Simple static site generator for Scala and middleman lovers
    40 @eamelink/flatten Examples and exercises with monad transformers
    39 @p3t0r/scala-sql-dsl Example of an implementation of SQL as a DSL in scala
    21 @wspringer/sonofjson Better JSON support for Scala
    15 @EECOLOR/scala-clean-code-pat… Explore the use of different patterns to produce clean code
    13 @bartschuller/scalaz-validation-ex…
    13 @wspringer/difr Poor-man's code review tool; creates a static HTML page of a git diff with an editor for comments embedded.
    12 @eamelink/sbt-purescript PureScript plugin for SBT
    10 @RayRoestenburg/summerofblog summerofblog
    10 @ajantis/scala-crdt Collection of common Conflict-free Replicated Data Types in Scala
    7 @jesperdj/mandelactors Mandelbrot fractal generator using actors. ↗️
    7 @eamelink/core-play Project accompanying my Core-Play presentation
    7 @RayRoestenburg/patterns
    7 @sandermak/scalabitz Contains the sourcecode for Built with Scala/Play/ReactiveMongo.
    6 @RayRoestenburg/xebicon Live Akka coding session for Xebicon conference 2013
    6 @bartschuller/play2-scalate Using Scalate templates with Play2
    6 @EECOLOR/little-spec
    6 @jesperdj/scalaray ScalaRay - Ray tracer based on pbrt (see written in Scala 2.8
    6 @bartschuller/smop-markup Scala compile-time parsing of XML literals
    5 @bbiletskyy/fraud Real Time Transaction Fraud Analytics
    5 @sandermak/ScalaMisc Bits and pieces, mostly in Scala
    5 @RayRoestenburg/duse12 workshop repo for the DUSE XII meetup
    4 @agemooij/stream-experiments Some personal experiments with akka-stream and akka-http
    4 @bartschuller/mechanize Scala web robot inspired by WWW::Mechanize
    4 @bartschuller/javadoc-sbt Generate java api docs from sbt with javadoc
    4 @wspringer/kmeans A scala version of k-means.
    3 @agemooij/
    3 @bartschuller/cuc-proto-project Simple Scala + sbt 0.10 + Cucumber project
    3 @RayRoestenburg/scala-io-exercise-5
    3 @bartschuller/oai-reaper Scala library for harvesting Open Archives Initiative document collections
    3 @bartschuller/bapp Bart's Atom Publishing Protocol implementation
    3 @bartschuller/cmis-scala Scala library for talking to CMIS-enabled CMS's like Alfresco
    3 @andrewstevenson/sqoop-service
    3 @jvermeir/ShoppingList A Scala tool to generate a shopping list for groceries
    2 @RayRoestenburg/scala-io-exercise-2
    2 @RayRoestenburg/scala-io-exercise-4
    2 @agemooij/… Example code for my presentation on Spray Routing at Scala Exchange 2014
    2 @wspringer/scala-rate-limiter Testing rate limitation using higher order functions.
    2 @eamelink/akkaflow BPMN 2.0 process engine built on Akka
    2 @sandermak/Lift Code used during presentation at Dutch Open University 26-03-'11
    2 @rvanrijn/spark-workshop
    2 @bartschuller/smop-utils Small Scala utilities and macros
    2 @bartschuller/libvirt-scala Scala + Akka library to communicate with libvirtd
    2 @bartschuller/Euler My personal solutions in Scala to the project Euler problems
    2 @lispmeister/psychic-octo-bear Example of using the akka-tracing library to trace Akka calls via Twitter's Zipkin
    2 @bartschuller/acme-delegation Delegation in Scala using def macros (which is the wrong way)


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    222 @wunki/vagrant-freebsd FreeBSD with ZFS for Vagrant
    191 @aschenkels-ictstudio/odoo-install-scripts ODOO Install Script (formerly OpenERP) ↗️
    31 @wunki/wunki-dotfiles Dotfiles of Petar Radosevic. Years of Unix customizations in one repository. ↗️
    6 @aschenkels-ictstudio/pentaho-install-scri… Pentaho Install Scripts
    5 @marekq/denyhosts-map Plots the GeoIP information of your hosts.deny into a nice map!
    4 @remibergsma/uniqueXenServer Make a XenServer unique after cloning from a template
    2 @victorcete/dotfiles
    2 @remibergsma/screen-ssh-agent-upd… Little script to always use the most recent ssh-agent socket. Useful when using GNU screen.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    46 @Swiftrien/SwifterSockets A collection of socket utilities in Swift for OS-X and iOS ↗️
    5 @Swiftrien/Swiftfire A personal web server in Swift for static websites ↗️
    4 @Swiftrien/SwifterLog A single class framework in Swift to create log entries in up to 5 destinations. ↗️
    3 @Swiftrien/SwifterJSON A single class framework in Swift to read/write & parse the JSON Format. ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    21 @vtraag/tikz-colorbrewer Definition files providing colours as defined by the ColorBrewer project.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    721 @xolox/vim-notes Easy note taking in Vim ↗️
    676 @xolox/vim-easytags Automated tag file generation and syntax highlighting of tags in Vim ↗️
    587 @Chiel92/vim-autoformat Provide easy code formatting in Vim by integrating existing code formatters.
    566 @xolox/vim-session Extended session management for Vim (:mksession on steroids) ↗️
    201 @xolox/vim-misc Miscellaneous auto-load Vim scripts ↗️
    141 @xolox/vim-shell Improved integration between Vim and its environment (fullscreen, open URL, background command execution) ↗️
    114 @xolox/vim-lua-ftplugin Lua file type plug-in for the Vim text editor ↗️
    55 @xolox/vim-reload Automatic reloading of Vim scripts ((file-type) plug-ins, auto-load/syntax/indent scripts, color schemes) ↗️
    51 @xolox/vim-colorscheme-swit… Makes it easy to quickly switch between color schemes in Vim ↗️
    49 @dbakker/vim-projectroot Find out which project a file belongs to, easy to use in scripts/mappings
    30 @xolox/vim-pyref A plug-in for the Vim text editor that provides context-sensitive documentation for Python source code. ↗️
    9 @xolox/vim-publish A Vim plug-in that helps you publish hyperlinked, syntax highlighted source code ↗️
    7 @dbakker/vim-paragraph-motion Vim replacement mappings for { and }
    7 @immerzeel/vim-remember-the-mil… Vim interface to Remember the Milk (
    2 @dbakker/vim-adjustscroll Automatically scrolls to keep your cursor at 1/3 of the screen

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