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A list of neat projects made in Croatia



🌟 Name Description 🌍
254 @zeljkoprsa/Magento-Boilerplate Magento Theme Package based on HTML5 Bolierplate by Paul Irish coupled with CSS3PIE by 327 Creative LLC ↗️
105 @silvenon/generator-wbp Scaffold a modern workflow for developing web apps and sites
54 @mkozjak/node-telnet-client A simple telnet client for node.js
34 @zappan/fulljs Backbone.js application example backed by Node.js REST API and MongoDB
23 @zappan/Hello-Backbone-Node-… Application base for a Backbone.js application backed by Sinatra or Node.js API and MongoDB
17 @Gajotres/Ionic2FirstApp This is my first Ionic 2 application
13 @dpskvn/ntropy.js A random generator (string and number) ↗️
13 @silvenon/testing-react-and-re… Code from my blog series. ↗️
12 @Gajotres/IonicGeolocationDemo This is Ionic Framework Google Maps demo application
11 @zappan/Orchard.Theme.TheOth… "The Other Side" theme for the Orchard CMS ↗️
10 @dpskvn/express-sse An Express middleware for quick'n'easy server-sent events. ↗️
10 @silvenon/jszg-selenium A meetup demo: Node.js Selenium testing workflow
8 @Gajotres/Ionic2GoogleMapsExam… This is Ionic2 + Google Maps example
8 @pkoretic/koa-static-server Static file serving middleware for koa with directory, rewrite and index support
8 @Gajotres/IonicCarouselDemo This is repository holds a Ionic carousel demo
8 @Gajotres/IonicNativeAnimation… This is a demo of Ionic native animations
7 @Gajotres/Ionic2RESTHttpExampl… This Example will show you how to make a REST HTTP call with Ionic 2
7 @Gajotres/Ionic2FormValidation
6 @Gajotres/Ionic2FirebaseOAuthE…
6 @iskugor/ZenTi OOP framework for Titanum mobile framework
5 @psyburn/backbone.listview A generic list view for Backbone.js applications.
5 @mkozjak/koa-cache-lite Zero-dependency koa router cache
5 @Gajotres/IonicNativeAudioDemo
5 @Gajotres/Ionic2AuthorizationE…
5 @zappan/node-marionette-boil…
4 @msval/hellocassandrainnode… Hello world for cassandra database in node.js
3 @silvenon/zepto-module-demo There are only upsides to converting Zepto into modules
3 @dpskvn/mikulas.js A Simple JS Clock Lib ↗️
3 @silvenon/jszg-webpack A meetup demo: Unpacking Webpack
3 @pkoretic/json_rpc Fast and lightweight persistent promise based JSON RPC 2.0 client implementation over TCP and Unix socket
3 @ibudiselic/structure.js JavaScript library of useful data structures
3 @Gajotres/IonicGoogleMapsExamp… ↗️
2 @silvenon/cbt-tunnel Create a Local Connection for the CrossBrowserTesting app ↗️
2 @msval/canvasoilpumpjack HTML5 Canvas Oil Pump Jack
2 @dpskvn/simple-hooks-events A simple library for Hooks ↗️
2 @Gajotres/Ionic2Internationali… Ionic2InternationalizationExample
2 @perpaer/perpaer portfolio of mine
2 @Gajotres/Ionic2ShareDataExamp… Ionic 2 Share Data Example
2 @mabasic/flasknotes Technology showcase for flask, sqlalchemy, backbone, jade templates, bootstrap and sqlite
2 @aerkalov/ebook-web-reader E-Book Web Reader. Created for Booktype books but can be used separately to show static or books in EPUB format. ↗️
2 @Gajotres/IonicMotionDetection… This is a demo for ngCordova + Ionic Motion Detection
2 @Gajotres/IonicAdMobDemo This is Ionic Framework AdMob demo application
2 @zappan/mean-boilerplate MEAN stack boilerplate with build procedures in place


🌟 Name Description 🌍
905 @dmilicic/Android-Clean-Boiler… This is starter template for writing Android apps using Clean architecture
245 @dmilicic/android-clean-sample… A sample app that showcases our Clean architecture approach to build Android applications.
63 @rkovacevic/JSFBootstrap JBoss JSF 2 webapp archetype + Twitter Bootstrap ↗️
13 @lpandzic/junit-bdd
9 @ilx/m2e-querydsl m2e configurer for querydsl ↗️
7 @codingdojopula/gameOfLife
5 @mstipanov/niocommunicator Java Nio Communicator
3 @mstipanov/nioinvoker Spring Framework RMI NIO Invoker
3 @ilx/m2e-annotations m2e configurer for annotation processors (apt) ↗️
2 @mrPjer/ A native Android client for Klub Studenata Elektrotehnike (KSET)'s webpage ↗️
2 @jmarkovic/SupportAnnotationExa… Examples for many available annotations in Support Annotation package, complete with comments and javadoc explaining how to use them and when.
2 @dmilicic/Android-Bluetooth-Sc… This is an open source bluetooth scanner for Android. It serves me as a boilerplate for building apps that interact with Bluetooth devices.
2 @KarloKnezevic/FuzzyControlSystem Fuzzy, Evolutionary and Neuro-computing. Fuzzy Control Ship System.
2 @rkovacevic/ClasspathUtil Utility methods for searching classes in the Java classpath.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
153 @dajuric/dot-imaging Minimalistic .NET imaging portable platform
139 @dajuric/accord-net-extension… Advanced image processing and computer vision algorithms made as fluent extensions and built for portability
69 @anakic/Jot Jot is a library for persisting and applying application data (window locations and sizes, config settings, last entered data e.g. username etc.) in a consistend developer-friendly way. ↗️
16 @ShendoXT/memcardrex Advanced PlayStation Memory Card editor
10 @dajuric/more-collections Provides a set of portable collections installable as source files via NuGet.
10 @holisticware-admin/MonoVersal.AForgeNET Monoversal (universal) port of AForge.NET library to Windows Phone, Mono for Android and MonoTouch
9 @moljac/MonoMobile.Dialog MonoTouch.Dialog and MonoDroid.Dialog merged
8 @moljac/MonoMobile.Google.GD… Google.GData port for mobile platforms
8 @cartman300/SFMLTextBuffer TextBuffers for SFML
8 @spideyfusion/akiba A small utility for adjusting the resolution and framerate in AKIBA'S TRIP.
7 @cartman300/gluac GMod lua equivalent of luac
7 @cartman300/Hackery Making the .NET runtime do stuff it's not even supposed to do!
7 @filipkristo/LocalPasswords Windows 10 UWP password manager
6 @tpetrina/wp8-helpers Helper classes and asemblies for Windows Phone 8
6 @cartman300/Peeper A screen recording software that doesn't spy on you (probably)!
6 @moljac/Samples.Xamarin.Form… Samples.Xamarin.Forms
5 @anakic/Thingie.Tracking A library for persisting and applying object settings (i.e. window locations and sizes, user preferences, settings...). An alternative approach to using .settings and .config files. ↗️
5 @dsoronda/AspNet.Identity.Dapp… AspNet.Identity implemented using Dapper micro ORM
5 @tpetrina/FastSharp A new interactive C# editor designed for quick prototyping in mind.
4 @moljac/Xamarin.UberTesters Xamarin.UberTesters SDK bindings + upload APi
3 @longspear/blaze-server Battlefield 3 LAN emulator
3 @moljac/System.Diagnostics System.Diagnostics when missing ... (some MT and MA projects)
3 @khorvat/DIPracticeLayeredArc… Layered Architecture - Dependency Injection in Practice
3 @moljac/MonoMobile.SharpSNMP SharpSNMP port for MonoMobile (MonoTOuch and MonoForAndroid)
3 @moljac/MonoVersalSharpSeria… SharpSerializer ports to MonoForAndroid, MonoTouch, WindowsPhone
3 @cartman300/RuntimePInvoke PInvoke at runtime for .NET
3 @cartman300/gmsv_gsharp_win32 Garry's Mod pure C# binary module proof of concept.
3 @moljac/HolisticWare.IDE HolisticWare tools (item and project templates, code snippets/templates) for Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio
2 @vjekob/NAV-Assembly-Resolve… Assembly Resolver utility for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
2 @gboduljak/Android-ToolkitV2 Android Toolkit is an app for an Android device managment and modification. It has built in ADB Tools, Fastboot Tools and custom recovery flasher and much more. There is also support for remote ADB control. Version V2 is being written in MVVM for perfomance, architecture and code improvement .
2 @cartman300/NotFuckingMinecraft Voxel engine thingy done in C# and OpenTK and stuff.
2 @tpetrina/ImagingApps Applications that use Nokia Imaging SDK and/or work with images
2 @cartman300/Lua.NET Lua(JIT) for .NET using P/Invoke
2 @moljac/MonoTouch.Samples MonoTouch Samples
2 @tpetrina/wp-helpers Collection of various helpers for Windows Phone


🌟 Name Description 🌍
64 @marioloncarek/megamenu-js Last responsive megamenu you'll ever need
7 @marioloncarek/responsive-overlay-m… Framework for making responsive overlay menus


🌟 Name Description 🌍
54 @loboris/OrangePI-Kernel
35 @LorDClockaN/LorDmodUE CM7 Ace kernel 2.6.35 from official source (by Cyanogenmod team) patched to extreme
10 @loboris/MICO
6 @dmarion/freebsd-armv6 FreeBSD/arm on ARMv6/ARMv7
4 @loboris/RePhone_on_Linux RePhone develpment on Linux with Eclipse
3 @LorDClockaN/LorDNeo_2639 HTC OneX kernel for Sense
2 @LorDClockaN/LorDmodSaga Desire S kernel
2 @fergy/iPhone_kernel_26
2 @fergy/kernel_htc_mtk
2 @dmarion/xnu Apple Darwin xnu Kernel ↗️
2 @dmarion/flash32w Flash tool for STM32W based boards


🌟 Name Description 🌍
10 @antrad/If_Quake_2_Was_2D A Quake 2D demo I made in 2012 using MUG engine
4 @kicho/Cataclysm TEST - MaNGOS repo supporting Cataclysm Expansion (4.0.3-13329)
4 @krofna/Warrior-of-Dreamworl… Warrior of Dreamworld is 2D Massivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game with Real-time combat
3 @kicho/mangos Basically my test repo playground containing various custom fixes
2 @kicho/ScriptDev2 SD2 modified to work along with my "mangos" repo (
2 @khrvati/nao-object-gesture
2 @srdanrasic/OpenCLWrapper A simple OpenCL Wrapper created for a seminar project.
2 @krofna/Warrior-of-Dreamworl…


🌟 Name Description 🌍
55 @justpinegames/QuadtreeSprite-Exten… QuadtreeSprite extensions for Starling. Enables efficient handling of large number of children DisplayObjects.
15 @Vj3k0/robotlegs-bender-exa… S(tarling), A(way3D), R(obotlegs 2), S(ignalCommandMap extension) integration example
10 @isBatak/LocaleManager
7 @justpinegames/Modi AS3 MVC model library for defining application data with serialization and observing.
3 @Vj3k0/robotlegs-extensions… A set of extensions for Robotlegs 2 to support usage with the Starling framework.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
3 @srolija/node-passkit Passbook passes with PassKit ( API made easy


🌟 Name Description 🌍
35 @minus5/gofreetds Go Sql Server database driver.
8 @mkasner/butler Execute commands through SSH in Golang
3 @stratoberry/go-gpsd GPSD client for Go.
2 @vedranvuk/strings Additional string parsing functions for golang
2 @mkasner/drops Write HTML5 applications in Golang


🌟 Name Description 🌍
12 @jsnajder/genprog Genetic programming library
2 @jsnajder/hofm Higher-order functional morphology
2 @vjeranc/moan Language-agnostic analyzer for positional morphosyntactic tags
2 @vjeranc/concraft-hr A part-of-speech tagger for Croatian based on the concraft library.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
323 @lukagabric/LASIImageView iOS UIImageView subclass - download image with different progress indicators ↗️
199 @lukagabric/LTransitionImageView iOS Image View with transition between images ↗️
94 @lukagabric/LBorderView iOS UIView with dashed or solid line border ↗️
58 @lukagabric/LEffectLabel iOS Text Label With Effect ↗️
45 @lukagabric/LPlaceholderTextView UITextView subclass with placeholder text ↗️
36 @lukagabric/LGDragDrop iOS Drag&Drop in Objective-C and Swift 2.0 ↗️
27 @Planet1107/PNTToolbar Simple class which adds Safari like toolbar to keyboard and handles switching between input fields.
27 @lukagabric/LGLinearFlow iOS Collection View linear flow layout with zoom effect and variable page size; Swift 2.0 and ObjC ↗️
21 @lukagabric/LTimer iOS Timer ↗️
18 @lukagabric/LFilterView iOS Filter View - Checkbox and Radio ↗️
18 @lukagabric/LRouteController Simple class to get and draw route with optional waypoints using Google Maps SDK for iOS. ↗️
13 @bozidarsevo/sprite-kit-pong Pong game made with Sprite Kit
12 @lukagabric/LargeDatasetSample iOS Large Dataset Sample - Core Data and NSFetchedResultsController with search (like Contacts in Phone application) ↗️
11 @lukagabric/LHelper iOS Helper Methods And Class Extensions ↗️
7 @bozidarsevo/regular-rect-sktextu… SKTexture Regular Rect Coordinates Subtexture
7 @bozidarsevo/sprite-kit-breakout Sprite Kit Breakout
5 @lukagabric/WordFinder Graph theory - Objective C Breadth-first search example ↗️
5 @brbulic/TracerouteTester A simple iOS app with support to traceroute.
3 @lukagabric/LTranslationsControl… iOS Translations Controller handles application localization with remote localization files.
2 @lukagabric/LAbstractParser iOS Abstract Parser ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
38 @dpavlin/perl-cwmp Perl ACS server implementing CWMP protocol to manage CPE clients ↗️
25 @dpavlin/perl-Redis-obsolete perl binding for Redis database - latest development is in melo's repository ↗️
22 @dpavlin/Printer-Zebra Zebra label printer ZPL interpreter and rasterizator ↗️
14 @dpavlin/perl-Mifare-MAD pretty print Mifare Classic MAD - Mifare Application Directory from dump files ↗️
12 @dpavlin/angular-mojolicious REST JSONP server for using mojolicious and CouchDB ↗️
10 @dpavlin/Biblio-SIP2 Simple 3M SIP2 Standard Interchange Protocol implementation in perl
9 @dpavlin/Biblio-Z3950 scrape web catalogs and serve them with Z39.50 server ↗️
7 @dpavlin/Biblio-RFID perl tools to use different RFID readers for library use ↗️
5 @dpavlin/MojoFacets Server-side facet browsing using Mojolicious and jQuery UI ↗️
5 @dpavlin/bak-git Simple tracking of remote files in central git repository with only shell, netcat, rsync and ssh on client ↗️
5 @dpavlin/Koha Local chages for FFZG which we done in Koha. Please see upstream repository for official version ---- Koha is a free software integrated library system. Koha is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2 or later. Please read the file LICENSE for more details. ↗️
4 @dpavlin/snmp-json pull data from SNMP into JSON
4 @dpavlin/Printer-EVOLIS pixel-exact driver for EVOLIS Dualys two-side card printer in perl ↗️
3 @dpavlin/MojoX-Gearman experimental Gearman support for Mojolicious
2 @dpavlin/sql-sitemap Create (huge) sitemap for web crawlers using SQL queries
2 @dpavlin/google-map-tiles Google map data layer using custom tiles ↗️


🌟 Name Description 🌍
170 @Swader/nofw A no-framework application skeleton
112 @ivanweiler/Inchoo_Facebook Facebook Connect Magento Extension
112 @btoplak/Joomla-Anti-Malware-… a Joomla! and WordPress Security script that automatically scans the Joomla! or Wordpress files for some patterns and "fingerprints" of malware, trojans or other injections into PHP code
106 @zytzagoo/smtp-validate-email A PHP class for performing email addresses validation via SMTP
50 @ihabunek/phormium Phormium is a minimal ORM for PHP (which incidentally works with Informix)
50 @Swader/homestead_improved A un upgraded fork of the original Laravel Homestead
47 @lecterror/cakephp-filter-plugi… A general filtering/search plugin for CakePHP apps ↗️
38 @Swader/autofight A text based extensible "game" - an auto-fight script
29 @Swader/diffbot-php-client The official Diffbot client library
27 @lecterror/cakephp-fusion-chart… A FusionCharts plugin for CakePHP ↗️
25 @tomasinchoo/Inchoo_InvalidatedBl…
24 @ajzele/Inchoo_LoginAsCustom… Magento extension that enables admin users to login as any customer on the frontend.
19 @ivanweiler/Inchoo_Stripe Stripe payment gateway Magento extension
18 @Swader/REST SitePoint Example Code - Vito Tardia - Full REST API
17 @MatejB/rim rim - php library to get image types and size of remote images in optimized way
17 @Swader/phalanx A starter app with Phalcon and Angular.
16 @ihabunek/pdf417-php A library for encoding and generating PDF417 2D barcodes
14 @ajzele/Inchoo_UrlRewriteImp…
12 @ajzele/Inchoo_AdminOrderNot… Magento extension that enables email notifications towards various emails when customer places the order. Useful when you want your personell notified that some customer just placed the order. Supports transactional email.
11 @ajzele/Inchoo_Piwik Magento extension for Piwik - Open Source Website Analytics Software (
10 @ajzele/Inchoo_TwitterConnec… Magento extension for "Sign in with Twitter" aka "Twitter Connect". Check… for more details on how "Sign in with Twitter" works.
10 @ajzele/Inchoo_Owa Magento extension for Open Web Analytics (
9 @ajzele/Inchoo_Dealer
9 @ajzele/Inchoo_Logger Read you /var/logs/ from within Magento. Supports API access.
9 @ihabunek/isaac Save game parser for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
9 @ajzele/Inchoo_Fiskalizacija Magento extension for Croatian fiscalization law.
9 @Swader/bitfalls_utils A set of helper classes I use in my web projects
8 @ivanweiler/Inchoo_Theme
7 @lecterror/cakephp-feedback-plu… Add comments and star ratings to your existing CakePHP applications with ease.
6 @Swader/ciplusplus CodeIgniter with layouting and widget functionality and built in Twitter Bootstrap and HTML5 Boilerplate
5 @ajzele/Inchoo_TComPayWay Magento extension for Croatian T-Com PayWay payment gateway.
5 @ivanweiler/Weiler_FireLogger Simple Magento FireLogger integration
5 @ajzele/Inchoo_AdminTheme Magento extension. Overrides the default Magento admin theme app/design/adminhtml/default/default with your own theme app/design/adminhtml/default/your-theme-…
5 @ajzele/Inchoo_KISSmetrics
4 @ajzele/Inchoo_Reinvigorate
4 @ajzele/Foggyline_Cctoolbar This extension will allow you to do slight modifications to catalog toolbar, such as merge/combine "Sort by" and "order", custom labels for "Sort by", etc. This extension was originally built and tested on Magento CE v1.8.1.0.
4 @ajzele/Inchoo_MaxOrderAmoun… Magento extension. Adds the possibility to limit the maximum order amount.
4 @ajzele/Foggyline_Mailchimp Light (one mailing list subscribe/unsubscribe with web-hooks) Mailchimp extension for Magento
3 @tomislav/csquare-php C-square (concise spatial query and representation system) implementation in PHP
3 @ajzele/Foggyline_Watchdog Configurable Magento v1.x extension for logging user and/or customer actions (frontend and backend).
3 @ihabunek/starship A static site generator in PHP
3 @ajzele/B05032-Foggyline_Off…
3 @ajzele/Inchoo_Persona Magento extension for Mozilla Persona - decentralized and secure authentication system for the web based on the open BrowserID protocol (
3 @tomasinchoo/Inchoo_USDisableRegi…
2 @ivanweiler/asciimage-php PHP version of ASCIImage
2 @ivanweiler/Phygments
2 @lecterror/cakephp-naive-bayes-… A CakePHP plugin for text classification ↗️
2 @ajzele/Inchoo_FoxMetrics Magento extension for FoxMetrics - Customer Analytics and Targeting (
2 @Swader/AbbasSuterwala-Drupa…
2 @ajzele/B05032-Foggyline_Sli… Module covering book code
2 @ajzele/Inchoo_MyCheckOut Implementation of PBZ MyCheckOut payment gateway.
2 @ihabunek/tactician-pimple Allows lazy loading of Tactician command handlers from a Pimple DI container.
2 @ihabunek/phormium-modgen Model class generator for Phormium
2 @ajzele/B05032-Foggyline_Pay…


🌟 Name Description 🌍
541 @aljosa/django-tinymce TinyMCE integration for Django ↗️
238 @tkrajina/gpxpy gpx-py is a python GPX parser. GPX (GPS eXchange Format) is a XML based file format for GPS track logs.
197 @senko/python-video-convert… Python Video Converter (ffmpeg wrapper) ↗️
174 @senko/tornado-proxy Asyncronous HTTP proxy with tunnelling (CONNECT) support
97 @senko/dj-skeletor A skeleton Django project
67 @tkrajina/ Geo elevation data parser for "The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission" data
53 @tkrajina/git-plus Git utilities
43 @LukaSikic/ FUD Backdoor Generator / Remote Administration Tool
12 @tkrajina/cartesius Simple python library for drawing coordinate system images and graphs
9 @senko/python-logger A convenience wrapper for Python's logging module ↗️
9 @tkrajina/multi-git git plugin that enables you to execute a single git command on multiple repositories
9 @aljosa/django-autoslug-fiel… AutoSlugField for Django based on django-extensions AutoSlugField, adds option to track parent field for slug.
8 @senko/python-cli-runner Command line runner wrapper for Python ↗️
5 @dinoperovic/django-shop-catalog Catalog app for django SHOP
5 @tkrajina/echo-http-requests GoogleAppEngine app that can be used to test http requests expected on a predefined url when you don't have a publicly available IP address. It is available on
5 @dkorunic/rpi-home-sensors Raspberry Pi temperature, humidity and pressure graphing and storing
5 @modulec/aptop Apache Top like cli program
4 @dkorunic/simple-dns-ids Yet Another Simple DNS IDS System
4 @tkrajina/Save-layers-as-image… GIMP plugin to save layers as images in GIMP
4 @aljosa/django-verbatim Django template block tag which renders template syntax characters within the block as normal text. ↗️
4 @dinoperovic/djangocms-blogit Simple django-cms blog app
3 @aljosa/django-tinymce-photo… this project is DEAD so don't use it, something better is in the works
3 @aljosa/django-jquery Django app - bundles jQuery for django-staticfiles
3 @corazza/Graviton n-body simulator in Python ↗️
3 @corazza/optimize-glass Optimization of glass shapes (Petnica International project) ↗️
3 @tkrajina/gaeutils Utility for GoogleAppEngine
2 @dinoperovic/djangocms-skeletor Boilerplate django CMS project setup
2 @aljosa/django-facebook-exte… Django application with various extensions targeting Facebook APIs
2 @aljosa/django-treebeard-ext…
2 @dperetin/Nessus-XMLRPC Nessus XMLRPC Python Module and CLI
2 @aljosa/ - api kod
2 @senko/pcss The Python CSS preprocessor
2 @tkrajina/cmd-tools My personal utility command line tools
2 @lpredova/pybookie Helper tool for betting on football matches based on multi agent approach
2 @senko/googtext Translate .po files using Google Translate ↗️
2 @tkrajina/simple-py-nn Hopfield neural network in python. This is a plain rewrite of the algorithm in Mark Thompson book JavaAI (… Just for testing purposes.


🌟 Name Description 🌍
218 @vlado/rails_db_info Rails engine which will give you a quick display of your database schema and contents for reference
100 @elvanja/jenkins-gitlab-hook-… Enables Gitlab web hooks to be used to trigger SMC polling on Gitlab projects
29 @vlado/open_exchange_rates Ruby gem for currency conversion based on Open Exchange Rates API
18 @vlado/remote_forgery_prote… Rails plugin that automatically adds authenticity token to Ajax request
16 @vlado/rails_javascript_log Rails engine (asset gem) containing Adam Schwartz's javascript logging library
14 @vlado/rails_temporary_data Rails engine to simply save temporary data that is too big for session in database
9 @zeljkofilipin/watir-nokogiri Speeding up watir-webdriver with nokogiri.
9 @zeljkofilipin/selenium-vagrant
7 @elvanja/roar_example
6 @ianic/mssql MS Sql Server shell client
6 @elvanja/codility Various Codility excercises
5 @vlado/rindeed Ruby wrapper around Indeed Web Services (XML interface).
5 @zeljkofilipin/pacman Automating Google Pacman
5 @vlado/sexy_buttons Sexy styled buttons for your Rails app with themes generator
4 @xajler/algorithms-rb The Algorithms from Coursera course Algorithms, Part I by Robert Sedgewick and Kevin Wayne written in Ruby.
4 @vlado/divisible Ruby gem useful in case you need to find out if one number is divisible by another
4 @shime/sinatrify Make Rails controller actions look like Sinatra routes
3 @zeljkofilipin/watir-parallel
3 @zeljkofilipin/set-game-rb Playing Set game with Ruby and Selenium ↗️
2 @neektza/bius_infosystem
2 @elvanja/gedankenexperiment various musings about a variety of topics
2 @ianic/minus5_mssql
2 @bruno-/easy-chef-rails Easily install Rails server environments with Chef
2 @vlado/interceptor Rails plugin that enables you to check if some process is running and to send signals to that process ↗️
2 @berislavbabic/Band-notifier Rails application for tracking music gigs for a band, and email notifying members.
2 @zmajstor/rails_5_api_react_js Rails 5 alpha API for React.js with Twitter OAuth ↗️
2 @vlado/spree_shop_socially Spree extension for


🌟 Name Description 🌍
55 @spark-in-action/first-edition The book's repo ↗️
31 @melezov/scala-uuid An optimized Scala wrapper for java.util.UUID - inspired by scala-time
7 @denibertovic/scala-oauth2 scala-oauth2
6 @melezov/pgscala PostgreSQL JDBC wrapper for Scala
4 @mentat-labs/sbt-nsa No Strings Attached - Strongly typed compiler options for SBT
4 @melezov/etb Some commonly used utilities for scala.
2 @cehtunger/mailer Scala + Lift framework for sending emails
2 @tferega/format-nazy Tabs must die.
2 @sahataba/scalajs-react
2 @melezov/xsbt-batsh XSBT Batch and Bash creator
2 @melezov/xsbt-pause Tiny XSBT plugin which adds pause functionality


🌟 Name Description 🌍
6 @fffilo/ubuntu-after-install Execute bash scripts after fresh Ubuntu install
5 @ffzg/ganeti-extstorage-zf… Experimental Ganeti extstorage provider for ZFS volumes
3 @iturcino/docker-files Docker files
3 @fffilo/vasite Virtual machine for web development
2 @akrasic/i3-config i3-configuration files
2 @fffilo/gitsound Play sound on git command


🌟 Name Description 🌍
90 @marinbenc/ReactiveWeatherExamp… A simple iOS weather app using the MVVM pattern and RxSwift framework.
2 @marinbenc/Starscream-RxSwift A lightweight extension to Starscream to suscribe to websocket events with RxSwift


🌟 Name Description 🌍
5 @fer-ppj/ppj-labosi Laboratorijske vježbe iz predmeta Prevođenje programskih jezika
3 @fer-ppj/ppj-upute Informacije o predmetu Prevođenje programskih jezika ↗️

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I open-source almost everything I can, and I try to reply to everyone needing help using these projects. Obviously, this takes time. You can integrate and use these projects in your applications for free! You can even change the source code and redistribute (even resell it).

However, if you get some profit from this or just want to encourage me to continue creating stuff, there are few ways you can do it:

  • Starring and sharing the projects you like 🚀

  • Buy me a book—I love books! I will remember you after years if you buy me one. 😁 📖

  • PayPal—You can make one-time donations via PayPal. I'll probably buy a coffee tea. 🍵

  • Support me on Patreon—Set up a recurring monthly donation and you will get interesting news about what I'm doing (things that I don't share with everyone).

  • Bitcoin—You can send me bitcoins at this address (or scanning the code below): 1P9BRsmazNQcuyTxEqveUsnf5CERdq35V6

Thanks! ❤️

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