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    A list of neat projects made in Bulgaria



    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    2750 @astoilkov/jsblocks Better MV-ish Framework ↗️
    2025 @tonytomov/jqGrid jQuery grid plugin ↗️
    1960 @mgechev/javascript-algorithm… JavaScript implementation of different computer science algorithms. ↗️
    1635 @mgechev/angularjs-in-pattern… AngularJS in patterns - this repository provides different look into AngularJS. It contains information where different design patterns are used inside the framework or any AngularJS application. ↗️
    1422 @krasimir/deb.js Minimalistic JavaScript library for debugging in the browser
    1255 @krasimir/absurd A JavaScript library with superpowers ↗️
    902 @ttsvetko/HTML5-Desktop-Notifi… Desktop notifications plugin for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE9+
    840 @krasimir/cssx CSS in JavaScript ↗️
    755 @astoilkov/console.message Console messages for cool kids
    640 @mgechev/jscapture Screen recording and capturing with pure client-side JavaScript. ↗️
    461 @krasimir/gifffer A tiny JavaScript library that prevents the autoplaying of the animated Gifs
    300 @krasimir/lsbridge Using local storage as a communication channel
    271 @krasimir/react-webpack-starte… A template for writing React based ES6 app using webpack
    258 @krasimir/coloor Image preloading utility ↗️
    244 @mgechev/mk.js Canvas implementation of basic fighting game which allows multiplayer game over the network. ↗️
    232 @krasimir/atomus A small utility library for running client-side tests in Node.js environment
    188 @krasimir/webpack-library-star… Webpack based boilerplate for producing libraries (Input: ES6, Output: universal library)
    147 @mgechev/angular-aop Library for aspect-oriented programming with AngularJS.
    143 @mgechev/angular-immutable Simple directive, which allows binding to Immutable.js collections.
    135 @StanAngeloff/zoey Small, customisable and lightweight framework for developing mobile apps. ↗️
    132 @krasimir/navigo A simple vanilla JavaScript router with a fallback for older browsers ↗️
    123 @mgechev/js-vnc-demo-project Demo project for the class Advanced JavaScript at the department mathematics and informatics in Sofia University.
    115 @krasimir/EventBus Simple JavaScript class for managing events ↗️
    114 @krasimir/bubble.js Pleasing the DOM event handling
    102 @mgechev/angular-vnc VNC client implemented with AngularJS and Yeoman
    87 @mgechev/ReactChat WebRTC chat with ReactJS
    85 @StanAngeloff/lotte Automated, headless browser testing (using PhantomJS).
    85 @mgechev/angular2-github-app-… Exercise for building simple Angular 2 apps
    81 @krasimir/react-place React geo location component based on Google Maps ↗️
    78 @SQ-UI/ng-sq-ui A flexible and easily customizable UI-kit for Angular ↗️
    55 @mgechev/light-angularjs Light AngularJS implementation for my slides "Lightweight AngularJS" ↗️
    54 @mgechev/devtools-vnc VNC client for Chrome Devtools
    49 @mgechev/movement.js Gesture recognition with JavaScript and HTML5.
    39 @krasimir/react-cssx CSS in React
    30 @mgechev/versionable-collecti… Collection optimized for AngularJS 1.x one-way bindings
    30 @StanAngeloff/komodo-html-toolkit [ABANDONED] A growing collection of tools to help you edit & author HTML/XML documents inside Komodo Edit/IDE ↗️
    30 @mgechev/react-pstate Persistence of the state of ReactJS component
    25 @krasimir/auxilio Extension for Google Chrome
    24 @mgechev/plainvm plainvm allows you to control multiple virtual machines which are distributed among many hosts through your browser. ↗️
    23 @gyoshev/qhint A routine that runs jsHint tests in qUnit ↗️
    22 @vvasilev-/fullscreener Easy fullscreen backgrounds with jQuery. ↗️
    19 @krasimir/assets-pack Clever packing of .css, .less, .js files
    18 @mgechev/ng-tutorial Platform for AngularJS interactive tutorials
    17 @krasimir/blog-posts Source files of the articles published on
    17 @krasimir/fluxiny ~1K implementation of flux architecture
    14 @mgechev/github-contributors-… Node.js script, which outputs all the contributors for given open GitHub project
    14 @krasimir/chain Sequencing function calls in JavaScript
    14 @mgechev/ My personal blog. ↗️
    13 @mgechev/lazy-loading-routes-…
    12 @ttsvetko/AngularJS-Calendar Simple calendar using angular.js
    11 @StanAngeloff/node-paperserve Quick and dirty web server from your working directory
    11 @StanAngeloff/komodo-fuzzy-open [ABANDONED] Quickly locate and open files using fuzzy matching
    10 @krasimir/grunt-absurd Grunt plugin for AbsurdJS compilation
    9 @krasimir/bit.js A set of utility functions for JavaScript functions
    9 @krasimir/gulp-absurd A Gulp plugin for AbsurdJS
    9 @krasimir/css-steal Given DOM element returns styles applied to it and all its children.
    8 @krasimir/coloor-loader Webpack loader for Coloor (image preloading utility)
    8 @mgechev/react-drag Up to date fork of react-draggable
    7 @outbounder/organic-angel
    7 @mgechev/jqcarousel A carousel gallery ↗️
    7 @astoilkov/preboot Allows any client-side JavaScript framework (i.e. Angular, React, Ember, etc.) to hook into events before the framework is loaded.
    7 @RStankov/controldepo-3-widget… A collection of widgets ↗️
    7 @mgechev/blobreader Simple interface for reading blobs sequentially
    7 @gyoshev/cuttle Find the color transition function between two colors ↗️
    7 @gkostadinov/Instagram-Color-Sear… A color-based search for Instagram using Imagga's API. Python version.
    6 @mgechev/image-editor HTML5 image editor
    6 @outbounder/organic-archconsole
    6 @outbounder/node-thequest little realtime mass multiplayer online game in nodejs ↗️
    6 @StanAngeloff/komodo-refacto [ABANDONED] Refactor your code! ↗️
    6 @RStankov/playground My playground for various javascript/css/ruby and other ideas
    6 @nikoladimitroff/thralldom 3d action game written in Typescript (or a big a pile of bullshit, who knows)
    6 @mgechev/angularjs-resource Source code for my blog post about the $resource service ↗️
    6 @mgechev/angular2-github-app Sample Angular 2 application, which communicates with the GitHub API
    6 @mgechev/benchpress-angularjs… Benchpress benchmarks for using AngularJS with immutable data
    5 @mgechev/angular2-ngc-rollup-… Simple build for "Hello world!" Angular 2 application with ngc and rollup.
    5 @mgechev/js-vnc-classroom-sho… Showcase of the JavaScript VNC client for classroom applications
    5 @RStankov/BackToScriptaculous A backward lib between scriptaculous and scripty2 ↗️
    5 @mgechev/physics-engine Building the physics engine from the book in JavaScript (hopefully)
    5 @kdankov/cinema An easy to use Interface page to Sofia's most popular cinemas ↗️
    5 @outbounder/organic-stem-skeleto… Cell with predefined dna for development of backend api, frontend client and/or both.
    4 @nikoladimitroff/SusiParser Parses Susi and stuff
    4 @outbounder/organic-webcell organic implementation of webcell organelles
    4 @StanAngeloff/turbovision-html5 HTML5 UI framework based on Borland TurboVision '92 ↗️
    3 @skylamer/eqs An earthquakes monitoring web app ↗️
    3 @astoilkov/jscore A JavaScript core
    3 @outbounder/componentjs module enabling component based html/js development (flex like style)
    3 @krasimir/queue Short JavaScript implementation of queue
    3 @krasimir/hackerify Stubbing Browserify modules
    3 @iproduct/course-fullstack-rea…
    3 @kunev/noCommentBG chrome plugin for hiding comments on bulgarian news sites
    2 @krasimir/eslint-plugin-cssx CSSX plugin for ESLint
    2 @krasimir/hazard Producing UI with CSS in JavaScript! The next because-we-can thing 👹
    2 @krasimir/less-compiler Watch and compile your .less files automatically
    2 @StanAngeloff/node-ytremote Get lazy, watch YouTube on the PC using your mobile device as a remote control.
    2 @outbounder/simpleui-techbrowser
    2 @krasimir/babylon-plugin-cssx CSSX plugin to Babylon so it understands CSS in JavaScript
    2 @ivo-/tekken PDF tests generator right in your browser
    2 @RStankov/talks-code Demo code from my talks
    2 @ivo-/tween.js Simple tween class. It just does the math.
    2 @pivanov/photoshop-scripts
    2 @gyoshev/js13kgames-2013 Competition entry for js13kgames 2013
    2 @gkostadinov/


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    1174 @geftimov/android-pathview Android view with both path from constructed path or from svg.
    788 @geftimov/android-player Android animation when entering new screen.
    511 @ogrebgr/android_volley_examp… Project with examples how to use the new Volley networking framework
    369 @geftimov/android-patternview Pattern view for android.That one using lock or unlock.
    102 @geftimov/android-viewpager-tr… A collection of view pager transformers
    91 @pveentjer/Multiverse Software Transactional Memory Implementation for the JVM ↗️
    59 @asual/lesscss-servlet LESS Servlet - Runtime handling and optimization of less.js resources ↗️
    55 @dumbledore/AlbiteREADER A feature-rich e-book reader for the Java Mobile platform. Currently works with txt, xhtml and epub files. Supported features include touch scrolling, images, styling and multilingual hyphenation, on-touch dictionaries, units converter, table of contents. Uses the Droid Serif font through it's own font implementation scheme. ↗️
    48 @asual/summer Summer - The HTML5 Library for Java and Scala ↗️
    43 @geftimov/android-draggable-vi… [Deprecated] Android view pager with drag an drop between pages
    32 @geftimov/hadoop-map-reduce-pa… Hadoop Map-Reduce Design Patterns
    20 @albogdano/elasticsearch-river-… Amazon SQS river plugin for ElasticSearch
    18 @pveentjer/Hazelblast
    13 @groupsky/generator-android Yeoman based android scaffolding
    12 @groupsky/nexus4-call-fixer A fix to no audo problem with nexus 4 and cyanogenmod 11
    7 @pveentjer/hazelcast-actors hazelcast-actors
    7 @martin-g/wicket-gae-demo Wicket 1.5 running on Google AppEngine
    7 @martin-g/wicket-atmosphere-te… An experiments with
    7 @dumbledore/Planetarium A simple simulation of the Solar system using Java's Graphics2D
    7 @geftimov/android-email [Deprecated] Android library for sending emails.
    6 @ianp/rvsnoop TIBCO Rendezvous monitoring tool. ↗️
    6 @dumbledore/FlypadJoystick A simple Java interface to PPJoy.
    6 @wastedabuser/samsung-iap Adobe AIR native extension for Samsung's in-app purchases API 2.0
    6 @geftimov/android-birthday-vie… [Deprecated] Android view that enables you to set birthday
    5 @geftimov/android-progress-tex… Set progress in a textview
    5 @kaloyan-raev/chitanka4kindle Читанка за Kindle
    5 @martin-g/wicket-cassandra-dat… An implementation of org.apache.wicket.pageStore.IDataStore (Apache Wicket 1.5.x) that stores pages in a cassandra cluster.
    5 @TodorBalabanov/TwentyEightForAndroi… Twenty-eight(28) card game, which is very popular in parts of South Asia. The original project can be found at:
    3 @wastedabuser/OpenIAB-air Adobe AIR native extension for the OpenIAB project
    3 @geftimov/android-components All components (views, utils, etc.)
    3 @geftimov/java-algorithms Welcome to Algorithms ↗️
    3 @ogrebgr/dagger2_migration_mi… How to migrate missing inject from module with complete = false from Dagger 1 to Dagger 2
    3 @dumbledore/AlbiteDictionaryBuil… The official tool for building dictionaries for the AlbiteREADER.
    3 @TodorBalabanov/booming-games-simple…
    3 @Gpetkov/UserAgentRepository
    2 @dumbledore/AlbiteUnits A simple java API for converting various physical units. Suitable for J2ME devices, too, but then add the source java files to the j2me package, as the class files are build with jdk 1.6
    2 @martin-g/single-page-instance A demo app that uses a single page instance per page type -…
    2 @dumbledore/AlbiteCharacterDecod… AlbiteStreamReader provides the ability to read characters from encodings, not supported natively supported by Java's InputStreamReader. It works in J2ME, too.
    2 @kaloyan-raev/eclipse-license-mana… License Management Tools for Eclipse (Prototype)
    2 @alexstanoev/IceAuth Lightweight authorization plugin for Bukkit ↗️
    2 @groupsky/Contacto Address book application
    2 @pveentjer/brooklyn-hazelcast-a… Actors framework on top of Hazelcast 3.x
    2 @dumbledore/AlbiteZIP Implementation of in Java Mobile using FileConnection through the AlbiteRandomReadingFile API and the sources from GNU's Classpath


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    106 @flextry/Telerik-Academy Course exercises Telerik Academy 2013/2014
    65 @darind/samplemvc A sample ASP.NET MVC 2.0 project structure
    16 @vladislav-karamfilov/Bloggable Hiqh-quality blog system
    9 @Filkolev/SoftUni Contains all homework and exam problems from the curriculum of Software University.
    4 @mihayloff/programming-basics-m…
    4 @ligaz/MicroModels Paul Stovell's MicroModels ↗️
    3 @ivivanov/TelerikAcademy C#, CSS3, HTML5, JS, ASP.NET, WCF, WPF, XAML, ...
    3 @vladislav-karamfilov/CSharp-Playground Small projects in C# programming language
    3 @KonstantinSimeonov/Studying-with-Pesho-… random interesting and not so interesting stuffs
    3 @KonstantinSimeonov/CSharp-OOP-Teamwork
    2 @ligaz/ms-days-2009 Slides and demos from MS Days 2009 talks
    2 @mihayloff/programming-basics-j… Creating custom content for the lectures of the course Programming Basics @ Software University
    2 @KonstantinSimeonov/GnomUi Mini-framework for Console UI with C#


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @lyuboraykov/petrol HackFMI5 project
    2 @sis0k0/sCOOLbry Library management system ↗️
    2 @panev/submotion for science, you monster
    2 @ralinc/ Now deprecated in favor of the new version.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    16 @fire1/DuplicateElement jQuery plugin for duplicating fields with buttons (create/remove)
    3 @scriptex/animated css and jquery animations on scroll


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    81 @gfto/toybox The goal of the Toybox project is to create simple implementations of all the important Linux command line utilities. This repo is mirror of the official git hosted @ It is synced with toybox repo every 6 hours. The development is done on the mailing list: Post patches there. ↗️
    71 @gfto/oscam OSCam is an Open Source Conditional Access Module software. This repo is mirror of oscam SVN and my development area. The repo is synced with Oscam SVN every six hours. ↗️
    51 @Irdroid/Irdroid Universal infra-red remote control for Android ↗️
    38 @gfto/tsdecrypt tsdecrypt reads and decrypts CSA encrypted incoming mpeg transport stream over UDP/RTP using code words obtained from OSCAM or similar CAM server. tsdecrypt communicates with CAM server using cs378x (camd35 over tcp) protocol or newcamd protocol. ↗️
    29 @gfto/dvblast DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS demux and streaming application. This repository is mirror of official repo at git:// and my personal development tree. ↗️
    17 @gfto/mptsd mptsd receives mpegts streams from udp/multicast or http and combines them into one multiple program stream that is suitable for outputing to DVB-C modulator. It is tested with Dektec DTE-3114 Quad QAM Modulator and it is used in production in couple of small DVB-C networks. ↗️
    16 @gfto/bitstream biTStream is a set of C headers allowing a simpler access to binary structures such as specified by MPEG, DVB, IETF, etc. This repository is mirror of official repo at git:// and my personal development tree. ↗️
    13 @infraredbg/Lenovo_A820_kernel_k… Proton kernel for KitKat
    9 @gfto/tomcast tomcast reads mpeg transport streams over http or udp (multicast or unicast) and outputs them to chosen multicast group. Basically a simple http2multicast daemon designed to work 24/7.
    8 @stefansaraev/snmp-swraid snmp-swraid
    8 @koue/httpd FreeBSD port of OpenBSD httpd
    7 @gfto/libtsfuncs libtsfuncs is a library for mpeg PSI parsing and generation. ↗️
    5 @stefansaraev/mproxy mproxy
    5 @profglavcho/mt6577-kernel-3.10.6…
    5 @gfto/libfuncs libfuncs is collection of code (list, queue, circular buffer, io, logging, etc.). ↗️
    5 @gfto/tsdumper2 tsdumper2 reads incoming mpeg transport stream over UDP/RTP and then records it to disk. The files names are generated based on preconfigured time interval. ↗️
    5 @gfto/videohubctrl videohubctrl can be used to control Blackmagic Design Videohub SDI router device over the network.
    3 @infraredbg/Lenovo_A820_kernel_p…
    3 @amidabuddha/saga-ics-crc-3.0.16 Kernel 3 for HTC Desire S
    3 @Irdroid/Irdroid-WiFi Irdroid WiFi to Infrared adapter firmware source code
    3 @infraredbg/Lenovo_A820_kernel_p…
    2 @infraredbg/android_device_lenov… CM11 device tree for Lenovo A820
    2 @Irdroid/Irdroid-WiRF433 Single Board Linux Computer, Designed by Hardwate Group Ltd.
    2 @Irdroid/SerialWebProxy HTML5 WebSocket to Serial proxy OpenWrt packages
    2 @koue/slowcgi FreeBSD port of OpenBSD slowcgi
    2 @profglavcho/mt6735-kernel-3.10.6…
    2 @danielng01/iris-colors-lite Iris colors lite is not Iris. This is open source project for blue light reduction and software brightness started from strach and different from the Iris core ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    568 @onqtam/doctest The lightest feature-rich C++ single-header testing framework for unit tests and TDD - docs: ↗️
    33 @Hual/SA-MP-Plus A client modification for GTA:San Andreas that uses SA-MP's plugin SDK to interact with the SA-MP server and add new features
    16 @SymbolixDEV/Patchs Wow Cores , Websites , Scripts , Patches , Programs , SQL - ALL IN ONE ↗️
    10 @Hual/SAMPSON SAMPSON - A JSON plugin for SA-MP
    10 @kamend/Kinect-Cloth Cloth Physics + Kinect ↗️
    8 @kamend/Superformula3d A simple Superformula implementation
    7 @ironsteel/iconv-android Iconv lib with android build scripts.
    7 @savage309/HPC2015
    6 @kamend/InstancingExample OpenGL Instancing with Openframeworks example
    4 @ironsteel/tinyxml-android tiny xml for android
    4 @kamend/kNN_ShapeMatch Simple Shape Matching with kNN and OpenCV using Openframeworks and ofxCv
    4 @anrieff/trinity Simple raytracer in C++11 for the FMI raytracing course
    3 @nayyden/openUberShader University project - a try to create an open uber-shader written in glsl
    3 @kingofthebongo2008/vitosha simple project
    3 @ironsteel/gles2-experiments Android native activity experiments
    3 @Hual/JC2MP-Query Some JC2-MP server query snippets
    3 @AlexanderDzhoganov/torrentstream Streaming torrent client
    3 @SymbolixDEV/Core Curse of Doom Fun
    3 @Rolice/libwebsocket Experimental C++ WebSocket Server Library
    2 @nayyden/ZVector University Project 2D Vector Drawing Program
    2 @Hual/QBinder QBinder - An open-source Windows keybinder, coded in C/++, using the WINAPI
    2 @AlexanderDzhoganov/Game-of-Life Very simple CUDA-based implementation of Conway's Game of Life (first CUDA project, here be dragons!)
    2 @kamend/TwitterParticles
    2 @ironsteel/QtOME Material editor for Ogre3D written in Qt


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    8 @funluiji/AS3-starling-touch-s… this starling scrollbar let's you scroll anything easily in your projects. just initialise a starling.extensions.ClippedSprite and set it as the content for the scrollbar class. ↗️
    2 @katzarsky/BitStream Bit stream implementation. Written in ActionScript (AS3).


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    18 @orlin/statica gulp harp
    8 @astrolet/ ↗️
    5 @astrolet/eden this ephemeris does essentially node ↗️
    3 @astrolet/archai animating the cosmos, by definition and from a human use case condition / perspective ↗️
    2 @astrolet/upon varied reference frame ↗️


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    308 @preslavmihaylov/todocheck A static code analyzer for annotated TODO comments
    6 @blaskov/go-whois Simple Go module for interaction with WHOIS servers
    6 @momchil-atanasov/go-whiskey A game engine written in Go
    2 @gaspiman/cosine_similarity Implementation of the Cosine similarity in Go (Golang)
    2 @momchil-atanasov/go-data-front A Go library for reading Wavefront 3D model resources (OBJ, MTL).


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    4 @meganukebmp/Soul-Shift
    2 @dvdvideo1234/GearAssemblyTool Gmod tool for meshing gears.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @nikolovd/pps


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    41 @ptfly/XcodeKit Duplicate / Remove current line or selection in Xcode 5
    31 @supudo/SNIndexedScroller Custom indexed scroller
    4 @tparkerpp/Uber-Clone-App Uber Clone App in Swift
    4 @ptfly/AirPlayMe Mac OS X application that will scan your Movies/TV Shows library and play them through on your AppleTV
    2 @tuparev/SoftwareEtudes
    2 @tparkerpp/CandyCart WooCommerce app
    2 @tparkerpp/cleverGarry Prototype in Swift


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    16 @ddmitov/perl-executing-brows… Minimalistic HTML framework for Perl 5 desktop applications
    12 @pshangov/miril Miril - Static Content Publishing ↗️
    9 @urandom/p2js IWL Perl To Javascript converter ↗️
    9 @urandom/iwl IWL - perl web widget library ↗️
    6 @pshangov/perldoc-vim Perldoc viewer for vim with syntax highlighting
    3 @harry-bix/mojo-mysql5 Pure-Perl non-blocking I/O MySQL Connector ↗️
    3 @pshangov/html-formfu-manual HTML::FormFu Manual
    3 @pshangov/catalyst-model-formf… Cached forms with Catalyst and HTML::FormFu
    3 @urandom/darkness-e17 Darkness theme for E17 ↗️
    3 @pshangov/data-asobject Data::AsObject - Easy OO access to complex perl data structures ↗️
    2 @pshangov/moosex-params MooseX::Params - Advanced parameter validation for Moose
    2 @pau4o/easy-virtualbox-menu Simple tool to manage your VirtualBox machines.
    2 @korikori/A-Scanner-Darkly A simple and lightning-fast scanner for cpanel server stats written in bash, awk, and perl.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3371 @erusev/parsedown Better Markdown Parser in PHP ↗️
    585 @RoumenDamianoff/laravel-sitemap A not so simple sitemap generator for Laravel ↗️
    323 @erusev/parsedown-extra Markdown Extra Extension for Parsedown
    252 @erusev/base Simpler Database Intaractions in PHP
    213 @RoumenDamianoff/laravel-feed A simple feed generator for Laravel ↗️
    99 @RoumenDamianoff/laravel-assets Assets manager for Laravel ↗️
    90 @ivantcholakov/starter-public-editi… A PHP application starter, based on CodeIgniter
    81 @ivantcholakov/codeigniter-phpmaile… A CodeIgniter compatible email-library powered by PHPMailer
    47 @ivantcholakov/gibberish-aes-php A PHP port of Gibberish AES javascript encryption library,
    47 @RoumenDamianoff/laravel-disqus Disqus API library for Laravel
    39 @ivantcholakov/Codeigniter-Gravatar Gravatar Library for Codeigniter
    31 @nikolov-tmw/multilingual-wp A new plugin for multilingual content in WordPress
    21 @RoumenDamianoff/ci-feed A simple feed generator for CodeIgniter ↗️
    19 @ivantcholakov/starter-public-editi… A PHP application starter, based on CodeIgniter
    17 @RoumenDamianoff/ci-sitemap A simple sitemap generator for CodeIgniter ↗️
    15 @ivantcholakov/codeigniter-restserv… A temporary repository for testing…
    15 @VanTanev/EqualNestBehavior A Propel behavior designed to handle Equal Nest relations
    14 @narfbg/SimpleEncryption Simple Encryption for PHP
    13 @antitoxic/.fuelphp-phpstorm-wo… Workaround for the PHPStorm inability to pick classes on FuelPHP framwork
    8 @mraiur/music-player A very lightweight directory based music player. Listing directories( artists ) and subdirectories( albums ). Making song playlist('s). Much TODO.
    7 @VanTanev/dmMediaUploadifyerPl… Diem plugin that adds multiple file upload to the media module in the admin app
    4 @ivantcholakov/http_build_url PHP fallback function http_build_url()
    4 @brutalenemy666/wp-utils 📓 Some handy scripts for WordPress.
    4 @narfbg/ci4stuff Document drafts and alpha quality code that may or may not go into CI4
    4 @ivantcholakov/codeigniter-utf8 UTF-8 string support for CodeIgniter based on Kohana's implementation.
    3 @brutalenemy666/carbon-image-library 🚧 Integration of WP Thumb with functions similar to the ones in WordPress . (In development)
    3 @brutalenemy666/scripts 📓
    3 @brutalenemy666/design-patterns 📓 Sample code for several design patterns and practices.
    3 @ivantcholakov/codeigniter-registry Registry library for CodeIgniter
    2 @brutalenemy666/carbon-admin-columns… A way to add, remove and manage columns from WordPress administration screens.
    2 @VanTanev/ncPropelChangeLogBeh… A fork of the symfony plugin ncPropelChangeLogBehaviorPlugin
    2 @RoYaLBG/JavascriptClassGener… Code generation tool for basic Javascript OOP via prototypes
    2 @wildalmighty/KZPMailClearing This is a simple class that simulates the work of KZPMailClearing.exe
    2 @EmanuelaMollova/BudgetTracker Application which helps you track your expenses.
    2 @ivantcholakov/codeigniter-user-age… User Agent Helper Functions


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    51 @IlianIliev/ubuntu-fabric-and-dj… Fabric script for server setup, creation and deployment of Django projects #Under construction
    40 @mignev/shiftpi ShiftPi is the easiest way to work with 74HC595 shift registers on your Raspberry Pi in Arduino style :)
    21 @IlianIliev/django-for-prototypi…
    13 @IlianIliev/Simple-Site-Checker Check the links in your website XML sitemap
    4 @ctmnz/pythonIRC Simple python irc bot
    4 @jordanjambazov/osqa-gplus Google+ Sign-In for OSQA
    3 @svilendobrev/fuselage tag-based semantic file system, in python, over FUSE. Pluggable aspects (parsing or interpretting). Querying and relations between tags/items. Modular architecture, allows different user-ends (fs/webdav/http/..), or backends (sql/rdf/..)
    3 @vladimiroff/asuras Nothing to see here yet. Move along.
    3 @mignev/configo The easiest way to use existing JSON, XML or YAML config files from bash shell/scripts
    2 @vladimiroff/dotfiles My dotfiles goes here
    2 @svilendobrev/timed bitemporal + unitemporal objects (data or module!) + contexts in python+sqlalchemy, with or without dbcook; +some attempt at history-enabled attributes
    2 @svilendobrev/svd_bin various tools + libraries, small or big, old'91 or new; most used are: vcs/, qini/ + aliases, filedir/, eee/, and audio-video
    2 @svilendobrev/svd_util python utulity funcs, classes, small languages, frameworks, scripts. i tend to use most optz, attr, struct, py3, eutf
    2 @svilendobrev/aggregator_sql automatic aggregating columns in SQLAlchemy / python (SQLAlchemyAggregator)
    2 @marvellouz/fmi-db2 Course project for DBMS at FMI
    2 @marvellouz/Quaternions Python class for quaternions
    2 @IlianIliev/Status-Codes-Site A website returning all possible HTTP status codes and code descriptions. For test purposes.
    2 @ydm/django-sameas Django application that provides you with an easy-to-use template tag that replicates a block.
    2 @emou/duck A prototype of a music player written in Python
    2 @mignev/venv The easiest way to use Python Virtualenv


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    25 @valo/maycamp_arena This is the grading system behind It started as a fork of spoj0, but at the end was almost completely reimplemented. ↗️
    10 @mitio/TrackMe Real-time GPS tracking system, with social features on top of it.
    9 @kalkov/rails4_client_side_v…
    8 @mitio/quizzes A simple Rails 3 app for the "Programming in Ruby" course in the Sofia University ↗️
    5 @underlog/confu Yet another *fu - this time for rails configuration made easier
    5 @underlog/unpacker ruby gem for working with archives (relies on system binaries) ↗️
    4 @underlog/shellshot ruby proxy handling the complexities of system invocations
    3 @mytrile/shorty Simple URL shortener ↗️
    3 @mitio/programming-at-athlo… A small and experimental programming course which takes place at Athlon Sofia.
    3 @underlog/tefter a spare-time may-never-be done project
    3 @valo/rchest Configuring and running chroot jails made easy with this little ruby library
    3 @mitio/futureiscode Сайт на кампанията "Бъдещето е код" - турне на ентусиасти, работещи в IT-сферата из училища в страната, с цел популяризиране на програмирането. ↗️
    3 @valo/ember_data_active_mo… A parser for Her compatible with ember-data's active_model_serializers format
    3 @valo/rprocfs An easy way to read process details from the proc filesystem
    3 @kirilk/simatic-runner Simatic data fetcher in Ruby with EventMachine
    2 @underlog/active-forms Ruby on Rails plugin to ease the pain of repetitive forms creation
    2 @valo/session_dump A simple plugin to dump client's session data at each request
    2 @edzhelyov/fakey Foreign keys plugin for Rails, in a better way
    2 @edzhelyov/product_manager Create and manage different product schema and their instances.
    2 @mytrile/redcar_plugin redcar_plugin is simple command-line utility to help you install,update and delete redcar plugins ↗️
    2 @mytrile/twitshoes Twitter client written in Ruby using Shoes ↗️
    2 @jivko/lita-twit
    2 @dminchev/chicita chicita
    2 @mitio/namer A simple app that allows remote brainstorming via anonymous name suggestions and voting ↗️
    2 @mitio/theses-soa A simple project, representing SOA, Rails' ActiveResource and a hint of middleware architecture.


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    3 @vdichev/lightmark reStructuredText parser in Scala
    2 @stanvp/parallelnlp


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    27 @philippetev/HP-ProBook-Installer The HP ProBook Installer repo
    4 @fluxer/katana Main repository of Katana Desktop environment ↗️
    3 @vpetkov/rcfiles some config files I use around
    3 @SlaSerX/TorrentFinder is a "simple" bash script that uses wget, grep, etc. to list the top 5 torrents found on each of the 8 sites based on the search you made. tested and working on archlinux TorrentFinder should work on any other linux distro, i've seen problems when using OSX. I have tested it in cygwin and it's working just fine
    2 @ivandokov/tools Tools to manage common services for Ubuntu server
    2 @boianmihailov/iptables-persistent init.d script for debin/ubuntu to keep persistent iptables rules


    🌟 Name Description 🌍
    479 @AndrewRadev/splitjoin.vim A vim plugin that simplifies the transition between multiline and single-line code ↗️
    127 @AndrewRadev/linediff.vim A vim plugin to perform diffs on blocks of code ↗️
    119 @AndrewRadev/sideways.vim A Vim plugin to move function arguments (and other delimited-by-something items) left and right. ↗️
    39 @AndrewRadev/inline_edit.vim Edit code that's embedded within other code ↗️
    38 @AndrewRadev/Vimfiles My .vim folder
    27 @AndrewRadev/gapply.vim Before committing, edit a git diff and apply it directly to the index
    26 @AndrewRadev/writable_search.vim Grep for something, then write the original files directly through the search results. ↗️
    21 @AndrewRadev/ember_tools.vim Tools for working with ember projects ↗️
    20 @AndrewRadev/simple_bookmarks.vim A small plugin to create named bookmarks in Vim ↗️
    15 @AndrewRadev/vim-eco Eco (embedded coffee-script) support for Vim
    11 @AndrewRadev/whitespaste.vim Automatically adjust number of blank lines when pasting ↗️
    11 @AndrewRadev/id3.vim "Edit" mp3 files with Vim, or rather, their ID3 tags
    9 @AndrewRadev/tagfinder.vim A simple vim plugin to look for tags of specific kinds: classes, functions, etc. ↗️
    7 @AndrewRadev/coffee_tools.vim A work-in-progress plugin with tools for working with coffeescript
    3 @AndrewRadev/andrews_nerdtree.vim My personal collection of NERDTree extensions
    3 @AndrewRadev/better_netrw.vim A better file manager for Vim
    3 @boris-petrov/dotfiles My dotfiles
    2 @AndrewRadev/subtitles.vim (Not working) A vim plugin that helps you with editing subtitles
    2 @AndrewRadev/rtranslate.vim Easier translations with rails
    2 @AndrewRadev/archivitor.vim Vim plugin for editing the contents of archives

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