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Made is a simple reactive build tool. If a file changes, every dependency of this file will be rebuilt. This project is heavily inspired by tup.

The build system needs a simple configuration file in the current folder. It is composed of shell commands on every line starting with '$ '. Every line beginning with a different character will currently be ignored.

Files being watched are enclosed in '[]'. Output files are enclosed in '{}'.

$ cp [*.txt] {build/%b.txt}
$ cp [.hgignore] {.gitignore}
$ cp [.gitignore] {.hgignore}
this line is ignored

The first line copies every changed *.txt file to the folder "build". The second line copies .hgignore to .gitignore if it is changed. The third line does the same in reverse (probably not a good idea :-)).

When made is executed it will run indefinitely and execute the above commands on every matching file change (addition or write).


You will need npm, node and coffee-script installed. Only Unix is supported.

npm install -g made