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    • Colourful, obtrusive, Typescript-friendly logs for the browser console and NodeJS.
      • Completely isomorphic
    • As with Winston, lets you alter the amount of text shown based on current log level:
      • Automatic handling of any of the following LOG_LEVEL environment variable values:
        • silly, verbose, debug, info, warn, error, wtf
    • Factory for file-specific logging: logFactory
    • Over 45 separate styles to keep log output different from file-to-file for easier debugging


    npm install --save mad-logs


    yarn add mad-logs

    Usage (browser, commonJS)

    Import the library

    // my-fun-file.ts
    import {logFactory, Styles} from 'mad-logs';

    Build a logger with the log factory

    const log = logFactory(`my-fun-file.tsx`, Styles.angryBird);

    Do some mad, mad logging!

    log.silly('display me on the browser console, but only if the log level is set to "silly"');
        'display me on the browser console, but only if the log level is "verbose" ' +
        'or higher (verbose or silly mode)'
        'display me on the browser console, but only if the log level is "info" ' +
        'or higher (info, verbose, or silly)'
        'display me on the browser console, but only if the log level is "warn" ' +
        'or higher (warn, info, verbose, or silly)'
        'display this on the browser console as an error message, but only if the ' +
        'log level is "error" or higher (error, warn, info, verbose, or silly)'
        'Also display this on the browser console, as an error message'
    const result =
            'Log return value of myFunction(). Pass result thru & assign it to var "result"',
    // result now contains the return value of myFunction()

    Details (on above)

    • 'my-fun-file.js' is a placeholder for the name of the current file
      • This appears in each log line, as part of the "tag"
    • logMarkers.maceWindu << replace with any item in the log marker styles list (see below)
    • All log instance functions return the last value they were passed.
    • TODO let users make their own log markers

    Available log "marker" styles

    • none
    • angryBird
    • aquarium
    • arrow
    • backAndForth
    • barbells
    • bracelet
    • brainwave
    • cantTouch
    • cartoonSwearing
    • checkmate
    • cult
    • dirtRoad
    • escherBarbieLego
    • farmerBrown
    • fountain
    • fresh
    • grasslands
    • hatBlock
    • hotPursuit
    • joy
    • kingRageBlock
    • lakeLouise
    • lucky
    • maceWindu
    • mechanicalAtFists
    • moProblems
    • mrsPotatoVHS
    • neverEnough
    • nightmare
    • pipeDream
    • ohMy
    • potOfGold
    • probeArcade
    • rainbowLeaf
    • rockIsDead
    • seafoamSalad
    • smokeyHatesChristmas
    • springy
    • swimmers
    • tangerines
    • theBird
    • theHeist
    • vendetta
    • xmlHell
    • zebra

    Log marker usage

    • When first "constructing" the log factory, define the log marker as the second argument (as seen above)
      • if not given, it uses the logMarkers.none style

    NodeJS-specific logging

    • Deprecated - please don't use it
      • This will be removed in an upcoming version of mad-logs
    • shared/root logging is now isomorphic, so it's no longer needed


    npm i mad-logs

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