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lyvus is a tool that automatically reloads css files in the browser as soon as a stylus file in the watched directory is changed. This allows you to change your css and watch the changes in the browser on the fly.


The following versions are required for lyvus:

  • Node.js >= 0.6.0
  • coffee-script >= 1.2.0

Install it simply via npm:

npm install -g lyvus


Launch lyvus by typing lyvus path_to_watch where path_to_watch is either your project directory or the directory your stylus files are located. Afterwards, insert the code you find at http://localhost:27666 to the bottom of your website and reload it.

The lyvus client will now automatically connect to the lyvus server and reload your css files as soon a .styl file has been changed.


Copyright (c) 2010 [](FILSH Media GmbH), released under the MIT license