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Express Middleware for sending data to StatsD.

Please refer to the Lynx documentation for more in depth details for configuring the Lynx StatsD Client.

Once your client is configured, it's pretty straight forward to configure lynx-express.


npm install lynx-express


// Import lynx and lynx-express 
var Lynx = require('lynx');
var LynxExpress = require('lynx-express');
// Setup your Lynx StatsD client as normal, optionally passing a prefix (like 'express') 
var metrics = new Lynx('localhost', 8125, {prefix: 'express'});
// Create the Express middleware passing in the Lynx StatsD Client you created 
var statsdMiddleware = LynxExpress(metrics);
// Tell Express to use your statsD middleware 

By default lynx-express will track the counts for each response code and a response time for the overall system. What's more useful is to have timing for each route in your Express app. lynx-express can be configured to give you per-route timing by adding an option timeByUrl to the middleware constructor.

server.use(statsdMiddleware({timeByUrl: true})}