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Lightning web component Demo Generator

Focus on writing your Lightining web components and leave the documentation generation to lwc-demo. Features include:

  • Built with LWC!
  • Ideal for https://github.io
  • Easy to navigte with a mobile friendly design
  • JSdoc parsing
  • Markdown with smart defaults
git clone lwc-demo
cd lwc-demo
npm install
npm link ../path-to-module
npm link module-name
npm run watch

Learn more about npm link. This will allow live reload of a local component.

When you are ready to generate the static website...

  • npm run build
  • Copy the contents of the dist folder.


This uses webpack to read everything and generate documentation from various jsdoc comments in your code and markdown files. Examples for each file and their location described below.


src/modules/namespace/name/name.js   <namespace-name>

Using JSdoc can be a great way to document your component inside of the JavaScript file.


 * Render a name component.
 * > **Note:** Parsed with markdown!
 * @order 1
export default class Name extends LightningElement { }

Order: Set priority of component on the page.

Attribute (@api)

By default @api is the main form of documentation. Any other properties or methods will be ignored.

  * The path data rendered in the SVG.
  * @type {string} 
  * @default 'Hello World'
@api foo = 'Hello World';

Namespace Markdown File (recommended)


Introducing your namespace is a great way explain the relationship between the components.

# Override `namespace`
This namespace contains components to help with your app.
[icon]: M21,7L9,19L3.5,13.5L4.91,12.09L9,16.17L19.59,5.59L21,7Z
[order]: 1

Icon: Icon is an optional single pathed SVG file. Use any icon from MaterialDesignIcons.com. Defaults to puzzle-outline.
Order: For multiple namespaces set a priority.

Component Markdown File (optional)


By default the JSdoc description above the component class will be used. To not clutter the JS file one can used a markdown file to override the title, description, or order.

# Override Component Title
Override the JSdoc description. Ideal for teams that do not want to clutter their files.
[order]: 1

Examples __examples__ (required)

Examples are great way to explain what @api in your component will do. Including one example for every @api is recommended.


JSdoc (recommended)

JSdoc at the top of your WithFoo class will be used.

 * This example sets the foo attribute.
 * @order 1
export default class WithFoo extends LightningElement { }

Order: Set example order. Useful for showing basic examples first.

Markdown (optional)

You can override anything in the JSdoc with a markdown file the withFoo folder.

Tests __tests__ (optional)

Want to show off your components tests. Test counts if found will show to the right of the header. Clicking will navigate the user to your GitHub repo's spec file.

WDIO __wdio__ (optional)

Similar to tests it is highly encouraged to provide integration testing. These will appear to the right in the header if found.


Themes are managed through several dynamic components.


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