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A comprehensive and extensible date parsing plugin for Luxon. It allows passing a wide variety of date formats to new functions DateTime.fromHuman() and DateTime.fromAny(). Most locales are supported automatically.

It uses any-date-parser for parsing date strings.

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  1. The APIs I consume have a lot of different date formats
  2. I want to create REST APIs that accept all major formats
  3. I want to handle user-input dates
  4. I want to support dates in other languages according to JavaScript's new Intl global object


npm install luxon luxon-parser


const { DateTime } = require('luxon');

const date1 = DateTime.fromHuman('March 5th, 2016 at 7:05pm');
const date2 = DateTime.fromHuman('9 days ago');
const date3 = DateTime.fromHuman('2016-03-05 23:59:59 CST');

DateTime.fromHuman(string, options)

Create a DateTime from any given String. Equivalent to auto choosing the right from*() function:

  • DateTime.fromFormat()
  • DateTime.fromHTTP()
  • DateTime.fromISO()
  • DateTime.fromRFC2822()
  • DateTime.fromSQL()
  • DateTime.fromString()

DateTime.fromAny(any, options)

Create a DateTime from any given type. Equivalent to auto choosing the right from*() function:

  • DateTime.fromFormat()
  • DateTime.fromHTTP()
  • DateTime.fromISO()
  • DateTime.fromJSDate()
  • DateTime.fromMillis()
  • DateTime.fromObject()
  • DateTime.fromRFC2822()
  • DateTime.fromSQL()
  • DateTime.fromString()

Recognized Formats

  • 24 hour time
  • 12 hour time
  • timezone offsets
  • timezone abbreviations
  • year month day
  • year monthname day
  • month day year
  • monthname day year
  • day month year
  • day monthname year
  • +/-/ago periods
  • now/today/yesterday/tomorrow
  • Twitter

luxon-parser relies on any-date-parser which supports even more formats. See the exhaustive list.

Adding Custom Formats

See any-date-parser's instructions.


const parser = require('luxon-parser');

	new parser.Format({
		matcher: /^Q([1-4]) (\d{4})$/,
		handler: function ([, quarter, year]) {
			const monthByQuarter = { 1: 1, 2: 4, 3: 7, 4: 10 };
			const month = monthByQuarter[quarter];
			return { year, month };

Locale Support

Locales are supported through a second argument:

const date = DateTime.fromAny('15 septembre 2015', { locale: 'fr' });

See the Luxon docs on locales

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Unit Testing

luxon-parser has 100% code coverage.

  • To run tests, run npm test
  • To check coverage, run npm run coverage

Unit tests require a global install of full-icu and luxon. The test runner will attempt to install these if absent.


Contributions are welcome. Please open a GitHub ticket for bugs or feature requests. Please make a pull request for any fixes or new code you'd like to be incorporated.

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