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    LUX Design System

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    To add to your project:

    # this will add the latest official release
    yarn add lux-design-system

    If you are looking to integrate LUX into an existing Rails, Drupal, or even JSFiddle, check out our documentation for How to Install LUX.

    To ride the bleeding edge, pull directly from the GitHub in package.json dependencies:

    "dependencies": {
      "lux-design-system": "pulibrary/lux"

    To use an older version, add pin the npm version you want to your package.json dependencies:

    "dependencies": {
      "lux-design-system": "^0.0.0"

    To generate static asset files to use in a stand-alone HTML doc, run this command:

    yarn build:static

    Then use <script/> and <link/> tags to include to the js and css files in the static/system directory in your HTML. Then include any LUX components in a wrapper with class="lux".

    To contribute to lux:

    • You will need Node v10.16.0+
    • If you use a NVM, run nvm install or nvm use if you already know you have Node v10.16.0
    yarn install

    To start development server:

    yarn start

    To run all unit tests:

    yarn test

    To run a single test:

    yarn unit mytest.spec.js

    To develop LUX locally as a dependency in a project

    You might want to develop LUX while developing on a project that uses LUX as a dependency. For example, you might want to develop LUX components while developing the Approvals app. NOTE: You will need to have both LUX and the project using it as a dependency running on your machine.

    1. Install yalc
    2. In the LUX root directory, run yarn build:system && yalc publish
    3. In the Project (e.g., Approvals) root directory, run yalc add lux-design-system
    4. Each time that you are ready to view the LUX work in progress, run the last 2 steps:
      1. In the LUX root directory, run yarn build:system && yalc publish
      2. In the Project (e.g., Approvals) root directory, run yalc update

    To deploy docs:

    # make sure git status is clean with no uncommitted modified files
    yarn run deploy

    To publish a new version to npm:

    1. Pull latest master with merged changes.
    2. Run yarn release
    3. 🎉


    npm i lux-design-system

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