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An HTML5 presentation framework, with the goals:

  • simplicity

  • good looks

  • export to standalone html/js

  • syntax highlighting (not yet implemented)

  • remote control (not yet implemented)

  • Local control from a popup window on another screen (not yet implemented)

  • touch control on mobile (not yet implmented)

Demo & Docs



Browser Support

  • Tested on:
    • Chrome 23
    • Firefox 10
  • Should work on IE9+, but not tested.


npm install -g lux


Generate a skeleton presentation

lux generate

WARNING: this overwrites files in the current directory.

Serve the presentation

lux start

then visit http://<your computer>:3000

  • remote control it at /master
  • local control from a second screen by clicking the 'Control Window' button

Export to static HTML (not implemented)

lux export


To run tests first start karma server in one window:

grunt karma:unit

Then to run jshint, server-side tests and client-side tests run:


Or if you want to watch for file changes and automatically run all the above, do:

grunt watch

To do local development while testing with the global lux command, run npm link to make your checked-out copy become the global binary.


MIT, see the LICENSE file.