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Atlassian Add-on using Express

Congratulations! You've successfully created a HipChat Connect Add-on using the Express web application framework.

What's next?

Read the docs.


  1. start postgres
  2. ngrok http 3000
  3. AC_LOCAL_BASE_URL= nodemon app.js (e.g. AC_LOCAL_BASE_URL= nodemon app.js)


  1. Visit
  2. If installing in a single room, find and select room
  3. Install from URL: (e.g.

Deploying to Micros##

The complete (and up to date) guide is at

  1. Register the service with Micros: micros service:create lurk-the-chats
Artifact type [jvm, python, docker, npm] (docker): npm
Artifact id (@atlassian/lurk-the-chats):
Artifact version (0.0.1):
Organization (HipChat Engineering): HipChat
Healthcheck uri (/healthcheck):
Source code repo url:
Owner email address (
Notification email (
Validating service descriptor
Service descriptor is valid
Saved to ./
Registering service lurk-the-chats with Micros Server
    "name": "lurk-the-chats",
    "email": "",
    "owner": "dmorrow",
    "users": [
    "token": "VkJf2HbvUEjiuuullfiqK9MbYZSsC9C4"
Service lurk-the-chats created.
To publish the current version and deploy your service:
    npm publish
    micros service:deploy lurk-the-chats
  1. Deploy the service: micros service:deploy lurk-the-chats

  2. Deploy the service: micros service:init lurk-the-chats

This utility will walk you through creating a service descriptor file.
It only covers the most common items, and tries to guess sane defaults.
Press ^C at any time to quit.
Creating service: micros-workshop-{username}
Name (long): Micros Workshop {username}
Organization: RD:Engineering Services
Artifact type (maven, python, docker, npm) : npm
Artifact id (@atlassian/micros-workshop-{username}):
Artifact version (0.0.0):
Healthcheck uri (/healthcheck):
Source code repo url:
Notification email: {username}
Owner email address: {username}
name: Micros Workshop {username}
organization: 'RD:Engineering Services'
    type: npm
    artifactId: '@atlassian/micros-workshop-{username}'
    version: 0.0.0
    uri: /healthcheck
    url: ''
  email: {username}
  - {username}
Validating service descriptor
Service descriptor is valid
Do you want to proceed? yes
Service descriptor saved to micros-workshop-{username}.sd.yml
  • Upload the artifact to the npm registry: npm publish
  • Deploy the service to Micros: micros service:deploy micros-workshop-{username} -f micros-workshop-{username}.sd.yml -v
    • This will take a little while (~5 minutes). Meanwhile, log on to IDP and observe as your stack is created.