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    Build your web app with C++


    Assuming you have all the tools required to install and run lurk, the below should work.

    npm install -g lurk

    If the installation fails, the errors are quite useful. If you are lost, see hints for your OS below.


    View Help

    lurk --help

    Generate a starter project

    mkdir hello-lurk
    cd hello-lurk
    lurk init
    lurk build
    node out/common/src/main.js

    Tools Used In Lurk

    • clang - clang compiler front end
    • python 2.x - must be installed and also aliased as python2
    • nodejs - use nvm to install multiple versions of nodejs. I reccomend using latest iojs version for support for ECMAScript 6 syntax
    • git - what every developer uses for revision control
    • make - a tool for doing huge compilation tasks
    • cmake - a tool for doing huge compilation tasks on multiple platforms

    Ubuntu Installation Notes

    You may experience some errors related to outdated software from deb packages. Installing using npm install -g lurk will let you know what is wrong if installation fails. If the system has installed latest clang, gcc, g++, cmake, make you'll be all set. Simply installing sudo apt-get instal build-essential usually doesn't give you the latest tools build tools

    OSX Installation Notes

    • xcode - an OSX "bundle" or (.app) with all of the build tools inside (I think bundles are awesome)
    • one gotcha
      • python2 - one the tools lurk uses executes python2 to run a script in order to ensure python 2.x is being used. You can fix this with an alias or just using brew install python and that should add python2 to your path.

    Windows Installation

    I am not sure about all the requirements that are needed, but I had the below software installed on my machine and the tool ran successfully.

    Make sure to restart your computer after installing your tools on Windows. If that doesn't work the installation errors will tell you more about what is going wrong. I was able to install and use lurk using CMD, but not cygwin.


    Fork the repo and do or suggest something... You could make an issue, feature request, w/e is w/e I donno :) contact me on issues if you have an questions. Good luck and hope this tool finds you well. Stay tuned for more features and better documentation.


    npm i lurk

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