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☾ LUNA - Library Usage in Node.js Analyzer



LUNA is a software development tool for node.js (and other javascript) projects, with a focus on libraries. The goal of LUNA is to aid developers in better understanding how libraries are being utilized in their projects.



Inside any node.js project, run:

npx luna-scanner

After analyzing the source code, it will generate a LUNA report, which includes a visualization about the interaction between source code and libraries.

LUNA Report Manual
  • Drag (click and hold) the mouse to pan around or move nodes around
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out
  • Hovering over a node will display information on the bottom left and highlight connected nodes
  • Using Shift + Click on a node will lock it, so that focus remains on this node (Shift + Click node again to unlock)
  • Double Click nodes or groups in the graph or menu to collapse/expand them
  • Use the menu on the left to manipulate the graph:
    1. Adjust the scale of the graph / space between nodes
    2. Adjust the layout of the graph / position of the nodes
    3. Hide a selection of nodes (representing libraries or files)
    4. Highlight a selection of nodes (representing libraries or files)
  • Hover your mouse above menu items to find more information about their functionality


Via package.json (defaults):

   "luna": {
      "debug": false,            // toggle debug mode
      "components": {            // toggle components of LUNA
         "callGraph": true,      // detection of function calls within files
         "dependencyTree": true, // detection of dependency chains
         "libraryAPI": true,     // detection of used API of libraries
      "ignore": [],              // array of glob patterns for LUNA's scanner to ignore

Via command line arguments (limited):

npx luna-scanner [path_to_project] [debug]

Known Issues

  • The library used to handle collapsing and expanding of nodes may break in some situations. Best to avoid excessive collapsing/expanding.


Much appreciated! I encourage you to use my feedback form.


npm i luna-scanner

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