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Search for movies, shows and music and add them automatically to Transmission when they appear on torrents. Lightweight all-in-one alternative to SickBeard, CouchPotato and Headphones. Integration with Kodi.

Install on OSMC or Linux

Quick start

To install Transmission, use AppStore. Make sure you have rpc-enabled setting set to true and rpc-authentication-required set to false or rpc-whitelist configured correctly. Also, consider setting umask setting to 2.

To install and run Lumus, run this in console.
sudo apt-get -y --purge remove node
sudo apt-get -y install nodejs npm git
sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/node node /usr/bin/nodejs 10

sudo npm install -g lumus
cd && mkdir Lumus && cd Lumus && lumus

Navigate to http://[Your Device IP or HostName]:3001

To make it run as service

Install and configure forever-service.
sudo npm install -g forever
sudo npm install -g forever-service
sudo update-rc.d lumus defaults

To start for the first time, you can use
sudo service lumus start

Check the logfile /var/log/lumus.log if something doesn't work as expected.

Install on Windows

Install Transmission

Windows support for Transmission is not yet official, but there is an unofficial port here.

Install Node.js

Download and install with node.js installer.

Install Lumus

There is no windows installer yet, so you need to use command line.

  1. Open command line cmd

  2. Install Lumus npm install -g lumus

  3. Run the application

  4. Browse the application url in your webbrowser.
    Use correct ip address or hostname instead of localhost if you installed the application on a dedicated server.

Install Kodi

Optionally, you may want to install Kodi to get automatic library updates and notifications from Lumus.


npm i lumus

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