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An all-in-one logging system for Node.


LumberJack is a centralised logging system for NodeJS. It allows you to log to Winston, Sentry and many more systems (soon) from one centralised system.

$ npm install lumberjack
var LumberJack = require('lumberjack');
var DSN = '';
var logFileLocation = './lumberjack.log';
var sentry = undefined;
var prefix = 'Lumberjack';
var lumberjack = new LumberJack(DSN, sentry, {logFile: logFileLocation, prefix: prefix, timestamp: false, colors: true, ignoreLevelSentry: ['debug']});'This is a info log');
lumberjack.debug('This is a debug log', {withALittleExtra: 'data!'}, function(sentryID) {
lumberjack.error('Danger, Will Robinson, Danger! This is an error log', {crashReport: 'LostInSpace'});

And done! It's that simple.

Name Type
logfile String (File Path)
timestamp Boolean
colors Boolean
stackTrace Boolean