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ℹ️⎞ About

Luma Package it's a unique package made by Jeotique that allows you to create online database...

NPM info

📥⎟ Installation

Open your application's terminal and type:

$ npm install luma-db

➡️⎟ Usage

How to use :

First step you need to declare your tables (yes before the database.) :

const {Table} = require('luma-db')
const table1 = new Table("table1") //in option you need to put the table name
const table2 = new Table("table2")

After that you can declare your database :

const {Database} = require('luma-db')
const myDb = new Database({
    name: "my_new_database", //this is the name of the database, if the database name is already used you will get an error.
    password: "myStrongPass", //this is the password of the database
    tables: [table1, table2] //here you put your table

And now you are ready to use your new database system :

table1.set('message', 'hello world').save()
console.log(table1.get('message')) //hello world

All functions :

<table>.has('key') //will return true if the key exist in the table and false if not
<table>.get('key') //will return the value where the key is 'key' or undefined if doesn't exist
<table>.get('key', true, 'hello i am a key') //will return the value where the key is 'key' or if the key doesn't exist she will be created with the value 'hello i am a key'
<table>.set('key', 'im always a key') //will set the value 'im always a key' where key is 'key'
<table>.tempo('key', 'im here for 3sec', '3s') //will set the value 'im here for 3sec' and delete it after 3sec
<table>.push('key', 'blabla') //will push in the array 'blabla' where key is 'key' (the value will be created if the key 'key' was not existing with a default value of [])
<table>.remove('key', 'blabla') //reverse of 'push'
<table>.add('key', 2) //will add 2 where the key is 'key' (the value need to be an integer, the value will be created if the key 'key' was not existing with a default value of 0)
<table>.subtrack('key', 2) //reverse of 'add'
<table>.all() //will return all values of the table
<table>.delete('key') //will delete the value where the key is 'key'
<table>.clear() //will delete everything in the table
<table>.save() //save the table in the online database

🔶⎠ Contact us

In case you have idea's to improve the package, or maybe you found some bugs or you need help, you can contact us from our discord server!

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