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    An easy, async, well-documented way to call Microsoft's LUIS service.

    Short sample

    const Luis = require('luis-sdk-async');
    const luis = new Luis('<APP ID>', '<KEY>');
    // Send request to server:
    await luis.send('Call me a taxi pls');
    // Get what we need:
    let intent = luis.intent(); // 'Get_Service'
    let service = luis.entity('Service_Type'); // 'taxi'

    What's it for?

    This package provides an easy way to call LUIS (, which is a part of Microsoft's Cognitive Services.

    It's a wrapper around Microsoft's luis-sdk package, which uses callbacks.

    In contrast, this package uses async-await instead of callbacks, and provides three additional methods to easily get the data you may need most often.

    Methods and Static Members


    The constructor takes two required and two optional parameters.

    • appId - The GUID of the LUIS app. It can be obtained at
    • appKey - The LUIS subscription key that can be obtained from Azure Portal.
    • domain - Optional LUIS server's hostname. Default is '' (West US).
    • verbose - Optional verbosity parameter. Leave it default, which is true.

    New methods (more convenient)

    • send(text) - sends the specified text to the LUIS endpoint. Stores the result inside the client instance.
    • intent() - returns the top-scoring intent as string.
    • entity(type) - finds the value of the first entity of the given type.


    const Luis = require('luis-sdk-async');
    const luis = new Luis('<APP ID>', '<KEY>');
    // Send request to server, wait for the results to arrive:
    await luis.send('hey can you find a mcdonalds nearby?');
    // Extract the data that we need:
    let intent = luis.intent(); // 'Get_Restaurant'
    let restaurant = luis.entity('Restaurant_Name'); // 'mcdonalds'

    Old methods (designed by Microsoft)

    These two methods are just the async wrappers for the two LUIS methods provided by Microsoft's luis-sdk package.

    • predict(text) - sends the text to LUIS endpoint and returns the entire response from LUIS. You need to manually extract the top intent, entities etc.
    • reply() - undocumented function in Microsoft's SDK.


    const Luis = require('luis-sdk-async');
    const luis = new Luis('<APP ID>', '<KEY>');
    // Send request to server, wait for the results to arrive:
    let response = await luis.predict('hey can you find a mcdonalds nearby?');
    // Extract the data that we need:
    let intent = response.topScoringIntent.intent; // 'Get_Restaurant'

    Comments and suggestions

    If you have any comments, contact me here:


    npm i luis-sdk-async

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