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tool for automatic precompile frontend on liferay


A node.js module for automatic compile frontend on Liferay.

Just run the script, and all changes in portlets, extensions and themes will be immediately available for viewing.

Script monitors the following folders:


To install, first make sure you have a working copy of the latest stable version of Node.js, and npm (the Node Package Manager). You can then install lrfecompile with npm:

$ npm install lrfecompile -g

lrfecompile can be run from the command line:

Usage: lrfecompile [options]
  -h, --help             output usage information
  -V, --version          output the version number
  -t, --tomcat <n>       tomcat root folder
  -r, --root <n>         plugins root folder, defaul '.'
  -i, --interval>        update interval files in ms, defaul 5000
  -l, --liferayport <n>  liferay port, defaul 8080
  -p, --proxyport <n>    proxy port, defaul 8000
  $ lrfecompile -t ../liferay-portal-6.1.1-ce-ga2/tomcat-7.0.27/ -l 80 -p 9000

Then your portal will be available at the new port (proxyport), fox ex:

Use it, fork it.