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    LQIP for React

    Low Quality Image Placeholder for React is a component that allows you Lazy Load images using Medium load image effects

    Check this out:

    Component Props

    Prop Required Type Default Value Description Example
    aspectRatio yes string "" Defines the aspect ratio of your image. You should use the image dimentions in the format "WIDTHxHEIGHT" "1280x720"
    thumbnail yes string "" The path or url to your thumbnail image ""
    src yes string "" The path or url to your image ""
    lazyLoad no string "image" This prop define how will work lazy load. You should use 1 of 3 values: image - all - none. image applies lazy load only to your images (thumbnails will be loaded all at once). all applies lazy load to both, thumbnails and images. none disable lazy load. "all"
    color no string "#B9E1DC" The color for the box where the images and thumbnails will be loaded. "#B9E1DC"
    blur no number 40 The pixels number of blur effect in your thumbnail 30
    alt no string "" alt value for your image "something"


    npm i lqip-react

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