node package manager



Live package manager.. cof.. cof...

Actually, just a simple max4live install script


lpm is very inspired by npm, the node management system which is inspired by many other cool package managers.


Do not hesitate to open a feature request or a bug report.


Have fun. :)

## Installing
npm install -g lpm
## Usage
lpm midi       [/path/to/a/zip/file]
lpm instrument [/path/to/a/zip/file]
lpm effect     [/path/to/a/zip/file]
### TODO
  • figure out a more compatible http download lib for node, at the moment when downloading a zip from github it will fail due to the 302 message error. started using wget but still no luck

  • windows version

    • perhaps just adjust some paths on will do the job

Should be simple and would be great if someone could contribute with that.

### Next Steps

The next steps will depend on feedback and real life usage.

Everyone is more than welcome to suggest improvements to this system.

By the way,the initial idea was :

- fork npm repository
	-> add "device-type" property on package.json [midi|audio|effect]
	-> add 'device-file' property to package.json
	-> publish the max4live device as npm module
	-> add couple of extra command line options, i.e.:
		- npm install midi /path/to/package
		- npm install audio /path/to/package
		- npm install efx /path/to/package
	-> call it "lpm"

But... lets keep it simple and grow step by step ( :

## Contributing

Download the repo and have fun, pull requests are more than welcome.

  git clone git://
  cd lpm
  npm link

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