Simple script to install max4live devices, aims to be a package manager sort of npm thing


Live package manager.. cof.. cof...

Actually, just a simple max4live install script


lpm is very inspired by npm, the node management system which is inspired by many other cool package managers.


Do not hesitate to open a feature request or a bug report.



Have fun. :)

npm install -g lpm

lpm midi       [/path/to/a/zip/file]
lpm instrument [/path/to/a/zip/file]
lpm effect     [/path/to/a/zip/file]

  • figure out a more compatible http download lib for node, at the moment when downloading a zip from github it will fail due to the 302 message error. started using wget but still no luck

  • windows version

    • perhaps just adjust some paths on install.coffee will do the job

Should be simple and would be great if someone could contribute with that.

The next steps will depend on feedback and real life usage.

Everyone is more than welcome to suggest improvements to this system.

By the way,the initial idea was :

- fork npm repository
    -> add "device-type" property on package.json [midi|audio|effect]
    -> add 'device-file' property to package.json
    -> publish the max4live device as npm module
    -> add couple of extra command line options, i.e.:
        - npm install midi /path/to/package
        - npm install audio /path/to/package
        - npm install efx /path/to/package
    -> call it "lpm"

But... lets keep it simple and grow step by step ( :

Download the repo and have fun, pull requests are more than welcome.

  git clone git://github.com/hems/lpm.git
  cd lpm
  npm link

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