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This package is a quick and dirty assembler for the Texas Instruments LP5562. Package is primarily written so that an open-source toolchain can be provided for the LED controller used in the project.


First install via npm:

npm install --save lp5562

Then include it in your project

// if using typescript or ES6 modules
import {assemble} from 'lp5562'
// or if using ES5
var assemble = require('lp5562').assemble;

Typescript definitions are included in the package. The function's signature is:

assemble(program:string) : Uint16Array

where program is the string representation of the assembly program, and the resulting Uint16Array is an array of 48 16-bit WORDs representing the memory map of LP5562's program space.

  set_pwm 255
    ramp 200, -128
    ramp 200, 128
    branch 5, flash
  ramp 200, -128
  ramp 200, -127
  end, i


Uint16Array[ 65344, 65283, 32515, 33186, 65283, 65027, 208, 0, 0, 0, ... 0 ]

All data is provided in big-endian format (as the LP5562 is an 8-bit device). Feed the Uint16Array#buffer to a Uint8Array or use a DataView if you need a different data representation.