Quizomatic Presents: A commandline version of The Love Languages test

The Five Love Languages Test

After creating a test in the format of "The Color Code: Commandline Edition", the next natural step was to create a test in the format of "The 5 Love Languages". Also randomized and soved to JSON. W00T!

npm install -g love-language

Generic Questionnaire

The name of the test is somewhat of a misnomer. Although originally designed for taking The 5 Love Languages test with friends, it can be used for any type of test. Simply specify the name of the questionaire you would like to take.

love-language ./any-test.json

questionaire.json must follow the example file:

        "number": "1"
      , "A": "I like to be affirmed."
      , "B": "I like to be touched."

The keys may be A, B, C, D, or E. Only two keys may be added per test.

Note: This format may be changed in a future version.