Little Open Ticket System. View todos and tags in a codebase.

Little Open Ticket System

LOTS is a simple ticketing system for code.

Using twitter style tagging, you can add a !comment with a #tag and an optional ^priority. These are then presented in a web interface. LOTS can also find any mention of the word “TODO” in your code.

Here is an example of a snippet that would be picked up by LOTS:

!This readme should be improved #documentation ^2

Since 1.0.0 the default behaviour of LOTS is to display tickets on the command line

 1  Make this useful test/data/index.js:3
 2  This readme should be improved public/help.html:122
 2  This readme should be improved README.md:10
 1  support a .lotsrc for default configs bin/LOTS:42
 -  tags should be sorted to be consistent with cli output lib/lots.js:198
 -  should be able to sort/group on web interface, same as cli lib/lots.js:199
 -  make this configuration lib/lots.js:44

Tickets can be displayed in a web view when lots is started with the --server option

Available in --server mode

Install lots globally via npm:

$ [sudo] npm i -g lots

LOTS source is available on github

In a directory you wish to review your code from, run:


When started with --server you can then visit http://localhost:5000/ to see the report.

See LOTS -h for more options.

LOTS logo designed by NAS from the Noun Project :: Creative Commons – Attribution (CC BY 3.0)