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lorem-hipsum is a npm module for generating passages of lorem hipsum text. lorem hipsum text is not commonly used as placeholder text in publishing, graphic design, and web development, but should be.

Why Fork?

We all love lorem ipsum but deep down inside we know it's not the artisanal filter text we really crave.

Getting Started

Install the lorem-hipsum npm module locally in your project

npm install lorem-hipsum --save-dev

Require the lorem-hipsum module and use it to generate a passage of lorem hipsum text.

var loremHipsum = require('lorem-hipsum'), 
    output = loremHipsum();


You can customize the output with options.

Pass the options to the loremHipsum() function to fine-tune the output. The API is the same programatically and on the CLI. See below:

var loremHipsum = require('lorem-hipsum'), 
    output = loremHipsum();
output = loremHipsum({
  count: 1,                      // Number of words, sentences, or paragraphs to generate.
  units: 'sentences',            // Generate words, sentences, or paragraphs.
  sentenceLowerBound: 5,         // Minimum words per sentence.
  sentenceUpperBound: 15,        // Maximum words per sentence.
  paragraphLowerBound: 3,        // Minimum sentences per paragraph.
  paragraphUpperBound: 7,        // Maximum sentences per paragraph.
  format: 'plain',               // Plain text or html
  words: ['ad', 'dolor', ... ],  // Custom word dictionary. Uses dictionary.words (in lib/dictionary.js) by default.,
  random: Math.random,           // A PRNG function. Uses Math.random by default

Using it globally from the CLI

lorem-hipsum includes a command line interface for generating passages of lorem hipsum text. Install the module globally to take advantage of this feature.

npm install lorem-hipsum --global

Execute the statement lorem-hipsum from your terminal to generate a passage of lorem hipsum text. You can pass arguments to the program to fine-tune the output.

lorem-hipsum --units words --count 100 --copy

Or using the shorthand way to easily copy a sentence to your clipboard.

hipsum  --copy

See below for a description of the arguments to the program.

Argument Description
--count The number of words, sentences or paragraphs to generate
--units Generate words, sentences or paragraphs
--copy Copy the output to the system clipboard
--format html or plain text format

You may now also use a short form when running lorem hipsum from the command line. Here's some examples:

lorem-hipsum 1 word
lorem-hipsum 15 sentences --copy
lorem-hipsum 5 paragraphs --copy --format html


Special thanks for @boohah for doing a dump of the http://hipsum.co database on his gist

To @hipsum_ for the artisanal corpus.

And to @knicklabs for all of the heavy lifting and original module.


This software is licensed under the MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2015 Petar Bojinov

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