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    Convention driven framework for React + Redux applications. Heavily opinionated and highly respectful. Built on React, Webpack, Redux and React-Router.


    Lore's goal is to provide a framework that makes it easy to build React applications and is capable of supporting a mature real-world application. To understand how the framework makes it easier to get started with React, and what problems it's trying to solve, please see the intro video on the homepage or through this direct link.

    If you're new to React, you may be interested in this video discussing the challenges building a React application from scratch as additional context on how Lore reduces the learning curve for React development.


    There are a lot of demands on front-end applications as they evolve to support the growing demands of the user base. Lore's goal is to build support for many of those common feature concerns into the architecture. Below is a list of UI concerns Lore addresses or is planning to address, linked to their documentation page:


    The documentation for Lore is hosted at http://www.lorejs.org.


    At the moment the videos are a far better way to learn about the framework and what it can do. That being said, there are issues created specifically to discuss ideas for improving the tutorials.


    • React for a brilliant componentization library for JavaScript.
    • Redux for a simple and expressive React architecture.
    • React Hot Loader/React Transform for making UI development a more fun and magical experience (even if it is about to be sunset).
    • Sails for showing that a framework can be both strongly opinionated and highly respectful.
    • Storcery for providing the environment, discussion and impetus that gave birth to Lore.
    • April Zero for showing just how beautiful web apps can be. Your creation continues to inspire.
    • Backbone for a wonderfully well-thought-out interface for an API abstraction tier.
    • Redux-Auth-Wrapper for demonstrating a simple and expressive way to handle authentication and authorization concerns.


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