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This is a JavaScript library for sound effect generation and is supported on most current browsers.

Generation speed is approximately 1s audio = 10ms processing. Of course that value can vary a lot, depending on the settings or browser that you use.

How to use it?

Open index.html - this helps to pick out your samples.

Try clicking the presets and tweaking all the options. Once you are satisified with your result click add button at top-right.

Enter a name for the sound e.g. "select", repeat that as many times as you like. Tip: You can save your settings by making a bookmark of the page.

At the bottom of the page there is a Library section. There you can relisten or remove sounds that you do not like.

Once you are satisfied with your selection copy the JSON description (it's inside the input box).

It will look something like:


To use that library, you need to include jsfx.js in your code and use jsfx.Sounds(libarry) to initialize it. For example:

<script src="jsfx.js"></script>
var library = {
    "select": {"Volume":{"Sustain":0.1,"Decay":0.15,"Punch":0.55}},
    "long": {"Volume":{"Sustain":0.1,"Decay":0.5,"Punch":1}}
var sfx = jsfx.Sounds(library);
<button onclick="sfx.select()">Select</button>
<button onclick="sfx.long()">Long</button>

Note that it will load with a delay to avoid blocking the page load for too long, so calling those function immediately may result in silence.

Using with AudioContext (experimental)

You can use AudioContext to procedurally generate the sounds, for example:

<script src="jsfx.js"></script>
var library = {
    "static": {"Volume":{"Sustain":0.1,"Decay":0.15,"Punch":0.55}},
    "dynamic": function(){
        return {"Frequency": { "Start": Math.random()*440 + 220 }};
    "coin": jsfx.Preset.Coin
var sfx = jsfx.Live(library);
<button onclick="sfx.static()">Static</button>
<button onclick="sfx.dynamic()">Dynamic</button>
<button onclick="sfx.coin()">Coin</button>

Few notes...

It's recommended to copy the jsfx.js to your own project instead of automatically downloading the latest version. Since every slight adjustment to the audio generation code can affect the resulting audio significantly.

The stable API is what is described in the README, everything else is subject to change.

Thanks to

This project was inspired by sfxr and was used as a reference for some algorithms and modes.

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