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A simple loopback-next extension for AWS S3 integration in loopback applications.


npm install loopback4-s3


In order to use this component into your LoopBack application, please follow below steps.

  • Add component to application and provide access keys and other s3 initialization configuration details via AWSS3Bindings.Config binding as mentioned below. You can add any of the options mentioned here.
  accessKeyId: process.env.AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
  secretAccessKey: process.env.AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
  region: process.env.AWS_REGION,
} as AwsS3Config);
  • After this, you can just inject the S3 provider across application.
import {S3WithSigner} from 'loopback4-s3';

@inject(AWSS3Bindings.AwsS3Provider) s3: S3WithSigner,

Migration to a version after 4.0.0

loopback4-s3@4.0.0 is the last version that would be using aws-sdk v2, after that all the versions are going to be based on aws-sdk v3.

You should remove any previous installation of aws-sdk from your projects if you have it installed just for loopback4-s3.

The client from v3 sdk no longer require the .promise() method to return a promise -

const data =  await v2client.command(params).promise() // in v2

const data = await v3client.command(params) // v3

The client provided by the loopback4-s3 package extends S3 class and not S3Client, so you do not need to create commands to use this module.

You can read this guide to know more about migrating your code to aws-sdk-js-v3.

The getPresignedUrl method is also missing in aws-sdk/client-s3 client, so it is provided in the extended client returned by the provider. The documentation for this new getPresignedUrl are provided here

You might also have to install cmake 3.1+ on your machine if aws-crt is not available as a prebuild package for your system.


If you've noticed a bug or have a question or have a feature request, search the issue tracker to see if someone else in the community has already created a ticket. If not, go ahead and make one! All feature requests are welcome. Implementation time may vary. Feel free to contribute the same, if you can. If you think this extension is useful, please star it. Appreciation really helps in keeping this project alive.


Please read CONTRIBUTING.md for details on the process for submitting pull requests to us.


For development guidelines, refer here

Code of conduct

Code of conduct guidelines here.



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