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    This module is designed for the Strongloop Loopback framework. It allows entities of any Model to be "soft deleted" by adding a deletedAt attribute. Queries following the standard format will not return these entities; they can only be accessed by adding { deleted: true } to the query object (at the same level as where, include etc).

    This is a fork from loopback-softdelete-mixin4 with added functionality to provide an indexing property option.


      npm install --save loopback-softdelete-mixin4


    Add the mixins property to your server/model-config.json:

      "_meta": {
        "sources": [
        "mixins": [


    To use with your Models add the mixins attribute to the definition object of your model config.

        "name": "Widget",
        "properties": {
          "name": {
            "type": "string",
        "mixins": {
          "SoftDelete" : true,

    There are a number of configurable options to the mixin. You can specify an alternative property name for deletedAt, as well as configuring deletion to "scrub" the entity. If true, this sets all but the "id" fields to null. If an array, it will only scrub properties with those names.

        "SoftDelete": {
          "deletedAt": "deleted_at",
          "scrub": true,
          "index": true
      "list_user_index": {
          "keys": {
            "userId": 1,
            "listId": -1,
            "deleteIndex": true
          "options": {
            "unique": true 

    If "index" is set to true, an additional property called deleteIndex will be configured and set to a random string at the time of delete. This is to provide indexing support for the following scenario.

    A GroupMembership model which has a userId and groupId relation to User, and Group models with unique indexing configured to prevent duplicate relations between users and groups. Without the "index" option enabled, soft delete will break this kind of indexing and allow duplicate memberships.

    NOTES: Indexing option has only been tested with the MySQL connector. Enabling "index" does not create the index. This must be done manually in model.json.

    Retrieving deleted entities

    To run queries that include deleted items in the response, add { deleted: true } to the query object (at the same level as where, include etc).


    npm i loopback-softdelete-mixin4

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