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    The Redshift Connector module for for loopback-datasource-juggler.

    This is based up the loopback-connector-postgresql for LoopBack with updates that make the connector usable with Redshift.

    This connector is in the early stages of development and not all features work.

    Connector settings

    The connector can be configured using the following settings from the data source.

    • url: The URL to the database, such as postgres://test:mypassword@mycluster.abc123.us-east-1.redshift.amazonaws.com:5439/dev
    • host or hostname: The host name or ip address of the Redshift DB server
    • port: The port number of the Redshift DB server
    • username or user: The user name to connect to the Redshift DB
    • password: The password
    • database: The Redshift database name
    • debug (default to false)

    The Redshift connector uses node-postgres as the driver. See more information about configuration parameters, check https://github.com/brianc/node-postgres/wiki/Client#constructors.


    While the automated tests have not yet been updated for use with Redshift, I have manually tested all of the checked REST API methods and have confirmed them as working.

    • PATCH /model
    • GET /model
    • PUT /model
    • POST /model
    • PATCH /model/{id}
    • GET /model/{id}
    • HEAD /model/{id}
    • PUT /model/{id}
    • DELETE /model/{id}
    • GET /model/{id}/exists
    • POST /model/{id}/replace
    • GET /model/change-stream
    • POST /model/change-stream
    • GET /model/count
    • GET /model/findOne
    • POST /model/replaceOrCreate
    • POST /model/update
    • POST /model/upsertWithWhere

    Discovery and Migration

    Most of the discovery and migration code is still from the original PostgreSQL connector and therefore, probably doesn't work. I've updated a few portions of the code, but the only function that I've tried so far is autoMigrate and this worked with the built-in LoopBack tables. The rest will be updated in time.


    Tests are the original PostgreSQL tests and nothing is going to work right now.


    npm i loopback-connector-redshift

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