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    Strongloop Loopback connector for Postmark (email sender). Unofficial.

    It uses wildbit/postmark.js under the hood. API can be found here.


    npm install loopback-connector-postmark --save


    Add to datasources.json:

    Configure a data source with a connector. All additional settings will go here.

    "postmark": {
      "name": "postmark",
      "connector": "loopback-connector-postmark",
      "serverToken": "xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx",

    ☝️ Postmark lets you send emails only if you have a server token.

    Please note: You can use the datasources.ENV.js version for configuration as well. Which sounds like quite a good idea for storing secrets:

    'use strict';
    module.exports = {
      postmark: {
        name: "postmark",
        connector: "loopback-connector-postmark",
        serverToken: process.env.POSTMARK_SERVER_TOKEN

    Add to model-config.json:

    Bind loopback's built in Email model with the previously added data source.

    "Email": {
      "dataSource": "postmark",
      "public": false


    After a successful configuration, we have our postmark data source/connector bound with the Email model. So we use it as usual:

    const loopback = require('loopback');
      // Required fields
      To: "to@to.com",
      From: "from@from.com",
      Subject: "subject",
      // Optional fields
      HtmlBody: "html is <strong>strong</strong>",
      TextBody: "text is cool as well",
      Cc: "cc@cc.com",
      Bcc: "bcc@bcc.com",
      ReplyTo: "reply-to@reply.com",
      Tag: "tag",
      TrackOpens: true,
      TrackLinks: true,
      Headers: { 
        ohMy: "header" 

    For fields not stated above, check Postmark's documentation. The whole object argument is just passed to the postmark client.

    Usage with emails send by Loopback

    Some of the emails are sent by Loopback itself. Unfortunately, it's not easy to override these methods and change the way they pass arguments to the Email.send() method.

    This package tries to work around that.

    User verify email

    If you followed Loopback's documentation about verifying users email address you probably ended up with userInstance.verify(verifyOptions) method and verifyOptions something as follows:

    let verifyOptions = {
      type: 'email',
      to: userInstance.email,
      from: 'noreply@loopback.com',
      subject: 'Thanks for registering.',
      template: path.resolve(__dirname, '../../server/views/verify.ejs'),
      redirect: '/verified',
      user: userInstance

    This package lets you configure that by adding verifyUserEmail object to postmark configuration object stored in datasources.json.

    "postmark": {
      "name": "postmark",
      "connector": "loopback-connector-postmark",
      "serverToken": "xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxx",
      "verifyUserEmail": {
        "TemplateId": "[TEMPLATE_ID]",
        "name": {
          "from": "user.username"
        "product_name": "My awesome product",
        "action_url": {
          "from": "verifyHref"
        "login_url": "https://myawesomeproduct.com/app/login",
        "email": {
          "from": "user.email"
        "support_email": "contact@myawesomeproduct.com",
        "sender_name": "John Doe",
        "company_name": "Awesome Product LTD"

    Provide TemplateId you use for the confirmation email in Postmark and the variables that you specified there. If you would like to dynamically copy values from verifyOptions, for example from user: userInstance object, then use an object with from property to point the path to the value you'd like to copy.

    For example, if you have name variable in your template and you passed user: userInstance in your verification method then most probably the path to user's name is user.username:

    "name": {
      "from": "user.username"


    npm i loopback-connector-postmark

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