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    A simple, theme-able emoji mart/picker for angular 4+


    ngx-emoji been used in a Ionic3 project

    Theme Creator

    Also see a demo at the project's home page. You can use the theme creator to style up a new theme.


    • No use of external dependencies, implemented with Angular APIs.
    • Fully themeable with ease.
    • A light-weight library, does not load any stylesheets or images.
    • Uses Unicode emoji chars, which makes emoji look and feels native.
    • Flexible Interfaces to theme the looks of the emoji mart.
    • Mobile ready, supports touch interactions, like swipe.
    • You can easily create themes with the theme creator at the project's home page
    • Persistently saves recently used emojis using window.localStorage
    • Works with Ng2 to Ng7 projects and as well as Ionic 3/4.


    Install the module via NPM

    npm i ngx-emoj --save

    Import it in your app's module(s)

    Import EmojiPickerModule.forRoot() in your app's main module


    import  {  NgxEmojModule  }  from  'ngx-emoj';
    export class AppModule {}


    A simple example of ngx-emoj in action

        <h1>Pick an Emoji: {{ text }}</h1>
    text:  string  =  '';
    handleEmoji(e)  {
        this.text +=  e.char;
        console.log('Emoji Name',;
    handleCharDelete(e)  {
        if (this.text.length >  0) {
            this.text =  this.text.substr(0,  this.text.length -  2);

    Directive API:

            [width]="'String. unit in css, i.e 30vh, 150px, 50% Required!'"
            [height]="'String. unit in css, i.e 30vh, 150px, 50% Required!'"
            [theme]="{ ...Implements Theme Interface... }"

    • [height] : The height of the emoji picker (required!)
    • [width] : The width of the pre-loaded image. (required!)
    • [maxRecentEmoji] : (Integer) of emojis to save as recently used emojis. (optional), default set to 36 emojis.
    • [recentEmojiStoreKey] : (String) The name of the key to store the recent emojis in the window.localStorage (optional) default set to 'ngx-emoji-picker-recent-emo-store'
    • [searchEmojiPlaceholderText]: (String) Use to set custom emoji picker search box placeholder text. (Optional) default set to 'Search'
    • [emojiNotFoundText]: (String) Use to set custom emoji picker no search result text. (Optional) default set to 'No results ;)'
    • [theme]: (Theme) Use to set custom theme/ change the overall appearace of the emoji picker. Also see the Theme Interface` for more info on how to theme. (optional) Default, Whatsapp EmojiPicker Theme.


    <ngx-emoj> component emits two events. Use this to

    • (onemojipick): Emits when user picks an emoji. Emits EmojiEvent{ char : "😌", name: "relieved" }
        handleEmoji(e)  {
        // invoked when picks a emoji...
        this.text +=  e.char;
        // get the picked emoji
        console.log('Emoji Name',;
    • (onchardelete): Emits when user clicks on the delete character button on the emoji picker. Use this to delete the last character/emoji in your string.
    handleCharDelete(e)  {
       if (this.text.length >  0) {
        this.text =  this.text.substr(0,  this.text.length -  2);


    ngx-emoj can be themed using [theme] and passing in an object implementing the Theme Interface. Also you can easily theme with the creator at the project's home page

        ... >

    The theme interface

    interface  Theme  {
        martFontFamily?:  string; // Font family used by the emoji picker.
        martBG?:  string; // Background color of the emoji picker.
        martShowHeader?:  boolean; // If set to false, ngx-emoji will not show it's header.
        martHeaderBG?:  string; // Background color of the mart header.
        martHeaderFG?:  string; // Text color of the emoji picker header.
        martActiveCategoryIndicatorColor?:  string; // Color of the  Icon of the active emoji category.
        martActiveCategoryIndicatorHeight?:  string; // Border Color of the active emoji category indicator.
        martHeaderFontSize?:  string; // Font size of the emoji picker header.
        martHeaderPadding?:  {x:  string,  y:  string}; // Padding of the emoji picker header, NOTE: once set, both 'x' and 'y' must be defined.
        martCategoryFG?:  string; // Text color at the emoji picker category.
        martIconsFG?:  string; // Color of the icons that marks a category at the emoji picker header.
        martWidth?:  string; // Emoji picker width.
        martHeight?:  string; // Emoji picker height.
        martBorderRadius?:  string; // Border radius of the emoji picker.
        martEmojiFontSize?:  string; // Overall font size of the emoji picker.
        martEmojiPadding?:  {x:  string;  y:  string}; // Overall padding of the emoji. NOTE: Once set, 'x' and 'y' values must be defined.
        martCategoryFontSize?:  string; // Font size of the emoji picker category.
        martCategoryColor?:  string; // Emoji picker category section text color.
        martCategoryColorActive?:  string; // Emoji picker active category section color.
        martFooterFG?:  string; // Emoji picker footer text color.
        martFooterBG?:  string; // Emoji picker footer background color.
        martFooterFontSize?:  string; // Emoji picker footer font size.
        martFooterPadding?:  {x:  string,  y:  string}; // Padding of the emoji mart footer.
        martShowFooter?:  boolean;     // If set to false, emoji picker footer will not be shown.
        martSearchBoxStyle?:  { // Emoji picker search box style.
            FGcolor?:  string,
            BGcolor?:  string,
            borderColor?:  string,
            placeHolderColor?:  string,
            borderRadius?:  string

    Theme Example - Whatsapp Emoji picker theme (default)

                martShowHeader: true,
                martShowFooter: true,
                martHeaderPadding: {x: '0', y: '0'},
                martFooterPadding: {x: '0', y: '0'},
                martHeaderFontSize: '14px',
                martHeaderBG: '#e3e7e8',
                martFooterBG: '#e3e7e8',
                martBG: '#ebeff2',
                martCategoryColor: '#94a0a6',
                martCategoryColorActive: '#455a64',
                martActiveCategoryIndicatorColor: '#00897b',
                martEmojiFontSize: '150%',
                martCategoryFontSize: '20px',
                martBorderRadius: '5px',
                martActiveCategoryIndicatorHeight: '4px',
                martEmojiPadding: {x: '40px', y: '40px'}


    • Add gif support using GIPHY API.
    • Add stickers support.
    • Target for Webcomponent for use with other front-end frameworks and PWAs.


    • Your commits conform to the conventions established here


    npm i loop-emoji

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