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Node.js library to integrate with the LogMeUp server.

Node.js - LogMeUp

This is a Node.js REST api wrapper for LogMeUp Server (

npm install logmeup

To create a log file to start logging to, you must create a LogMeUp collection/app pair.

If you're developing an app named 'Slick Server' and you worked for the company 'Crab Shack', you might name your app slickserver and your collection crabshack.

var Logmeup = require('logmeup');
var logger = Logmeup.createLogger({host: "", port: 7070, collection: "crabshack", app: "slickserver"});

These methods are asynchronous.

//log some JSON 
logger.log({name: "JP", company: "Gitpilot"});
//log a string 
logger.log("This is a really bad error!");
//optionally: inspect the servers response 
logger.log("Bad error", function(error, responseText){
  console.log("The server said: " + responseText);
  if (err != null) {
    console.log("There was an error: " + err.message());

You can create a file named logmeup.json in the base directory of your application or in the config/ folder of your app.

The configuration file should look like this:

    "host": "",
    "port": 7070,
    "collection": "gitpilotllc",
    "app": "server"
//will autoload logmeup.json 
//this way you can put this at the top of all your modules in your app without having to recreate the logger each time 
var logger = require('logmeup').default;

MIT License. See LICENSE for complete details.

Copyright (c) 2012 JP Richardson Twitter / Google+