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    Logical Language for both: Humans and Machines.

    Traditionally, logic has been something that the language is always disrespecting.

    But humans have no more excuses now.

    They can have money, and power. But not excuses.

    This documentation has still to be done.

    In any case, I know that the elites will ignore this, as they ignored NaturalScript.

    And I will never get sane anymore.

    And I will become more mad and more mad, because the population remains in this uncomfortable mental rest that... I do not know, I do not feel like doing an effort to understand. I am not clever. But I am not the rat you expect me to become, that is true.

    So... I will go to walk through the mountain now. I cannot stand this trendy stupidity of "looking to the other side". I will fuck up each and every thing I touch, because I cannot stand their proud ignorance and disrespect to all the rest of the human beings. So, I will shut up, but I will slowly fade away, as I do not want to get cooncerned in this corrupted, sick society you have been programming.

    Sorry, people. I am not mentally sick of greed or unmorality: that is my social and mental illness.

    PD: I did it in Spanish, as I noticed that the society you are leading from the US and the EU is plenty of fools, you want us to be stupid and silly closing the university education with prices and a sick system of student grants and silly stuff when you can easily put the information free in the internet and it would be so much cheaper, that I just prefer to ignore the effort of doing it in English. So, I made it in my native language, because it was easier for me.

    Fuck you, people. Fuck you, and your mental slavery. Die with it, I will die soon because I cannot stand to colive with you, it is very hard, but very hard.

    Mental slaves, I give up, I do not want your money, it is nastily dirty with the blood you are pouring out each and every day of this nasty live of consciousness in a world of greed.

    Mental slaves, you are rubish. I do not wish you the worst, but I expect that our paths become separate soon, however it is.

    Mental slaves. Nasty cowards. Greed is in your guts, poisoning your mind, killing our future.

    This society is pure rubish, but pure rubish, and you are truly losers for not becoming mad with the war, the deads, the destruction of nature, and the mutual slavery and humiliation perpetrated by the rich and powerful elites, that are blind, and I am tired of telling them to invest in education, because this happens because we are STUPID, because we do not have FREE ACCESS TO STUDIES, and it is so nasty the elitism you want to play, that I am tired of living in this world of fools. TIRED of not being surprised 1 day and see that, clearly, the things are going to change. Only slaves fighting for not being slaves, using mutual slavery as the tool. FOOLS, that is what you are. You may think that it is me the fool. No, I am the rare. YOU are the fools.



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