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HTTP request logger middleware for nodejs, standalone logger and even more!

Save logs to file, show to console or both, to MongoDb, etc...

Look at logger-request-cli for Parser


Install through NPM

npm install logger-request


git clone git://github.com/hex7c0/logger-request.git


inside expressjs project

var logger = require('logger-request');
var app = require('express')();
  filename: 'foo.log',



  • transports - Array Array of winston transports (default "false")
  • filename - String If string, filename of the logfile to write output to (default "false")
  • daily - Boolean If true, rotate log each day (default "false")
  • console - Boolean If true, it displays log to console (default "false")
  • standalone - Boolean If true, return logger function instead of callback (default "false")
  • deprecated - Boolean Flag for write log after res.end()(true) instead of default listener(false) (default "false")
  • functions - String Use module like a function without next callback (default "false")
  • winston - Object Setting for selected transports
  • logger - String Logger option related to winston (default "logger-request")
  • level - String Level of messages that this transport should log (default "info")
  • silent - Boolean Flag indicating whether to suppress output (default "false")
  • colorize - Boolean Flag indicating if we should colorize output (default "false")
  • timestamp - Boolean|Function Flag indicating if we should prepend output with timestamps (default "true"). If function is specified, its return value will be used instead of timestamps
  • maxsize - Number Max size in bytes of the logfile, if the size is exceeded then a new file is created (default "8388608" [8Mb])
  • maxFiles - Number Limit the number of files created when the size of the logfile is exceeded (default "no limit")
  • json - Boolean If true, messages will be logged as JSON (default "true")
  • raw - Boolean If true, raw messages will be logged to console (default "false")
  • ... - Mixed Extra settings
  • custom - Object Setting for customization of logs
  • pid - Boolean Flag for process.pid (default "disabled")
  • bytesReq - Boolean Flag for req.socket.bytesRead (default "disabled")
  • bytesRes - Boolean Flag for req.socket._bytesDispatched (default "disabled")
  • referer - Boolean Flag for req.headers['referer'] (default "disabled")
  • auth - Boolean Flag for basic-authentication (default "disabled")
  • transfer - Boolean Flag for transfer-rate (default "disabled")
  • agent - Boolean Flag for req.headers['user-agent'] (default "disabled")
  • lang - Boolean Flag for req.headers['accept-language'] (default "disabled")
  • cookie - Boolean Flag for req.cookies (default "disabled")
  • headers - Boolean Flag for req.headers (default "disabled")
  • version - Boolean Flag for req.httpVersionMajor (default "disabled")
  • callback - Function Flag for using callback function (default "disabled")


Take a look at my examples

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